Transportation Education: Gaining Confidence with Social Media

The Logistics of Logistics

There are certain sources you need to take full advantage of in order to find the confidence needed. Transportation Education. Transportation and Freight USA Group: [link]. If full truckload is your focus, still learn about LTL, Hazmat, rail, air, and water freight. This is a great source of information. Tony specializes in Supply Chain analysis, Freight management, and Logistics improvements.

Responsible Sourcing! Making Sustainability Happen for Real!

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Sustainability is created at the source of our products, services, and consumption. Sustainability is created from Responsible Sourcing. How can you make Responsible Sourcing a Reality? If you can excite the people around you about sourcing responsibly, chances are you’ll be able to formulate a network of internal champions. in this case, responsible sourcing. Source Smarter. Source: Purina. Source: Nestlé. procurement #sourcing #purchasing.


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8 Freight Shipping Trends Shippers Must Know for 2017


The freight industry of today is evolving rapidly. It is no longer bound by the traditional constraints of the economy, and Amazon is gearing up to begin expanding to be the best of the global freight shipping providers. As a result, your company needs to think about these freight shipping trends and how you can prepare to respond to them as soon as possible. 8 Freight Shipping Trends Shippers Must Know for 2017. Hours of Service Will Become Core to Freight Operations.

Looking for Freight Broker Tips? Join These 5 Online Communities.


Launching your business in the freight broker and logistics fields can be an exciting journey. One of the best ways to get the knowledge you need to excel is to turn for freight broker tips in online groups. Unlike official courses where you get the basics about the trade, online groups provide first-hand freight broker resources. Let’s look at five of the top online communities for freight brokers. #1. Freight Broker Tips and Resources (LinkedIn).

Five Tips on Sourcing Products From China


Google a phrase like “sourcing products from China” and you’ll instantly be faced by almost 39 million results! You need to source for products to sell at wholesale prices to your retail customers. And the place to source for most, if not all, of your products is in China. This blog post doesn’t aim to be the ultimate guide to sourcing goods from China. I like to start with a broad-based search at Alibaba and Global Sources. Introduction.

10 Tips To Be A Successful Freight Broker!

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3 Most Common Freight Forwarding Scams (and How to Avoid Them)! Licensed freight brokers operate around the country in various markets, helping make the transport of goods a reality for their customers. Currently, more than 17,000 freight brokers work in the United States, either as independent businesses or as part of a team. However, not all freight brokers experience the same degree of success in their profession. Continuing Education. Subscribe Here!

Blockchain Comes to the Freight Industry

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Fuller, who is also chief executive officer of freight market analytics provider FreightWaves , saw the suitability of a technology that originally was created to support the trading of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. There was a perfect storm in terms of interest in the technology and how it would potentially impact the freight industry,” Fuller says. As it stands today, however, blockchain isn’t a solution that can be instantly embraced by the freight industry.

Achieving the Integrated Global Supply Chain

Supply Chain Network

The results are achieved when extraneous costs are removed and product can optimally move from source to end-user with minimal friction. Cash Supply Chain Definitions Education Emerging Trends Freight & Transportation Information Technology Inventory New Ideas News & Info Professional Communications Security Supply Chain Management Supply Chain RiskGuest post from Ned Blinick of 3rdwave.

Addressing Labor Shortages in Warehouse and DC Operations


This is good news for worker, especially those on the low end of the education spectrum, and the growth of new jobs will require in most cases a high-school diploma. The shortage of workers is causing companies to look at non-traditional sources, including individual with a criminal record. Freight rates are on the rise, and there are signs that the shortage are unlikely to abate.

DC 40

How to Be a Successful Freight Broker


Editor's Note : Cerasis is a freight broker by the nature that all third party logistics companies who manage freight on behalf of shippers, which include freight payment, are a freight broker. There is plenty of opportunity in the freight world at the moment. At Cerasis, we work with other freight brokers who are tendering loads. But, as a shipper, if you do read this, it is also vital to know what a GOOD freight broker looks like. .

People First AI: The Modern Freight Brokerage


But AI and ML won’t replace the need for human beings in the freight brokerage industry. Humans Will Always Be the Source of Truth Look at any industry that is far ahead in terms of automation, such as the self-driving car industry. Now, you could use AI to predict (using different data sources such as ELDs and historical behavior) whether the driver is late or going to be late. Think about it— freight brokerages today are hiring qualified, college-educated employees.

