SCM Case Study with Adidas

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Today, John McNamara, SVP Sourcing, Adidas Group, visited me and my SCM students at Copenhagen Business School. He presented a case study about the supply chain processes for t-shirts. Thanks, John, for a great case study and an insightful discussion!

Getting Away from Excel Spreadsheets: A Project Logistics Case Study

Talking Logistics

We would receive information from different sources via email or telephone about the status of an order and shipment and then we had to make sure we entered all of those incidents and dates into the spreadsheet, which was very time consuming.

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Supply Chain Case Study: the Executive's Guide

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Analysis of case study is certainly one of the most popular methods for people from business management background. There are two things Boeing and Airbus have in common, utilization of lean manufacturing system and strategic sourcing concept. HP ''s case study is pretty unique.

A Case Study in Closed-Loop Operational Management

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When you look at the potential benefits in inventory savings, freight savings, and on-time fulfillment improvements, it’s not that difficult to build the business case. I encourage you to watch the webcast to hear them tell their stories directly, but here’s an overview of A101’s case study.

Logistics KPIs Case Study: Whirlpool’s Supply Chain and Logistics Success Driven by Effective KPI Implementation


We conclude our ongoing series in talking about effective KPI management by giving you a real live Logistics KPIs management case study from Whirlpool's engagement with a logistics service level provider.

Client Case Study Video Interview


Client Case Study Video Interview with Lucid Motors, Menlo Park, CA. The post Client Case Study Video Interview appeared first on Purchasing and Procurement Software Solutions.

Is Apple Supply Chain Really the No. 1? A Case Study

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Case Studies. A Case Study. This case study will show you the analysis of Apple Supply Chain core processes, challenging issues and complexities of its operations. Some components are currently obtained from the single or limited sources. A Case Study.

Unlocking the Value of Global Supply Chain: the Case Studies

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Under this program, they source products directly from small or medium-sized farmers. Global supply chain is a very challenging subject in supply chain management because it involves different customer''s requirement, more complex operations/collaboration and unforeseen risks.

Next Generation Supply Chain Risk Management: A Case Study

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A case in point is offered by AGCO. Supply Chain Risk Management Procurement/Sourcing Supply Chain Visibility supply chain sourcing Risk AGCOWe are entering an era where it is becoming possible to detect supply chain risks much more quickly. AGCO is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of a wide range of agricultural equipment.

Thow Back Thursday: First Solar case study ‘First Solar & Kinaxis Killed the Excel Star’. A video worth remembering


She currently leads First Solar’s Global Supply Chain which includes sales operations and planning, customer service/order management, sourcing, fulfillment, logistics, and warranty support.

Lull Case Study: Order Fulfillment that Doesn’t Keep You Up at Night


Get the PDF of Lull’s case study >> Challenges to Order Fulfillment. When they were ready to expand into more fulfillment locations, they didn’t have to spend time sourcing new solutions. Lull uses FLEXE for order fulfillment to their customers.

Case Study: A Deep Dive Into Nestlé’s Supply Chain


Focusing on Responsible Sourcing. During the supply chain analysis of Nestlé, it's immediately clear that responsible sourcing is a huge concern for the company.

Case study: Halliburton expands in Sub-Saharan Africa

Supply Chain Movement

Halliburton’s sourcing & supply chain team has made a huge contribution to the expansion of the business in Sub-Saharan Africa, where it has expanded from four to fourteen countries in just eighteen months. Cases Africa cost control crisis expansion Halliburton materials management regional spend single sourcing sourcing spend supply chain supply chain scorecard

7 Mini Case Studies: Successful Supply Chain Cost Reduction and Management

Logistics Bureau

The following five mini case studies explore a few high-profile companies that have managed to sustain their supply chain cost-reduction efforts and keep expenses under control.

Rockwell Automation: A Case Study in Supply Chain Excellence

Supply Chain Shaman

In his role, Ernest owns strategic sourcing, materials planning, customer care, and logistics operations globally. Historically, the Rockwell Automation supply chain organization included materials planning and engineering of new products but did not include strategic sourcing.

Finished Product Sourcing

Insights Solutions Global

The post Finished Product Sourcing appeared first on Insight Solutions Global. Case StudyWith the help of Insight Solutions Global, the client cut the spending and saved up to $120,000/year, reduced the lead time and gained more leverage in the supply chain.

IBM Case Study Webinar: How AI can revolutionize your supply chain NOW


The focus was on the impact of AI on supply chain decision-making, and I spoke about a recent case study on IBM’s application of Watson to their own supply chain. The supply chain is certainly a source of improvement for driving these elements, and like other companies, IBM’s supply chain contained too many suppliers, black holes where material disappears under the radar, inbound/outbound disconnects, and other discontinuities in their end to end business processes.

3 Mini Case Studies: Successful Supply Chain Cost Reduction and Management

Logistics Bureau

The following three mini case studies explore a few high-profile companies which have managed to sustain their supply chain cost reduction efforts and keep expenses under control.

Delivering Green: Three Case Studies in Low-Carbon Logistics

Supply Chain @ MIT

Caterpillar is the subject of one of three case studies that show how supply chain management can support both environmental and financial goals. Here are three case studies that offer clear, irrefutable evidence that sustainability and profitability can be compatible in the supply chain domain. Logistics is a leading source of carbon. The case studies described in this post are available here.

