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The Most Important Distribution Center Metrics to Track and Understand


Throughout the supply chain, the use of metrics to track and understand processes provides an invaluable resource for ensuring increased production and customer satisfaction. Additionally, the use of metrics fosters positive relationships with coworkers and adherence to rulesets and best practices for the respective third-party logistics provider (3PL). What Distribution Center Metrics Need Tracking? On-Time Shipping.

Metrics that Matter: Customer Service


Inventory accuracy and minimizing stockouts are very important to customer satisfaction, but a few other metrics also impact the ability to meet customer expectations. This measures the number of orders or order lines shipped on time and without backorders or shortages. This is calculated by dividing the total number shipped in full and on time by the total number scheduled. Improving forecast accuracy can help improve DIFOT without increasing inventory.

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What are Ecommerce Shipping Zones?

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Shipping Zones article originally published by, and permission to publish here provide by Jake Rheude at Carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS use shipping zones to determine the shipping cost of a package. In the continental US, most carriers break down the country into seven shipping zones, (numbered 2-8). ECommerce businesses need to pay attention to shipping zones. Shipping Zone Definition. Shipping zones aren’t fixed.

New online insight hub revealed to increase intelligence resources for supply chain decision makers


The Insight Hub doesn’t just give us an opportunity, for the first time, to house all this industry leading content in one place, it also gives us the scope, resources and platform to create, commission and curate a far broader collection of business-critical intelligence than ever before. In addition, you can’t really understand the full picture of supply chain risk without listening to a webinar we ran entitled: COVID-19: Implications on Inventory Planning, Sourcing and Procurement.

Six Ways Warehouse Inventory Management Software Optimizes Efficiency


The Warehouse Inventory Management Software market grew to $1.4B Warehouse Inventory Management software and systems help reduce infrastructure costs and enable the reallocation of existing IT resources to drive productivity improvements, according to IDC. Warehouse Inventory Management Software is seeing increased adoption as manufacturers expand globally through mergers, acquisitions, and regionally-focused manufacturing strategies.

21 Vendor Metrics Your Supplier Scorecard Might be Missing

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But is your scorecard missing key metrics? It includes a free Excel template that you can modify to match exactly what metrics you want to measure. While some of these metrics might not apply to your business model, there’s definitely a few to add if they measure something important to you and your customers. Be sure not to penalize or reward suppliers based on your choice of shipping method. Specific Quality Metrics. Inventory Levels.

Warehouse Management Software – A Blueprint for Warehouse Excellence & Inventory Management


A Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is one that helps plan, control, and manage the day-to-day manufacturing operations in a warehouse along with the guidance of inventory movement, optimizing order picking, and shipping of customer orders. The WMS guides the overall order and inventory replenishment on the factory floor. The Software is usually used alongside or integrated with a Transportation Management System or an Inventory Management System.

Warehouse Management Software – A Blueprint for Warehouse Excellence & Inventory Management


A Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is one that helps plan, control, and manage the day-to-day manufacturing operations in a warehouse along with the guidance of inventory movement, optimizing order picking, and shipping of customer orders. The WMS guides the overall order and inventory replenishment on the factory floor. The Software is usually used alongside or integrated with a Transportation Management System or an Inventory Management System.

Excess and Obsolete Inventory: You’re All Responsible for It!


The Supply Chain Resource Cooperative held its first ever “Executive Roundtable on Excess and Obsolete Inventory” on the NC State campus on October 25, 2017. In the end, excess and obsolete inventory occurs because of mistakes, mis-aligned decision-making, and lack of consideration of the cost of inventory in countless decisions, including product design, sales forecasting, sales and operations planning, and lack of awareness. Measure life cycle inventory cost.

The Beginner's Guide to Inventory Control and Management

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What is Inventory Control? Here we will try to answer most common questions about Inventory Control and also provide additional resources you can use. What is Inventory Control? Inventory Control can be defined as below: “Inventory control is the function responsible for all decisions about all goods and materials in an organization. Inventory control often starts with how to know the demand of particular product. What is Inventory Cost?

After your product ships (Part 1): Data retailers share and why it’s important


But out of that weekly or daily data deluge, what are the crucial metrics? This metric is the best indicator of true demand because it measures when an end consumer actually buys a product, not just when a retailer places an orders, or sell-in. Ideally, you want to collect and analyze this data at the store level to gain insight into geographic preferences and allocate inventory accordingly. Landing a product on shelves is far from the last step in the sales cycle?—?monitoring

9 More Warehouse Key Performance Indicators for 2020

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For instance, the cost of carrying inventory tells you how much you will spend (as a percentage) to hold and store your inventory annually. When you need to reduce your cost of carrying inventory, it’s important to reduce your inventory by eliminating obsolete, slow-moving, or dead stock inventory. . Internal Operations—Inventory Carrying Costs: Calculating inventory carrying costs is perhaps the most important metric of all.

