Computer electronics thefts may spike in California as holiday approaches

The Supply Chain Journal

Incidents of computer electronics theft in California soared 443% between September 2020 and this month, compared with the same 2019-2020 period, CargoNet said. Trucking Truckload Truckload Carriers California cargo security cargo theft CargoNet COVID-19

New regulations target truck emissions at Southern California warehouses

The Supply Chain Journal

A process four years in the making to regulate the emissions of truck traffic in and out of Southern California warehouses reached its end earlier this month with the adoption of a new rule that the warehouse industry says will ratchet up costs in the sector.


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Update on the Southern California Logistics Services Market

West Coast and California Logistics

When it comes to Southern California logistics, there’s never a dull moment. Southern California Ports West Coast Distribution Port Logistics Third Party Logistics Warehouse operations eCommerce Fulfillment Inland Empire Warehouse Labor issues Drayage rail transportation Peak Season Shipping Distribution logistics in California

California to require electric vehicles for most Lyft, Uber drivers

The Supply Chain Journal

The drive to electrify the nation’s rideshare and on-demand delivery companies took a step forward on Thursday when the California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved a vehicle electrification plan for transportation network companies (TNCs).

A Budding Industry: Recreational Marijuana is California's Newest Supply Chain


California’s Prop 64 marks a sea change in the effort to bring an entire industry out of the shadows, and everyone from pharmaceutical companies to big investment firms and app developers has been racing to cash in. However, as the sixth largest economy in the world and the country’s cannabis capital , California is in many ways poised to lead the development of the burgeoning legal industry, with expected sales of over $5B by 2019. Introduction.

7 Benefits of Warehousing in California

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California is home to many great things like the LA Lakers, the Silicon Valley, and the Beach Boys. One overseen quality of California is its supply chain efficiencies. Read more. 12/02/2014. Distribution. Supply Chain. Supply Chain, Distribution, Warehousing, Campus Warehousing, Urban Hubs. Campus Warehousing Distribution Distribution Supply Chain Supply Chain Urban Hubs Warehousing

What types of products benefit from the California Overweight Corridor?

West Coast and California Logistics

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of the shipping overweight containers into the California Overweight Corridor and tell you what types of products make the most sense to ship overweight. If you’re importing containers into the U.S.,

California Freight Heats Up, Spurred By Hanjin Collapse

DAT Solutions

The load-to-truck ratio in Los Angeles lit up the entire state of California on the DAT Hot States map. Spot market activity often ramps up in the West during the fall season, but there's added pressure this month. Hanjin Shipping recently filed for bankruptcy , and a number of its ships pulled into port last week, after a lot of delays and uncertainty. Hanjin is the world’s seventh-largest commercial shipping company, and it’s struggling to find the money to unload its ships.

The Logistics Destination of Southern California

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As the sixth largest economy in the world 1 and the largest gateway for international trade and domestic commerce in the United States 2 , California continues to provide an ideal location for logistics solutions such as ocean transportation and distribution. Southern California, in particular, has become a popular area for companies to utilize logistical benefits such as.

News Alert: AB5 free to be enforced in California’s trucking sector

The Supply Chain Journal

An injunction that stopped the California trucking industry from coming under AB5, the state’s law governing the use of independent contractors, has been overturned. California will now be free to enforce its preempted law,” Bennett said.

The Daily Dash: Trucking loses reprieve from California independent contractor law

The Supply Chain Journal

In today’s edition, we highlight the end of an injunction in California that had kept an independent contractor law from applying to trucking, as well as a funding round for Arrive Logistics and more. The Daily Dash is a quick look at what’s happening in the freight ecosystem.

Life after AB5: Getting your trucking authority in California

DAT Solutions

The experts at DAT Authority advise California drivers who want to get their own authority that there are extra steps and the process takes longer in California.

New California owner-operator law on hold for now

DAT Solutions

One day before California's AB5 law was to take effect, a judge granted a temporary restraining order that prohibits enforcement of the law. Trucking Regulations

FreightWaves Classics: I-5 runs from Mexico to Canada (Part 1 – California)

The Supply Chain Journal

Interstate highways whose route numbers are divisible by 5 usually represent major coast-to-coast or border-to-border routes (for example, I-10 runs from Santa Monica, California, to Jacksonville, Florida, from the Pacific to Atlantic oceans). Interstate 5 in California. Overview.

A Look at the Southern California Supply-Chain ‘Meltdown’

Supply Chain Brain Podcast

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, along with supporting distribution facilities and infrastructure in the area, are suffering from severe congestion. What’s the cause — and the solution

Genesee & Wyoming subsidiary to operate bulk transfer facility in central California

The Supply Chain Journal

A subsidiary of short line operator Genesee & Wyoming (G&W) has acquired and will operate a bulk transfer facility serving the Central Valley of California. The existing facility is a 91-acre industrial park in the heart of California’s dairy industry in Reedley, according to G&W.

Cargo Surge Leads to Congestion at Southern California Ports

American Global Logistics

The post Cargo Surge Leads to Congestion at Southern California Ports appeared first on AGL. Supply Chain Dive —Dive Brief: • An import surge across the country — led by a rush to bring in product before Chinese New Year and a scheduled tariff increase on March 2 — is leading to congestion at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, according to a customer advisory sent by American Global […].

