Design, Operating and Situational Inventory Trade-Offs


Gartner analyst Paul Lord has developed a framework to better understand inventory trade-offs by categorizing those decisions according to the objectives they are meant to achieve: structural, operational and situational. or “How can we reduce inventory and improve our balance sheet?”.

14th Annual 3PL Summit – Europe

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14th Annual 3PL Summit – Europe. The 3PL Summit & Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum is Europe’s largest meeting of 3PL Providers and customers featuring the biggest industry thought leaders and hard-hitting sessions exploring new opportunities, technologies and markets in logistics. Europe’s only C-level logistics event will enable you to: Benchmark your strategic plan against the industry and discover if you have a USP customers want to pay for.

‘Supply Chain Opportunities in China’ – 24 juni 2015

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China: from sourcing location to an end market. Rietdijk, SVP Global Sourcing – Vestas. Rietdijk, SVP Global Sourcing – Vestas. Is the trade imbalance between China and Europe going to keep freight costs towards Asia low for the foreseeable future? Order and stock optimization of your Chinese Inventory. How do you optimize your inventory levels in the volatile Chinese market? ‘Supply Chain Opportunities in China’. Datum: 24 juni 2015.

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The Influence of IoT: How it’s Transforming Global Logistics

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Companies can keep less inventory on hand and more in motion if their supply chain network can reflect accurate product locations and specifications. We recently released the Navisphere Driver App in Europe to help surface transportation companies prepare for this critical transformation.

Renegade Riposte

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Quote from a Supply Chain Leader at a Conference in Europe. After, I explained this, I granted Peter permission for the council to use the Index (the use of the Supply Chain Insights content follows the principles of open source), I then said to Peter, “I am glad that you called.

The New Silk Road: Have You Evaluated Your Freight Options?


China’s so-called “One Belt One Road” strategy connects the country via an overland and sea corridor to Central Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. These include a number of TMC customers that have begun moving product from China to Europe by rail where they previously did not.

Global Vendor Management: What It Is & Why It’s Essential for Your Shipping Strategy

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Consider this: global sourcing, manufacturing, and sales are advancing rapidly, leaving technology providers in the tough position of playing catch up. In Europe, three of the most common programs are: • Combined Program.

Elephant in the Room: Thoughts on Metrics That Matter in Semiconductor and Hard Disk Drives


With China already a source for semiconductor raw materials and the China/India end consumer market growing, there will be pressure to supply chips and hard drives to local China/India OEM’s first. This could create a shortage in the US/Europe OEM chain. by CJ Wehlage.

Andreas Gärtner of Nestlé on Forecasting: “Track the Mad Bulls!”

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Nestlé is revitalising its Demand Forecasting process in Europe, relying on analytics to predict the demand for low-volatile products. Forecasts are often on the high side leaving warehouses with unnecessary inventory and sales and planners in debate about how to close the gap.

Carter’s: A Story of Supply Chain Leadership

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The company leverages globally sourcing strategies to buy products at a lower cost and then deploys some unique process logic to drive mass customization for retailers. We first met Peter when he was a Global Vice President Supply Chain for VF Corporation in Europe. Inventory Turns.

What’s shaping the steel industry today?


Tariffs placed by US have resulted in changes to the global flow of steel and increased steel imports to Europe are affecting steel companies there. Also, we see a wave of consolidation continue in Europe as companies seek to become more competitive.

Building a Triple A Supply Chain: Ten Tactics That Work

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Over the last six years, we studied the connection between business results (growth, operating margin, inventory turns and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)) and the link to company characteristics. Recently, I was presenting to a supply chain team in Europe.

Confessions of a High Priced Expediter!

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The CEO called me. “Mike I need you to fly to Europe and solve these part shortages. The spreadsheet format I developed to track the status of each part was critical because it became the document of record and the single source of the truth. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

The Origins of Category Management

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I was involved in inventory control area on what they used to call “residual parts”, which were leftover parts that you ended up trying to sell into the service parts organization. They would bid and source only part at a time!

Understanding Today’s Supply Chain Complexity: There’s No Substitute for Hard Work!


Supply Chain Complexity 1 – Plan/Source/Make/Deliver/…. Our definition of Sales Inventory and Operations Planning (SiOP) at Solventure contains the following steps: Customer-product segmentation. They create excess inventory which is consuming cash and sometimes scarce capacity.

Demand-Driven Transformation at Shell

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Shell’s current shift to the global supply chain is impacting North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Russia, and China. They saw a steady drop in inventory and reduced working capital by about 50% over the period of 2011-2015.

Reduce Costs: Invest In Talent

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In manufacturing-based companies, 70-80% of costs are in the processes of source, make and deliver. While the practices of finance are over 200 years old, in contrast, supply chain as a cross-functional practice (the combination of make, source and deliver) was recently defined in 1982.

Counting the Cost of Liquidity in the Euro Zone

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The liquidity crisis in Europe has thrown a spotlight on the need to bridge the divide between finance and supply chain management (SCM). Reducing inventory is probably the most obvious strategy for liberating these financial resources, particularly for companies that maintain high stock levels. Large companies in Europe have become very concerned about this cash-equivalent mountain, as it has become more difficult to meet their working capital requirements (WCR).But

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Predictions for 2019: What Will the Year Have in Store for Global Shipping?

