How to start selling online in Indonesia


As is in other parts of the world, Online sales volume increased in Indonesia as well. Here are few steps which you may look at before selling online in Indonesia. The procurement of goods or the business is also resorting to manufacturing the goods is a concern.

Ethics in Procurement – Simple, but Not Always Easy

Logistics Bureau

If you have not yet tackled the question of ethics in procurement, now is a great time to start. It does not matter whether you are a procurement professional, internal customer, external customer, senior executive, or supplier. Procurement is what sets entire supply chains and their organisations in motion. How procurement handles itself and its activities set the tone for all the events that follow, right up to the final delivery of goods and services to the end-customer.


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Are your Supply Chains Tiger and Orang-Utan Friendly?

SCM Research

Practice Corporate Social Responsibility Procurement Report Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Sustainability Accounting for roughly 40% of vegetable oil production, palm oil is the most important vegetable oil worldwide. As a key commodity, it is an ingredient of a large range of products, including processed food, cosmetics, shampoo, and soap. A recent Greenpeace report reveals how palm oil supply chains are pushing Sumatran tigers and orang-utans closer to extinction (pdf).

“Too Big to Fail”: 10 Things you Need to Know About El Niño


During the 1997 El Niño, droughts in Indonesia and Argentina caused mining activity to halt, raising prices of copper, zinc, and nickel. A shorter monsoon season in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia will help miners procure more materials, used heavily in the electronics industry. Burning rainforests in Indonesia are wreaking havoc to Southeast Asian economies and air quality, impacting numerous industries.

HWI Unleashes Continuous Innovation

Logistics Viewpoints

The company has 18 plants and operating locations in the US, Canada, and Mexico as well as plants and labs in the UK, China, and Indonesia. Order promising, based on an accurate bill of materials, allows procurement of the necessary raw materials to be kicked off automatically.

So Your Supply Chain is Banning Bangladesh….and Going to Cambodia?: “The Ugliest Race to the Bottom”

Supply Chain View from the Field

Sanjiv Pandita, executive director of the Asia Monitor, called it “the ugliest race to the bottom, because the financial crisis in America and Europe means that people are scared of buying expensive things” But as any buying agent who has visited these countries knows, things aren’t much better when you visit factories in other parts of Asia, including Myanmar, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, or India.

Bristlecone Flash – February 2019


It took a mere 18 weeks for Bristlecone to lead a Middle Eastern steel manufacturing client on a transformation journey that took them from manual processes to a powerful new procurement solution. By automating everyday tasks and increasing visibility into the procurement process, the company is now positioned to enrich its supplier relationships, generate significant savings through better sourcing decisions, and improve contract monitoring and compliance.

El Niño May Have Your Supply Chain Partying Like It’s 1997


A massive El Niño occurred in 1997-1998, unleashing record rains in California, deadly tornados in Florida, and a brutal drought in Indonesia, thus landing the term firmly on the radar (no pun intended) of millions of people around the globe. by Kirsten Watson It’s not often that a weather phenomenon becomes part of the pop culture zeitgeist.

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The Pros and Cons: International and Domestic Sourcing


Low-cost country sourcing is a procurement strategy that falls under a broad category of procurement efforts called global sourcing. It’s easy to oversimplify the differences between sourcing for parts locally or internationally.

Transforming your supply chain: What experts said at Quintiq World Tour Singapore 2015

DELMIA Quintiq

In e-commerce, the supply chain begins from the point we procure our products to the point they reach the distribution center (DC) and finally, to the customer’s doorstep. In countries like Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, where labor costs are still relatively low, using manpower makes more sense than automation technology for now. What happens when you ask four experts for their thoughts on supply chain transformation?

Global Logistics—May 2015

Inbound Logistics

Trans Pacific Partnership nears resolution; Indonesia logistics industry fights new capital requirement regulation; China and Pakistan pave way for new trade corridor; Global ocean container trade shows signs of growth despite enduring supply-demand imbalance; European railroads partner around procurement; China looks to replicate U.S.

Podcast: Roberto Reichard on Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Capital Projects


The biggest one was liquified natural gas (LNG) development in Indonesia on the island of Papua. Sustainability should impact procurement choices, such as favoring lower embodied carbon products over higher embodied carbon products.

