SME backbone for biotech supply chains

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With Covid-19 vaccine delivery highlighting the need for resilience in pharma and biotech supply chains, Karl H. Lauri, managing team member at, explains that ERP/MRP gives smaller suppliers the backbone required to take part

New Solutions to Support a Pharmaceutical Value Chain that is in Flux

Logistics Viewpoints

Leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies must continue to adapt to increasing global competition, regulation, and pricing pressures. Pharma & Life Sciences Supply Chain Risk Management Supply Chain Visibility Biotech control tower Pharma track & traceIn response, the pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a major value chain transformation.


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Over 1000 Pharma & Biotech Players Across Asia and Beyond to Gather Virtually in December

Supply Chain Brain

Phar-East 2020 returns 8-10 December 2020 to virtually host industry leaders from leading Asian biotechs, pharmaceuticals, government agencies, regulators, investors, technology innovators and more to share their expertise and chart Asia’s path forward

Clinical Trial Supply Europe 2016

Supply Chain Movement

This is a unique opportunity to learn from key experts from the most prestigious pharmaceutical and biotech companies: Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, Bayer, Roche, Bristol Myers Squibb, Parexel, MultiPharma and many more. Register now>> Events Arena international Barcelona Bayer Biotech Bristol Myers Squibb clinical trial supply europe event Johnson & Johnson MultiPharma Parexel Roche Roundtable sessions SanofiClinical Trial Supply Europe 2016.

Coping with Surging Demand During the Rebound

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Other customers in critical industries like plastics, biotech, semiconductors and electronics saw demand surges starting as far back as last April. Many of our customers that saw demand dry up during the pandemic are now seeing a significant demand surge.

How to start investing on Biopharma stocks | Quick Guide

The Supply Chainer Report

[This is Part 1 of a series of posts about Investing in Biopharma/BioTech companies]. Biopharma and Biotech companies are not very accessible stocks to follow-up, in comparison with other huge industries which are everyday on the newspapers, such as: Consumer Goods ( Nike, Unilever, P&G ), Technology ( Facebook, Google, Oracle ) and so on. BioPharma Biotech Clinical Trials Drug development Drugs FDA finviz IR JamesClear Pipeline Stock

Vaccinating the Supply Chain with Andrew Kelley

The Logistics of Logistics

Andrew is the Chief Commercial Officer at BoxLock , a company that facilitates secure vaccine transfer for biotechs, manufacturers, labs, hospitals, and clinics. Vaccinating the Supply Chain with Andrew Kelley. Andrew Kelley and Joe Lynch discuss vaccinating the supply chain.

Pandemic exposed pharmaceutical cold chain waste: What’s the solution?

The Supply Chain Journal

More traditional pharmaceuticals with lower price points like headache tablets are more stable when it comes to temperature exposure, but biotech products like vaccines are derived from living organisms. “If Over the past year, the supply chain ?— and more recently the pharma supply chain ?—

Digitizing the COVID Vaccine: India’s Got This Figured Out


and the COVAXIN shot developed by Bharat Biotech International Ltd. , India’s approval of the Bharat Biotech shot, which was developed with government-backed research groups, was met with widespread criticism from scientists because of the lack of complete data, but the government defends it).

India 60

Poole Graduate Joydeep Ganguly believes in a “Goodness Chain” at Gilead Science


I wanted to find a way to contribute to the healthcare industry, and biotech was an obvious choice.

SCRC Partner Profile: A Textbook Transformation at Biogen-Idec

Supply Chain View from the Field

It isn’t easy to drive change in biotech companies for a number of reasons. With their external spend increasing so fast, there is great pressure on biotech companies to rethink how their sourcing structures are set up to add most value. is showing how this can happen in the biotech sector. and with international headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, Biogen Idec is the world’s oldest independent biotech and a Fortune 500 company with more than $4 billion in annual revenues.

Welcome 2019

Supply Chain Shaman

The winners include small biotech companies and medical device companies investing in hospital manufacturing capabilities. Welcome to a new year. Congratulations. You made it through 2018. It has been a while since I penned a blog post on New Year’s predictions, but today as I sit and drink my hot chocolate, I feel the itch to write. The bears are starting to chase the bulls from the field.

