SanDisk’s Story of Customer Segmentation Strategies Using Inventory Postponement

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I find that in this world of the global multi-national that procurement processes have become convoluted and increasingly complex. (In In my opinion, we have made procurement increasingly complex without adding value. In my research, I find that the companies with the most progressive procurement processes also have the most advanced customer supply chain process evolution.)Without Spinnaker Management Group asked me to co-present on a demand-driven webinar with SanDisk.

HCL Tech signs global alliance agreement with JDA Software Group

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From IIFL: “HCL Technologies, a leading global IT services provider, announced today that it has signed a global alliance agreement with the JDA Software Group, Inc, leader in supply chain management. The alliance addresses the unique supply chain challenges for business in the areas like planning, procurement, production, distribution, warehousing, inventory, transportation and customer services.

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Want better supplier adoption of your procurement portal? Start by asking your own sales staff.


A good portion of the value provided by automating procurement and payables processes comes from the labor and cost savings generated from fewer errors and less manual work. The procurement portal has to have enough transactional volume running thru it. For companies of this size and influence, supplier adoption of the procurement portal simply becomes a criteria for inclusion in the company’s approved vendor list (AVL).

Procurement Transformation Delays – The Role of Personality!

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Article provided to Supply Chain Game Changer by Katalin Brennan at Eyvo E-Procurement. We’ve all heard of the need for Procurement to embrace the Digital Transformation for many years. There are few procurement-specific personality surveys available. However, I am aware of one from Pierre Mitchell that found the Myers-Briggs ESTJ type is the dominant one in procurement with over 20% of survey takers. Time to Look into the Future of Procurement! Subscribe Here!

Group Purchasing Organizations: More Than a Healthcare Opportunity


Historically, group purchasing organizations (GPOs) have been primarily utilized within the healthcare industry. A GPO is a group of businesses or organizations that come together to use their collective purchasing power to receive discounts from vendors. At their best, GPOs help you secure better procurement pricing and excellent customer service. Additionally, consider how easy it will be to complete procurement processes with your potential GPO.

Digitized Procurement: Your Setting-off Point to Autonomy


In five to ten years, procurement in many of the world’s leading companies will be “truly digital”. They will have succeeded in transforming their procurement organizations to leverage artificial intelligence-based technologies to achieve autonomous procurement. Autonomous Procurement: The Reality versus the Hype. Over the coming months, we will identify and describe the four levels of development stages on the road to autonomous procurement.

4 Ways To Improve Procurement For Increased Customer Satisfaction


Though it’s often overlooked as an element of customer satisfaction, procurement is an essential component for delivering that satisfaction. Procurement involves buying goods and services that keep an organization operating; it ensures warehouses are well-stocked with the proper supplies at all times. Procurement can be responsible for up to 70 percent of a company’s revenue , so small changes in procurement functions can have a major impact on profitability.

Procurement Trends 2019 – what’s your priority?


There is no shortage of predictions from procurement experts and companies. Instead of trying to list them all, I wanted to group them into the three major categories that may simplify your job. Anyone can purchase products and services so procurement, as a department, has the challenge of showing value in every aspect of their existence. The race for procuring, pun intended, the best talent has been challenging. The post Procurement Trends 2019 – what’s your priority?

5 steps for Procurement to impact on financial results


Claritum Article - Procurement Blog. Address Procurement Strategy. Focus Procurement on supplier optimisation. Don’t lose Procurement’s focus on costs. Keep Procurement up to date. Procurement is a complex multidisciplinary team activity that crosses all areas of the business. The variables and complexities of purchasing products and services, from basic supplies through to strategic purchases, make Procurement a key resource within the business.

Procurement Trends 2019 – what’s your priority?


There is no shortage of predictions from procurement experts and companies. Instead of trying to list them all, I wanted to group them into the three major categories that may simplify your job. Anyone can purchase products and services so procurement, as a department, has the challenge of showing value in every aspect of their existence. The race for procuring, pun intended, the best talent has been challenging. The post Procurement Trends 2019 – what’s your priority?

Smart Software and V-LINE GROUP Establish Strategic Partnership

The Smart Software

Smart Software, the innovation leader in inventory and demand planning, has entered into a strategic reseller relationship with global MRO procurement services company V-LINE GROUP. . The post Smart Software and V-LINE GROUP Establish Strategic Partnership appeared first on Smart Software.

