Join us at the Global Manufacturing Supply Chain Innovation Summit in Singapore


Loftware is delighted to be part of the 9 th Global Manufacturing Supply Chain Innovation Summit taking place in Singapore on May 30-31 2019.

Why customer experience is driving supply chain innovation

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Keeping up with the now economy means innovating to meet growing consumer demands and delivering on customer experience. The post Why customer experience is driving supply chain innovation appeared first on BluJay Solutions.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Manufacturing Innovation Hubs Revitalize American Manufacturing


We have an employment skills gap , an uncoordinated approach to nurturing innovation, and an export imbalance. government is following suit by establishing a network of manufacturing innovation hubs throughout the country. The NNMI is the infrastructure for the innovation network.

How do we Drive Invention to Innovation in Planning?

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At the event, James Rice, MIT, spoke on innovation, and his reflections on Clayton Christensen’s 1997 classic business book, the Innovators Dilemma. This is disruptive innovation. The spark from Invention to Innovation is slow.

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

2 “Korn Ferry Global Survey: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Reshaping the Role of the Recruiter.” leading investors such as Google, Randstad Innovation. The next. wave of. AI-led. recruiting Four ways machines are enabling their. human counterparts to hire smarter.

2018 EFT Global Logistics Report: Innovation and Technology Are Paving the Way Forward

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This year’s Eye for Transport (EFT) Global Logistics Report shows increased momentum and optimism more than ever. This strategy has been replaced in 2018 with gaining more business from existing customers, through existing customers’ growth and innovation. Breaking the Innovation Trap.

Continuous delivery drives continued supply chain innovation


If it’s been too long to remember, you’re likely lagging behind when it comes to supply chain innovation. Innovation is happening all around us, and at a pace so fast, it may make your head spin. Miscellanea Supply chain management supply chain innovationby Alexa Cheater.

Webinar: Newest Software Innovations (and Pay-Offs) for the Global Food Supply Chain


The post Webinar: Newest Software Innovations (and Pay-Offs) for the Global Food Supply Chain appeared first on 3GTMS.

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2nd Annual Global Supply Chain & Innovation Summit

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2nd Global Supply Chain & Innovation Summit. URL: Innovation in Supply Chain Trends for Driving Business Improvement. Innovation in supply chain and procurement management is needed more than ever. Companies and their supply chains need to become more innovative if they are to deal with the complexity of today’s environment and succeed in creating more value for their shareholders.

Innovation key to creating successful global supply chains

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Budding managers can learn how to successfully lead supply chains of the future by creating cultures of innovation and adopting latest technologies, in all sectors of their organisation. This is one of many areas covered in the University of London’s latest degree programme, the MSc in Supply Chain Management and Global Logistics

3 Benefits of Innovating Global Supply Chains

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Earlier this year we talked about tips for hosting an innovation challenge. Today, we will dig into why investing in innovation matters. Driving a culture of innovation is essential to our growth. The idea of innovation is not new to C.H. Living a culture of innovation.

Innovating Spare Parts Logistics

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Meanwhile, in 2016, UPS announced a distributed, on-demand manufacturing network that links its global logistics network with 3D printers at more than 60 UPS Stores across the U.S By Ian Kerr, The Postal Podcas t and Cathy Morrow Roberson.

Logistics, Innovation, and the Future

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Daniel Gagnon, Vice President of Marketing, Global Logistics and Distribution, at UPS, writes, “This fast-paced, new world of change in logistics is happening because businesses and consumers are demanding better (faster) service at a lower-cost-to-serve.”[1] ”[1] He believes all of these innovations are good things. “More than any other time in history,” he concludes, “technology and innovation are here to make it happen.”

Enabling Innovation Groups To Sell More Effectively to Operations Leaders


Whether it is access to data, maneuvering around competing innovation objectives, tracking down actual factory-floor operators, or involving oft-neglected procurement groups, there are internal bottlenecks everywhere. Innovation Groups do not have natural internal operations-savvy salespeople.

How Car Technology Innovations Will Transform Logistics


At least 18 companies globally are racing to get ahead in the driverless car market, which promises to radically transform transportation. The post How Car Technology Innovations Will Transform Logistics appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis.

Supply Chain Innovations Elevates Global Immunization Coverage


The post Supply Chain Innovations Elevates Global Immunization Coverage appeared first on LLamasoft. Ground-breaking supply chain techniques are contributing to more children being immunized worldwide than ever before. An immunization supply chain involves the actual physical movement of immunizations from manufacturers to health facilities for routine and ‘campaign’ delivery.

How to Create Collaborative Innovation with Suppliers!

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Our organization’s products, customers, and profit, are ultimately a byproduct of the global supply chain networks that operate on a daily basis to add value through collaboration. Supplier bases are a great source of potential innovation. What is Collaborative Innovation? .

