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Manufacturing Connect Seminar 2016. Register for the seminar >>> Events Amsterdam digital supply chain Hilton Amsterdam Airport Hotel innovation JDA Software Manufacturing Manufacturing connect seminar Seminar supply chainDate: 25 May 2016.

Why probabilistic forecasting is better for inventory optimization


In this post we’ll explore how probabilistic forecasting not only creates better forecasts, but also improves inventory optimization by improving the stock levels at store and warehouse locations in your distribution network.

3 Key Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization Challenges and How to Overcome Them


When it comes to inventory optimization , companies often have to play a delicate balancing game to ensure that they have optimal levels of inventory. If your forecast numbers are too high, you run the risk of holding costly excess inventory and reducing available cash on hand.

Supply Chain Opportunities in China

Supply Chain Movement

Hence the companies Bugaboo and Foss have both faced considerable challenges, as they revealed during the recent ‘Supply Chain Opportunities in China’ seminar in Amsterdam on 24 June 2015. The roundtable discussions during the seminar confirmed that it’s a familiar problem.

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Distribution in China takes a detour

Supply Chain Movement

Hence the companies Bugaboo and Foss have both faced considerable challenges, as they revealed during the recent ‘Supply Chain Opportunities in China’ seminar in Amsterdam on 24 June 2015. The roundtable discussions during the seminar confirmed that it’s a familiar problem.

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Managing the Long Tail of the Supply Chain Part 4: Five Takeaways


service levels with 20% inventory reductions. When demand is variable and intermittent, classic forecasting and inventory models do not perform well – many consider items with very low demand rates “unforecastable.”

Supply Chain Management Books

SCM Research

I recently conducted a survey with leading supply chain management researchers and asked them a simple question: “If you were teaching a doctoral seminar, what would you assign as the [.] Patterson, and (6) Foundations of Inventory Theory by Paul Zipkin. most important books for the academic field of SCM (‘must-reads’)?”

The Long Tail of the Supply Chain: Part 2 - Pareto is Dead


Customer service must come from inventories.”. In many companies, the inventory mix is misaligned, and the organization is leaving revenue, margin, and cost benefits on the table.”.

A Supply Chain Evangelist can help your mid-size company get on board with strategic supply chain improvements

Take Supply Chain

As you can imagine, the challenges are many, ranging from poor visibility, productivity, and predictability, to low inventory turns, difficulty gathering data to measure supplier performance, and problems reconciling/matching/paying supplier invoices on time.

Avoid “Lost in Translation”. Monetize S&OP to Include Finance.


Gartner recommends multiplying the planned unit volume: by price to generate monetized revenue plans, by cost to generate monetized inventory plans, by margin to generate monetized profit plans. Finance speaks a different language than supply chain.

S&OP 101

This Week in Logistics News (April 16-19, 2018)

Talking Logistics

I am in Minnesota today, at the CSCMP Twin Cities Roundtable Annual ½ Day Seminar , where I am participating in a keynote session with Rick Blasgen (President & CEO of CSCMP) and Steve Raetz (Director Research & Market Intelligence at C.H.

The Inkblot: Why Flowcasting really isn’t subject to interpretation

The Network Effect

Over the years, I’ve met many people at conferences and seminars who proudly state that “we’re doing CPFR” or “we’re doing S&OP”. Philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it. Karl Marx (1818-1883).

Lean versus EOQ? What’s best for your organization?


EOQ attempts to optimize lot size by balancing manufacturing cost ( Fixed + variable costs) with things like inventory holding costs and capacity utilization. Lean relies on minimization of, among other things, lot sizes, inventory and waiting.

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Executive's Guide to Supply Chain Research

Supply Chain Opz

As a matter of fact, there are so many practices invented by practitioners like us that have very strong influences over the academic world, for example, Vendor Managed Inventory, Theory of Constraints, SCOR Model, S&OP or CPFR.

5 Engagement Strategies in Managing a Relationship With a Transportation Management 3PL


Strategic Logistics: 8 Steps to Controlling Inventory Flow & Driving Warehouse Efficiency. This may include seminars, webinars, conference calls, and training sessions. This is our 9th post in our strategic transportation management and logistics series. When selecting a transportation mangement 3PL to aid you in a robust and effective transportation management strategy , defining the rules of engagement is critical to success. Do you even first understand your own needs?

Top Ten Tips to Boost Supply Chain Performance to Best in Class

Logistics Bureau

I’ll also be providing some step by step guides and tools on these at our Free Seminars Series in February and March, but more on that later. Therefore, you may experience build up in inventory levels, unbalanced inventory deployment and the consequential impacts on customer service and cost.

Central Planning Engines: Lessons from Leibniz


I had the unique opportunity to attend the Dagstuhl Seminar “Modeling and Analysis of Semiconductor Supply Chains” , which focused on managing the end to end supply chain or demand supply network, as Intel refers to it.

Common Supply Chain Mistakes to Avoid

Logistics Bureau

At our seminars I often share case studies demonstrating the impact of not getting this right. Inventory levels across your business. Are You Suffering Too?

RELEX Shares Vision for Unified Retail Planning at its 5th Annual UK Space & Supply Chain Forum

RELEX Solutions

After a welcome introduction by Ms Luostarinen, RELEX Group CEO Mikko Kärkkäinen kicked off the main seminar by providing a quick overview of RELEX’s progress to date.

Why Your Supply Chain Isn’t Best in Class

Logistics Bureau

I’m actually going to go into each of these 8 Tips in a lot more detail at our next Free Breakfast Seminar. That Free Breakfast Seminar. Why aren’t you there yet? We constantly strive for Best in Class Supply Chain performance , but only 20% of companies ever achieve it.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the APICS CSCP Exam

Supply Chain Cowboy

The CPIM certification is more targeted toward those looking at careers in inventory management. APICS is very liberal in accepting most seminars or classes as continuing education. Most one-day seminars count for 8 points – so doing one a year gives you 40 points. Earning your APICS CSCP Certification has many benefits for anyone working in supply chain, but the process also comes with many questions.

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10 Issues Keeping Manufacturers and Distributors Up At Night for 2015


Lot’s of questions here as many manufacturers and distributors are questioning what is beyond promotions, events / seminars and brand messaging. Price management, inventory management, process optimization, and utilizing appropriate metrics to drive performance (and compensation) are critical.

Top 25 Supply Chains of 2018

Material Handling & Logistics

The rankings are based on a composite score based on the opinions of Gartner’s analysts; a group of peer voters (mostly supply chain practitioners, professionals and experts; in the interests of full disclosure, I myself am part of the peer panel); some metrics, including return on assets, inventory growth and revenue growth; and a corporate social responsibility (CSR) component score.

Start-Up Chile Helps Kick-Start Anderson Entrepreneurs - UCLA.

The UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog

Eric Kriegstein (12) won seed funding for a company called SeatUp, a mobile-auction platform that enabled airlines to auction off premium seats and unused inventory in the final hours before a flight takes off. UCLA Anderson Hosts Steinbeck Family Business Seminar.

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