Collaborative Supply Chain Innovation: Bringing Solutions to Market Faster

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In supply chain and logistics, there’s always a new problem to solve or a new opportunity to go after, which often involves some form of innovation — whether it’s a process innovation, a technology innovation, or both.

5 Ways to Put AI to Work in Your Supply Chain


Step 1: Digitize your documents. Ghodke says an important first step to staying ahead of the competition is to move beyond manual data entry with an AI-driven technology like Document Digitizer. Blog DemandSense Document Digitizer Innovation

Where is Blockchain Headed? Follow the Money

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Will Blockchain Create a Digital Divide in Shipping?

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Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2018

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In that spirit, we’ve combed the MH&L archives for the most innovative supply chain developments of the past year, as reported in our print magazine, on our website, in our e-newsletters, or our various social media channels.

Supply Chain Predictions for 2018: Real-Time, Innovation, Cognitive, Blockchain, Industry-Academic Partnerships, and Taking a Stand!


Prediction: Small is Beautiful : Innovation will Increasingly Be Found in Small Companies. Just like the economist Schumacher predicted years ago in his incredible book, the biggest shifts will come from the smallest companies. This is how innovation ultimately occurs.

SIG Webinar on Procurement Analytics and Innovative Data Leveraging

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In particular, there is a noticeable gap between procurement executives’ explicit intentions of driving value for the business, and documented results as they pertain to improved engagement with internal business groups, ability to drive innovative analytical tools, and the resulting gap in alignment with business strategy. Such gaps are often attributed to a lack of data documenting historical spending, contracts, and supplier life cycle performance metrics.

Is Google the most innovative supply chain company in the world?


The secret behind the innovation is Google X , a lab whose boss has the job title “Captain of Moonshot”, focused on looking at what everyone thinks is impossible and flipping it on its head. The overall impact of mobile has been well documented in the press.

Unconventional Methods for Driving Innovation


Almost every company and organization values innovation, but few of them know where innovation truly comes from. Innovation doesn’t require a genius of mythic proportions, but it does require a catalyst. Eventually, the team will hit on an innovation that works for everyone.

Supply chain predictions 2018 – innovation hits warp speed

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And let’s not forget Musk’s SpaceX, the Hyperloop and Tesla – all radically different companies predicated on technology innovation, creativity, disruption and long term commercial viability. The pace of innovation is picking up steam at an exponential rate.

Highlights from 3Gtms Innovate 2018 User Conference

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Last week, I attended Innovate 2018 , the company’s first user conference, and as I stood on stage to deliver my keynote presentation in front of 140+ attendees, the answer was clear: Yes. The reality is that new innovations in technology, coupled with new transportation challenges that shippers and logistics service providers (LSPs) continuously face, create new opportunities for startups to enter the market. Carrier Web Services for Rating, Tendering, and Documents.

Ivalua Announces New Innovations for Managing Direct Materials Spend


Redwood City, CA – November 7, 2019 – Ivalua, a global leader in spend management , today announced a range of new innovations that enable direct material procurement and supply chain leaders to launch more profitable, successful products. The new innovations extend the leadership of Ivalua’s solutions for Manufacturing and Direct Materials. The post Ivalua Announces New Innovations for Managing Direct Materials Spend appeared first on Ivalua

Hybrent Launches Major Healthcare Software Update with Innovative Inventory Management Modules


Hybrent has added more innovative modules and improved functionality for users. The post Hybrent Launches Major Healthcare Software Update with Innovative Inventory Management Modules appeared first on Hybrent.

Bayer, Deere, and ARC Provide Feedback on Student Capabilities that Drive Innovation


That, coupled with the Innovation Showcase in Nelson Hall,, featuring two winning teams in the undergraduate and graduate divisions, made me proud to be a faculty member working with the great students and industry partners that are part of this collaborative partnership. Along the way they also referenced the books “How Google Works” and “Team of Teams” Innovation. Firms need to innovate constantly or fall behind. What is Innovation?

The Story of UltraShip’s Temperature Tracking Innovation and the FSMA

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The FDAs document, “Overview of the Food Safety Modernization Act” lays out the broad themes of the law currently in effect, and details the changes it is intended to effect on how food is produced, transported, handled and monitored to reduce foodborne illness.

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Direct Material Woes: Seven Steps to Take to Improve Value

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The systems deployed through conventional MRP systems in ERP enable buying, but do not enable visibility of supplier viability, reward innovation/contribution of new ideas and drive improvements in corporate social responsibility. It is fall.

TMS Innovation and the Voice of the Customer with Cameron Robertson

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If you’re going to have a user manual, it should be built into the software instead of an external text document. [13:31] The post TMS Innovation and the Voice of the Customer with Cameron Robertson appeared first on The Logistics of Logistics. download the audio file. [00:20]

Why Our Goal Should Not Be an Integrated Supply Chain

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Most strategy documents that I am currently reviewing are looking to digitize data to make integration more effective. planning benchmarking supply chain analytics Supply chain planning digital innovation planning

QAD Supplier Portal: An Introduction


Mismanaged documents and processing errors leading to slow cycle times. Featured Innovation + Technology benefits challenges collaboration customer expectations productivity supplier collaboration supplier integration Supplier portal supply disruption

Warehouse of the Future: Adopting Automation within Your Supply Chain – Part 1 of 2

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Continued innovation has reduced costs of entry for automated capabilities, delivering improved business case justification for automation of many forms. Innovation Intelligent Fulfillment Supply Chain automation innovation Warehouse Management System warehouse of the future WMS

S&OP, a vision for the future. The expert interview series #4

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The S&OP Pulse Check 2015 suggests S&OP practitioners are left behind in confusion: 62% of respondents think there is not enough innovation in S&OP systems. 64% think there is not enough coordinated innovation in S&OP processes. Capture S&OP innovation.

