What Is a Procurement Strategy? 8 Steps to Develop One


• What is procurement strategy? Procurement is a hinge operation in most organizations. Done right, it greatly facilitates cost mitigation, improves risk and supply chain management, and expedites sourcing. •

Supplier KPIs | 7 Performance Indicators You Should Be Measuring


• A procurement function without supplier performance KPIs is likely a fruitless process. While this procurement function may work in the short term, it cannot meet long-term procurement needs and changing supply chain demands.


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2022: The Year to Build Supply Chain Resiliency


Global supply chains have suffered immensely in the last two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been a shortage of materials, shipping prices have gone up, and ports have been backed up. A lot of companies missed their demand forecasts.

Why Supplier Relationship Management Should Be Your First Focus


• Firms today are facing supply chains that are increasing in complexity. A manufacturing entity may work with hundreds of suppliers on different continents. Customers are demanding competitive pricing, hence making margins even slimmer.

Perfect Your Back-to-School Strategy with End-to-End Ocean Visibility

Speaker: Mark Delaney and Steve Dowse

In this webinar, we discuss key challenges in product availability, ways to create agility in your supply chain operations despite ocean disruptions, and how end-to-end ocean visibility can mitigate key retail concerns this back-to-school season and beyond.

A New Reality for Oil and Gas Procurement and Supply Chains


• The oil and gas procurement has endured some turbulent times over the last 24 months. In 2020, the world witnessed record low prices as the demand for oil and gas reduced dramatically due to lockdowns.

Procurement Software Trends to Keep Track Of in 2022


As the world continues to grapple with COVID-19, procurement professionals are looking to find ways to continue creating value. It’s clear that businesses need more resilient supply chains to continue fulfilling business procurement needs.

The Importance of Supply Chain Collaboration


Supply chain collaboration is a common practice in the supply chain industry. It occurs when different autonomous firms collaborate or team up to execute supply chain tasks and operations. Collaboration is a cooperative strategy because two or more business units cooperate to realize mutual benefits.

Supply Chain Efficiency vs. Effectiveness


Is your supply chain optimized for efficiency or effectiveness? Well, ‘what’s the difference?’ you would ask. Efficiency is related to the traditional approach to supply chain management and optimization. The cost was always the important indicator of performance.

Supply Chain Analytics: What It Is & Why It Matters


Organizations generate huge amounts of data from the activities at various stages of their supply chains. This information is recorded through applications that aid inventory management, warehouse management, shipping, and procurement.

How to Optimize Your Supply Chain in Times of Disruption

Disruptions expose gaps in the supply chain and amplify problems. What can be done? Research by GEP and North Carolina State University shows how tech can fix the gaps and ensure supply chain resilience and optimization. Download now!

Supply Chain Analytics: What It Is & Why It Matters


Over 59% of enterprises report using supply chain analytics in their daily operations. With data being the new oil, smart Chief Procurement Officers make full use of it to make strategic decisions.

Retail’s Supply Chain Crisis


The global supply chain has experienced plenty of challenges stemming from the global pandemic that began in early 2020. This year, there have been reports of container challenges, floods, and port closures due to COVID-19 outbreaks.

Current Challenges in Biotech Procurement


The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc, disrupted supply chains, and biotech procurement operations for thousands of companies around the country. The current biotech procurement challenges being faced by Chief Procurement Officers and their teams are colossal.

How Can Hospitals Benefit from Using e-Sourcing Software?


The procurement process for hospitals is quite complex compared to other industries with shorter and less regulated supply chains. Hospitals need to pay attention to regulations, prices, logistics, and other variables in their procurement processes.

The Essential Supply Chain Network Design Tooling Checklist

Dedicated supply chain network design software is fuelled by intuitive scenario analysis capabilities and powerful mathematical optimization. Answer 10 relevant questions to see if advanced network design & scenario modeling technology can help you.

Applying e-Procurement System in The Healthcare


Following the increased complexity of healthcare procurement and the benefit of sound supply chain controls, experts are calling for hospitals to introduce advanced technologies for the effective management of healthcare procurement and supply chain processes.

