Is Your Planning System Mature Enough?

DELMIA Quintiq

But then, your expert left the company and you lose the one person who knows how to work and adjust the carefully-crafted system that plans all your operations. Dassault Systemes’ DELMIA Quintiq Logistics Planner offers an all-in-one solution for logistics planning.

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China Logistics Blockchain System

Operations and Supply Chain Management

and its payments affiliate Ant Financial Group , the WSJ Logistics Report’s Costas Paris writes, setting up a three-legged support system for technology meant to track goods across seaborne supply chains. TradeLens has a long list of logistics operators and ports signed up. Analytics ERP/Software LogisticsA China-based blockchain platform for the shipping sector is taking shape. State-run container line Cosco Shipping Holdings Ltd.

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6 Benefits of Effective a Reverse Logistics System & The 9 Core RevLog Metrics to Track


While conventional logistics optimizes the flow of goods from producer to consumer, reverse logistics manages the processes for inverting that flow to deal with returned parts, materials and products from the consumer back to the producer. Thus, reverse logistics management has developed into a discipline that produces cost reductions, adds efficiencies and improves the consumer experience. BONUS: Download the Ultimate Guide to Transportation Reverse Logistics White Paper.

Why Reverse Logistics Systems and Transportation Management Should Be Considered Together


Needs for efficient reverse logistics systems continue to increase as e-commerce claims greater market share, and as so many traditionally functioning businesses grow and inevitably incur increasing volume of returns. This presents opportunities for developing new revenue streams, an exciting challenge to logistics professionals. Need For Reverse Logistics Breeds Opportunity. Efficiently managing reverse logistics is a daunting challenge for many businesses.

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

stored in multiple legacy systems, which prevents HR leaders from. systems before they were deployed. logistics information. The next. wave of. AI-led. recruiting Four ways machines are enabling their. human counterparts to hire smarter. 2A lly O | T h e n ex t.

The Growing Need for Digital Yard Management Systems

Talking Logistics

Why did the need for Digital Yard Management Systems surge during the pandemic? Digital Yard Management Systems (YMS) play a critical role in helping companies automate processes and offset the impacts of the global pandemic and other supply chain disruptions.

E-Commerce Supply Chains Need These Supply Chain Tech Systems


As evidenced by the most recent peak shipping season, the need for effective, high-quality logistics and warehouse management has never been higher. The post E-Commerce Supply Chains Need These Supply Chain Tech Systems appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. E-commerce will continue to grow significantly through 2020 and beyond.

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Making A Difference: Capital Logistics, Echo Global Logistics, & Descartes

Talking Logistics

This episode features Greg Ackner, VP at Capital Logistics, Jay Gustafson, SVP of Marketplace Solutions at Echo Global Logistics, Read more Making A Difference: Capital Logistics, Echo Global Logistics, & Descartes. The post Making A Difference: Capital Logistics, Echo Global Logistics, & Descartes appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

E-Commerce Needs These Supply Chain Systems !

Supply Chain Game Changer

Why don’t you have a TMS (Transportation Management System) Solution yet? Supply Chain Systems article and permission to publish here provided by Dave Joseph at Warehouse Management System. The WMS connects to supplier systems and reseller POS platforms.

10 Reasons to Consider a Transportation Management System (TMS)

The Network Effect

by Nilam Oswal, Software Analyst, If your company functions in retail, distribution, manufacturing, e-commerce or third party logistics, chances. The post 10 Reasons to Consider a Transportation Management System (TMS) appeared first on The Network Effect. Logistics Supply Chain Management Transportation Visibility logistics TMS transportation

Voice Technology – The Bridge Between Today and Tomorrow’s Logistics Systems

Logistics Viewpoints

The post Voice Technology – The Bridge Between Today and Tomorrow’s Logistics Systems appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Guest Commentary Logistics Trends Warehouse Automation voice voice picking voice technology warehouse automationWhen you think about future and modern technologies, or digitization in supply chain, what comes to mind?

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The Transportation Management System Barbell

Talking Logistics

One of my supply chain and logistics predictions for this year was that the transportation management system (TMS) market will become more barbell-shaped ( mirroring what is happening in the third-party logistics industry ). “We’re Based on recent announcements by LeanLogistics and MercuryGate (which are both Talking Logistics sponsors), it looks like the broader, more integrated, and feature-rich end of the TMS barbell is getting larger.