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With the continued increase in supply chain complexity and greater pressure to keep inventories lean and accelerate shipments, is your supply chain ready for what 2019 has in store? Change in fuel sources may cause delays and higher costs.

Things Have Changed: What Do We Do NOW?

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The work done by Terra Technology, in my opinion, is one of two accurate sources of benchmark data on forecasting in the industry. Tougher in Europe. I do not see the same results from the multitier inventory projects.

Open Letter to the Chief Financial Officer

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Four years ago, I was in Europe attending a conference. I walked into the event early before my speaking slot and sat down to listen to the CFO of Samsung Europe wrap-up his speech about his supply chain. While companies want to improve costs and inventory, most are going backwards.

How Gartner Sees the Future of Supply Chain Planning


Source: Algorithmic Supply Chain Planning: The Future of SCP , Amber Salley, May 2016. The analyst firm says algorithms “are now feasting on the wealth of data becoming available, leveraging the huge computing resources in the cloud and becoming a pivotal source of competitive differentiation.”

How to Combat the Uncertainty and Risks in Today’s Global Supply Chains

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and China, what’s happening (or not happening) with Brexit in Europe, or the status of “New NAFTA” and other trade agreements, one thing is clear: there is growing risk and uncertainty in global supply chain management. Although scenario planning has been around for over 30 years, the amount of data from internal and external sources that is available today is unprecedented and can be used to create a digital representation of the physical supply chain.

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Brexit: 5 Things Supply Chain Leaders Should Consider to Prepare for its Impact


The Brexit is a reality and with it, companies in Europe are facing even more uncertainty than before. Do you need to set up new inventory locations? Perhaps it makes sense to build up additional inventory in the UK or on the continent.

Major Influences on Supply Chains for 2019

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As the single window concept has spread across Europe, and is starting to spread across Asia as well,” explains Doug, “this has meant all of the backend systems have had to be replaced and, therefore, all of the systems and portals that once interacted with those older systems now have to be updated as well. In another scenario, the market will coalesce around a few large crowdsourcing companies that have the brand recognition similar to what Uber has done with crowd-sourced taxis.

Building the Network of Networks

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There is an active group in Europe and North America. 90% of companies are unable to drive improvement at the intersection of inventory management, operating margin and customer service.). Today, I am facilitating a share group. The dream is the building of Network of Networks.

Predictions for 2019: What Will the Year Have in Store for Global Shipping?

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With the continued increase in supply chain complexity and greater pressure to keep inventories lean and accelerate shipments, is your supply chain ready for what 2019 has in store? Change in fuel sources may cause delays and higher costs.

Experts Discuss How to Streamline Global Supply Chain

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Whether you''re a manufacturing company in China, a sourcing agent in London or a world''s leading company in Silicon Valley, we''re all in a global supply chain networks. Reducing lead times from suppliers can help turn inventory faster, freeing up cash and ultimately satisfying customers.

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This Week in Logistics News (May 7-11, 2018)

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Source: [link]. Robinson Launches Rail Service, Connecting China and Europe. Robinson launching a trans-Eurasian rail freight service between China and Europe. My wife often jokes that she is the VP of Supply Chain and Logistics in our family. But it’s no joke, it’s true.

Logistics Trends Part 2

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Restructuring production schedules has been part of this, as well as encouraging consumers to pre-order, removing much of the risk of holding too much inventory. This shift has been most pronounced on the Asia-to-Europe and Asia-to-US trade lanes – the two most important – indicating how vital this has been in reducing lucrative, high value volumes to the detriment of the freight forwarding sector. First Trend: Yield Dilution.

What Your Company Needs to Succeed in Today’s Retail Landscape


In Europe, V&D , a major Dutch department store, and Brantano , a large footwear retailer operating in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK, have officially declared bankruptcy. Source, make, and deliver reporting to a common leader.

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Why Blockchain Within The Supply Chain Makes Perfect Sense


Instead of having to deal with an ineffective point-to-point communication system like EDI and the complexity of reconciling multiple data sources with multiple permission models, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) provides a singular mechanism to securely integrate, harmonize, and synchronize data for all participants. Outcomes: improved inventory management; More accurate determination of re-order points; Better on-shelf availability.

Logistics Industry’s Slow Economic Comeback Continues in Spite of Challenges

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Inventory carrying costs increased 10.3 percent last year due to higher costs for taxes, obsolescence, depreciation, and insurance, which were offset by a further drop in the inventory carrying rate and warehousing costs. This research is a key source of information that not only identifies macro trends and how the logistics discipline is impacted, but also details ways that company leaders can capitalize on the recovery as it occurs,” Blasgen said.

How Can We Heal the Global Supply Chain?

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Inventory Turns. Better performance in inventory turns than the peer group average for the period of 2006-2015. If you trace the year-over-year pattern, you can see that P&G made progress on inventory turns and operating margin 2006-2007, 2009-2010. Today, I unpacked my bags.

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23 warehouse pros reveal the best ways for warehouses to control & reduce fulfillment costs

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Choose software that facilitates the valuation and control of permanent inventories based on inputs or outputs, with automated stock alerts, that is versatile and independent of the type of business. Define normal parameters and fine-tune the physical inventory system.