USDA Funds NC State Study: Integrating North Carolina’s small farmers and producers in the global food supply chain

Supply Chain View from the Field

The Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (SCRC) in North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management is one of several partners in a five- year, $3.9 million grant-funded project to build and evaluate supply chains for local farmers and fishers to supply large-scale markets in North Carolina. This project was also motivated by some of our earlier work with shrimpers on North Carolina’s Carteret County coast.

Challenges and possible solutions for local seafood supply chains

Supply Chain View from the Field

Both pointed out some critical points that are indeed challenges for the seafood supply chain in North Carolina, as well as some avenues to explore that may drive solutions. First, Gary pointed out that 91% of the seafood in North Carolina is imported! So when you sit down at a restaurant, it is highly unlikely that you are eating North Carolina product. But most of the seafood goes north – and only a small amount goes West in North Carolina.

7 Hospital Inventory Management Techniques to Reduce Costs


While supply data has been siloed in the past, more organizations are looking to build IT systems that use value-based reimbursement models, according to a 2016 Black Book survey. In 2016, Caldwell Memorial Hospital in North Carolina, for instance, reported that it saved $2.62

Expect rates to rise as Hurricane Florence relief begins

DAT Solutions

In North Carolina alone, more than 1,000 roads are closed and the city of Wilmington—a port town—remains cut off with no road access in or out of the city. Flood waters have closed portions of I-95 in North Carolina, as shown here near the town of Lumberton.

Rhode Island Named Bottom State for Infrastructure and Transportation as US Underinvestment Takes Toll


North Dakota. #13. North Dakota. North Carolina. North Carolina. #25. South Carolina. South Carolina. #35.

Data Governance is real success story in analytics.


The results of our survey found that 68% of companies in America agree that their decisions were definitely impacted by a lack of solid data. Of the traditional six dimensions to data quality, Accuracy ranks the highest priority among the procurement professionals we surveyed, followed by validity and completeness. Download our paper to read more… Data Governance Survey | The Results are In! Thank you again for your participation in this survey!

Supply Chain Transformation is a Journey not a Destination

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In a recent Gartner survey of supply chain professionals, 65% said the answer is yes.”[2] Experiments with truck platoons (three vehicles, one manned and two autonomous) are currently being conducted in North Carolina. Supply chains have been around since people realized they had things worth trading. As new technologies emerged, supply chains transformed to take advantage of these technologies.

Supply Chain Disruption and Digitization

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” A recent survey concluded either is acceptable and both refer to the same phenomenon. And truck platooning is being experimented with in North Carolina. Disruption is generally anathema in supply chain circles. Yet, more and more articles address the topic of digital disruption and see it as an opportunity. The dictionary defines a disruption as “a disturbance or problem that interrupts an event, activity, or process.”

US Retail Sales Miss Forecasts

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Shopping and consumer activities such as restaurant visits may have been affected in North Carolina and South Carolina in the aftermath of Florence, which made landfall on Sept. Estimates for overall retail sales in the Bloomberg survey ranged from gains of 0.3%

Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Society

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Last year, a survey conducted by Strategy Analytics concluded, “41% of respondents believe that artificial intelligence will enrich their lives, with consumers in China and India being most likely to embrace the technology.”[1] In addition, autonomous trucks are being tested in platoons in North Carolina and autonomous ships are predicted to one day fill sea lanes delivering supplies.