MediaMarkt Sweden looks to Relex to transform its supply chain

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

MediaMarkt Sweden has selected Relex to automate and optimise its supply chain. Relex, whose retail planning solutions have delivered impressive results for customers worldwide, will replace the retailer's largely manual supply chain management processes

How Carlsberg Sweden Improved Warehouse Productivity with Laser-Guided Vehicles

Logistics Bureau

However, over the last decade, Carlsberg , one of the world’s largest brewing companies, improved warehouse productivity and efficiency at its production and storage facility in Falkenberg, Sweden, by phasing in fully automated full-pallet processes alongside manual picking and consolidation of mixed and part-pallet orders.


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Grocery Giant ICA Sweden is Making its Replenishment More Efficient with RELEX

RELEX Solutions

ICA Sweden, Sweden’s leading grocery retailer, is optimizing its supply chain processes with the help of retail planning expert RELEX Solutions by making its forecasting and replenishment more proactive. ICA Sweden , one of the biggest retailers in the Nordic region, wanted better support and decided to update its largely manual replenishment process because of the size and complexity of its operations. Read PDF.

Green Supply Chain News on Sweden Makes Bold Push for Green Vehicles by Electrifying Its Highways

Supply Chain Digest

System Uses Powered Track that Charges Cars and Trucks as They Travel, with Goal to Convert all 20,000 Kilometers of the Major Highways in Sweden

Iptor achieves multiple success in Nordics

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Iptor, the Swedish-based, global provider enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, planning and logistics software and services, reports exceptional success in Norway, Sweden and Finland in the first half of 2020

Here it Comes, as Office Complex in Sweden Offers Option of Embedded RFID for Workers to Automate Access, Buy Lunch

Supply Chain Digest

Many have Concerns, but Group in Country Seeks 100 Participants to Test and Study the Technology. Turning off Your Key Fob if You are Behind on Car Payment

Supply Chain by the Numbers for Week of June 30, 2016

Supply Chain Digest

Sweden Testing Electric Highway for TrucksNew Panama Canal Finally Opens. 3D Printing Losing Some Steam. Walmart Continues to Expand Its dot com Business, but is it Enoug.

Will 2021 be about Cost Reduction or Strategic Supplier Relationships?


Ivalua was honoured to provide some commentary on the survey results during a webinar with PWC in Sweden, as the 2020 survey is even more fascinating.

Survey 141

With Brexit Looming, New Supply Chain Requirements Emerge


Optilon was founded in 2005 and is today active throughout the Nordic region with offices in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. On October 31st, the United Kingdom will leave the EU, with or without an exit deal. This, combined with the 2019 EU election results that changed the political landscape, opens speculation regarding this alternative reality, and what requirements it would put on companies in the EU.

Volvo Trucks ME is training the region's truck drivers

Logistics Middle East

Run by qualified instructors in Sweden, the Volvo Trucks Driver Development Programme covers health and safety, safety and fuel consumption

RELEX Retail & Supply Chain Award 2017: Best Master’s Thesis, Europe

RELEX Solutions

Aleksandra Korościk and Santiago Gomez, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden. Catarina Svensson and Anna Johansson, Linköping University, Sweden. Richard Lämsä and Sebastian Mattson, Lund University, Sweden. RELEX is looking for the best Retail and Supply Chain Master’s Thesis submitted in a European university during the year 2017. Are you a recently graduated supply chain specialist or finalizing your master’s thesis with a focus on retail planning?

RELEX Retail & Supply Chain Award 2019: Best Master’s Thesis, Europe

RELEX Solutions

cik and Santiago Gomez, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden Improvement of store operations in the fast fashion industry Read more about the winners of the 2016 award. 2015 Catarina Svensson and Anna Johansson, Linköping University, Sweden Improving efficiency of store logistics – A case study based on a retail company Read more about the winners of the 2015 award.

Supply Chain Innovation: Plan or Perish in the “Cold Chain”


Findus Sverige AB is one of Sweden’s leading food companies, producing and distributing more than 800 finished goods items. Note: There will be no blog post next week due to summer holidays. If it’s hot in August, you can duck in and out of air-conditioning. But that’s not the case with goods in the supply chain that always need to be kept cold. The “cold chain” poses a major execution problem—maintaining product integrity across dimensions like temperature and humidity.

