Walmart OTIF Metrics


We’ve discussed the basics of OTIF and the fundamentals of OTIF before, but we thought we’d drill down deeper into the individual metrics. First, we’ll start by reviewing the basic goals of OTIF, and then we’ll dive into each metric and the compliance issues of each metric. We are only covering Supplier Accountability OTIF metrics. On Time compliance issues for “Prepaid” are for times where you manage the freight.

Metrics and Issues to Consider in SQM (Supplier Quality Management) By 5 Big Industries


In the first post our long tme guest blogger, Chuck Intrieri of The Lean Supply Chai n, gave us 5 core metrics to evaluate supplier performance using supplier quality management and a 4 step process to execute. In today’s post, Chuck will take it a step further and break down metrics and issues to look out for by 5 main industries: Pharmaceuticals. Review of SQM Metrics and Issues Across 5 Core Industries. #1: Trend Metrics Collected per Site.

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Supplier Quality Management: What it is, 5 Key Metrics to Know & a 4 Step Supplier Evaluation Process


When you choose a company to transport your freight or to supply you with the materials you need to manufacture a product, you are putting your hard work and reputation in their hands. The next posts in the series will break down metrics and issues to consider in SQM by industry and conclude with a case study on the application of SQM. 5 Key Metrics to Use for Scoring Supplier Quality Management (From LNS Research ).

Why TMS Solutions Becoming “Must Have” for Food Shippers

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“High freight, fuel and labor costs are forcing food distributors to streamline their businesses,” begins the recent article in the Wall Street Journal. The piece revealed a rise in operating expenses of 6% at world’s largest food distributor, Sysco Foods and a boost of 2% at US Foods. — Food Shippers Lag in Terms of Automation Levels in their Supply Chains. With margins already tight, food shippers cannot sustain losses due to avoidable spoilage.

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One Man’s Trash: How Blockchain Can Target Food Waste to Help End World Hunger

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According to the United Nations, one in nine people today—or 815 million globally—lack access to the food necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. Every year, one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption—or 1.3 billion metric tons—gets lost or wasted. What’s more, net food losses in developed countries (222 million metric tons) equate to nearly all of the food produced in Sub-Saharan Africa yearly (223 million metric tons).

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Vendor-managed inventory and distribution planning in the food and beverage industry – here’s something to chew on


by Jeswin Philip The Food Packaging Trends and Advances report from PMMI forecasts that the US Food and Beverage industry will experience a 2.9 % CAGR through 2022. The report also mentions that the global growth rate is almost double that of the US food industry. Food for thought: Time for a different kind of supply chain. Here are some best practice guidelines for the food and beverage industry to consider when addressing its own unique challenges.

[PODCAST] Why Shippers Looking for Capacity & High Service Levels Need the Right Carrier Mix & Logistics Fundamentals Focus


Hello and welcome back to another episode of “The Freight Project Podcast!” On today’s episode we welcome Andrew Lynch, Co-Founder & President of Zipline Logistics, an award-winning logistics service provider that specializes exclusively in the transportation of retail consumer goods and food and beverage products. We hope you enjoy “The Freight Project Podcast.” We’ll publish every Tuesday right on the Cerasis blog and Freight Institute.

Inbound Parcel Freight: What Are the Top Considerations for a Shipper?


Managing inbound parcel freight has increased in complexity with the global rise of e-commerce. Amazon has mastered inbound parcel freight management as part of its third-party marketplace, and small and mid-sized shippers are struggling to keep up. While part of the larger scheme for global economic growth, inbound parcel freight has become a top priority for shippers. What’s Causing Problems With Inbound Parcel Freight Management?

Q4 2020 Freight Market Update: Preparing for 2020 Peak Season

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The past three quarters have been anything but typical for the freight market and the domestic economy at-large. The arrival of COVID-19 sent freight volumes skyrocketing to keep up with panic buying at retailers nationwide. What Is Driving the 2020 Freight Market?

Why Large Companies Increasingly Opt for 4PL Services

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The market is also growing across a wide range of commercial sectors, including the following: 1) Food and Perishables. Transporting and storing perishable food requires advanced logistics that is beyond the reach of many companies. Phoenix Freight: 3PL and 4PL Provider.

Tips for Retailers (And All Shippers) to Overcome the Amazon Effect


The Growth of Parcel Shipping on the Rise Thanks to the Amazon Effect Overall, parcel shipping is growing at a robust 10-percent clip as all other freight modes are basically flat, growing at a very modest 1 percent. The company also plans to utilize its Whole Foods locations’ parking lot space as distribution centers, placing fast delivery ahead of the in-store shopping experience. Freight Logistics Omnichannel Small Package amazon effect

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Why is OTIF Important?