Experts Choice Of Top Online Logistics Resources


So I went straight to the source and asked consultants, trade reporters, Wall Street Journal reporters and others, what their go-to logistics and supply chain sources were. is one of the industry’s most respected logistics sources. So much so that it is split into seven topics – aircrafts, airports, capacity and demand, carriers, freight trends, traffic and viewpoints. Ocean freight is split into 14! Educational research into cargo and freight.

Why is Supply Chain Such a Great Career Path?

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Some people have University degrees and some people have high school education. SCM encompasses the integrated planning and execution of processes required to optimize the flow of materials, information and financial capital in the areas that broadly include demand planning, sourcing, production, inventory management and storage, transportation — or logistics — and return for excess or defective products. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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Chuck Intrieri Executive Profile

The Logistics of Logistics

Mr. Intrieri is a highly experienced and credentialed supply chain professional and is a recognized thought leader and innovator, primarily in the areas of Third Party Logistics (3PL), Supply Chain Optimization, and Logistics, strategic sourcing, international procurement, supplier management , contract negotiations and reviews, and purchasing operations. Chuck Intrieri Education.

Supply Chain Compensation is on the Rise!

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As a recruitment company specializing in the industry, we consider it part of our mandate to spread the word about salaries in the field – and educate ourselves even further in the process. The average compensation for CPOs (including Supply Chain, Procurement and Sourcing) was $263,578. The following results also include Supply Chain, Procurement and Sourcing in the same bucket: The average compensation for VPs was $208,959. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Are We Facing the End of Supply Chain Management?

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People need to re-skill, up-skill, and educational institutions need to make sure that they’re training people with skills for the future and not the past. But beyond the trends that the HBR article outlines, we think they’re missing a key element: even if automation progresses to affect white-collar workers, even if data automates functions like supply planning, logistics, and sourcing, the human element will always matter. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

A Comprehensive Warehouse Safety Guide!

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When it comes to the safety of a warehouse working environment; employees, supervisors, and managers can all help by making sure they’re educating themselves on the identification of potential hazards and implementing and maintaining the correct safety procedures. OSHA helps train and educate both management and labor by establishing partnerships that encourage workplace safety and health improvement. That can be everything from high-energy sources to potential falls from a height.

[WHITE PAPER] The Wonderful World of Managing Parcel Shipping Spend


Cerasis is excited to announce the release of an all new, exclusive, & educational resource “The Wonderful World of Managing Parcel Shipping Spend” white paper! Depending on company size, parcel spend can make up the majority of freight spend, and the costs of parcel in reverse logistics add to the burden. Freight Logistics Small Package Transportation Management White Papers parcel shipping spend

Screen Time! Is That Enough To Be Good In Supply Chain?

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There are over 4 Billion internet users worldwide spending over 6 hours per day on their devices (Source: [link] and [link] ). The number of IoT (Internet of Things) Connected devices is expected to grow from 23 Billion in 2018 to 31 Billion by 2020 and up to 75 Billion devices in 2015 (Source: They didn’t get the education required to truly understand mathematics as they were likely given the crutch of using a calculator at an early age.

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Spotlighting Import/Export Professionals!

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Avoid bottlenecks and lower risk in the sourcing process that can lead to inventory shortfalls. The Canadian government has committed to keeping goods flowing across borders during COVID-19, including extending timeframes on payment of customs duties, but there are still tricky waters to navigate, especially when it comes to sourcing goods from overseas. Certified Customs Specialist or CCS) can be a good educational backbone. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Supply Chain Management


Strategic Sourcing. Strategic Sourcing. Moreover, from a logistics point of view, strategic sourcing strategies have significant impact on logistics functions. Accordingly, all decisions regarding suppliers and sourcing need to be front and center on the logistics radar screen. The types of sourcing that logisticians are interested in are: Raw material suppliers (choosing suppliers for purchased parts, components, raw material, and service parts).

3 Components to a Complete Lean Transportation Management System


We have formally educated, experienced, and disciplined logistics professionals on our transportation team. Lean Leaders invest time, effort, and resources for team member training and education, and ensure the appropriate curriculum for all levels of the organization. We start with customer demand and consider overall value when sourcing carriers, instead of transportation rates alone.

Lean 186

Worst Forklift Accident Ever and Forklift Safety! (Video)

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Source: [link] ). The majority of forklift accidents can be avoided with proper education and training. It should include education on the physics and science involved with the design of the vehicle, load management, weight ratios, centre of gravity concepts and leverage points. We must all demand that the people doing this work for our collective benefit are given the appropriate training and education and are held accountable to that safety standard.