Catalyst and Digital Journeyman, Kay Lummistch’s API Program Ramp-up Workshop — key takeaways


Axway’s Catalyst and Digital Journeyman, Kay Lummistch presented an API Program Ramp-up Workshop at Southern Sweden’s biggest Food Processing & Packaging Industry company in September. When Kay spoke with Jörgen Nilsson, many exciting key takeaways from the event on digital … API Management Digital Transformation api digital transformation

Transforming the Grocery Shopping Experience with Last Mile Delivery


According to the survey conducted quarterly by Bain & Company among nearly 9,500 consumers in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Sweden, around 25% of the European participants claimed that they are still reluctant to go to physical stores despite the lifting of restrictions.

The Absolut Company: Balancing Service and Inventory Creates a Delicious Mix


That’s also allowing Absolut to keep its production, from sourcing materials to distilling and bottling, anchored in a small corner of southern Sweden.” The world’s #2 selling vodka brand leaves nothing to chance when it comes to quality and sustainability. Here’s how they teamed up with ToolsGroup partner Optilon for a seamless supply chain planning process.

RELEX Retail & Supply Chain Award 2018: Best Master’s Thesis, Europe

RELEX Solutions

cik and Santiago Gomez, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden. 2015 Catarina Svensson and Anna Johansson, Linköping University, Sweden Improving efficiency of store logistics – A case study based on a retail company Read more about the winners of the 2015 award. 2014 Richard Lämsä and Sebastian Mattson, Lund University, Sweden Investigation of buying in retail companies – Understanding the effects of a central warehouse Read more about the winners of the 2014 award.

Supply Chain Planning with Microsoft Dynamics AX


At Kronans , a large pharmacy chain in Sweden, each local pharmacy manager was manually setting order parameters for every item , a time-consuming process that led to sub-optimal inventory levels. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a powerful mid-market ERP platform with the capacity for medium-size companies to expand and transform their businesses. But growth poses supply chain planning (SCP) challenges.

American Software Reports Third Quarter of Fiscal Year 2021 Results


During the quarter, SaaS subscription and/or software license agreements were signed with customers located in the following 11 countries: Australia, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden, Tunisia, United Kingdom, and United States.

Report 130

Accelerate Digitisation in the Supply Chain – Leveraging a Data-driven Approach to Optimisation – LogiSYM August 2020

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Today the company has over 230 team members located across the globe including Singapore, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sweden, South Africa, Ivory Coast, France, Romania, UAE, Ghana, and Nigeria.

Data 141

How Disruptive is Global E-Commerce? More Than You Think

Talking Logistics

We have heard similar stories in Sweden and the U.S. Like Sweden, they are already starting to recognize there is a significant hole in their management of imports and are putting effort into policies, practices and technology that helps to ensure they are getting all of their money. This could take the form of extended collection services as mentioned in Sweden to rejection of shipments in the country of origin in the case of non-compliance with import regulations.

Using Weather and Climate Data to Improve Demand Forecasting


For instance, in a recent application that involved temperature and ice cream, a consumer goods company deployed machine learning to develop a model for five European countries: Germany, Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and France. Editor's Note: This is the second in a three part series on advanced demand analytics to improve demand forecasting. Part One of the series, New Product Introduction (NPI), can be found here.

Åhléns Looks to RELEX for Supply Chain Transformation

RELEX Solutions

About Åhléns The family business Åhléns was founded in 1899 in Insjön and is today one of Sweden’s strongest brands, with 57 department stores in Sweden and e-commerce at Read PDF. Iconic Swedish retailer targets better visibility, higher availability and lower inventory. Leading Swedish department store chain Åhléns has signed a deal to use RELEX Solutions’ pragmatic AI-driven software to take its retail planning to the next level.

Runsvengruppen Integrates Inventory Planning Between Central Warehouse and Stores with RELEX Solutions

RELEX Solutions

Runsvengruppen, which operates ÖoB, one of Sweden’s leading discount chains, has chosen RELEX’s supply chain solutions to integrate planning and inventory control between its central warehouse and stores. ” “Runsvengruppen with ÖoB, is a well-established part of Sweden’s retail landscape,” says Christian Brunberg, Director of Sales, Scandinavia at RELEX Solutions. About ÖoB ÖoB is a leading discount chain and one of the top ten strongest retail brands in Sweden.