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Data Quality Is Critical To The Supply Chain Function – Did Someone Forget To Ask?


As a result, it is imperative that all companies start to include in all their RFX documents a section titled “Data Requirements”. Director's Blog Innovation in the Supply Chain Procure to Pay Supply chain analytics Supply Chain From The Field Supply Chain Technology UncategorizedThis blog post is co-written by my colleague Joseph Yacura, who came up with the brilliant idea when we were chatting yesterday!

What Logistics Managers Can Learn from Santa’s Automated Supply Chain

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With a single point of integration, all supply chain partners have access to in-the-moment order information and notifications, which reduces order processing lead time, as well as standardized documentation for branded customer-facing labeling.

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Procurement Leadership Workshop: Addressing the Need for a New Stakeholder Influence Model


This shift is also documented in our paper developed in a workshop that we held in 2017 of chief procurement officers and business development executives). Articles Customer Relationship Management Director's Blog Innovation in the Supply Chain Organizing for Supply Chain SCRC News Supplier Relationship Management UncategorizedSome of the typical complaints I hear from procurement colleagues are the same ones I heard 20 years ago, and it seems as if nothing has changed.

Is the FAR getting in the way of Early Supplier Involvement in defense projects?


The concept level design phase is typically summarized in a system concept document. This phase is followed by system level development, resulting in system performance requirements and description documents. Product development within the U.S.

The Smart Logistics Network of the Future: Blockchain in the Supply Chain

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Source: The 2018 MHI Annual Industry Report: Overcoming Barriers to NextGen Supply Chain Innovation. Source: The 2018 MHI Annual Industry Report: Overcoming Barriers to NextGen Supply Chain Innovation. 3PL Innovation Logistics Supply Chain blockchain FOCUS Smart Logistics supply chain

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Much ado about Brexit – What happens next?

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CDS will offer several new and existing services in one place and is designed to handle the resulting influx of new trade documents from a hard-border. General brexit Customs customs compliance customs software e-commerce freight forwarding global supply chain Innovation Parcel ShippingPrime Minister May’s twice-defeated Brexit plan could mean prolonged uncertainty as UK lawmakers favor an extension to the Brexit deadline. Parliament votes .

Off to another exciting year of student-industry engagement at NC State on cutting-edge supply chain projects


I also predicted how this type of engagement would continue to grow in the future, as organizations begin to recognize the value of having an objective, third party view on their problems can create innovative solutions.

Effective supply chain management through social networking: Guest Blog by Nicholas Moores

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Coordinating via Socialtext from across the warehouse was a quick and easy innovation, that allowed IMM to use its workforce effectively. Document and process building can now avoid the black hole of email systems, as shared platforms allow for collaboration throughout a business, such as cloud, where multiple users can input into a document and feed back to one another simultaneously. Today’s blog is a guest post by Nick Moores on social networking for supply chains.

Contract Data Management With AI


The goal being to manage risk by easily identifying obligations within contracts and ensuring that appropriate risk mitigating language is present within legal documents. Encoding the meaning is a requirement for document analysis, making it independent of the wording.

Contract Analysis leveraging AI – A Technical Overview


The goal being to manage risk by easily identifying obligations within contracts and ensuring that appropriate risk mitigating language is present within legal documents. Encoding the meaning is a requirement for document analysis, making it independent of the wording.

Insights from Counterfeiting Roundtable Part 1


The meeting began with an overview of the Document Security Alliance. The focus of this group is not on how to improve documents and counterfeit deterrents, to counteract fraud and criminalization. They explore a number of technologies that can make documents secure, including passport security that is often the means through which human slaves are trafficked. Block Chain Counterfeit Supply Chain Innovation in the Supply Chain Illicit Supply Chain

Can Blockchain become the solution for anti-counterfeiting and chain of custody?


Pilots with IBM have shown that all these documents can be captured in a blockchain, and could potentially reduce shipping delays due to lack of paperwork.

Cross-Border Ecommerce: The Future is Here

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The business transaction, cargo shipping, payment wiring and collection, and document exchanges are no longer individual pieces of the chain. Global Transportation Innovation Supply Chain Asia Cross-Border Ecommerce International Shipping Supply Chain Technology

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Handfield’s Supply Chain Analytics Predictions for 2014

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To be able to truly understand the scale and scope of these processes, organizations will deploy supply chain engineers to study and document the value chain, mapping the activities, and working with partners to identify critical points in the process where data collection is required. They will then deploy sophisticated and innovative approaches to mining data exhaust from these processes, to provide real-time indicators of activity that can drive the appropriate decisions.

Facebook for Supply Chain Communication and Collaboration?

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“Communicate, Collaborate, Innovate” — I’ve been using that line as the subtitle of my keynote presentations this year. My first question to the audience: Why communicate, collaborate, and innovate in that order? Why not innovate first?

Data is the Real Gold At the End of the Rainbow for Contract and Spend Management Systems


The tool also helped support a well-documented statement of work, and ensured that the right regulatory requirements and questions were being addressed in the contract. ” Analytics Big Data Emerging Issues in Supply Chain ERP Systems Innovation in the Supply Chain Internet of Things Procure to Pay Supply chain analytics Supply Chain Strategy Supply Chain Systems