Creating an Innovative Supply Chain

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An oft-heard business battle cry is: Innovate or die! Weaver observes, “We have seen many businesses over the past several years run into problems due to a lack of supply chain innovation, slow reaction to changing market conditions and a resistance to change.” ” What drives supply chain innovation? Edwin Lopez ( @EdwinLopezT37 ), editor of Supply Chain Dive , asked a number of supply chain professionals, “What drives supply chain innovation?”

Building a Business Case for Supply Chain Innovation

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Featured Innovation artificial intelligence in supply chains GCLOG certificate at MIT IoT MIT Center Transportation & Logistics MIT Global SCALE Network Supply chain innovation using big data in supply chains

Globalization, Capitalism, Technology, and Emerging Markets

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The post Globalization, Capitalism, Technology, and Emerging Markets appeared first on Enterra Solutions. Business Globalization Innovation Supply Chain Technology“Capitalism is under attack,” Eric Beinhocker and Nick Hanauer write.

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Supply Chain Innovation: The Latest Gartner Supply Chain Predictions


Two presentations where top-down thinking was clearly evident: Johannes Giloth, Senior Vice President Global Operations of Nokia Networks , described how they reinvented themselves from a handset maker to B2B network provider.

Labeling at the Speed of Innovation


Few industries are as vast, global, complex, and competitively-intense as the electronics industry. Electronics is an industry where change is continuous, and innovation ongoing.

Global Trade Management and Best Practices


Global trade management practices done right can leverage detailed data to help you make proactive, informed decisions that move the business forward. What is Global Trade Management? The post Global Trade Management and Best Practices appeared first on QAD Blog.

Seven Reasons to Attend the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit

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The conference is just pure, unabashed sharing of innovation for three days. We work throughout year to find/select business innovators with great stories to share. Instead, it is a time for innovators to share their insights on process innovation with others. the end of the event, you will know 100 innovators. We hope to see you at the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit 2018. This week, we celebrate the sixth anniversary for Supply Chain Insights.

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Lead Logistics Provider Capabilities Will Require Customized Innovation


With the onset of cloud computing, automation, and machine learning, organizations are integrating their global supply chains, they are finding themselves with more transactional data than they could have ever imagined.

Innovations that drive business decisions forward


Guy Kawasaki, former Chief Evangelist at Apple, talked about the ways in which companies could think about new methods of driving innovation.

Globalization? Or Globaloney?

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Back then I read books like The Tipping Point , The World Is Flat , and The Innovator’s Dilemma. Recently, as I prepared to market our Supply Chain Insights Global Summit, I was introduced to Professor Pankaj Ghemawat’s concepts, and guess what?

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New Research Finds Customer Experience as Key Driver to Supply Chain Innovation

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BluJay and Adelante SCM team up on new research, revealing customer experience as key driver for modern supply chain logistics innovation. The post New Research Finds Customer Experience as Key Driver to Supply Chain Innovation appeared first on BluJay Solutions.

Unlocking Innovation from Your Supply Chain – Lessons from Formula 1 Racing


The theme of the evening was “Unlocking Innovation from your Supply Chain” with presentations and discussion focused on insights, knowledge sharing and learning from the F1 Grand Prix Pit Stops. Alex Saric, Ivalua’s CMO, describing the tangible financial impacts of supply chain innovations.

How Do We Know National Network for Manufacturing Innovation is Working? Because China is Copying It.


Editor's note: This is a guest blog from our friend Adam Nager from the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation or ITIF. In this post, Adam discusses the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation or NNMI and how it relates to the Made in China 2025 initiative. . In addition, Made in China 2025 contains provisions for creating 40 Manufacturing Innovation Centers by 2025. What Is National Network for Manufacturing Innovation?

Eyes on Innovation: 3 Supply Chain Innovation Themes to Watch


We’re sharing his original post here because supply chain innovation is a relevant topic. Innovation is all about thinking creatively and developing new solutions to universal challenges. That’s why it’s so important—and interesting—to stay on top of supply chain innovation.

Going circular to reduce global waste


In the first blog post of this series , I examined the question: Can circular supply chains help solve our global waste problem? In short, the answer is yes – circular supply chains can help solve our global waste problem, but there are multiple caveats with no easy or quick fix.

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Get Your Reality Check – A Supply Chain Technology Innovation Benchmark Study

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As technology evolves and disrupts our industry, it is important to take a step back and get a “reality check” on the usefulness of these technologies, especially as leaders are looking for new innovative technologies to give their companies a competitive advantage in the market.

Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2018

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In that spirit, we’ve combed the MH&L archives for the most innovative supply chain developments of the past year, as reported in our print magazine, on our website, in our e-newsletters, or our various social media channels.

Key learnings from Supply Chain Insights’ Global Summit


They also prefer SaaS models that place a strong focus on innovation. It was a pleasure to attend this month’s Supply Chain Insights Summit in Philadelphia.

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