Walmart breaks down OTIF into separate metrics, On Time and In Full. Each metric has its own percentage goal that must be met in order to avoid fines. The metrics that apply to you differ based on whether you manage your own transportation (ie: “ Prepaid ”) or Walmart picks up the product from your warehouses (ie: “ Collect ”). Food and Consumables must be in full 97.5% Freight Shipping Retail + Analytics Supply Chain otif Walmart OTIF

New Freight Broker Resource Guides Available from TIA

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These guides are one of the benefits of TIA membership , as they cover a variety of legal and regulatory topics and are written specifically for freight brokers. New guides published in 2017 include: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act Resource & Guide - An overview of the new requirements for the transportation of human and animal food in the U.S. The guide includes key points to consider when negotiating food transportation contracts with shippers and carriers.

This Week in Logistics News (January 28 – February 1, 2019)

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Uber Freight: Transportation Facility Brand Managers. As reported by Transport Topics , “Truck drivers using the Uber Freight load-booking app can now rate shippers’ and receivers’ facilities and share feedback on factors such as wait times and amenities.” The same ratings and reviews also are available to shippers within Uber Freight’s shipper platform. I was in Orlando, Florida this week moderating workshops for a logistics service provider client.

What Is Retail Consolidation?

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If you’re currently shipping less than truckload (LTL) or underutilized truckload freight, a retail consolidation program might be the answer you need. These benefits can also add to your ability to precisely address metrics that retailers use to gauge performance, which leads to fewer missed delivery appointments and reduced out of stock incidents. Freight and Transportation Services Retail consolidationWhat Is Retail Consolidation & Is It Right for You? Robinson.

Delivery is the Product: Takeaways from Transplace’s Shipper Symposium 2018

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The comment caught my attention because later that morning I was going to moderate a discussion with Dan Dershem , General Partner at Supply Chain Ventures, about emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning, autonomous trucks, and digital freight. It’s the reason why On Time In Full (OTIF) is a critical supply chain metric today. Digital Freight. I think I have personally looked at no less than 50 digital freight companies.

A Great Wall and China – Trump Trade Plans Impact Food, Retail Shippers

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While the details of this ambitious project have yet to be revealed, if it is indeed accomplished it will surely result in radical changes to how and where freight will enter and exit the United States. These changes will impact calculations of such critical transportation and logistics metrics as lead times, delivery schedules, routes, mileage and a host of others. The post A Great Wall and China – Trump Trade Plans Impact Food, Retail Shippers appeared first on UltraShipTMS.

The Supply Chain Carbon Footprint Reduction Strategy

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The links between these nodes are the freight, transportation and logistics players who move the goods throughout the Supply Chain. A carbon emissions reduction strategy must take all Suppliers into account, not just the impact from your in-house facilities. Further your Supplier selection and management plan must include reporting on environmental emission metrics along with reduction goals and performance tracking. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Stories of Supply Chain Leadership: An Interview with Joan Motsinger of Seagate

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We then rated companies on their ability to manage and improve a portfolio of metrics: operating margin, inventory turns and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC). To make the Supply Chains to Admire list, a company had to score above average of their peer group for supply chain improvement as measured by the Index, and drive performance above average in the portfolio of metrics for operating margin, inventory turns and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC).

Top 25 3PL warehousing companies in 2020 (by revenue)

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Many metrics can be used to determine the top 3PL warehousing companies, such as company revenue, the number of warehouses, total warehouse square footage , etc. A behemoth in the logistics industry, UPS has operations in shipping, air freight, trucking, last-mile delivery and drone delivery.

Supply Chain Management Case Study


A leading food and beverage company was experiencing pressure from its customers to reduce lead times, have more competitive prices, improve service levels, and increase product freshness. Current metrics included: Inter-Plant (Inter-DC) Freight Costs. Continue minimizing total delivered costs (production, inventory, freight). Future metrics would now include: Inter-Plant (Inter-DC) Freight Costs.

The Story Continues…. Let’s Don’t Sugar Coat the Real Issue

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The people on the ground–my contacts in the 3PL, freight forwarding and transportation industry–know that the labor strife is only a part of the larger story. I don’t think that the ports are up to the challenge of moving the high-levels of freight with larger ships without rethinking unloading space, equipment and flows. On March 16th-18th, I will be on a book tour in Europe discussing the concepts of Supply Chain Metrics That Matter.

Why Inventory Revaluation Is Your Next Important Task


To help you understand the importance of tracking this metric we’ll illustrate several ways the value of your stock can change. A key metric in inventory revaluation is Net Realisable Value. You want to pick the sea freight option as it will be cheaper, but that means your customer — customers at supermarkets — will not see your products on the shelf for a whole month! Food and beverage businesses are especially at risk.

