Speed, Collaboration and Innovation – Key Words for the New Procurement Decade


Competitors or new market entrants can use it to attack you these days – you don’t need a chain of retail shops on the high street, just a good idea, a great website and an outsourced logistics operation. Retail and tech expert Greg Petro says that, “ while the supply chain moves at a snail’s pace, the consumer is moving at the speed of light… the “see now, buy now” economy is here to stay”. What does this mean for procurement and supplier management?

A Fast, Accurate and Collaborative Supply Chain – The JJA Story


JJA is one of the major European leaders in the distribution of home equipment goods. To help them with that, they are using QAD Dynasys, mainly because of: The expertise of QAD Dynasys teams, over 30 years of proven track records, in forecasting and procurement activities; The functional capabilities of the solution, as well as the simplicity of all analytics it gives; And the possibility to customize all workspaces of the solution to fit to their process.


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What’s the role of data in ‘Bad buying’ and ‘Procurement with Purpose’?

HICX Solutions

An Interview with Peter Smith on ‘Bad Buying’ and ‘Procurement with a Purpose’. HICX was pleased to welcome Peter recently to our interview series on data in Procurement, in which we asked him more about his book, as well as his other project, ‘Procurement with a Purpose.’

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7 Trending Business Practices Disrupting Procurement!

Supply Chain Game Changer

7 KPIs Your Procurement Team May Be Ignoring! In other organizations, marketing innovative business practices is good enough, as traditional business practices remain at the heart of operations, one bad PR headline away from full-on cardiac arrest. Procurement is a business function that has undergone a lot of change in the last few years. As a believer in the power of procurement, this recognition makes me happy. procurement #technologyadoption #supplychainmanagement.

Kimberly-Clark’s Journey to Logistics Procurement Excellence

Logistics Viewpoints

Kimberly-Clark, the $21 billion consumer goods company with brands like Huggies and Kleenex, is a major user of JDA’s TMS solution. Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Procurement Transportation Transportation Management Systems JDA Kimberly-Clark transportation managementJenni Stamps and Melanie Payne, the Domestic and International Pricing Managers respectively at the Kimberly-Clark Corporation (KCC), spoke at this year’s JDA Focus.

Manufacturing success: how procurement can leverage Industry 4.0 to manage MRO spend


For the past two decades, the modern manufacturing facility has become highly automated, employing robots to assemble automobiles and other large and complex consumer goods – sometimes without any direct human intervention (i.e., Procure-to-PayXeeva welcomes this guest post from Matthew York, Senior Research Analyst, Ardent Partners.

White Paper: Purchase Order Accruals in SAP S/4HANA 1909


Organizations procure a wide variety of consumables, goods and services to run their day-to-day operations. Finance has the legal obligation to accrue or defer these service and consumable costs as well as advance payments at month-end or quarter-end.

Seasoned Leadership in Action™ – An Interview with Bronwen Hann, President at Argentus

Supply Chain Game Changer

We’ve built a peerless network in the areas of Procurement, Logistics, Change Management, Strategic Sourcing, Planning, and other functional areas in Supply Chain. We recognized the emergence of contingent staffing (contract) within Procurement and Supply Chain several years before a few others, and expanded our business to service that area. Consumers are rightly demanding to know exactly where their products are coming from, and whether they’re ethically sourced.

2021 Will Give Way to Big Changes in Supply Chain Practices 


Customer demand for a wide range of consumer goods has abruptly shifted. Chaos from the coronavirus has made clear that procurement & supply chain practices need to get smarter.

Purchase Order Accruals in SAP S/4HANA


Organizations procure a wide variety of consumables, goods and services to run their day-to-day operations. Finance has the legal obligation to accrue or defer these service and consumable costs as well as advance payments at month-end or quarter-end. Venkata S.

3 Best Practices to Improve Your Flatbed Shipping Performance

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Manufacturing/Auto/Industrials – Raw material and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier networks, along with factory outputs tied to industrial equipment, automotive products, and consumer goods. Conduct procurement exercises regularly and often.

The Drive To 100% Bio-based Plastic Bottles


Renewables are the feedstock that go into the “Plant Bottle”, and on the back end, when the consumer is through with it, it can be recycled and ground up to crate a carpet and keep the CO2 sequestered. The response from consumers was overwhelmingly positive around the plant bottle, and any misunderstandings occurred around the technology, and has been a strong positive reaction.