Supply Chain Risks Come from All Sides

Material Handling and Logistics

Especially in countries like China, Indonesia, or India, which are experiencing tremendous growth in the middle class. Automated procure-to-pay processes, and greater connectivity with banks and financial institutions can help take processes and paperwork out of the equation, and in many cases, give companies a less risky way to test the waters with a new supplier. How technology can help increase visibility and reduce paperwork.

How to Manage Risk and Boost Transparency in the Raw Material Supply Chain


tin from Indonesia). Umicore, a global materials technology and recycling group, introduced its Sustainable Procurement Framework for cobalt. 3TGs: Updates on Gold Sustainable Procurement. As conflict minerals continue to find their way into supply chains of major western corporations, businesses need to place more emphasis on due diligence and explore new technologies to increase transparency.

Global Logistics—May 2015

Inbound Logistics

Trans Pacific Partnership nears resolution; Indonesia logistics industry fights new capital requirement regulation; China and Pakistan pave way for new trade corridor; Global ocean container trade shows signs of growth despite enduring supply-demand imbalance; European railroads partner around procurement; China looks to replicate U.S.

Dr. Hau Lee on the New Supply Chain—and What to Watch Out for in TPP


Naturally, your boss will look at how good you are in procurement. Nike manufacturers are based in China, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Instead of looking to the supplier for only procurement, they now look at them as a source of potential ideas and innovation. It’s about co-creating value—not just looking at your suppliers for procurement. The procurement manager’s job is so much more complicated, but embracing that complexity is the only way to win.”.

Global Sourcing and Human Rights Go Hand in Hand


Organizations continue to scour global markets for even lower labor rates, moving from Western China to the Pearl River, and now to Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, and North Africa. Action will be required, and we will have more updates on this topic soon… Articles Director's Blog Emerging Issues in Supply Chain Labor and Human Rights in the Supply Chain SCM Procurement Supply Chain Risk Supply Chain Sustainability Sustainability Uncategorized

Sustainable Forestry: Can We Get It Right?


Deforestation for palm oil plantations in Indonesia averages to about 300,000 hectares (about half the size of Delaware) each year. Producing forestry and agriculture products for export, e.g. into global supply chains, is an attractive means for many developing nations to create economic growth. Done responsibly, this can succeed. However, the current state of deforestation shows there is much work to be done to achieve a healthy balance.

New: Global Trade Map 2016

Supply Chain Movement

Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs) are designed to boost economic growth through trade by opening markets by way of progressive removal of customs duties, eliminating or reducing trade barriers and tariffs, lifting restrictions on services and even through public procurement. Indonesia. Uncovering and mitigating trade risks in international operations.

Global Supply Chains Key Lever for a COP21 Commitments


Forest fires have been plaguing Indonesia since July, producing more emissions than the entire U.S. This doesn’t feel far-fetched – with 90% of the world’s investments currently managed by the private sector, the best way to make real progress in sustainability is to act through the supply chain and get the world’s top companies to implement a sustainable procurement program. By Pierre-Francois Thaler, co-CEO of EcoVadis. It’s time to bet big on sustainability.

Data Collection Supports Actual Social Responsibility, Not Just Lip Service


By providing consumers data captured through procurement, production and warehousing, businesses can show how they play by the rules and differentiate themselves from competition that doesn’t. Palm oil manufacturers are experiencing public and federal scrutiny for deforestation.

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Enter RCEP: The World’s Largest Free Trade Agreement

Logistics Viewpoints

First conceived at the 19 th ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Summit in Bali, Indonesia, way back in 2011, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) finally came into fruition on November 15 at this year’s 37 th ASEAN Summit.

Japan 78

Top eCommerce marketplaces in Philippines


specializes in procuring products that are unavailable in the country. Metrodeal has been gaining popularity at an impressive pace and has expanded its businesses to other South Asian nations like Indonesia and Thailand.

What’s Looming for Transpacific Ocean Shipments this Peak Season?

CH Robinson Transportfolio

In fact, sites many Southeast Asia countries—including India, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia—have significantly grown their imports into the United States, anywhere from 13-37% compared to last year. Procure enough capacity. Review your existing capacity procurement levels with service provider(s) to ensure you have enough.

Navigating the Future in an Uncertain Political and Regulatory Environment


What US industrial leaders must now worry about is the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) which includes China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and others. The Supply Chain Resource Cooperative held its bi-annual Industry Partner Meeting in the Talley Student Center at North Carolina State University this past week.