Tom McLeod’s Published Predictions Parallel Our Own Prophecies

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Next, he predicts the entrance of disruptors like Amazon and Google who are both considering making forays into the freight markets – as well as the potential for an Uber-style model of freight shipping – will have a significant impact on freight patterns. Does your current TMS have sufficiently robust functionality for reporting on any type of metric?

Arriving Just in Time – Advanced Transportation Logistics Scheduling

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“Spot Market Freight Indices Continue Surge to Three-Year Highs”. These three headlines from Transport Topics and Food Shippers of America magazine tell the story of one of the most important challenges facing shippers in North America leading into 2018. Freight transportation capacity, (particularly truckload capacity) is tight as it has ever been. The bellwether metric – spot rates – are pegging the meter.

Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2018

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Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2016 : robot pickers, bridge-inspecting drones, autonomous freight shuttles, and more. Supply Chain Innovators of 2013 : paperless food chain, VLMs, cold chain fleet management, and more. The retail giant plans to take out 50 million metric tons (MMT) by 2030, which is equivalent to the emissions associated with the average annual electricity consumption of 40 million Chinese households.

The Most Popular 16 Transportation Blog Posts from 2014


Transportation Metrics That Matter Most to Track and Improve Performance : How do you measure logistics efficiency and transportation metrics performance indicators when you are already doing the best job possible? 5 Best Transportation Management Optimization Practices Utilizing Strategic Freight Shipping : The mantra for all transportation professionals is simple: reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction levels.

Supply Chain Best Practices during a Quarantine


This can be a more costly option with considerations like additional freight and storage costs, but it can act as a stopgap to help your instock goals during the pandemic. This technology can help with forecasting, demand planning, maintaining instock goals, and observing key metrics daily, and will allow you to focus on high-priority supply chain issues, rather than working on building or maintaining spreadsheets.

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This Week in Logistics News (March 4-8, 2019)

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threshold for food consumables. Providers of real-time freight visibility solutions. Here’s an excerpt from the post I wrote: “The reason real-time freight visibility is a hot topic now is that with today’s technology it’s no longer accepted as a black hole,” said Adelson. The market is now at the point where providing real-time visibility to your customers, whether you’re a shipper, freight broker, or 3PL, is now table stakes to be in this industry.”

Why Inventory Revaluation Is Your Next Important Task


To help you understand the importance of tracking this metric we’ll illustrate several ways the value of your stock can change. A key metric in inventory revaluation is Net Realisable Value. You want to pick the sea freight option as it will be cheaper, but that means your customer — customers at supermarkets — will not see your products on the shelf for a whole month! Food and beverage businesses are especially at risk.

Supply Chain Goals: Gracefully Overcoming the Hurdles of Global Sports Events

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Sports organizers need equipment and outfits; restaurants and hotels need food, bed linens, and hygiene items; and the list goes on. million shipped items and 60 metric tons of air freight.*. Every country has its own regulations that affect movement of goods — especially foods, seeds, plants, and animal byproducts. Climate considerations are important when it comes to transporting perishable food items and other temperature-sensitive products.

How to Improve Your OTIF Score: 15 Tips for On-Time and In-Full Delivery

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Delivering on-time and in-full is essential to success and a metric used by retailers when evaluating partnerships with vendors of all sizes. But first, let’s look at the background of OTIF metrics and why they came to be. According to a report from McKinsey & Co , “The US food retail industry loses an estimated $15–20 billion in sales every year because items are out of stock or otherwise unsaleable.”. OTIF metrics are not universal.

This Week in Logistics News (May 27-31, 2013)

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Under CI Capital Partners, Transplace made several acquisitions to grow its business and service footprint, including Celtic International, SCO Logistics, and Torus Freight Systems (now Transplace Canada). Food for thought for a future posting, but I’d welcome your thoughts on the question, so post a comment and share your viewpoint. After a cold and wet holiday weekend, summer has arrived with a vengeance, with temperatures in the 90s yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

The Secrets of Top Performers: Fleet Management as a Competitive Weapon

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From changing regulatory requirements and increasing freight congestion to excessive detention time and driver shortages , shippers and logistics service providers (LSPs) are struggling to balance the multiple issues impacting fleet management today. Successful organizations are leveraging fleet management strategies to boost customer service and gain traction in the competitive marketplace, while companies focused solely on traditional metrics (e.g.,

How Machine Learning Is Redefining Supply Chain Management


Reducing freight costs, improving supplier delivery performance, and minimizing supplier risk are three of the many benefits machine learning is providing in collaborative supply chain networks. Also, machine learning is leading to more accurate measures of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), a key metric many manufacturers and supply chain operations rely on.