Robots are Taking Over the Roads (and Everywhere Else)

Oracle SCM

In April, a convoy of semi-automated smart trucks completed their first European cross-border trip, journeying from Sweden and southern Germany and ending in Rotterdam. I attended the Gartner Supply Chain Conference in London a couple of weeks ago, and one of the topics that was discussed was the rise of robotics, especially in manufacturing and logistics.

RELEX Retail & Supply Chain Award 2016: Best Master’s Thesis, Europe

RELEX Solutions

Catarina Svensson and Anna Johansson, Linköping University, Sweden. Richard Lämsä and Sebastian Mattson, Lund University, Sweden. RELEX is looking for the best Retail and Supply Chain Master’s Thesis submitted in a European university during the year 2016. Are you a recently graduated supply chain specialist or finalizing your master’s thesis with a focus on retail planning?

Supply Chain Predictions 2020: Uncertainty Demands Resilience


Anders Remneback, Product Manager, Optilon AB (Stockholm, Sweden). It’s been an interesting decade for supply chain: just when you think things can’t get any crazier, a new extreme weather event, political drama or tech start-up pops up, disrupting entire industries. Global supply chains are particularly vulnerable to the changes triggered by these events, including increased regulation, new tariffs and radical shifts in demand patterns. .

Turkey 120

3 Uses of IoT Tech Spurring Sustainability in Supply Chains


In fact, according to Alberta energy providers , efficiency, stemmed from the use of IoT Tech, itself is now being referred to as the “fifth fuel” - in 11 International Energy Agency member countries (America, Australia, Britain, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands and Sweden) improvements in efficiency allowed for savings equal to 1.4 The Internet has already transformed the way individuals interact, make choices, and process information.

DB Schenker to secure deliveries with Zetes

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

ensure a seamless and continuous flow of goods with a lean and optimised supply chain, the operator will implement Zebra handheld terminals and fully managed services in Sweden and Denmark, as part of a wider European implementation Global logistics provider DB Schenker will enhance its delivery processes with Zetes.To

The need to know


Amazon starts preparations to launch in Sweden. Inc has started preparations to launch in Sweden, marking its first step to establish a local presence in a Nordic country. The need to know from Reuters global network of journalists.

Game of Chains

Supply Chain Movement

Volvo has similar kinds of partnerships with a number of retailers in Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. The traditional boundaries between sectors and industries are blurring, or even vanishing, due to the increasing digitalization of business globally. It’s now much easier for new digital players to enter – and completely transform – existing markets.

The results of a national referendum on ‘fair food’ laws: transparency roundup


Food Matters Live have looked at an online survey conducted by the European Food Information Council in 2016 with 2,000 shoppers across UK, Poland, France & Sweden. However when respondents were told that some ‘free-from’ claims may not always mean healthier, those in Poland & France felt reduced trust in these types of claims whereas those in UK & Sweden were generally ‘not surprised’.

An Example of Outstanding Change Management


Q: Sweden is a long country and the seasons don’t start at the same time, how will the system know when allergy season starts in different parts of the country? Managing change at the individual level is essential to realize benefits across the organization. Companies pick supply chain planning software based on the benefits to the business. But they install the software successfully—and realize the gains—when they convince users of those benefits.

Cyber Attacks Are Major Risk in New Global Resilience Ranking

Material Handling and Logistics

Looking at the rankings Switzerland again holds the top spot in overall resilience in the index, followed by Luxembourg and Sweden—all the same as last year. Cyber risk is just one of the indicators of the index which reflects data related to economics, natural hazards and supply chains, and addresses concerns about business risks including political upheaval, fire and hurricanes.

4 Questions with IKEA Food’s Digital Transformation Leader, Lars Gunnarsson


But even the first IKEA store in Älmhult in Sweden included a restaurant. People came from all over Sweden to visit the store and eventually got hungry. NRF 2020 is right around the corner, and we are thrilled to highlight our customer IKEA Food in their digital transformation journey in our booth, 4237.

Food 63