There Are Not Enough Women Supply Chain Leaders!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Seasoned Leadership in Action™ – An Interview with Kristie Syndikus, VP Procurement at Maple Leaf Foods! Other industries that don’t ship physical goods (for example Financial Services or Insurance) have adopted sophisticated Strategic Sourcing methodology for their Procurement.

Strong Supply Chains Required For an Economic Rebound: Six Steps To Take

Supply Chain Shaman

What good is a test unit when there are not enough swabs or reagents? This cross-functional group (sales, procurement, manufacturing, and distribution) is an operational team to manage the day-to-day issues and exceptions in the supply chain. Get Good at Sensing the Market. This type of planning needs to be deployed by all consumer manufacturers. The order is no longer a good proxy for demand. A Sample Demand Pattern for Consumer Goods.

Optimized Planning for an Explosive 4th of July


However, supply chain planners from thousands of different consumable and non-consumable consumer goods companies use past 4 th of July demand trends to predict demand for their products for the upcoming 4 th of July Holiday. Procurement and manufacturing plans need to be created and executed based on these forecasts. In many cases if your products are not available, the consumer will purchase competing products to meet their holiday needs.

The Demand Sensing Revolution–A Webcast

The Network Effect

Here’s more info below: Companies are struggling with demand variability and how to meet consumer demand with the right supply at the right location at the right time. Now a new technique called Demand Sensing , using highly accurate short-term demand signals, can enable companies to meet consumer demand while driving the lowest cost possible across their distribution, manufacturing, and procurement activities. Steve Gray/Flickr.

Optimized Planning for an Explosive 4th of July


However, supply chain planners from thousands of different consumable and non-consumable consumer goods companies use past 4 th of July demand trends to predict demand for their products for the upcoming 4 th of July Holiday. Procurement and manufacturing plans need to be created and executed based on these forecasts. In many cases if your products are not available, the consumer will purchase competing products to meet their holiday needs.

Supply Chain Predictions 2020: Uncertainty Demands Resilience


They drive benefits such as improved business planning and improved sourcing, procurement and supplier management. However, with blockchain companies can validate the provenance of raw material in the food, medicine or consumer goods supply chain. It’s been an interesting decade for supply chain: just when you think things can’t get any crazier, a new extreme weather event, political drama or tech start-up pops up, disrupting entire industries.

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The Pandemic hasn’t Dampened Enthusiasm for Blockchain Technology

Enterra Insights

Two of the most obvious changes in consumer behavior during the novel coronavirus pandemic have been a spike in e-commerce and renewed interest in shelf stable food products. Consumer goods companies should use the current situation as an opportunity to reevaluate.”[1]

Big data and supply chain optimization: Illusion vs. reality

DELMIA Quintiq

There may be some value in the behavioral data on the consumers (customers of buyers of your company products), but unless your company is part of a fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) value chain, analyzing this vaster amount of consumer data available at the retail level would not make your B2B supply chain decisions any smarter than they are right now. In the last three to five years, something has changed in conversations about supply chains and logistics.

All Across Business, Chief Supply Chain Officers are on the Rise


And in consumer-facing industries (Consumer Packaged Goods, for example), companies are less likely than ever before to differentiate themselves from their competition based on product alone. As our interviewee and Procurement guru Wael Safwat put it a few months ago , “it’s no longer the organizations that are competing. At a Consumer Goods company, it’s looped in to marketing.

Circular Supply Chains: The impact.


Sourcing and procurement decision-makers are confronting a perfect storm. In the future, procurement leaders will play a more influential role in product design to limit the use of non-sustainable raw materials and promote the use of sustainably sourced materials. However perhaps more importantly, procurement leaders will influence product design to allow for easier recovery of raw materials from the product once it reaches end-of-life. Changing a supply chain near you.

How Supply Chain Can Make or Break a High Growth Company!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Procurement – the effective purchasing of raw materials, back-office goods and professional services – as well as Logistics – the orchestration of the movement of those goods – might not seem to be as important as sales, marketing, R&D or finance at first blush. Supply Chain Management is an important factor for fast-growing hardware manufacturing companies, whether they’re producing goods overseas or at home. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Should I Consider Outsourcing Supply Chain Processes?


Now companies have started outsourcing supply chain business processes like planning, direct procurement, order management, inventory optimisation and reverse logistics. Market and consumer behaviour is more unpredictable than the weather. If your New Year’s resolution is to lose some weight, consider outsourcing supply chain processes. We will describe how to choose a partner, but first let’s take a look at why to consider outsourcing at all.