FreightWaves Classics: I-8 runs an interesting course in California and Arizona

The Supply Chain Journal

Interstate 8 (I-8) is an interstate highway that stretches from the southern edge of Mission Bay in San Diego, California, to its junction with I-10, just southeast of Casa Grande, Arizona. In 1966, the California Highway Patrol estimated that winds reached 100 miles per hour in the area.

California freight forwarder folds, files Chapter 7 bankruptcy

The Supply Chain Journal

A California freight forwarder filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy last week, collectively owing transportation and logistics companies more than $884,000. of Torrance, California, filed its petition in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California on April 20.

Why One Southern California Trucker Stays Independent

Supply Chain Brain

Hector Padilla comes from a long line of Southern California truckers, but it wasn’t until going to school and dabbling in aviation that he decided to follow in the family tradition

TravelCenters of America and Nikola plan California hydrogen stations

The Supply Chain Journal

NASDAQ: NKLA ) will partner with TravelCenters of America ( NASDAQ: TA ) to build two hydrogen fueling stations for fuel cell trucks in California. Nikola Corp.

Berlin Packaging opens 231,000 sq ft warehouse in Ontario, California


Strategically located near the busiest seaport in the United States, the adjoining ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, and with easy access to highways I-10 and I-15, the 231,000-square-foot Ontario mega-warehouse strengthens Berlin Packaging's operations in Southern California.

Top 3PL Companies in California


We were constantly growing little by little, and before we knew it, dealers and distributors were hitting us up asking to carry our products.”. Logistics

Understanding the Impact of the California Truck and Bus Regulation

West Coast and California Logistics

California may be the Golden State, but its green initiatives are the most far-reaching in the U.S. At the heart of these efforts is the California Truck and Bus Regulation, which seeks to reduce emissions from heavy trucks and buses. West Coast Distribution west coast warehouses Transportation Strategies OTR Northern California 3PL Distribution logistics in California

Kenco adds warehouse in California; Lineage buys into Spain

The Supply Chain Journal

Third-party logistics provider Kenco Logistics said Thursday that it has opened a 397,000-square-foot distribution center in Perris, California, that is designed to house multiple tenants.

Spain 65

Small Fleet Summit: Dealing with AB5 in California

The Supply Chain Journal

DETAILS: Damon Ott is an employment attorney in California so he has a front-row seat to the state’s trucking industry as it prepares for the possible introduction of independent contractor law AB5. FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: How AB5 is likely to affect small fleets and owner-operators.

CTA asks for en banc hearing as it seeks to keep AB 5 out of California’s trucking sector

The Supply Chain Journal

As expected , the California Trucking Association has filed an appeal in its setback to keep AB 5 out of the state’s trucking sector, asking a full 9th Circuit to review a recent appellate court decision. New regulations target truck emissions at Southern California warehouses.

What shippers should know about driver misclassification by California drayage carriers

West Coast and California Logistics

With the state supreme court’s Dynamex decision, followed by its Senate Bill 1402 (SB 1402), California’s position on the hiring of independent owner-operators by drayage carriers is now firmly established. In this article, we’ll get you up to speed on these developments and help you determine whether your prospective carrier’s drivers in California are actually considered to be on that carrier’s payroll or are sub-contractors.

California’s massive container-ship traffic jam is still really jammed

The Supply Chain Journal

Peak shipping season is coming soon — and the “parking lot” of container ships stuck at anchor off the coast of California is still there, with Oakland surpassing Los Angeles/Long Beach as the epicenter of congestion.

End of owner-operators in California?

DAT Solutions

A decision by the California supreme court could have a chilling effect on the owner-operator model in California, and if appeals fail to reverse the decision, other states could go down the same path. In the spring of 2018, the California supreme court issued a final decision in the case of Dynamex vs. Superior Court of L.A.

FreightWaves Classics: Port of Oakland is an economic engine for northern California

The Supply Chain Journal

The port of Oakland, California was the first important port on the West Coast of the United States. Moreover, it handles 99% of the containers that move through northern California. Oakland was incorporated as a town by the California legislature in 1852.

West Coast Chassis Pool Challenges at Ports of LA and Long Beach

West Coast and California Logistics

Southern California Ports Port Logistics DrayageAs we examined in our recent blog post on port congestion , ports across the U.S.

Finding the Optimal California Warehouse Space for Your Products

West Coast and California Logistics

California. Making California even more sensible, from a distribution perspective, is the fact that most of the Pan-Pacific freight arrives via its ports. For many companies, these combined facts make logistics strategy simple: place a DC in California close to the arriving port and the West Coast distribution riddle is solved. A very big state with a very big population. In fact, it’s the largest consumer market in the U.S.

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act - Value Unchained

ModusLink Corporation


California SB 1402: What You Need to Know

West Coast and California Logistics

Does your logistics operation source drayage services in California? This latest shot across the bow in California’s labor battles comes in the form of California Senate Bill 1402 (SB 1402). In this article, we’ll summarize the new Bill and explain what it means for shippers and other companies that hire port drayage companies in the state of California. 3pl contracts Drayage 3PL Outsourcing West Coast Distribution Southern California Ports Third Party Logistics