Control Towers: If Only There Was A Clear Definition

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I was at a customer last week that shipped to distributors and did not know the site of customer facilities. The focus is on functional metrics, but are unable to get to overall supply chain metrics. For example, only 29% of manufacturing companies can access total cost data and 31% struggle to see the impact of business decisions on inventory. The average company has five-to-seven Advanced Planning Systems (APS) and twelve Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions.

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Why Large Companies Increasingly Opt for 4PL Services

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By contrast, the third-party logistics model is where a manufacturer retains oversight of its supply chain but outsources such processes as warehousing, shipping, packing, and distribution to a 3PL provider.

Drivers of Modern-Day Warehouse Management System Adoption

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As the talent shortage worsens, supply chain executives will be forced to adopt a new warehouse management system capable of managing scarce labor resources and deploying automation in warehouses, distribution centers, and logistics networks alike. Inventory Visibility and Optimization, Including Reslotting and Order Streaming. Staying competitive with Amazon , Walmart, Target and other Big Box retailers requires an unmitigated level of inventory visibility and optimization.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Optimize Manufacturing Operations with these 5 Golden Manufacturing Metrics


In order to optimize manufacturing operations, or really just about anything, you need to have at your fingertips the best and most accurate manufacturing metrics around. In today's post, we share 5 Golden Manufacturing Metrics that all manufacturing companies should understand to improve plant operations quality. However, effectively measuring, analyzing, and improving upon those manufacturing metrics is more complicated than it may seem.

How to Get a Job in the Supply Chain Sector

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While this article is intended as an evergreen resource, to help you navigate in your search for a supply chain job, and is not a COVID-19-specific guide, the pandemic has galvanized attention on the industry and its criticality. Human Resources Personnel. Manage inventory levels.

Tips to Reduce Safety Stock With Data and a WMS

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Omnichannel brought an influx of customers to businesses and led to an increase of products and SKUs shipped in multiple modes, in a myriad of ways. Safety stock refers to excess inventory capped within a warehouse or other facility to avoid the problems associated with a product being out of stock, explains Supply Chain 24/7. Some challenges include: Safety stock lowers the efficiency of your inventory management strategy. Track all inventory by SKUs and bin location.

Five Elements of Successful Sales Forecasting


The fundamental job of the forecast is to balance sales and marketing resources against supply capacity planning. Do we have the essential demand-side resources in place (e.g., Sales and marketing resource planning. Without good demand planning, companies face the situation of unhappy customers, late shipments, cancelled orders, excess inventory, longer lead times, expedited shipping costs, and a host of other potential issues. Determining production resource.

Seasoned Leadership in Action! An Interview with Paul Kretz, Head of SCM at Church & Dwight!

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Tight timelines, customer escalations, engineering problems, board presentations, inventory variances etc. The departments were called production and inventory control, warehousing and transportation. How to trade off inventory and transport costs? Have balanced, relevant and valid metrics. Plus, metrics protect you. How should you innovate on the product side for the E-Commerce space with such things as shipping ready packaging? Subscribe Here!

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Why Do We Forget to Define Supply Chain Excellence?

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The implementation of a common ERP system seems to often be thought of as a necessary step to be able to have visibility to the supply chain – how much product is being made/shipped and when, how much product is there on hand at any given time, when did certain transactions happen (root cause investigations), etc. What specific policies, processes, and metrics in the supply chain would achieve success in this strategy?

Lean Manufacturing: Is it Really Worth It? 16 Big Benefits Say, “Yes.”


A company in need of lean manufacturing practices tends to be easy to identify, typically displaying multiple of the following symptoms of operational deficiency: Inventory amasses in buffer stocks. Inventory records, product specs, shipping documents contain errors. There are excess inventories of some materials and shortages of needed. Holding areas are maintained for excess inventory. Shipping containers permit excessive empty space or product damage.

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Quick Start Guide to Using Machine Learning for Demand Planning


Without baseline metrics on what you want to improve on and why, how can you be confident your strategy is working? And because machine learning systems get smarter over time, having a consistent method of measurement is even more important to ensure you can accurately track how outcomes and ROI are improving against established metrics. It’s critical to understand the skills and resources you’ll need for success before kicking off your project.

