Dubai's Al Maktoum expansion 'completed by Q1 2022'

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Khalifa Al Zaffin, executive chairman, Dubai Aviation City Corporation, said the expansion will increase the airport's annual passenger capacity from five million to 130 million

In Order to Scale, Tech Solutions Need to be Adaptive

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billion in disruptive logistics and supply chain technologies by 2022. Freightwaves —Overall supply chain and logistics tech spending will rise to $87.8 billion over the next three years.

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Can You Talk to Your Supply Chain?

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Sales through voice-enabled digital assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home are projected to skyrocket from $2 billion in 2017 to $40 billion in 2022.

$12bn Jeddah metro likely to appoint UK architect

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Metro will be ready for public use in 2022


[Video] Electronic displays must comply with RoHS standard


billion by 2022, according to a study by Grand View Research. As smartphones and tablets grow in popularity, sales of electronic displays will only increase. The market for these displays is expected to reach $733.7 Electronics

Four key integration principles about HIP


in 2022.” Hybrid Integration Platforms (HIP) will accomplish the integration of the future. According to research from , the market for HIP will grow from “$17.14B in 2017 to 33.6B

Next-Gen Asset Tracking Technology Could Replace RFID in Coming Years

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billion by 2022, according to ABI Research. billion by 2022, which will represent 52% of the total infrastructure of asset tracking market. However, UWB is the fastest growing technology in this environment with a compound annual growth rate of 52% between 2017 and 2022.

Ivalua and Axbility Consulting partner to help companies create value through successful procurement transformation


Axbility also has an office in Montreal and plans to achieve a turnover of five million euros in 2022. Axbility Consulting, a subsidiary of Ivalua European partner Axys Consultants, reinforces Ivalua’s capabilities to empower today’s Procurement & Supply Chain Leaders.

River Logic Included in Gartner Forecast Snapshot for Prescriptive Analytics Software, Worldwide, 2019

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billion by 2022, with a 20.6% Currently, 11% of large and midsize organizations have some form of prescriptive analytics; this will grow to 37% by 2022.". According to the Gartner report, "The prescriptive analytics software market will reach $1.88 CAGR from 2017."

Iranian Railways inks $7.8m deal with AREP

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Iran plans to allocate $25bn to develop its rail network by 2022, according to the country's roads and urban development minister

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The Current WMS Market Gets More Focus by Supply Chain Execs: Here’s Why


By some estimates, reports Allied Market Research , the warehouse management system market will swell to more than $3 billion by 2022, and adoption of WMS systems is expected to continue with the IoT-based value in the WMS market to surpass 19 billion by 2025, says Grand View Research.

Trends 2019: Business Technology

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Gartner predicts that by 2022, at least 40 percent of new application development projects will have AI co-developers on the team.”[4] Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70 percent of enterprises will be experimenting with immersive technologies for consumer and enterprise use, and 25 percent will be deployed for production. Technology is an ambiguous word referring to a wide range of marvelous (and sometimes scary) man-made gadgets.

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Amazon in Italy

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The deal with Amazon is part of Poste Italiane’s “Deliver 2022” strategy, which aims to grow parcel revenues by 70% between 2018 and 2022. Poste Italiane reported that parcel revenues reached €761m in FY18 in line with Deliver 2022 projections. by Ian Kerr, Postal Hub Podcast.

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How to Change Your Inventory Management Strategy in the Omnichannel Era


e-commerce market has nearly doubled in size since 2011, and is forecast to grow to $737B by 2022. The U.S. Managing stock for a variety of commerce channels is becoming more complex, costly, and risky.

Small Manufacturers Play Critical Role in Securing the Supply Chain

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million worker shortage is anticipated by 2022. While 75% of manufacturing companies have a program to promote cybersecurity awareness, only 37% believe that their programs are very to completely effective.

The Industrial Internet of Things, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics: Where Are We & Where Are We Going?


trillion to $14 trillion by 2022. The era of paper-based systems and physically monitoring the supply chain is ending. In place of long paper trails and maintenance schedules, machines with the capacity to communicate their needs and issues via the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) are becoming an essential component of effective processes.

Guest Post: An MBA student’s perspective on the ISM Meeting 2019


Over 1 trillion dollars’ worth of counterfeit goods was traded in 2013, and that number will double by 2022. This week’s guest post is from my MBA student, Nikhil Singh, who accompanied me to the recent Institute for Supply Management conference in Houston. I enjoyed hearing his perspectives on the sessions, and invited him to post to my blog. So here it is! One of the many perks an MBA student has, is highly subsidized or even better, free entry to conferences and events!

Guest Post by Mike Challman: How to Measure & Improve Freight Management Performance: 6 Critical Key Performance Indicators


billion by 2022, according to Transparency Market Research. This week I’m adding a guest post from Mike Challman, VP, North American Operations for CLX Logistics.

Top Trends in 2017 – Are you a stand out 3PL?


is approximately $13,855 million, a number that's expected to reach $25,889 million by 2022. As 2017 comes to a close, the dynamic nature of the food and beverage industry continues to shape organizations. According to Statista , 2017 revenue in the food and beverages industry including fresh and packaged foods, fruits, vegetables, pasta, snacks, sweets, refrigerated and frozen food; soft drinks and alcoholic drinks in the U.S.

Security: A Big Challenge for the Internet of Things

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Edwin Lopez ( @EdwinLopezT37 ) and Jennifer McKevitt ( @mckvt ) report a study by Mobile Experts concludes, “High demand could lead Internet of Things makers to triple production by 2022, shipping $70 million worth of devices in the next five years compared to $22 million today.”[2] 2] Edwin Lopez and Jennifer McKevitt, “ Report: IoT tech may triple in use by 2022 ,” Supply Chain Dive , 9 August 2017. [3]

Why Blockchain Within The Supply Chain Makes Perfect Sense


from the global economy by 2022. Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is from Kevin Doubleday who discusses the importance of blockchain within the supply chain. Current Supply Chains don’t operate at the cadence of business. Integrating Blockchain within the Supply Chain could change that. When we are asked about “killer” use cases for blockchain within enterprise systems, Supply Chain is the usual suspect — and for good reason.

