Survey Finds Significant Success in the 3PL Industry Across the Supply Chain Industry


This post is from a press release sent to us regarding the recent survey of the 3PL industry. This survey continues to point towards the success 3PLs are having for their clients. Survey Points to Continued Success of Shippers and the 3PL Industry. The annual surveys, which this year included the CEOs of 30 of the world's largest 3PLs, found that more than 80 percent of the companies surveyed were profitable in 2014. North American CEOs predicted that 6.54

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Demand Planning Survey Shines Light on Supply Chain Attitudes


Dan Gilmore at Supply Chain Digest has some interesting survey numbers that may light a fire under some demand planning teams. Is Demand Planning just a stepping stone?

Demand Planning Survey Shines Light on Supply Chain Attitudes


Dan Gilmore at Supply Chain Digest has some interesting survey numbers that may light a fire under some demand planning teams. Is Demand Planning just a stepping stone?

What are your wants and needs in supply chain?

Supply Chain Movement

These are just some questions you will come across filling out this survey. The research is an extension of the Supply Chain Technology User Wants and Needs survey that Gartner has run in North America for the past eight years and we are hoping to draw comparisons between the US and Europe.

New Survey Says Alignment of Supply Chain and Business Strategies Is Critical to Success

Creating Supply Chain Excellence

According to a recent survey by Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium, nearly 80 percent of participants agree. From a global view, survey participants from North America believe their supply chains are of greater value to their companies than do the rest of the world.

RELEX Survey Reveals Opportunities for Grocers to Boost Operational Efficiency and Reduce Fresh Food Waste

RELEX Solutions

In a new survey sponsored by RELEX Solutions, nearly three quarters of grocery retailers cited the market as more competitive than ever before and only 10% see new opportunities for growth opening up, adding that their top priority is improving operational efficiency. Four out of five of the companies participating in the survey replied that fresh products are “Very Important” to their businesses. Read PDF.

Gartner and Supply Chain Media formalise partnership to gain new industry insights in Europe

Supply Chain Movement

In the coming months, the two organisations will be working together on several joint projects including the Gartner Top 25 and three supply cha in surveys. The first joint initiative, a European supply chain survey, will be conducted from late January through to March.

Manufacturing Nearshoring Will Have an Impact on Supply Chain Automation

Supply Chain 24/7

AlixPartners 2016 annual survey of manufacturing and distribution companies serving North America and western Europe found that 69% say they consider near shoring a possible opportunity to meet US and European demand, this up from just 40% in last year’s analysis

Academic Positions in Supply Chain Management

SCM Research

A premium resource, dedicated to academic positions in logistics, is the Academic Hiring Survey (pdf), provided by The Ohio State University. If you are looking for a position in North America, then the following webpages might be helpful: Decision Sciences Institute Placement Services and INFORMS Career Center (both pages contain some positions outside North America, too). Are you considering an academic career in supply chain management?

Will the New Tax Bill Bring Overseas Profits Back Home?

Supply Chain Brain

At least one recent survey suggests that the result could be different this time. Late last year, prior to passage of the tax bill, financial technology provider C2FO surveyed corporate treasurers and other financial executives about what they would do in the event of a repatriation tax holiday or deep tax cut. Still, over half of the companies surveyed by C2FO last year indicated that they wouldn’t take advantage of a tax cut on repatriated profits.

Top Insights about Supply Chain Network Design – benefits, tips and what your competitors are doing


Supply Chain Insights research found that out of 110 survey respondents, 79 (72%) have a SCND process in place. The survey was conducted online among professionals from a variety of industries, including industrial manufacturing, food and beverage, retail, CPG and pharma.

Reactive Supply Chain Risk Management is No Longer Viable

Material Handling & Logistics

New survey finds that only 27% of companies have structured, quantitative assessment of financial impact related to supply chains. Today’s procurement landscape is evolving, as is the role of today’s procurement leaders,” said Bill DeMartino, General Manager of North America at riskmethods.

Digital Transformation in the Supply Chain: Closing the Gap Between Current Reality and Future Expectations

Talking Logistics

Together with Cap Gemini, GT Nexus recently surveyed over 325 executives from large companies in North America and Europe to gain insight on the current state of digital transformation in the supply chain and where companies expect to be in 5 years.

[Infographic] 21st Third Party Logistics Study Shows Increased Use of 3PLs & Shippers


In fact, 44 percent of shippers and 86 percent of 3PLs surveyed cite collaboration with competitors as a strategic value in entering and continuing the 3PL-shipper partnership. Global Growth and Use of 3PLs Outpaces Partnerships in North America.

Winning strategies to defeat supply chain planning complexity


The West Coast port congestion in North America proved to be a game changer for businesses, with preparation being the winning factor. As revealed in a survey by eyefortransport , demand forecasting is the top challenge in supply chain planning.

State of Logistics Outsourcing: Plenty of Room for Growth as Shipper Dissatisfaction & Technology Expectations Increase


A recent survey conducted by ETF has revealed that 3PL service providers are quite optimistic regarding their company’s business prospects in the next 12 months. After China, other regions that have growth potential, according to 3PL and supply chain executives, are North America, Asia (not including China and India) and Western Europe, in that order. Even North America and Europe, which are well-established markets, have plenty of room for growth.

Managing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) For Future Growth


A recent survey completed by IQMS of 151 North American manufacturers found that the fastest growing manufacturers can orchestrate analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), mobile and real-time monitoring to grow 10% faster than their peers.