How to Choose the Best Procurement Software

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At one time, all of the steps for procurement management were completed by hand. When a procurement software platform was available, it was just a spreadsheet as part of an overall word processing package. Today, there are many types of procurement software, and in order to find the best procurement software for your company, you’ll have to find the area (or areas) you need help in the most. . The Best Procurement Software : What Is Procurement Software?

Top 5 Reasons You Need Procurement Tracking Software

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Once upon a time, companies had to manage purchasing departments and procurement management as though it was the Dark Ages. Procurement Tracking Software and Management Software: What Is Procurement Software? Inventory maintenance.

Do You Understand Your Chief MRO Inventory Challenges?

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Given this knowledge then, does your organisation place enough importance on the management of MRO inventory? If yours is one of them, and you’re wondering where and how to start getting a grip on MRO inventory, this post might help. Read on to discover the most common MRO inventory challenges and issues, the consequences of leaving them unresolved, and most importantly, the potential benefits of overcoming them. MRO Inventory Forecasting: A Matter of Opinion?

The New Value Equation in Contract Logistics

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That was the main question I addressed with Greg Boring, VP of Sales at Kenco Group , in a recent episode of Talking Logistics. In light of all these factors, has the way companies procure logistics services and manage relationships changed? 3PL Episode Highlights e-commerce Kenco Group logistics outsourcing procurement supply chain visibility

How Does Procurement Create Value? Insights from CPO Speakers at Zycus Horizons Conference

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In addition to the procurement executives, I also got to meet Captain Dick Phillips, the captain of note in the film “Captain Phillips” We had a chance to talk about his experience, and he also presented to the group about the incredible experience he went through. Chris Sawchuck from the Hackett Group interviewed three heads of procurement from three large companies, and asked an important question. Does procurement add to top line revenue.

Three Ways Material Handling Equipment Is Changing with Rise of E-Commerce

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With more and more brands looking to develop their e-commerce capabilities, their needs for moving and handling inventory are shifting as well. Data analysis is used to compare maintenance costs, ensuring MHE procurement choices are cost-effective. Guest Commentary Guest Commentary - Kenco Group Robots Warehouse Management business intelligence ecommerce Kenco Group material handling equipment MHE omnichannel

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European Supply Chain Directors Forum 2016

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Organisation: Accucore Group. The event is comprised of an agenda of original case studies, inspirational keynote sessions, interactive workshops and specialist working groups. Our members include: VPs/Directors/Group Heads in: Supply Chain. Procurement. More information>> Events accucore group collaboration corinthia hotel culture European supply chain directors forum event Forum manucore Prague Procurement supply chain transformation

Winning Student Posters Focus on Visibility, Total Cost of Ownership, and Procurement Processes

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Bayer Crop Science – Internal Procurement Audit – Undergraduate Team: Hamilton Brewer, Emily Ciriano, Scott Gray. It was a team effort, and I was impressed by how such a diverse group came together to attack the project in such a thoughtful and productive way. We had another great set of student projects during our Spring SCRC student poster session.

May 2019 Automation Hero: Elsante Mnzava of Mkenga Group


I founded Mkenga Group Limited in 2014, a company domiciled in Tanzania and through a subsidiary called BiasharaWorks , we drive the implementations of 3 mission-critical, enterprise-level productivity platforms for medium and large sized businesses in Africa (we have or currently serve customers in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Guinea, and Morocco), and unexpectedly, in the Middle East (the UAE).

Florence Et Al.

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Thirty percent of companies have supplier development groups. It is now closed at the start of a busy shipping season as companies prepare for holiday inventory builds. Procurement Risk management Uncategorized disruption hurricane readiness risk management transportationThis morning the Washington Post rang. The reporter wanted to discuss the implications of Hurricane Florence. The question was simple, “What will be the impact of Hurricane Florence on the supply chain?”

May 2019 Automation Hero: Elsante Mnzava of Mkenga Group


I founded Mkenga Group Limited in 2014, a company located in Tanzania and, through a subsidiary called BiasharaWorks , we drive the implementations of three mission-critical, enterprise-level productivity platforms for medium and large-sized businesses in Africa (we have or currently serve customers in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Guinea, and Morocco, and unexpectedly, in the UAE).

Companies Collect Faster, Pay Slower and Hold a lot Less Inventory

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Top companies now collect from customers over two weeks faster, pay suppliers nearly three weeks slower, and maintain less than half the inventory of typical companies in their industry, according to new working capital research from The Hackett Group Inc. There is also a direct relationship between sustained working capital optimization and improved earnings and profitability, according to another study by The Hackett Group.