Top 5 Practical Freight & Logistics Applications of Blockchain-Based Systems


While there is much truth to the hype, it is important to stay practical and understand the logistics applications of blockchain and what they mean for you and your organization. Logistics Applications of Blockchain Maintain Data for All Parties. Logistics applications of blockchain all derive from maintaining an incorruptible data resource. Payment Management Forms Another Key Freight-Use for Blockchain-Based Systems. It also affects reverse logistics.

For Cummins, PINC Yard Management System is a Game Changer


Bridget McCrea, editor at Logistics Management Magazine, brings to life an very interesting story about how trailer yards have become a vey important part of inventory visibility across the supply chain. and how PINC Yard Management System was a game changer for the heavy manufacturing company. technology transportation supply chain logistics yard management system digital yard management Cummins, Inc

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[PODCAST] Transportation Management System Adoption & ROI Improved thru Effective Change Management


Transportation Management System Adoption & Supply Chain Technology Resources to Download The Uses and Substantial Benefits of Transportation Management Systems Download a Copy of the E-Book The Future Of Supply Chain, Logistics & Manufacturing: How Technology Is Transforming Industries Download a More. Podcast TMS Transportation Management System Adoption

[Video] Making A Difference: Capital Logistics, Echo Global Logistics, & Descartes

Talking Logistics

Read more [Video] Making A Difference: Capital Logistics, Echo Global Logistics, & Descartes. The post [Video] Making A Difference: Capital Logistics, Echo Global Logistics, & Descartes appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

Insights into ERP systems in supply chain planning and implementation


In my interview we discuss how to define enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in supply chain planning, the reasons why we need ERP systems, problems faced with implementation and how to successfully implement a new ERP system in a corporation. In the interview that follows, William will introduce some key concepts and share insights gained from his extensive experience with ERP systems and supply chain planning. DM: Can you talk about why we need ERP systems?

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Supply Chain Technology Integration: Making the New Technology & Legacy Systems’ Marriage Last


However, simply wiping out your existing systems, which can represent millions of dollars in past investments, is not the answer. While modern supply chain technology systems allow for broad customization, keep your eye on the prize, not the bells and whistles of something out of reach. Another frequent error in the new tech-legacy system marriage comes when companies assume integration stops at implementation.

Transportation Management Systems as a Service (TMSaaS) Transform the Logistics Industry


Last year, the technology trends in logistics seemed straightforward, and many of our technology predictions came true. The use of the new technologies, ranging from robotics to value-added services within transportation management systems (TMSs) saw greater implementation across supply chains via TMSaas, and widely-held beliefs about the supply chain’s limitations were tested. Technology in logistics grew beyond imagination in 2016, and you need to understand how and why.

A Transportation Management System or Managed Transportation Services? Why Not Both?

Logistics Viewpoints

Last year the ARC Advisory Group did a study on the ROI a shipper would get by having their transportation managed by a third party logistics firm. We’ve done similar research on transportation systems (TMSs). Logistics Outsourcing Logistics Service Providers Transportation Management Systems Filtration Group Managed Transportation Redwood Supply Chain Systems TMS

Best Pick and Pack Shipping Systems for 2014

The Logistics of Logistics

Best Pick and Pack Shipping Systems for 2014. With software plugged into your warehouse management system, picking and shipping orders has become a lot more accurate. Chirag Patel from Fairway Fulfillment & Logistics explores three popular pick and pack shipping systems in 2014. Also the benefits of each of the shipping system and potential suppliers to advance your warehousing operation. Voice-Directed Picking Systems. Mobile Cart Picking Systems.

Parcel Post & Last Mile Logistics: E-commerce Series (Part 4)

C3 Solutions

The companies that provide last-mile delivery services to the e-commerce world are masters of supply chain efficiency – most of the time. Part 4 of our E-commerce Series provides an overview of how 3PL providers are evolving to keep up with the surge in consumerism brought to us by e-commerce movements like the 'Amazon effect'.

Integrating Blockchain With Other Supply Chain Systems


Systems that work together can ensure that all parties in the supply chain have access to the information and resources necessary to fulfill more orders and please customers. The introduction of blockchain technology is no different from traditional upgrades to supply chain management systems.