Nothing Easy About Supplier Relationship Management

Talking Logistics

29, 2014): By year’s end, chief executives at all of America’s Fortune 500 companies should get a letter signed by the president of the American Bar Association. companies liable for child labor, slavery, human trafficking and dangerous working conditions among their suppliers, the risks to corporate brands grows by the day, said Chris Johnson, the former general counsel of General Motors North America who heads the ABA business section’s supply-chain initiative.

Getting Down to Brass Tacks: Can We Really Collaborate?

Supply Chain Shaman

As the bricks and mortar retailer is attacked by eCommerce pure plays—Amazon in North America, Alibaba in China, and Flipcart in India—assortment and excitement in the store become paramount to lure customers. We would love your input as we close the survey.

Industry 4.0’s Potential Needs To Be Proven On The Shop Floor


The survey was conducted by Market Measurement, Inc., The survey included 230 executives at U.S. BDOs’ survey results reflect what I’m hearing from manufacturers. Manufacturing Across America Manufacturing Trends & News Technology & Automation erp Industry 4.0

Wages rising strongly among US warehouse workers


Warehouse workers consistently rank pay as their number one priority according to a new survey from ProLogistix and EmployBridge. The survey found that among workers who had moved job, 85% moved for more than $1 per hour and 27% for more than $2 per hour.

Gaining Clarity on Inventory Effectiveness

Supply Chain Shaman

As shown in Table 1, companies that rate themselves as more effective meeting their inventory goals are more likely to be located in North America than Europe. In closing, we cannot complete surveys without the help of our readers. It was a hard survey to complete.

Real-Time Monitoring Fuels IoT Growth In Manufacturing


Manufacturers in the high-performance cohort captured in our latest survey are using real-time monitoring to aggregate metrics and gain a 360-degree view of manufacturing operations accessible from any mobile or handheld device.

An Open Letter to all Women


Today, I am responsible for all of the North America marketing programs for an international best of breed supply chain planning solution company. 2018 Women in Supply Chain Survey. 1–17, 2018 Women in Supply Chain Survey. ** O’Marah, Kevin.

The Bad News and the Really Bad News for Retailers Fighting

Supply Chain Nation

Revenue for Amazon’s North America segment—the bulk of its retail business—was $79.8 If it’s now massive North America segment continues to grow at 25 percent a year, it will take only three more years for Amazon to add another $76 billion in annual revenue. The 2017 Retail Vision Study queried close to 1,700 retail executives from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

Closing the Gap Between Supply Chain and Business Strategies

Creating Supply Chain Excellence

Using its benchmarking and survey tools, the Consortium conducted a survey about aligning supply chain strategy with business strategy. With 172 respondents to the survey, the overall result is clear: nearly 80% of respondents believe supply chain is an enabler of business strategy.

International Sales Will Continue to Grow Say SMEs

Material Handling & Logistics

small and middle market enterprises (SMEs) are feeling very optimistic about the international market according to the 2018 American Express Grow Global Survey. The third annual survey of over 500 domestically-based companies selling outside of the U.S.

Reflections on Hard Hats and Safety Shoes…

Supply Chain Shaman

When the added costs of transportation and inventory working capital impacts are added, there is a solid logic to bringing manufacturing back to North America. Mexico has become more attractive, and many companies are looking at alternative sourcing in Latin and South America. If you fill out the survey, and share your story, we will be glad to share the results. Manufacturing teams used to manage the supply chain group.

Different Strokes for Different Folks (to Yield Better Results?)?

Supply Chain Shaman

Take our survey , and join a virtual roundtable to discuss the results with others. There will be European, Asian, and North American cohorts of 30-40 people. The next formal face-to-face session to discuss the pilots is on April 13 in North America and April 28th in Europe.

Teknowlogi Solutions Address “Back to Basics” Areas for Logistics Industry


The Tai Shipping Marketplace is an online, self-service tool delivered through the Teknowlogi platform that connects buyers of shipping rates who are looking to save money with sellers of shipping rates who are looking to make money across North America. .

Is Mexico the World's Next Manufacturing Hub?


Another study pinpoints the country as the top choice for “nearshoring” (sometimes called “reshoring”) production to North America. Mexico may become the global manufacturing nerve center if the country plays its cards right.

This Week in Logistics News (July 15-19, 2013)

Talking Logistics

XPO Logistics to Acquire 3PD, the Largest Provider of Heavy Goods, Last-Mile Logistics in North America. I passed on spending $1100 to fix my car A/C, so I’ve been driving around with the windows down this summer.

Tactical Trade Promotion: The Fourth Dimension

Supply Chain Insights

I would love to state the actual number here; but our survey on revenue and trade promotion management has yet to be launched. 1% of the entire population of North America uses Facebook. Can you name the top three tactics used by sales people in planning a promotion?

The Local Food Movement is right around the corner


From a recent survey of some of the major grocery store chains conducted here at iTradeNetwork, sourcing locally fresh food is a direct response to their customer’s desire. Throughout much of North America, food grown close to the large metropolitan areas is a summer/fall phenomenon. From our recent survey, iTradeNetwork customers have come to understand that locally grown food programs are a mainstay within their sourcing and merchandising efforts.

Logistics Trends Part 2

BluJay Solutions

We asked respondents to our survey which lanes they thought had witnessed the highest growth – and intra-Asia came up as the fastest growing for yet another year. Not only are intra-Asian movements much cheaper than those to either Europe or North America but also the global forwarders have far less strength in this segment than they do in Asia-Europe or Asia-US trades. First Trend: Yield Dilution.