Procurement has allowed me to exercise creativity to solve business challenges and have a direct impact on company success


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Driver Digest: Quick Rest Stop Exercises

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As truck drivers spend most of their time driving, it can be difficult to find the time to be active. It’s important for drivers to take care of their bodies and although there isn’t a lot of down time throughout your day, it only takes a few minutes to add some activity into your routine. READ MORE. Transportation Truck Drivers


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Pandemic success stories: What can be learned from these triumphs?

USC Consulting Group

In addition to bikes, Peloton sold many other types of work-from-home exercise equipment, including treadmills, and its Mirror home workout system. The steady, daily drumbeat of negative news in March and April was hard to ignore.

Case study: How Aviron navigated a COVID-induced home gym boom

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Last-mile delivery Modern Shipper News Recent News Aviron B2b B2C cerasis COVID-19 pandemic direct-to-consumer DTC Exercise equipment GlobalTranz home fitness home gymHeading into 2020, the U.S. fitness club i ndustry was on a roll , with projections that it would reach $39 billion in the U.S.,

Master Your Mind In 5 Minutes A Day


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EU due diligence laws for cocoa expected in 2022


The European Union is considering creating regulations for the cocoa industry, where importing companies need to exercise due diligence regarding their supply chains.

Assess your Inventory Optimization Process with This Quiz


We hope it serves as a though-provoking exercise to improve your approach! . Inventory management has always been challenging. How much should we hold? How much is too much? How much is too little? The supply chain shocks of 2020 brought this challenge into focus.

Why a Software Proof of Concept (POC) Is Better than an RFI


Solid online research and structured interviews with potential vendors are a better way to accomplish that initial shortlisting exercise. #5 One of the reasons for this is that filling out an RFI is an exercise in creative writing for most vendors.

Ranking Master’s Programs in Supply Chain Management

SCM Research

Finding the right Master’s program can be a difficult exercise. In spite of their sometimes oversimplifying nature, rankings can provide a first indication to make this exercise a bit easier. One of such rankings is the 2013/2014 Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking, provided by SMBG, a French consulting company, and based on a global survey of recruiters, students and representatives of academic institutions.

Scenario Planning: Predict What-Ifs and Disrupt Them with Integrated, Continuous Planning


Dramatic shifts are happening too quickly to reserve strategic planning as a traditionally annual exercise. Competing in an environment of constant change is always a challenge.

Distribution Network Optimization: Modeling Tools Won’t Give You the Answer

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Warehouse optimization modeling exercises examine the upside of being closer to customers versus the downside of carrying more inventory in more locations. Distribution network optimization has become a white-hot topic these days as “the Amazon effect” leads businesses to evaluate how quickly they can get products to customers.

Value Chain Planning and Decision Making in Times of Disruption (Part 2)

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Part 2 in the series explores the “analytical scenario exercise” and how decisions based on certain scenarios heavily impact each aspect of the value chain. This is part 2 of a 2-part series on how to succeed in planning and decisions amid times of disruption.

Enhancing Supply Chain Network Design with Sophisticated Inventory Optimization


By Chris Keller | Principal, Supply Chain Design | Chainalytics | The complexity involved in simultaneously optimizing a supply chain network and the inventory within that network has traditionally proven to be a sufficient barrier to completing such exercises.

The Food and Beverage Industry is in Crisis – How will you Respond?


That said, your guidance should make it clear that reallocation of existing resources is preferred to numerous what-if exercises and lengthy trials, and that now is not the time to be developing new analytical capabilities.

Destination: The Corner Office

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As the supply chain exercises more influence over business outcomes, its managers are rising to top leadership positions. Supply chain pros with sights set on a corner office would do well to expand their skill sets and seek job experiences that prepare them for complexity

Turn a Good Demand Forecast into the Optimum Inventory Plan


Planning becomes a modelling exercise, not a guessing game. By setting a solid foundation, inventory planning becomes a modeling exercise. How Do You Turn a Good Demand Forecast into the Optimum Inventory Plan? Your customers don’t care if you have a great demand forecast.

3 Ways to Benchmark to Boost Supply Chain Performance

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If you’ve never done a benchmarking exercise before, read on. This exercise would involve you measuring particular functions or aspects of your business and comparing that against other parts of your business.

What is Supply Chain Resilience?


More consumers purchased bigger, bulkier items – furniture, exercise equipment, etc. If your company’s supply chain survived 2020 and the disruptions of early 2021, it’s safe to say it has passed the resiliency test. What do we mean by that?

Is Sacking a Customer Worth the Risk?

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But companies need to exercise extreme caution when choosing such an […]. The customer is always right – except when you no longer want to do business them. Firing customers is a valid risk mitigation strategy when the business they bring is under threat or unprofitable, or they are out of alignment with your strategic goals.

Knowledge May Imply Power, but Action Rules the Day

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Companies must act on the new information to maximize competitive agility; exercise their agilibility and fine-tune this decision-making cycle periodically for continued ongoing improvements. Taking Action.