The Future of Procurement for Pharma Operations


The future of procurement for pharma operations is a much talked about subject because of the prevailing coronavirus pandemic. Disruptions in global pharma operations, supply chain shocks, and subsequent supplier management problems demonstrated the need to rethink pharma procurement.

Thanksgiving supply chain disruptions: how to avoid them


Ongoing supply chain and procurement disruptions are expected to impact this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations, with manufacturers facing a shortage of ingredients and packaging materials to ship products. In addition, refrigerated truck capacity is as tight as ever.

E-Procurement in Hospitals – An Integrated Supply Chain Management of Pharmaceutical and Medical Products 


Supply chain management is a major cost driver in the healthcare industry. The need to have medical supplies and services available is just as important as getting diagnoses and prescriptions correctly.

Top 5 Supply Chain Processes That Need Better Collaboration Right Now

A lack of collaboration is a leading cause of supply chain headaches. GEP offers 5 remedies to ease your pain. Download this guide for must-have tools and processes for better supplier interactions.

5 Essential Contract Creation Tools


Creating, negotiating, managing, and settling contracts is an essential part of any business. Contract management is also a critically underpinning element of sourcing in the supply chain. However, each step is tedious and time-consuming and is prone to standard types of data errors.

Tools 52

The Five Components of Supply Chain Management


What are the components of supply chain management? We cannot discuss these components without first talking about supply chain management. The growing supply chain management (SCM) software market speaks volumes about the ever-increasing importance of SCM within procurement.

SCM 56

Supply Chain Resilience Strategy: Everything You Need to Know


The resilience of any supply chain is based on its ability to withstand shocks and recover quickly. The impact of unexpected disruptions should not result in wholesome halting and devastating losses to the affected businesses.

Supplier Management Model: Avoid Supply Chain Disruptions


Are you looking for a resilient supplier management model that will allow you to reduce supply chain disruptions? You’re not alone. Chief Procurement Officers and their teams have been on edge now for over a year, operating as best as they can give the present circumstances, but it hasn’t been easy.

Common Use Cases for Mathematical Optimization

What is mathematical optimization and what are some of the most common use cases for across industries? How can this type of prescriptive analytics be applied to lower costs, reduce carbon emissions, and build more resilient supply chains? Find out in this guide.

What Are the Benefits of Procurement Software?


Procurement software has opened the door wide for transformation to take place within organizations bringing about automation, improved spend visibility, and spend control. The benefits have been numerous and ramifications felt along the supply chain.

Digital Sourcing: Digital Solutions for Procurement


How has technology impacted procurement and sourcing in the supply chain? Technology has revolutionized every industry and procurement is no exception.

5 Critical Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Principles for Sourcing


Are you thinking of developing a new sourcing risk management plan? Wondering how to better mitigate supply chain risk when sourcing? Or just keen to explore some of the best risk management practices Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) can adopt?

What is Meant by Intelligent Sourcing?


The coronavirus pandemic has revealed major weaknesses in the retail supply chains of numerous organizations. The worldwide supply chain disruption and shock exposed vulnerabilities that made many CPOs question the resilience of their supply chains.

GEP Outlook 2022

The GEP Outlook 2022 report explores global business trends and features seven critical leadership themes that will help you proactively prepare for and power through the challenges ahead.

Benefits of Category Management in Supply Chain


During the COVID-19 pandemic, global and domestic supply chains were stressed harder than ever, illuminating the unexpected fragility of our economic supply chains.

6 Benefits of Supplier Performance Management


Today’s supply chains are robust, global, and dynamic. Companies are relying more and more on third-party suppliers on the other side of the world for critical raw elements and materials.

Why Procurement and Supply Chain are Smarter Together


There is a tad bit of skepticism about the amalgamation of procurement and supply chain management. You see, the hesitation comes over how procurement and supply chains can merge.

Getting Real and Resilient in Direct Procurement Execution


Supply is a huge part of the economy. Making sure that materials are getting where they need to so that businesses can continue to operate is a vital aspect of a thriving economy. The last year demonstrated this first-hand for society.

Guide to Mathematical Optimization & Modeling

What is mathematical optimization and how does it compare to other types of analytics? Which tool should you use to develop optimization applications and scale them across the business? What are best practices for successful adoption? Read now.