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How An ERP System Can Increase Your Supply Chain Productivity


When it comes to your logistical operations, you need to be thinking about several key things. A system where problems are caught and solved quickly? This is where cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems can help. An ERP system essentially streamlines administration, consolidating all information and business processes from across the supply chain, which has a hugely positive impact on productivity.

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BluJay’s partnership with Raven Logistics provides a single transport system

BluJay Solutions

BluJay Solutions, a leading global provider of software and services for supply chain management, is launching a new partnership with Raven Logistics. The post BluJay’s partnership with Raven Logistics provides a single transport system appeared first on BluJay Solutions Ltd.

Terex AWP: New Yard Management System Works like a Charm


yard management system digital yard Terex Logistics ViewpointsClint Reiser , Director of supply chain research for ARC Advisory Group and a contributor to, just published a very interesting article about how Terex is using digital technology for yard management to locate and identify over fifty thousand finished products a year in one of their facilities. Here's a quick excerpt from the original article.

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Bitcoin: A New Supply Chain Operating System?

Talking Logistics

Casey and Paul Vigna – that opened my eyes to bitcoin’s true potential: as a new operating system for supply chain networks. Bitcoins exist purely as entries in an accounting system [emphasis mine] — a transparent public ledger known as the ‘blockchain’ that records balances and transfers among special bitcoin ‘addresses.’ Will blockchain become a new operating system for Supply Chain Operating Networks? The post Bitcoin: A New Supply Chain Operating System?

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PINC’s Matt Yearling named Rock Star of the Supply Chain by Food Logistics magazine


UNION CITY, CA – April 6, 2020 — Food Logistics , the only publication exclusively dedicated to covering the movement of product through the global food supply chain, has named Matt Yearling, CEO of PINC to its 2020 Food Logistics Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain award.

Food 130

Which Industries will Demand Greater Logistics Capabilities in 2019

C3 Solutions

This post was originally posted on and written by Adam Robinson, Marketing Manager at Cerasis.

[PODCAST] The Current State of Warehouse Management Systems & Their Role in Creating a More Effective Supply Chain


Veridian helps clients deploy Manhattan Associates, HighJump Software, and JDA Software’s latest supply chain suite to talk about the current state of warehouse management systems. What it the Current State of Warehouse Management Systems & Their Role in an Effective Supply Chain? What the drivers behind a company’s decision are to move from a home-grown WMS to a system that is developed by a third party. Logistics & Supply Chain Resources to Download.

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Tips for Effectively Managing E-Commerce Logistics


Yet, as few as 33 percent of shippers have taken advantage of a transportation management system (TMS), reports Michael of Levans of Logistics Management. What Are the Challenges in Managing E-Commerce Logistics? E-Commerce LogisticsE-commerce is in the middle of a boom.

What Drives an Investment in a Warehouse Management System? 5 Considerations for Your Selection


While logistics had remained the same for decades, the rise of modern civilization has transformed the industry. Small shipping companies have grown into larger third-party logistics providers , and warehouse management has become more focused on efficiency and accuracy instead of quantity of shipments. Transportation costs make up 60 percent of overall logistics expenses for all shippers and 3PLs. Understanding Warehouse Management Systems.

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The 4 Step Process to Integrate a New TMS into Existing Logistics Systems from a TMS Provider


Third-party logistics providers, or a 3PL service provider , have worked to help encourage efficiency within the shipping process through the use of a Transportation Management System, or TMS. How flexible is the system to customize to my unique business logic? Will my current OE, MRP, ERP, or other database systems allow for integration ?”. When you begin planning for the integration of a TMS, you need to do some homework about the planned system integration.

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The Indispensable Role of WMS in Reverse Logistics


Reverse logistics is filled with risk, and the rate of reverse logistics in e-commerce is higher than any other channel, reports Business2Community. Using a WMS in reverse logistics can help meet this rise in demand and increase customer satisfaction.

Value-adding Features of a Great Freight Rating System Within a TMS


There is more at stake in the choice of a freight rating system. When shopping for a Freight Rating Software System with TMS, look for key points that will add value and provide additional benefits for shippers. The Basic Functionality of a Freight Rating System. The fundamentals of a Freight Rating System match a user’s shipping and freight characteristics and a carrier’s service and price options. Useful Features in a Freight Rating System.

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