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5 fundamental ways to reduce Last mile Delivery Costs


The term “last mile” is more than just a buzzword in the logistics and supply chain industry, concerning the transportation of goods to the final destination. You can measure your fleet performance with 5 key metrics for last mile delivery. Source 1. Source 3. Rather than thousands of middle distribution channels, these urban warehouses are now near the highly populated areas for quicker and more convenient shipping.

The Elegance of the Costco Supply Chain!

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Fewer SKUs and suppliers mean less complicated logistics. This is a massive source of efficiency. Given the set up of the store Costco has all goods shipped, replenished and fulfilled in full pallet quantities. By working with suppliers to optimize the amount of product on a pallet Costco is able to reduce handling, maximize truck capacity utilization, and lower logistics costs. Costco eliminates the middle man in logistics bypassing distributors all together.

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50 expert warehouse optimization tips and techniques

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Not only does warehouse optimization result in a healthier bottom line, but it also improves key warehouse metrics like accurate orders and on-time delivery. Where is your picking operation located with respect to shipping and product storage? “The overall amount of time it takes for raw materials or parts to make their way through your warehouse and onto store shelves is another key metric in determining your success as a warehouse supervisor.

The Supply Chain Carbon Footprint Reduction Strategy

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The links between these nodes are the freight, transportation and logistics players who move the goods throughout the Supply Chain. Low cost sourcing is a predominant reason for this geographically dispersed network. Do they have a plan to get all of their energy needs from sustainable and renewable sources? Logistics/Link Supplier Selection/Management. Selecting carriers that are environmentally conscious should also be preeminent in your Logistics strategy.

Food Waste and World Hunger – The Food Supply Chain is Broken! (Videos)

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Video Source: [link]. Consumers are the biggest source of food waste in developed countries as they discard at least 20-30% of what they purchase. And problems in harvesting, quality standards, storage, shipping costs, and handling all create food waste. Table Source: [link]. ” Source: [link]. Check out ReFed’s Roadmap to Reduce Food Waste: Video Source: [link]. Subscribe Here! Email Address. Check out The Baby Supply Chain!

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