Still Don’t Know How Many Slaves Are In Your Supply Chain?

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Last week, the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS), a leading international body representing purchasing and supply management professionals, issued a press release highlighting findings from a survey it conducted showing that relatively few companies are ready to comply with the UK’s Modern Slavery Act , which was passed in March 2015 with enforcement set to begin on April 1, 2016. How many slaves are in your supply chain?

Why Financial Reengineering Does Not Equal Supply Chain Improvement

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This is number 15 in a series that looks critically, industry by industry, to understand relative improvement of peer groups on the Effective Frontier. The concept of the Effective Frontier is that best in class companies align functional metrics to balance growth, cost, inventory and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) performance while balancing customer service metrics. The cash-to-cash definition is: Cash-to-cash= Days of Receivables+ Days of Inventory-Days of Payables.

What Are Some of the Necessary Skills of Great Inventory Managers?


If optimal inventory control is imperative to maintaining a successful, sustainable and profitable business, then it’s obvious that capable inventory managers play a crucial role in achieving this. Inventory managers are responsible for leading a team of workers as they manage the flow of inventory stock in, through and out of the business. Great inventory managers. It is important for inventory managers to understand what products they are managing.

What Does It Take To Make Sourcing Truly Strategic?

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Marketplace pressures have forced procurement professionals to abandon traditional sourcing practices and implement more responsive strategies designed to promote organizational efficiency, agility and flexibility for growth, not to mention cost reductions. For businesses on the outside looking in, it might be difficult to understand how strategic sourcing differs from other long-established procurement practices. appeared first on USC Consulting Group.

Who Should Be In The Winner’s Circle?

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I struggled to manage myself as I settled in elbow-to-elbow with the group to listen to the presentation. The methodology did not include a peer group analysis, and I strongly felt that chemical, retail, and telecommunications companies should not be compared in the same analysis.

Procurement as a strategic advisory resource


Claritum Article - Procurement Blog. Defining the Perfect Procurement World. Achieving the perfect Procurement world. Procurement needs to transform and continue to transform to align to the business. Procurement has to move away from a transaction based function and become an advisory resource. This change of emphasis, and the move away from the traditional transaction based order processing role of the Procurement Function, is occurring across all industries.

Three Lies and a Truth

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When new groups come together, the forming process is often awkward. ” In this team activity, people who do not know each other list four statements and ask the group to guess which statement is false. ” I played three lies and a truth with the group. Here is the list: Supply chain technology implementations have reduced inventory. Here they are: The Lie of Inventory Reduction. Other industry groups did not.

The Supply Chain Team’s Impact on Capital Projects


In industries that are going through a lot of Capital Expenditure investments, including construction of pipelines, LNG facilities, and mining operations, the role of procurement on the success of the organization is somewhat different. Here are some of the areas where procurement has the opportunity to make an impact. Supply chain development, logistics excellence and standard processes will ensure that we utilize supply chain assets such as inventory more effectively.

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Gartner’s 2018 Top 25 Supply Chains List! Is it Still Relevant?

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Inventory Turns 3. (10%). I don’t for one second deny that the companies on the list have great supply chains, but there are so many advances in Supply Chain technology, talent, skills and capabilities that it is hard to believe that all of this excellence is restricted to the same group of 20 companies year after year after year. By definition the Peer group that is providing their Opinion scores is restricted to large companies voting on other large companies.

Commodity (or Category) Management – What is your Buying Strategy?

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Check out What Exactly Is Procurement? A well constructed Procurement Strategy will raise the value of the Supply Chain to your company. “Commodity Management” may also be referred to as Category Management, Strategic Procurement or Merchant Management for instance. I use the term Commodity Management to represent the strategic procurement of materials regardless of what specific industry or company vernacular you may use. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

EazyStock vs your ERP: Who wins the inventory management battle?


?. One of the most common questions we receive is “We already have an ERP inventory module. Through better inventory management, we’ve been able to support our stock management and procurement processes much better, which has even resulted in higher profits!” However, in this blog post we will explain in a little more detail why EazyStock is different from your ERP inventory management capabilities and what value it brings to your business.

Supply Chain Personified! The Link Between Your Company Silos!

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When the organization is truly dysfunctional each of these functions works at cross purposes, finger pointing as to the deficiencies of other groups, and basically undermining the ability of the overall company to succeed. The term “Supply Chain” is more than just the name of the group that manages materials and logistics. And this visibility is enabled by, and provided by, the Logistics team within your Supply Chain group. Subscribe Here! Email Address.