Disrupting Logistics: 4 Innovative Blockchain Startups to Watch in 2018


Source: The Daily Dot. The global logistics market is predicted to reach US 15.5 trillion in 2023. The world runs on trade and traditionally the industry has been plagued by inefficient processes, middlemen, and archaic technology.

Rebuild Your Supply Chain With the IoT


Guest Post by Blue Label Labs This is a guest post from Catherine Metcalf with Blue Label Labs , a mobile, tablet, watch, TV and AR/VR app design, development and marketing agency.

Pokemon Go is coming to a warehouse near you!


The Pokemon Go phenomenon, which has exceeded 500 million downloads worldwide , highlights the possibilities of augmented reality (AR) not just for gaming, but also for use in the supply chain.

Long-Haul Trucking: The First and Best Use Case for a Level 5 Self-Driving Vehicles


In July 2016 , inspired by Elon Musk’s Master Plan, Part Deux , I laid out a concept for self-driving vehicles for long-haul trucking. I thought I would expand upon that concept in this post. Transportation has been the source of some of the greatest innovations in human history from the invention of the wheel to automobiles, ships , trains, planes, and rockets. These innovations have profoundly impacted how we move around, how we trade, and how quickly and cost effectively this all happens.

Your Data Has Value. Learn How Technology Can Unlock It.

Supply chain data is flawed, we all know this. Hear ClearMetal CEO, Adam Compain, talk about how the right technology and strategies will give you better visibility and create value within your supply chain. The ability to move from reactive firefighting to proactive planning is closer than you think.

The 2016 Techgistics Year in Review


Photo by Oakozhan/iStock / Getty Images. 2016 was an incredible year for tech in logistics as companies both large and small are working on some transformative technologies not just for logistics, but for society as a whole.

Ways to think about Last Mile Delivery


Last mile delivery is going to change significantly over the next few decades.

Can a Start-up save the World’s Largest Retailer


Walmart acquired , an aggressive eCommerce player founded in 2014 to take on Amazon, for $3.3 Walmart is a distant second to Amazon in online sales in the US - $14 billion compared to $63 billion for Amazon.

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The Evolution of Retail Distribution


E-commerce is a major driver for global change in the logistics industry.

The 4 Stages of Supply Chain Analytics

How do you move from “what happened” to “what would happen if”? Most supply chains struggle with the first, and the latter is wishful thinking. What stage are you in? Find out where your supply chain is on the maturity curve.

Miami Vacation Cottage AirBnB


After a day out in Miami, you’ll need some quiet time in your tranquil tropical backyard to recharge for another day of unparalleled fun. Heading to Miami for a conference, Art Basel, South Beach, the Design District, or Wynwood Arts District?

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Onfleet and a Last Mile Delivery Platform


Source: Onfleet. The local last mile delivery market is a fragmented one with about 7,500 courier and parcel delivery companies in the U.S. alone.

Connecting the Dots on Amazon's patents in Logistics


I've dug into Amazon's patent filings over the last five years and mined the patent titles for keywords related to inventory and logistics.

A Blockchain Primer for Logistics and Supply Chain


The blockchain is a fascinating technology innovation that has the potential to disrupt many different industries. Here is a brief primer on the technology and potential use cases in supply chain and logistics. What is a Blockchain?

Your Supply Chain Probably Has a Data Problem - Start There

Common problems like data access and quality are preventing you from taking the first step towards transformation. Modern visibility providers are putting band-aids on bad data, giving you the ability to make misinformed decisions. Solve the data first.

Amazon on the hunt for Warehousing Space in Australia


The Sydney Morning Herald reported today that Amazon is looking for warehouse space in Sydney's west. Reminds me of a great quote from Richard Goyder , Wesfarmer Managing Director, when speaking of the threat Amazon poses to Australia retailers: Amazon will eat all our breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. I couldn't agree more; retailers in Australia should be worried, very worried. According to a recent survey , more than 50% of U.S.

My Entry to the DHL Innovation Challenge


I entered the 2017 DHL innovation challenge which was a contest to apply the principles of the sharing economy to logistics.