Fighting the Chargebacks, A Case Study

Aborn and Co.

The firm distributes their finished products nationally and had challenges meeting customer service requirements, managing shipments in a high-growth environment, sourcing freight carriers in the dry and refrigerated markets, and managing large customer chargebacks due to delivery issues.

How Technology Empowers Freight Brokers to Work Smarter, Not Harder, to Drive Profitability

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Brokers use many sources to find capacity. Case Study Episode Highlights Supply Chain Technology Trends Transportation Management freight brokers Kingsgate Logistics Smart Capacity Trucker ToolsWorking smarter, not harder, is critical for everybody in transportation today, but it’s especially important for freight brokers in light of the increased competition in the marketplace and the ever-more demanding expectations of shippers.

ANCA Streamlines Procurement with the QAD Supplier Portal


In some cases, only one or two companies in the world can produce the components ANCA needs. Our full case study provides details of how the QAD Supplier Portal helped ANCA streamline their purchasing processes. There’s more information in the full case study.

Teaching Case – Everything Is Connected: A New Era of Sustainability at Li & Fung

SCM Research

The Case Centre has recently announced the winners of their 2018 global awards and competitions. Already last year, the winning case in the Production and Operations Management category was closely related to supply chain management (see my previous post, Zara: The World’s Largest Fashion Retailer ). This is also the case for the 2018 category winner, which is titled Everything Is Connected: A New Era of Sustainability at Li & Fung.

Case Study: How Nimble Storage’s Focus on Inventory Management Improved Visibility and Planning Cycle Times


Data was imported and copied from a variety of sources and some of the key data was maintained only in Excel spreadsheets. If you are interested in learning more about this customer, read the complete case study. by Melissa Clow One of the biggest challenges facing data storage companies is demands from enterprises for better performance and protection of their data. Recently, I had the chance to chat with Stacey Cornelius, vice president of operations at Nimble.

How COVID-19 is Battering Australia’s Imports and Exports

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Source Australian Bureau of Statistics. This has drastically affected the 260,000+ Chinese students studying in Australia, who account for about 0.6 Articles Case Studies Supply Chain COVID-19 Exports Imports

Proving sustainably-sourced ingredients in health and wellness foods


Food brands have always recognised the importance of sourcing the right ingredients. Communicating sustainable sourcing at Balance Festival. Knowing the source of ingredients will only continue to increase in importance as market demands grow. See our cases studies.

10th Pan-European Conference in the P2P Series

Supply Chain Movement

New topics discussed will include creating a strong Purchasing Master Data Management fundament, delivering additional value through dynamic discounting, discussing the best strategic P2P function models and experiences with outsourcing vs. in sourcing.

Smart Supply Chains Adapt to Overcome COVID-19 Challenges

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Almost 75 percent of US companies are experiencing capacity shortfalls in their supply chains, due to Coronavirus-linked transport disruptions , a new study has shown.

How The Coronavirus Epidemic is Throttling Global Supply Chains

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Containers are piling up in ports, international shipping has been hammered, Western companies are battling to source products from traditional suppliers, and disruptions are being experienced throughout the global supply chain. A Case in Point: Apple.

A Tale of Two Procurement Books: Cox’s Sourcing Portfolio Analysis (Cox) & Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy (Keith et al.)

Supply Chain View from the Field

Andrew Cox’s new book “Sourcing Portfolio Analysis” represents the more traditional “power-based” view of procurement. The book relies on a series of prescriptive two by two matrices, that are further segmented into eight by eight matrices, that establish different typologies for supplier segmentation, The application of these frameworks to the universe of buyer-seller relationships I proposed (ostensibly) to lead to improved sourcing outcomes…for the buyer!

Critical Component Sourcing

Insights Solutions Global

The post Critical Component Sourcing appeared first on Insight Solutions Global. Case StudyWith the help of Insight Solutions Global, our client reduced 47.5% of the parts cost, increased 54.2% of the yield rate, and reduced 2 weeks of the delivery lead time.

Five Tips on Sourcing Products From China


Google a phrase like “sourcing products from China” and you’ll instantly be faced by almost 39 million results! You need to source for products to sell at wholesale prices to your retail customers. A sourcing agency will typically do one of the following roles: A.

The Procurement Summit – 17 November 2015

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The Procurement Summit provides senior purchasing, sourcing and supply chain executives across the North of England with an unmissable opportunity to keep up-to-date with the latest industry innovations, best practice and new technology solutions. First-hand case studies on the challenges of procurement leadership. Events case studies eWorld procurement Procurement Summit supply chain executive Supply Chain Management the midland hotel The Procurement Summit.

How One Company Benefits from an Integration with Microsoft Dynamics & Kuebix


The company sources disposable rubber, latex, and nitrile gloves from vendors across Asia before transporting their goods via direct shipping containers […]. Blog Case Study Integration AMMEX Distributor Importer Microsoft Dynamics

Asia 98

Veoneer Focuses on Growing their Business with QAD


They needed a cloud ERP system that would consolidate data from these sources, offer real-time visibility into inventory and maintain common security across sites. Take a look at the full case study for more insights into how QAD supported this leading-edge provider of automotive technology.

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