Yowza! A Nine-Step Decision Process to Help Guide Supply Chain Planning Selection

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The choices in 2022 will be radically different from 2018. Yowza: Excitement or approval. Get a cup of coffee. This is a long post. <Bear

[INFOGRAPHIC] Industry 4.0: Powered by the Internet of Things & Digital Manufacturing


Based on research by the analyst firm Machina Research 14 billion of those things will be connected by 2022.

Trends 2019: Supply Chain

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… By 2022, digital technologies will have enabled the automation of repetitive operational tasks, leading to 50 percent less planner intervention and ‘touchless’ sales and operations planning.” We live in hectic times. The U.S. is in a trade war with the world. Britain is trying to disconnect from Europe. Cyber attacks are increasing. Climate change is creating violent weather events. The list of crazy things happening goes on and on.

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The Counterfeit Economy


In total, this black market is expected to represent $991 billion of the global economy by 2022. Product counterfeiting and piracy are pervasive across almost all countries and industries.

Freight Procurement Solutions Are Transforming Supply Chains


With the rapid spread digitization of business process functions, these experts predict that by 2022, 50 percent of all organizations will have acquired at least one procurement software application. Why You Should Consider Freight Procurement Sourcing Solution. Procuring raw materials or finished goods is one thing, but the processing of moving those goods from one place to another brings its own set of challenges.

Vendor-managed inventory and distribution planning in the food and beverage industry – here’s something to chew on


by Jeswin Philip The Food Packaging Trends and Advances report from PMMI forecasts that the US Food and Beverage industry will experience a 2.9 % CAGR through 2022.

Big Tech and Auto Battle for the World’s Cobalt Resources


Volkswagen recently announced plans to invest €34 billion ($42 billion) in battery-powered cars by 2022. In 2006, lithium-ion batteries consumed only 20% of the global cobalt supply. Ten years later, that number has more than doubled. It’s expected that market demand for the metal will increase to more than 120,000 tonnes per year by 2020 — 60% of which will account for battery production alone.

Big Tech and Auto Battle for the World’s Cobalt Resources


Volkswagen recently announced plans to invest €34 billion ($42 billion) in battery-powered cars by 2022. In 2006, lithium-ion batteries consumed only 20% of the global cobalt supply. Ten years later, that number has more than doubled.

SupplyStack: Supply Chain Visibility & Customer Experience

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By 2022, global B2B eCommerce sales will be nearly 3 times as big as B2C eCommerce sales, about 15 trillion dollars, fuelled by organisations entering new sales channels. . This week we had the great pleasure of sitting together with Nick Poels CoFounder and CEO of SupplyStack, one of our selected partners for Savant Supply Chain Congress in Amsterdam this May. Here’s what we talked about! What are the challenges you see your clients are facing in 2019?

The Counterfeit Economy


In total, this black market is expected to represent $991 billion of the global economy by 2022. Product counterfeiting and piracy are pervasive across almost all countries and industries. In an online study covering 10 countries, 34% of respondents said they believe it’s a brand’s responsibility to protect them from counterfeits. Similarly, almost four out of 10 consumers who unwittingly bought fakes complained directly to the brand.

Vacancies for US Industrial Space Lowest Since 2000


Online purchases are predicted to reach $638 billion by 2022. Vacancies in the US industrial sector, which includes warehouses, distribution centres and other facilities, dropped by 10 basis points (bps) to 7.2

The New Solar Tariff Promises Big Changes in Clean Energy Manufacturing


GTM research estimated last summer that tariffs would lead to a 61 percent decline in installations through 2022; they’ve now stepped that figure down to 11 percent. Last month, Donald Trump followed up on his campaign promise of protecting American businesses by imposing a 30 percent tariff on foreign solar panels and cells, beginning next year.

Trends 2019: Jobs Sustainability

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He draws that conclusion from a World Economic Forum (WEF) survey that found: new, emerging jobs, are set to increase their share from 16% in 2018 to 27% in 2022; jobs expected to become redundant are set to decrease from 31% in 2018 to 21% in 2022; 48% of jobs are expected to remain stable over the 2018-2022 period. 3] Irving Wladawsky-Berger, “ The Jobs Outlook for 2022: A Shifting Human-Machine Frontier ,” The Wall Street Journal , 7 December 2018. [4]

Trends 2019: Information Technology

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”[3] A World Economic Forum (WEF) report entitled “The Future of Jobs” concludes, “Four specific technological advances — ubiquitous high-speed mobile internet; artificial intelligence; widespread adoption of big data analytics; and cloud technology — are set to dominate the 2018–2022 period as drivers positively affecting business growth.”[4]. Information technology (IT) is a big tent covering a lot of technologies.

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Truck Driver Shortage: Getting Better, Worse, or No Problem at All?

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Then again, back in October 2013, the ATA stated that “if freight demand grows as it is projected to, the driver shortage could balloon to nearly 240,000 drivers by 2022.”.

Is the Retail Apocalypse Just Around the Corner?

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Global financial services giant Credit Suisse predicted last week that up to 25% of nation’s malls could close by 2022. Friday in 5 – interesting news bits from around the supply chain horn, served up in one spot to keep you up to date. This week: There are differing opinions on the future of retail; omni-channel still has some bugs to work out; and a southeastern U.S. grocery delivery service has big plans for the future. Retail may just need a facelift.