My Entry to the DHL Innovation Challenge


I entered the 2017 DHL innovation challenge which was geared towards applying the share economy to logistics. The winner of this year’s challenge was Parcelly , a UK startup that provides on-demand collection points to resolve the problems associated with failed deliveries.

Amazon Go and the Jobless Future in Retail


Source: Amazon. Amazon is testing a retail store without check-outs; instead, you simply tap your phone when you enter and 'machine learning and computer vision' track what you pick up and let you just walk out.

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Connecting Supply Chain Planning to Profitability

What collaboration between supply chain and ?nance can achieve.

The Amazonification of Logistics


The evolution of eCommerce has had a dramatic impact on both retail and logistics. Much of the changes have been spearheaded by Amazon who are largely responsible for shaping customer behavior and driving customer expectations around delivery.

Amazon’s Moat Widens: The Dominance of Amazon in one Chart


Everyone knows that Amazon dominates the U.S. eCommerce retail market, but exactly how well are they doing? According to data from Slice Intelligence , which scanned more than 1 million digital shopping receipts, Amazon accounted for 46 percent of all online spending in the U.S.

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Uber is a Logistics Platform, Not A Car Service


Last week Uber announced that they would begin testing self-driving cars in Pittsburgh and that they had acquired Otto , a 90-person start-up that focuses on technology for self-driving trucks. Otto develops sensors and radars that can be quickly outfitted onto existing trucks.

Micro Hubs and Shared Mobility: A Share Economy Concept for Same-Day Delivery


If you’re like me, you’re probably shopping more online - making smaller orders more often and at the same time expecting fast and free delivery, even if it’s not urgent. The growth of eCommerce has fueled increasingly challenging delivery options for both retailers and major parcel carriers alike.

End to End Supply Chain Visibility - Solving The Data Problem

People think end-to-end visibility is simply aggregating data from multiple sources, storing it in one place, and serving it up. That task, though hard, is relatively simple; but more importantly, doesn't solve the fundamental challenge - The Data.

Chinese eCommerce Company Launches Drone Deliveries


While the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration recently announced new regulations for commercial drones which is not bringing package deliveries any closer, online Chinese retailer successfully used drones to deliver packages to rural areas in the northern Jiangsu provice.

This is the Exciting Future of Augmented Reality


Guest Post by Y Media Labs This is a guest post from Rae Steinbach at Y Media Labs , an award-winning mobile strategy and application development company based in Silicon Valley. The topic, augmented reality (AR), is of particular interest to me both personally and professionally.

Logistics Technology Trends That Will Dominate 2017


Making predictions in technology, even just one year out, are generally an exercise in futility, so this really isn't a forecast for 2017, but more a list of trends that I am interested in and keeping my eye on.

Amazon, FedEx and Adjacent Innovation


Bloomberg Businessweek recently released a report by Devin Leonard, entitled “Will Amazon Kill FedEx?”.

Increasing Supply Chain Visibility and Security

Securing the supply chain starts with having visibility into the status of your assets, but this requires more than GPS coordinates on a map, because security isn’t just about preventing theft. Your assets don’t just need to arrive at their destination. They need to get there on time and untainted by heat, moisture, or physical shock.

Location, Location, Location: Amazon Buys Whole Foods


Amazon announced on Friday that it is acquiring Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. This will be Amazon’s largest acquisition to date but the purchase price is just 3% of Amazon’s market cap.

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Last Mile Delivery - Is it time to Share?


There's a growing market in the last mile for same-day and next-day delivery fueled by increasingly demanding customer expectations.

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Amazon's Growing Robot Workforce is 45,000 Strong


According to a recent report in the Seattle Times , in 2016 Amazon significantly expanded the deployment of Kiva Robots in their fulfillment centers. Amazon acquired Kiva Systems in 2012 and the robots automate the picking and packing process.

Surging Package Volume Explains Why Drones Make Sense


Source: Amazon. The continued rise of eCommerce coupled with the growth of urban populations has put increased strain on last mile delivery in cities.

Removing the 3 Barriers to Building a Predictive Supply Chain

Machine Learning and AI are not magic bullets to solve all supply chain problems. Despite many software companies slapping AI on everything the reality is that there are a lot of hurdles to overcome before AI can be effective. Learn how to leap them.