A Tipping Point?

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Heinz Company and Kraft Foods Group were merging. The merged company will be the third largest food and beverage company in North America and the fifth in the world. Now, let me give you my take… Battered food and beverage companies struggle today.

This Week in Logistics News (February 5-9, 2018)

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Amazon to deliver Whole Foods groceries in two hours for Prime users (CNBC). CX North America Expands Driver Mobile App with Digital Proof of Delivery Update. Our guinea pig Cow died this morning. The kids named him Cow when he was born.

The U.S. West Coast Port Crisis and Increased Supply Chain Risk

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Apparel and Footwear Supply Chain Automotive Supply Chain Consumer Goods Focused Supply Chain Food and Beverage supply chain Inventory Management Procurement and Sourcing Retail Supply Chain Sales and Operations Planning Supply Chain Risk Management Transportation and Logistics 2014 U.S. Last week, we were reading a recent report produced by the Chartered Institute for Procurement and Supply (CIPS) in the U.K.

Why America’s Cheese Capital Is at the Center of Trump’s Trade War

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Food & Beverage Global Trade & Economics All Technology Global Trade Management North America Home Page Latest News Home Page SliderNow Plymouth residents are worried they will become one of the first big victims of Donald Trump’s escalating trade war. In retaliation for his administration’s tariffs on steel and aluminium, the U.S.’s

'Dirty Meat': Shocking Hygiene Failings Discovered in U.S. Pig and Chicken Plants

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Food & Beverage Home Page Latest News Home Page Slider News North America EuropeA joint investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) and the Guardian found that hygiene incidents are at numbers that experts described as “deeply worrying.”

The Smart Factory, Industrie 4.0, and Supply Chain Optimization

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In North America, the Internet of Things (IoT) is getting a great deal of attention. Automotive Industry Food & Beverage Industry Supply Chain Optimization Arla Foods Industrie 4.0

Trade Wars Put U.S. Small Business on the Front Line

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As an example, China has imposed tariffs on farm products and seafood, as well as autos; and the companies affected can be small food exporters, agricultural supply companies, or auto parts suppliers. North AmericaThe U.S.-China China trade war is escalating by the day and the U.S. relationship with NAFTA countries Canada and Mexico is increasingly tense. trade is heating up with imminent E.U. tariffs on the horizon.

Achieving Agility When Shipping Food Around the World

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Guest Post: Shubh Mann, VP of Sales Food is shipped from all over the world. In 2015, North America exported a total of over $2 trillion dollars worth of products to other countries 1 , which consisted of mostly ingredients and food.

Whole Foods is Cutting Prices — And it’s Hitting Trader Joe’s Hard

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This week: Whole Foods is cutting prices and it’s hitting Trader Joe’s hard, Whole Foods has already sold approximately $1.6 Whole Foods is Cutting Prices — And it’s Hitting Trader Joe’s Hard. Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is rocking the grocery industry. billion acquisition of Whole Foods formally went through in August, the changes began, from cutting costs to internal restructuring. Whole Foods’ Sales Soar on Amazon.

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Industry Supply Chain Impacts from Catastrophic Natural Events- Further Update

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Supply Chain Matters continues with succinct update to readers on business and industry headline developments concerning the unprecedented series of catastrophic natural events that have impacted the Caribbean, Mexico and North America.

Increased demand and regulations create new challenges for multi-temp carriers


The demand for refrigerated food distribution has changed dramatically over the past several years, in turn adding the complexities of shelf-life, perishability and refrigeration requirements to the logistics of food transportation.

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The Local Food Movement is right around the corner


Ask yourself, when shopping for fresh food, do you seek out and buy from local suppliers? – If your tendency is to choose local products over national brands and local producers over far off producers, you’re a part of an important market segment within fresh food. Local food is often perceived to come from trusted suppliers, travels less food miles and pumps dollars back into the local economy. But all food simply cannot be sourced locally.

A Report of Some Push Back from Wal-Mart Suppliers

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In April a front page published article by The Wall Street Journal reported on Wal-Mart’s increased pressures on North America based suppliers to squeeze costs. In prior commentaries, Supply Chain Matters has highlighted reports indicating that Wal-Mart had once again focused on its suppliers for sharing the burden of needed higher margins.

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A Declared Tough U.S. Stance Related to NAFTA Talks

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This week, United States Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross spoke to attendees of The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council indicating that the Trump Administration’s ongoing hardball strategy regarding ongoing North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) talks comes from perceived leverage over Canada and Mexico.

The Beginning of NAFTA Renegotiation Talks- Monitor and Be Prepared

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With the formal start of re-negotiations concerning the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), many industry supply chain teams should be monitoring developments and conducting ongoing analytical analysis and management education. There is a very narrow window for negotiators to come to a broad consensus of agreement.

New Bookends: The Tale of Supply Chain Global Leaders in Consumer Products

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In the last five years, consumer products and food/beverage leaders faced different challenges. Overall, in the industry, there is more forward momentum in consumer products sector than the food/beverage peer groups. Definition.

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Coffee Shops Are Already Running Out of America's Newest Milk Craze

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The switch has taken a toll on companies like Dean Foods Co., Food & Beverage All Technology Sourcing/Procurement/SRM Home Page Latest News Home Page Slider Featured Content North AmericaIt’s called oat milk, and baristas love its light, hearty flavor that lets the java beans take center stage. As more consumers choose plant alternatives to dairy, it’s gotten so popular that just in the last month, some coffee shops were left without oat milk for days, even weeks.