Bipartisan Consensus on Chinese Threats: U.S. Must Build New Supply Chains with Allies


While the pandemic has given procurement managers fresh ammunition to advocate for greater resiliency within their corporate supply chains, geopolitical experts and a bipartisan coalition of legislators argue that the U.S.

Bristlecone Flash – March 2019


BRISTLECONE OPTIMIZES BIOTECH PROCUREMENT PROCESS. Bristlecone has completely transformed an American biotech company’s requisition-to-order process. New automated workflows accelerate approvals, enhance compliance and drive more effective supplier collaboration, and the user experience is now intuitive and mobile-friendly.

How 2011 Prepared Us for Today


Agriculture, financial services, biotech/pharmaceuticals and telecommunications also accounted for a large portion of Japan’s GDP. . The Japanese Earthquake of 2011 and resulting tsunami are not exactly top of mind these days.

Japan 130

The top 25 supply chains and Survivor


Consider that Samsung has consumer electronics, visual display, semiconductor, heavy industry and biotech divisions. by CJ Wehlage A few years ago, Kevin O’Marah said Gartner’s Top 25 Supply Chains was getting increasingly boring. Apple and P&G were annually #1 and #2. So Gartner looked at the numbers and created the Masters category. The criteria in qualifying for the Masters category is any company who has been in the top five rankings for at least seven out of the past 10 years.

Adapting to Manufacturing Disruption: A Strategic Life Sciences Webinar Series


Pre-commercial life science manufacturers, including medical device manufacturers, biotech companies, and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs), face infrastructure challenges as they work toward Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. Adapt or die.

Biogen Idec designs the innovation supply chain

Supply Chain View from the Field

Since graduating from the NC State Jenkins MBA program in 2006, Joydeep Ganguly has risen through the ranks at Biogen Idec – the world’s oldest independent biotechnology company and the largest biotech employer in North Carolina. ” “Supply chain design is grounded in supply chain principles, but the problem is that in biotech, standard demand forecasting techniques don’t work.

ALS Sucks with Larry Cepuran

The Logistics of Logistics

As a nonprofit biotech we operate without regard to profit or politics. ALS Sucks with Larry Cepuran. Larry Cepuran and Joe Lynch discuss how ALS sucks and there is still no cure and few treatments for this awful disease.

Risk Management in Contract Pharmaceutical Development: Contract Research Part 2


An aspect of drug development that has risen in popularity is having a contract research organization (CRO) conduct the clinical trials rather than the pharmaceutical or biotech company conducting them in house. The outsourcing allows the sponsor pharma or biotech company to save money and resources while reaping the benefits of a CRO’s expertise in conducting efficient clinical trials.

2018 CPhI worldwide at Madrid

The Supply Chainer Report

The bottom line is oriented to sell and maximize your connections in order to expand your strategic business alliances, so in case you are interested in educative-content, I strongly recommend you to join any of the Pharma Insights, which are presentations where an invited company and speaker briefly share a viewpoint or project with a particular industry interest: Emerging Markets, Biologic drug products, Consumer trends, Serialization, Biotech support, Supply Chain, etc. . About CPhI.

The need to know


India’s drugs regulator on Sunday approved for emergency use two coronavirus vaccines, one developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University and the other by local company Bharat Biotech and a state-run institute. The need to know from Reuters’ global network of journalists.

What ChemChina's Syngenta Takeover Deal Means for Agribusiness


While there is an existing ban in China on genetically modified crops, the state council’s policy document released this year calls for a “ cautious rollout of GM technology ,” which signals an eventual acceptance of biotech crops. ChemChina's takeover of Syngenta may prove to be one of the most game-changing acquisitions in recent years.

Driving profitability through advanced S&OP


Biotech. by Alexa Cheater As Gartner Research Director Matthew Spooner noted in his recent presentation at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, advanced sales and operations planning (S&OP) is like a hotel. It’s “somewhere you visit, not somewhere you live.” What exactly does that mean?

