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Supply Chain And Logistics Trends That Could Be Big In 2020

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Rob O’Byrne makes an early start with his round-up of supply chain and logistics trends that might make industry headlines in the coming year. 2020 Supply Chain and Logistics Trends: What’s Around the Corner? As 2020 moves closer, one concept that I’m hearing discussed more and more in discussions and appearing online is that of the circular supply chain. The Death of the End-to-End Supply Chain. Why is the Circular Supply Chain Trending?

Top 25 Supply Chains of 2018

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Our look at the Top 25 (plus 4) Supply Chains of 2018 examines how the best companies in the world excel at managing their global supply chains. One of the most popular articles we’ve ever done is our look at analyst group Gartner’s annual ranking of the Top 25 Supply Chains. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. billion over the next five years to overhaul its supply chain. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID.


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Supply Chain Management Challenges All Businesses Need to Understand

USC Consulting Group

Sustained marketplace success and effective supply chain management go hand-in-hand. Organizations that cultivate and maintain reliable yet malleable logistics channels can source the material needed to produce impactful products with minimal overhead and deliver these items swiftly to anticipative consumers. Sophisticated enterprise information technology now propels numerous operational functions, including supply chains.

Can Blockchain Unblock Supply Chain?

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. What Supply Chain Management problem does this solve? The biggest problem in the transitional supply chain is lack of open and trustworthy information availability across the supply chain caused by multiple issues – trust, technology and legacy practices being the top ones. What’s the difference between a traditional supply chain and the one structured on Blockchain technology?

Why Energy Supply Chains are Transitioning to Renewables


Despite the persistance of some strong fundamentals , 2020 may signal the true turning point in the shift to renewable sources for energy companies. The coronavirus pandemic has given the world a wake-up call about resiliency in supply chain. ” Other sources agree.

McDonald’s Supply Chain Challenge: Switching from Frozen to Fresh Burgers!

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Argentus is a boutique recruitment firm focused on Supply Chain and Procurement. What Supply Chain Lessons Can We Learn? Back in early 2018, McDonald’s – a pioneer in cold chain distribution – announced that it was testing out using fresh patties instead of frozen in burgers at 300 of its U.S. The chain has lost 500 milion restaurant visits since 2012, according to CIPS, as customers have flocked to more fast-casual alternatives. Subscribe Here!

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4 ways to optimize your supply chain to increase quality and reduce risk

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Quality issues can arise at any point in the supply chain, and unresolved quality issues can be costly — particularly if quality issues aren’t discovered until a product has already reached the market. Optimized supply chains help companies control quality and manage risk, and companies with optimized supply chains typically have a 3x faster cash-to-cash cycle than those with under-optimized supply chains. “It’s

How to Expand Your Global Shipping to Meet Growing Indian Markets

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If projections and recent rhetoric are to be believed, India will join China as the only non-North American countries in the $500 billion club by 2025. Congested ports, complicated regulations, less than optimal modal capacity, undesirable taxation regimes, dilapidated roads, and overall operational inefficiencies are constant sources of anxiety within the business community. How is Global Shipping Growing in India? How to Take Advantage of Increased Shipping in India.

Offering Prayers While Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun

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We are watching the redefinition of the principles of safe and secure supply chains and corporate liability. PCA was a small player in a complex supply chain of big brands. The issue spanned across the value chain and impacted over 300 companies and 3900 products. The manufacturers sourced the peanut butter primarily on cost. I think that we should pray today for all of the leaders of food supply chains in food and pharmaceutical companies.

How the Food Blockchain is Bringing Tech to the Table

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Though it may sound far off, companies in the food and beverage supply chain are rapidly adopting blockchain platforms as a means of creating visibility, traceability, and efficiency. According to research from Gartner, 20 percent of the top-10 global grocers will use the technology in everyday operations by 2025. There are many other uses for blockchain, including improving the cooperative efforts of the different parties in the food and beverage supply chain.

How Blockchain Can Improve Manufacturing In 2019


The business value-add of blockchain will grow to slightly more than $176B by 2025, then exceed $3.1T Increasing visibility across every area of manufacturing starting with suppliers, strategic sourcing, procurement, and supplier quality to shop floor operations including machine-level monitoring and service, blockchain can enable entirely new manufacturing business models. provide valuable insights into how blockchain can improve supply chains and manufacturing.

Energy Efficiency Is Key to Better Logistics

Material Handling and Logistics

Logistics providers have discovered that sustainability in the supply chain delivers a good ROI. For a long time now, corporations and their supply chains have been required to prove that they are acting in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way. The board of directors is getting pressure from shareholder resolutions that are closely examining the supply chain. We are in the middle of everyone’s supply chain.

The need to know


US, Taiwan seek 'like-minded' democracies in supply chain shift from China. curbs on Chinese chipmaker SMIC could rattle supply chains. EXCLUSIVE-Automakers seek delays, exemptions to India's planned new rules for parts -sources.

The need to know


US, Taiwan seek 'like-minded' democracies in supply chain shift from China. curbs on Chinese chipmaker SMIC could rattle supply chains. EXCLUSIVE-Automakers seek delays, exemptions to India's planned new rules for parts -sources.

The Future is Now: Why these 5 Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Trends will Dominate 2018


in manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and transportation management. Global spending on robotics will climb to more than $67 billion by 2025, and 2018 is expected to be the year of the first big-break returns on robotics. However, the use of the IIoT will effectively allow for greater use of robotics, and it will serve as a talking point, as well as a source of inspiration, for the next generation to seek careers in manufacturing.

What is Click and Collect? (Infographic)

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Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. In the UK, the click and collect model is particularly popular with experts predicting that usage will double by 2025. Cost: By picking up an order themselves in-store, customers can save on shipping costs. Reduced Shipping Costs: Click & collect reduces the operational costs of shipping. Source: 2017 Click and Collect Retail Consumer Preference Study) ?. Source: ).

Mastering Last Mile Logistics Remains a Challenge

Enterra Insights

Logistics providers probably look longingly on the days when the last mile of the supply chain primarily meant delivering goods to the store in which they were sold. Petersen ( @IMSResultsCount ), CEO of Integrated Marketing Solutions, notes that mastering last mile logistics is particularly important for any company whose primary source of revenue is a subscription model. He writes, “If you are an e-commerce merchant, your supply chain might stretch thousands of miles.

How to build an automated warehouse system: which new technologies do you need and why?

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Interoperability solves this challenge by allowing applications to seamlessly share data, such as inventory data, shipping information and purchase orders. Integrating data from disparate sources also supports data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions, which we’ll discuss later in this guide. As warehouses generate and collect more data from various information systems and from the supply chain, cloud computing is more necessary for the modern warehouse than ever.

Rhode Island Named Bottom State for Infrastructure and Transportation as US Underinvestment Takes Toll


To address these problems the tiny state is taking on a $5 billion programme to try and overhaul the transportation network by 2025, a cost equivalent to nearly $5,000 per citizen. This is a national issue that logistics providers should take notice of in terms of both the general economic drag it is creating, and the damage it is causing to their performance through shipping delays and added costs. According to their figures the costs to US between 2016 and 2025 could total: $3.9