Corporate America’s New Dilemma: Raising Prices to Cover Higher Transport Costs

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Interviews with executives at 10 companies across the food, consumer goods and commodities sectors reveal that many are grappling with how to defend their profit margins as transportation costs climb at nearly double the inflation rate. All Logistics Transportation & Distribution Logistics Outsourcing LTL/Truckload Services Rail & Intermodal Home Page Latest News Home Page Slider News Transportation Management North America

More Railcar Shortages Loom for U.S. Midwest- Grain Shipments Remain Impacted

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Earlier this year, severe winter conditions across North America coupled with the continued boom of bulk crude oil shipments originating from the Bakken region of North Dakota led to significant railcar bottlenecks and shortages. Business media was quick to note that the rail car shortage problems stemmed from pileups at the BNSF Railway, which was one of other railroads heavily burdened by surging demand for crude oil transport.

GS1 Numbering System Required to Identify Products Online


From grocery stores to department stores, you can see barcodes with your food and clothing. In North America, a GTIN is composed of 12 numbers. However, it does not represent that of North America. As mentioned above, North America’s GTIN is composed of 12 digits.

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RELEX Survey Reveals Opportunities for Grocers to Boost Operational Efficiency and Reduce Fresh Food Waste

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Study shows more precise forecasting results directly in less food spoilage. Titled Growing and Sustaining Competitive Advantage in Grocery Retail , the report shows that retailers should be focused on modernizing processes and technology to increase the accuracy of forecasts and lower the cost of fresh food waste. 53% are interested in the automated replenishment of ingredients which is consistent with the growing demand for food-to-go and meal kits. Read PDF.

Exciting and Challenging Times Ahead for Food Retailers: An Interview with Gartner’s Mike Griswold

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As part of our Expert Insights series, Supply Chain Nation recently sat down with Mike Griswold, Research VP at Gartner, to discuss current and future trends in the food retailing industry. SCN: What are the biggest challenges facing food retailers today? Griswold: The first challenge is in the merchandising area around the convergence of the assortment, space and price decisions, particularly for food retailers with their planogram-heavy environment.

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Fully electric refrigerated delivery vehicles move to testing in the US


Trackloop Analytics Corp and BYD Company Ltd, in collaboration with Volta Air Technologies have deployed Trackloop's proprietary temperature monitoring software in two BYD all-electric refrigeration delivery vehicles, which are being demonstrated for commercial use in North America. BYD Motors is the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world, with plans to offer all-electric refrigeration delivery vehicles throughout North America - Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Kraft Foods Names Daniel Myers Executive Vice President, Supply Chain

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Kraft Foods (NYSE: KFT) announced today (June 30th) that Daniel Myers will join the company in September as Executive Vice President, Supply Chain. “Daniel has extensive experience driving cost savings across complex global supply chains – in food, beverages and many other products,” said Rosenfeld. ” Myers joins Kraft Foods from Procter & Gamble, where he built an impressive career over the last 33 years. based Kraft Foods Inc.

GS1 Numbering System Required to Identify Products Online


From grocery stores to department stores, you can see barcodes with your food and clothing. In North America, a GTIN is composed of 12 numbers. However, it does not represent that of North America. As mentioned above, North America’s GTIN is composed of 12 digits.

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Food Retailers and E-Commerce: An Interview with Gartner’s Mike Griswold, Part II

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Supply Chain Nation recently interviewed Gartner Research Vice President, Mike Griswold, on the current trends in food retailing. food retailers have been behind their European counterparts in implementing e-commerce strategies such as “click-and-collect.” Griswold: Multi-channel has a different flavor between North America and the UK and Europe. I don’t think the North American customer has necessarily voted with their wallet enough to say we want to do that.

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Peeling Back The Orange Juice Supply Chain! (Video)

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Check out Food Waste and World Hunger – The Food Supply Chain is Broken! In North America we certainly hear a lot about Florida oranges and as such I myself have certainly assumed that Florida was the Orange capital of the world. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

April 12 2018 Edition of Thsi Week in Supply Chain Tech

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Stores will likely be the focal point of grocery and fresh food online fulfillment. . The technology provider provides a SaaS based freight matching marketplace across North America, connecting carriers with freight brokers to tender shipments.

Building the Network of Networks

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There is an active group in Europe and North America. B tons of food away a year. July 16th in North America (current thinking is Charlotte or Chicago. Today, I am facilitating a share group. The dream is the building of Network of Networks.

Top Insights about Supply Chain Network Design – benefits, tips and what your competitors are doing


The survey was conducted online among professionals from a variety of industries, including industrial manufacturing, food and beverage, retail, CPG and pharma. What are companies looking for in supply chain network design technologies ? What works well, and what are the challenges?

Florence Et Al.

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North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia sit squarely in the storm’s path. Expect tight capacity across North America. Many items–rain gear, food products, and building materials– will become waste quickly.

RELEX and Retail Business Services: Enhancing Grocery Freshness

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For the last year, RELEX has been working closely with Hannaford and Food Lion, local brands of Ahold Delhaize USA , on a pilot to improve forecasting and replenishment for fresh products.

Innovations that drive business decisions forward


Nigel Batchem , Senior Director of Planning at Amy’s Kitchen, a family-owned company that aims to serve food with the best quality ingredients, detailed the company’s supply chain planning puzzle and how its journey with Quintiq became a success.

10 things eft’s been reading this week


Farm to Cradle: Nestlé Experiments with Tracking Gerber Baby Food on the Blockchain. If you would like to learn more about blockchain’s role in our industry, then why not sign up to the 20 th Annual Logistics CIO Forum: North America.

Robots in Logistics: What Will Humans Do?

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The fastest-growing industries included food and consumer goods (48 percent), plastics and rubber (37 percent), life sciences (31 percent), and electronics (22 percent).