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Data Science and Supply Chain: It’s a Match!


We are back with Dr. Diadie Sow for the third and final part of our series dedicated to Data Science. The first part was dedicated to the story of Data Science up to now , and the second part focused on the daily tasks of a Data Scientist.

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Coronavirus a Substantial Supply Chain Interruption – The Importance of Digital Supply Chain


The tragic outbreak of the Coronavirus has again demonstrated the need for ever vigilant health care services and fast response.

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Keep an eye on Gen-Z consumers in 2020

Prophetic Technology

2020 is about to arrive, bringing with it Generation Z or Gen-Z; this demographic group comes after the Millennials; they were born between 1995 and 2015, as a distinctive-powerful consumer's target for any business.

[PODCAST] Inventory Forecasting Lessons for Improved Supply Chain Network Optimization


Listen to “Inventory Forecasting Lessons for Improved Supply Chain Network Optimization” on Spreaker.

New Planning Maturity Assessment

In today's new supply chain paradigm, resilience and agility are key. Is your planning process fit enough to keep up with the pace of change? Is your tech stack helping or hindering your progress? Take AIMMS's new quiz to uncover learnings and benchmark yourself against peers!

3 Best Practices For Effective Vendor Management

PLS Logistics

Properly organized inbound shipments are vital to successfully operating supply chains. The retailers, distributors and customers heavily rely on the performance of inbound deliveries.

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The Supply Chain’s Vision Problem

Enterra Insights

Supply chain visibility remains elusive despite decades pursuing it. Arnaud Morvan states a simple truth, “It’s difficult to see, measure and improve what’s happening across the supply chain.”[1] ”[1] And that’s a problem. Morvan notes, “The management guru Peter Drucker suggested, you can’t improve what you can’t measure. To go back a step further, you can’t measure what you can’t see.

Will coronavirus affect your supply chain?

DAT Solutions

Coronavirus is getting a lot of attention, but it hasn't had much impact on domestic freight in the U.S. so far.

Game Out the Path to ROI from Any New TMS Investment

Supply Chain Collaborator

Too often, shipping organizations focus only on costs when selecting a TMS solution.

Will Coronavirus spark supply chain reviews for manufacturers?

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

The Coronavirus outbreak and lock downs imposed by the Chinese government are starting to impact supply chains in sectors including pharmaceuticals, automotive and telecommunications

Coronavirus and Your Supply Chain

Speaker: Rob Handfield, PhD, Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management at NC State University

Join this informative webinar with Rob Handfield, Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management at NC State University, who will go over how the Coronavirus has impacted supply chains, as well as discussing approaches for preparing your supply chain for future outbreaks of major global disruptions. The world is becoming a riskier place, and it is important to plan for disasters ahead of time.

An Industrial Manufacturer Blends Dedicated and Contract Carriage to Balance Freight Market Instability


A driver shortage and increased federal regulations make it increasingly difficult for companies to deliver products on time. With instability in the freight market, one global industrial manufacturing company looked to Chainalytics to help them create an optimal transportation strategy that balanced contract and dedicated fleets to improve service and reduce costs.

Supply Chain and Factory Planning-Pharmaceutical Industry and Life Sciences


Most pharmaceutical companies use Sales and Operation Planning systems in order to perform long term planning of their production. This may be helpful to give some level of visibility by high level planning but how does it help in the following areas? Optimizing the use of resources and ROA.

Six Most-Read Supply Chain Planning Blogs of 2019

Brookes Supply Chain Planning Blog

2019 is officially in the books, and it’s a perfect time to reflect on the past 12 months as we dive into planning for 2020. Throughout the year our ToolsGroup supply chain planning blog contributors kept you up to speed on the trends, technologies and influencers shaping our industry.

6 Benefits of Automated Locker Systems


You can see it from the package lockers used by major retailers like Amazon, to the personal lockers at Apple. Lockers aren’t just housing textbooks anymore. As with nearly all technology, the drive to become more connected, personalized, and reach new levels has made its way to the humble locker.

5 Perceptions on Demand Forecasting and How it's Changing

Speaker: Brian Dooley, Director SC Navigator, AIMMS

It’s no secret that demand is getting more difficult to predict. Is your demand forecasting process evolving with the times? How does your process stack up against others? Are you satisfied with your level of forecast accuracy? This webinar shares research findings from a recent survey among supply chain planning professionals to help you answer these questions.

Making Procurement Autonomous: Embracing the Future in the Present


The world is digitizing right before our eyes. From Cortana, Siri, and Alexa to Tesla, Uber, and Waymo , autonomous devices and so-called artificial intelligence are all around us. Even long-time escapes like sports have become playgrounds for IoT fitness devices and big data statistical analysis.

