Prologis and ASCM launch global logistics certification program

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Transportation, warehousing and related fields are expected to create 600,000 new job openings by 2029. Prologis ( NYSE: PLD ) announced Tuesday that it has partnered with the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) to create a certification program for logistics workers.

Logistics experiencing a supercharged evolution


We delivered the same amount of parcels … that we had forecasted we would do in 2029.


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Circular Supply Chain: the Politics of Pollution


According to the UN TEEB & US Geological Survey[viii], metals such as Indium and Silver will be exhausted by 2024 and 2029 respectively. In previous posts, I wrote on the emergence of circular model supply chains , and the likely impacts they may have.

Can Supply Chains Adjust to a Circular Economy Over the Next Decade? Part 1

Enterra Insights

2] Staff, “ Circular economy will replace wasteful linear one by 2029 ,” Smart Cities World , 1 October 2019. [3] Analysts at Gartner predict circular economies will replace today’s wasteful linear economies over the next decade or so. In order for that to happen, both supply chains and consumer habits must significantly change. There are a number of excellent reasons circular economies are desirable, including less waste and better use of limited resources.

Lufthansa Cargo begins modernizing Frankfurt warehouse

The Supply Chain Journal

The full modernization of the Lufthansa Cargo Center is scheduled to be finished in 2029. Lufthansa Cargo (DXE: LHA ) is moving forward with the modernization and expansion of its logistics center at its Frankfurt Airport hub in Germany.

Cargo 52

Warehouse Digitalization: The Warehouse of Tomorrow


As Gartner predicts, drones will grow to over 13 million units in 2029 worldwide which was 989,000 in 2019. The Digi-Smart manufacturing process empowers enterprises to gain control of their warehouses and ensures that products can be delivered to customers as quickly as possible.

The Digital Age is a Quarter Century Old and Transformations are Still Taking Place

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… By 2029, industries will see leading companies leverage advanced analytics and supercharge their workforce with automation.”[5] Twenty-five is generally considered an age at which people have matured sufficiently to contribute to society and get on with life. The Digital Age is now a quarter century old, but many pundits believe the transformations it has spawned remain in their infancy or adolescence.


The Short-term and Long-term Future of Supply Chain Management


In the year 2029, most of the manufacturing jobs in the U.S. The future of manufacturing in the U.S. will likely be dominated by huge advances in technology.

Long-haul narrowbody, supersonic jets could threaten air cargo

The Supply Chain Journal

United, which has put down a sizable deposit, said Boom’s Overture airliner will enter passenger service in 2029, but the plane is still under design, doesn’t have an engine yet and must be certified by aviation authorities.

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Truck transportation job growth — cause for celebration or concern?

The Supply Chain Journal

After all, BLS data shows that employment of heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers is projected to grow at just 2% from 2019 to 2029, slower than the average for all occupations.

[INFOGRAPHIC] AI Technologies: The Role of Humans & The Application in Logistics


Mr. Ray Kruzwell: Futurist and Director of Engineering at Google: AI will be achieved by 2029. Today our focus has been on KPIs, ERP, WMS, TMS, YMS, EDI, The Cloud, S and OP, 3 D Printing, IoT, IoE, Drones: Same Hour/Day/Time Delivery to Customers, Cyber Security, Theft, Government Regulations, E-Commerce, Omni-Channel, Modeling/Simulation, Risk Management, Tracking, Traceability, Re-shoring, Robotics , et al, but…what about Artificial Intelligence or AI technologies? .