S&OP 107

11th annual Cold Chain Distribution Conference and Exhibition

Supply Chain Movement

Who Should Attend This Event: Chiefs, Directors, VPs, Heads, Managers of Cold Chain Distribution, GDP, Supply Chain Operations/ Quality, Logistics, Regulatory Affairs, Distribution, Clinical Supply, Export from Pharmaceuticals, Biotechs, Healthcare and any solution providers relating to cold chain distribution in the pharmaceutical sector. 11 th annual Cold Chain Distribution Conference and Exhibition. Date: 12-13 December 2016. Venue: Park Plaza Victoria, London, UK. Organiser: SMi Group.

DroneWaves: How close is drone delivery to a last-mile solution?

The Supply Chain Journal

BIO: Wimberley is a serial entrepreneur and startup specialist in various tech industry disciplines including fintech, biotech and drone tech, otherwise known as unmanned aviation systems. This fireside chat recap is from FreightWaves’ DroneWaves Summit on Friday.

Meeting the Outsourcing Challenge


10 nm multiple-patterning EUV lithography for semiconductor fabrication, biotech equipment (e.g. A survey of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, and outsourced manufacturing and logistics services providers. For over two decades, outsourcing of both manufacturing and logistics has been increasing at a pace more than double the growth in the overall economy.

Mapping Product Genomes: The Life Blood of Supply Chains


Genome mapping is a capability that grew out of the biotech industry, and which is proliferating, largely due to the dropping cost of genome sequencing. One major technological development is being able to map genomes for products. A genome is all of a living thing’s genetic material. It is the entire set of hereditary instructions for building, running, and maintaining an organism, and passing life on to the next generation. [1]

Keeping Inventory Cool: Challenges of Temperature Control


Biotech-derived large molecules require expensive equipment to maintain. Many products require temperature control throughout the supply chain. Moving items from place to place becomes more difficult if you need to keep the merchandise at a certain temperature.

Going circular to reduce global waste

DELMIA Quintiq

There are new and novel materials that are poised to play a greater role across multiple industries in the near future as they become better (and cheaper) than traditional materials – all thanks to advances in nanotech, biotech, green chemistry and smart lab technology. This is the second part of a two-part blog series that analyzes waste reduction in circular economies through a systems thinking lens, taking into consideration product design and supply chain operations.

Global 120

Freightera Makes the List of Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in BC, Canada!


We’re honored to share our place on the list with top expanding businesses in BC, from tech and biotech companies, to financial firms. Freightera Included in the BIV’s list of Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in BC. Great news from Freightera! We’ve been chosen for the Business in Vancouver’s annual list of companies in BC that have shown exceptional growth over the past five years.

Doing Business in Belgium


In addition, Belgium has become a hot spot for the growing Biotech industry with big focus on research, startup clusters and medical trials. The Kingdom of Belgium achieved its independence from the Netherlands in 1830, and has become an admired modern country, well-known as the home of international organizations such as NATO and the EU. Since most Western European capitals are within 1,000 km of Brussels, Belgium’s capital, it is an ideal location for international groups.

How the Coronavirus is underscoring the relevance of Global Supply Chain throughput: From the Frontlines of Yokohama, Milan, and Southern Florida


And now, the biotech and supply chain paths have finally converged in my life after a decade, and the dots have all connected. Perhaps nothing is more on the top of people’s minds these days than the coronavirus.

Turning Life Science Vantages into Competitive Advantage


QAD ERP is helping Life Sciences organizations across the globe, from Pharmaceutical and Biotech to Medical Device, Contract Manufacturing and everything in between. Changing Vantage Points. The way people interpret life experiences depends on the vantage point. This goes for both personal and business experiences. Take a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana as an example. You can experience this interesting city in a number of different ways and from a number of different vantage points.

20 warehouse professionals and business leaders reveal the single most important first step when designing a warehouse layout

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Elizabeth Brady Elizabeth Brady currently teaches the Supply Chain and ERP course at Mira Costa College for the Bachelor of Science in BioTech Manufacturing candidates.