KPI 156

Checklist for Transport Spend Management

Supply Chain Movement

For many companies, transportation spending is a perennial target of budget-cutting exercises and a large, multi-faceted cost centre; some may spend three to six percent of their materials costs on transportation. In order to do this, it is important to connect all partners across modalities and regions, and to not only focus on the tender exercise but also to ensure that the agreements are fulfilled.

Coping with Burnout


Exercise : I got a dog so that I have to leave the house and walk every day. When it was in my diary and I knew someone was relying on me to show up and I was more motivated to exercise. In turn, exercise helped me sleep better, feel better, lose weight and clear my mind.

The 2021 Hurricane Season Will Impact Supply Chains

Enterra Insights

Even the best plans won’t anticipate all contingencies, which is why they should be exercised for insights and shortfalls. Well-run disaster exercises also help prepare everyone involved to deal with the unexpected.

From Project to Continuous Business Process: The Evolution of Supply Chain Design

Talking Logistics

Historically, Supply Chain Design was an exercise companies undertook at most once a year, or when a significant change occurred in their supply chain, such as an acquisition. Live Episode: Thursday, May 21, 2015 at 12:00 pm ET. It was a strategic/tactical analysis, disconnected from day-to-day operations, and the software tools were difficult to learn and use.

3 Best Practices to Improve Your Flatbed Shipping Performance

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Conduct procurement exercises regularly and often. Beyond offering up to date rates for shippers, carriers often benefit from annual procurement exercises. Best practice: At a minimum, conduct your flatbed procurement exercise annually.

FAA gives passenger airlines 6-month extension for cabin cargo

The Supply Chain Journal

carriers could remove seats for floor-loading, but none exercised the right (except for an isolated experiment by Delta Air Lines on one aircraft) because of the expense, uncertainty about future demand for long cargo-only flights and operational challenges.

Cargo 83

Want to Produce Supply Chain Plans with Precision and Speed? Your ERP System Won’t Deliver!


The true value of this exercise is best found in exploring new data sources in the context of the function with the assistance of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Bottom Line: What is the ROI of Supply Chain Network Design Software?


While businesses differ in complexity and size, for this exercise we extrapolated based on these $7.5Bn baselines. We often get asked what kind of return on investment you should expect to see when using our network design technology.

Supply Chain Risk and Resilience

Enterra Insights

Critically, this isn’t a one-off exercise — it’s a continuous process, where organizations constantly evaluate and re-evaluate their supply base. Period exercises also help ensure plans are up-to-date and revised when weaknesses appear. The world has always been a risky place.

A Theory of Robust Supply Chains

SCM Research

Through reviewing 94 articles, and a Q-sorting exercise, we identify four (i.e. Strategies and practices to achieve supply chain resilience have been at the heart of supply chain management practice and research for almost a decade. However, such efforts have often focused on ways to make supply chains more reactive to turbulence and disruptions. In our recent article, Antecedents and Dimensions of Supply Chain Robustness , my co-authors, Christian F. Durach and José A.D.

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing – the Power and the Risk Mitigation- Part 1


Mitigating risk is a data-driven exercise, which is the kind of exercise I enjoy, especially when my efforts are augmented (along with my eyestrain), by increasingly intelligent AI machines empowered with cognitive technologies. As a Chief Financial Officer specializing in manufacturing, I enjoy working to mitigate a wide variety of risks.

An executive’s guide to AI in supply chain management


The ability of a machine to perform human-like functions such as perceiving, reasoning, learning, interacting with the environment, problem solving and exercising creativity to form plans, make decisions and achieve goals. by Alexa Cheater Faster, smarter, more profitable supply chain decisions.

Supply Chain Resiliency: A Commitment, not a Time Bound Project


However, supply chain resiliency is not a limited duration, project-based exercise. In the wake of major disasters and crises, many supply chain, procurement and finance executives think about things they can do to be better prepared and more resilient before the next big crisis comes their way. As a result, risk assessments, quantifications, and supplier evaluations are often conducted as limited duration, project-based, response-level measures.

Shaping Up Last Mile Delivery to Surpass Customer Expectations: NordicTrack Solution Showcase

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For NordicTrack, the motto is not only heard when customers are coming to the end of a virtual exercise class, it’s also on display daily through the last mile delivery of its fitness equipment to homes across the country. Finish strong.

Supply Chain Simulation Game Toronto Canada | October 16, 2018 | 2:00PM – 6:30 PM


Here, we re-visit supply chain planning concepts and showcase SAP IBP, SAP’s latest flagship supply chain planning product, in a unique exercise that is both fun and educational. Modelled on the famous Beer Distribution Game concept, this unique exercise will put you in roles where you will have to make real time decisions to ensure your end-to-end supply chain is coordinated & optimized. Get ready to play Bristlecone’s very own Supply Chain Simulation Game.