Ultimate guide to warehouse logistics: Enhance organization, movement, and management

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According to research conducted by BigCommerce , the top three factors that influence consumers’ online purchasing decisions are convenience, cost and free shipping. One of the best ways to reduce shipping costs and ensure fast delivery is by optimizing warehouse logistics.

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The Top 5 Warehousing Best Practices in Supply Chain Management


In the context of warehousing, the idea is to eliminate those wasteful processes that consume resources but may not add any additional value. Advance shipping notification.

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Effectively Manage Foodservice Supply Chains During Disruptions

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This added area of focus can leave many operators feeling strapped for time and resources. Today, many in the restaurant industry take advantage of outsourcing to lower resource costs, increase efficiency, and gain greater expertise.

2020 Requires Big Wings and Feet

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Granular data by volume is a must to be able to manage replenishment, network design, and inventory targets. Companies that directly connect financial data to supply chain data without creating a feasible plan at an item/location level rate themselves significantly lower on S&OP effectiveness creating higher costs, levels of inventory and order short shipments. A simplistic view is that supply chain excellence is the trade-off of cost, inventory and customer service.

The Importance of LTL Freight Management in your Supply Chain

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With additional pressures like increased shipping frequency, it is important for companies to understand the role of LTL freight management within their supply chain. As retailers re-engineer their supply chains to succeed in the marketplace, many tighten control over inventory.

5 Reasons for Small Business Failure


Because spending resources on the product that isn’t valuable in the eye of the customer is never going to make your business a success. You should have your metrics right. Resources like market size ($10B market), potential growth YoY, potential number of users for early traction, competitors, competitor growth rate. The post 5 Reasons for Small Business Failure appeared first on Best Inventory Management Software for Small Businesses - EMERGE App. Introduction.

Why Reverse Logistics Systems and Transportation Management Should Be Considered Together


Product travel in reverse of their original paths from the seller to buyers’ locations, after which they may undergo disassembly and disposal or recycling, or repair or refurbishment, testing, packaging, warehousing, resale, shipping, customer support, and other reverse logistical processes executed by the seller outsourced services. meaningful and accurate performance metrics. Use the 3PL checklist to identify your company’s resource needs.

A Collection of Bad Supply Chain Poems


Carl was an Inventory Manager. So he suggested RapidResponse, To see the metrics he wants, And now he can reset parameters. . PLAN ning to reduce inventory by 10%, Carl, the inventory manager, DO es it using RapidResponse. CHECK ing on the status of the inventory reduction, His boss is impressed by Carl’s ACT ions, so he says, “Carl, thanks for your rapid response!” The Rise of the Inventory Planner. Shipping was all that it cost him.

How to Make the Most of Your Supply Chain Software


The buyer is notified if: a) A supplier has acknowledged a PO with changes, b) If a supplier hasn’t shipped material in a timely manner, and/or. They are concerned about lack of resource alignment across supply chain functions and disconnects between purchasing and operations/manufacturing. ” As we’ve seen in other reports, on time delivery from suppliers is one of the most important metrics observed by executives today.

8 Ways to Make Your Fulfillment Center Run More Efficiently


Supply Chain 24|7 reports that up to 50 percent of labor resources at a fulfillment warehouse are often dedicated to the picking-to-shipping process. Accurate inventory is foundational to success. Many of the biggest hurdles to fulfillment center efficiency start with inventory control issues. If you can’t keep an accurate count of inbound, outbound, and in-stock inventory, it’s hard to keep everything else together.

The Disintermediation of the Supply Chain!

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Most definitions of disintermediation characterize it as the elimination of intermediaries, or “ cutting out the middleman “ Further consider that the “Wastes” associated with Lean thinking and principles include transportation, inventory, over production and motion amongst others. A truly efficient and effective Supply Chain must include a strategy, plans, business processes, and performance metrics that incorporate disintermediation and the elimination of waste!

9 Steps to Establish the Lean Supply Chain: A System of Interconnected & Interdependent Partners


There should be metrics involved to monitor these objectives to ensure success across the supply chain. These metrics should be reviewed frequently to ensure supply chain success. o Space—holding places for unnecessary inventory. o Inventory—inactive raw, work-in-process, or finished goods. When you create your Sales, Inventory, Operations and Production Plan (SIOP) monthly, or more frequently, invite your top Suppliers and Customers to the SIOP meeting.

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