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Sustainable Logistics: Quantifying Sustainability Measures of Your Logistics

Cerasis cites data from The Network for Transit and the Environment that shows that measured by grams/kg/km air freight as the largest carbon footprint impact and steamships as the lowest. According to the American Trucking Association, in the USA trucks move 11 billion tons of freight each year; deliver 100 percent of all consumer products and 70 percent of all freight tonnage; and deliver to the 80 percent of U.S.

Doing Business in South Africa


While it does have a history of sporadic electrical system outages, being primarily powered by thermal sources, the country is on a path to growth and sustainability in the power sector. Registered airlines moved 885,277,991 mt-km of freight in 2015. The government has also taken steps to foster education and skills development through its Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA) program.

Doing Business in South Africa


While it does have a history of sporadic electrical system outages, being primarily powered by thermal sources, the country is on a path to growth and sustainability in the power sector. Registered airlines moved 885,277,991 mt-km of freight in 2015. The government has also taken steps to foster education and skills development through its Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA) program.

Customer Experience in Logistics: 4 Key Areas to Lay the Foundation


To make things more challenging, many of these interactions are in already stressed circumstances such as in the event of a freight claim. Educating shippers, so they’re prepared to navigate these complexities gives carriers an opportunity to help customers feel less vulnerable them. . Tying these sources together and structuring them in ways that are usable is the first challenge in understanding your customer journey.

Logistics Industry’s Slow Economic Comeback Continues in Spite of Challenges

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This research is a key source of information that not only identifies macro trends and how the logistics discipline is impacted, but also details ways that company leaders can capitalize on the recovery as it occurs,” Blasgen said. Penske Logistics delivers value through design, planning and execution in transportation, warehousing, and international freight forwarding and carrier management.

This Week in Logistics News (May 25-29, 2015)

Talking Logistics

March 2015 North American Freight Numbers. Last November, JDA Software and IBM announced a “new integrated offering [that] will provide retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers with intelligent sourcing, fulfillment and order management capabilities.” NAFTA freight totaled $96.1 NAFTA freight flows by all modes decreased by 5.3 Mexico freight totaled $45.2 Mexico freight than in March 2014. Mexico air freight rose 15.7

Mexico 155

Supplier Quality Management: What it is, 5 Key Metrics to Know & a 4 Step Supplier Evaluation Process


When you choose a company to transport your freight or to supply you with the materials you need to manufacture a product, you are putting your hard work and reputation in their hands. New products are often introduced in the market and are a source of competitive advantage in industries such as automotive and consumer electronics. Who manages quality ongoing training and education ?

A Logistics Technology Reality Check


But has the digital age of freight arrived? of freight services are still being sourced and booked offline. Maersk recognized this by managing their digital freight forwarder as an autonomous team with its own brand, Twill Logistics. Leveraging education and word-of-mouth growth is the top acquisition strategy for two of the platforms, as well as most of the tech providers we assessed. Freight Insights Freightos Index Update General LogTech

Should We Celebrate this Marriage?

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There is no solution to optimize source, make and deliver together or drive bidirectional orchestration to execute trade-offs between functions automatically. Examples include alternate sourcing, bill of material changes or alternate modes/routing between the planning, procurement and transportation.) To create a standard electronic booking system for the ocean freight industry. When I went to business school I learned a lot about the case method of education.

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Reshoring in America: The Future Outlook, Current Hindrances & Issues, and Ways to Stimulate Reshoring


According to Forbes magazine , The greatest reshoring will occur in industries that benefit most from cheap natural gas and have access to global markets… [industries such as] chemicals and metals… for products that change rapidly, including fashion apparel and technology… whose product value/weight ratios do not justify air freight. More Regulation Hindrances to Reshoring In America: Sourcing New Minerals and Metals Mines.

Why Do Companies Still Not Have a Chief Supply Chain Officer?

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They diversify supplier bases to reduce risk, provide massive cost savings, allow companies to quickly offer new products, and find sources of innovation through closer supplier collaboration. Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer.

Logistics KPIs Case Study: Whirlpool’s Supply Chain and Logistics Success Driven by Effective KPI Implementation


Distribution network services— including support of strategic sourcing and contract administration, provider payment management, business process improvements, policies and procedures and customer service of all distribution centers and cross docking. We conclude our ongoing series in talking about effective KPI management by giving you a real live Logistics KPIs management case study from Whirlpool's engagement with a logistics service level provider.