4 Innovative Solutions for More Productive Warehouse Management


Over the past 30 years, technology has transformed warehouse operations, making them more efficient as well as reducing the number of required workers.

EVENT: SAP Digital Supply Chain Planning Cocktail Reception – February 25, 2020 | 4:00-6:00 PM PT


Join us for an afternoon of innovation and culinary excitement on Tuesday, February 25, at Thomas Fogarty Winery in Woodside, CA. Hosted by Bristlecone and SAP. During this event, you will: Learn how NetApp transformed their supply planning processes to ensure agile response to frequent demand changes using SAP’s cloud-based Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) solution. Understand tangible business value by reducing latency, lead times, and inventory investment.

Static Versus Dynamic Route Optimization to Reduce Costs


The post Static Versus Dynamic Route Optimization to Reduce Costs appeared first on MercuryGate International. Blog Supply Chain Trends Transportation Technology Blog Posts

Point-of-Danger ICE Raids and Audits

Speaker: Max Muller, Attorney and Author

Supply chain managers should constantly be on guard against forces that could cause a significant point-of-failure in or to their supply chains. The sudden loss of a workforce is an evolving danger to those who provide raw materials, subassemblies, finished goods, and/or necessary services to supply chains; and to entities requiring those items or services. Join Max Muller for this timely, fast-paced and guidance rich webinar that will educate you on the specific steps involved in undertaking your own internal audit, as well as providing you with guidance on what your major and/or sole source suppliers should do as well.

How Delivery Companies Can Use Routing Optimization to Offset AB5

Talking Logistics

How California’s new “gig economy” law is pushing companies that manage or rely on local transportation to rethink the way they route, schedule, and assign their delivery routes.

Supply Chain Video News on Has Polish Startup Solved Piece Picking Challenge

Supply Chain Digest

NoMagic Uses Machine Vision and AI

Video 34

Featuring Our 10 Best Warehouse Order Fulfillment Articles!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Featuring Our 10 Best Inventory Management Articles! Our latest “Featuring” series article covers the topic of Warehouse and Distribution Centre order fulfillment.

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BREXIT - The Cat is Out of the Bag


The cat is out of the bag – Frictionless trade between the UK and EU will end after the Brexit Transition Period The UK Government have recently stated that there will be no frictionless trade with the EU after the end of the transition period. Customs declarations and checks will be the normal process on goods moving between the two customs territories. Read about the impacts here and how to mitigate them

How is Demand Forecasting changing? How do you compare to your peers?

AIMMS conducted research to assess how supply chain teams perceive the accuracy of their forecast and discover the tools and techniques they are using to upgrade the forecasting process. In this report, you will find helpful benchmarks and insights offered by your peers on the latest demand forecasting techniques, forecast granularity and periodicity, and expectations for the future.

How StockTrim’s inventory forecasting software helps Allie’s innovate and grow with confidence


From homemade beginnings. Spotting a gap in Sydney’s cold-pressed juice market, Allie’s began as a homemade venture to fulfil a need for a convenient, healthy and delicious drink without added sugar, stevia, preservatives or concentrate.

E-Grocery Penetration Expected to Hit Double Digits by 2024

Multichannel Merchant

E-grocery penetration in the U.S. reached 4.5% of the $839 billion grocery market in 2019, according to figures from Deutsche Bank cited by e-fulfillment technology provider Fabric, after hovering around 2% for years. It’s expected to exceed 10% by 2204 and hit 12% the following year.

2020 Freight Shipping Outlook: Advanced Technologies in Freight Shipping on the Rise

Freight Center

Like so many industries today, freight shipping is being transformed by advanced technologies. All these technologies share two goals: to make freight shipping more efficient and less expensive.

Static Versus Dynamic Route Optimization to Reduce Your Costs


Shippers and logistics service providers seek out the most effective ways to maintain a competitive advantage in operations, improve profitability, and reduce costs. Route optimization is a widely recognized opportunity and means to achieve these goals.

Top 5 Barriers to Supply Chain Network Design Adoption and How to Overcome Them

Speaker: Brian Dooley, Director SC Navigator, AIMMS, and Paul van Nierop, Supply Chain Planning Specialist, AIMMS

Want to build your internal capability, reduce costs and make better decisions? It's easier than you think. This on-demand webinar shares research findings from Supply Chain Insights, including the top 5 obstacles that bog you down when trying to improve your network design efforts.