Oil & Gas Companies Focus on Eliminating Supply Chain Waste

Talking Logistics

In a recent webcast titled Critical Transportation Challenges in the Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Supply Chain , Florian Dussler (VP of Americas at TRANSPOREON Group ) and I discuss this topic in more detail, including the core TMS capabilities companies should look for in a solution to begin their journey up the maturity curve: Procurement. “Past performance is no guarantee of future results.”.

How Product Design Impacts the Supply Chain

Logichain Solutions

Collaboration between marketing, product development, finance, procurement and supply chain teams saves costs along the value chain and gives your brand a competitive advantage. His experience includes operations, supply chain management and logistics in the consumer goods industry.

Is Inventory Waste or an Asset?

Supply Chain Shaman

Cycle stock is the management of stock required to cycle through production runs and procurement buys effectively. Most companies are not measuring and adapting with volatility.Analyzing forecastability of the item portfolio is a good starting place. As a frequent contributor of supply chain content to the industry, Lora writes by-line monthly columns for SCM Quarterly, Consumer Goods Technology, Supply Chain Movement and Supply Chain Brain.

Transportation, Planning, and Omni-Channel Fulfillment

Talking Logistics

But when PwC asked CEOs in a recent survey ( Global Retail and Consumer Goods CEO Survey: The Omni-Channel Fulfillment Imperative ) what areas most needed their additional attention to achieve omni-channel fulfillment, 88 percent said it is their transportation and logistics operations. Consumers demand for “buy anywhere, pick-up anywhere, deliver anywhere” shopping experiences won’t let transportation be an afterthought any longer, however.

Golden Results in the Supply Chain


More than 600 CSR and procurement professionals, attended Sustain , the annual EcoVadis event dedicated to responsible purchasing earlier this year. La Palette Rouge, a division of Euro Pool Group, is a red pallet pooling company specializing in manufacturing and retail chains in the fast-moving consumer goods sector.

Collaboration and Visibility in the Supply Chain

Oracle SCM

ROI for collaboration and visibility projects can be defined in many areas of the supply chain, and by way of example (real projects) I can more easily share the value: A large grocery retailer had negotiated complex, long term, vendor managed inventory (VMI) agreements with several consumer goods suppliers. Gather global commodity prices and planned global procurement to drive procurement to best prices. Tom McDonough , Sr. Director Product Marketing.

SanDisk’s Story of Customer Segmentation Strategies Using Inventory Postponement

Supply Chain Shaman

I find that in this world of the global multi-national that procurement processes have become convoluted and increasingly complex. (In In my opinion, we have made procurement increasingly complex without adding value. In my research, I find that the companies with the most progressive procurement processes also have the most advanced customer supply chain process evolution.)Without I often find that it is a white board activity with good intentions that cannot be actualized.

Ann Grackin: Is the Crisis in Demand Management Being Exacerbated by Spreadsheet Dependency?


This blog post is in response to recent results from the APICS/Logility Survey, Consumer Goods S&OP research, and ChainLink’s end-user research. Issues such as: poor ability to analyze customer demand data, such as POS; poor linkage between market demand and procurement; and poor mix, inability to spot underperforming products, and poor execution in promotions were reported. I recently read a very good survey by Consumer Goods Technology , focused on S&OP.

Why investors are looking at supply chain technologies in 2020


Insiders joke (quite fairly, as it turns out) about billion-dollar procurement-management-disposition cycles that are managed in spreadsheets. That’s good, because now everybody needs to up their game in terms of what their capabilities are.

Risks in Supply - An Omnipresent Danger


For more than a decade, I have implemented inventory optimization solutions for some of the world’s largest companies in industries ranging from life sciences to chemicals, from consumer goods to high-tech, and more. Unreliable Deployment: It is common for many companies to discover large disparities around transportation and goods receipt processes.

The Pros and Cons: International and Domestic Sourcing


Low-cost country sourcing is a procurement strategy that falls under a broad category of procurement efforts called global sourcing. This form of sourcing is typically used for simple components or cheap consumer goods such as t-shirts — poor stitching on t-shirts pose a less serious consequence than a minor mistake on a computer battery! Builds consumer confidence. Consumers prefer locally sourced products because they are more assured of the quality.