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Raise a Toast to Digital Business!

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At the end of 2014, many leaders that I work with are preparing their 2015 strategies. Too few companies understand the differences between syndicated data sources and the use of channel data. In addition, my new book Metrics that Matter is designed to help build cross-functional teams.

Do No Harm…

Supply Chain Shaman

I have learned that supply chain systems are more complex than I originally thought, and that the relationships between supply chain metrics are nonlinear. Recently, I spoke to a major European retailer that lost 5% of their grocery revenues to Amazon in the first quarter of 2014.

Supplier Quality Management: What it is, 5 Key Metrics to Know & a 4 Step Supplier Evaluation Process


Therefore, it is paramount for you as a logistics and supply chain professional to have a keen sense of how to properly evaluate a supplier. The next posts in the series will break down metrics and issues to consider in SQM by industry and conclude with a case study on the application of SQM. 5 Key Metrics to Use for Scoring Supplier Quality Management (From LNS Research ). The definition of this metric is similar to the way it sounds.

Supply Chain Case Study: the Executive's Guide

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There are two things Boeing and Airbus have in common, utilization of lean manufacturing system and strategic sourcing concept. However, the overall implementation of strategic sourcing is a bit different between the two companies. Cost of inbound logistics is not taken into account.

How to Use Big Data to Improve Supply Chain Visibility

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According to a July 2014 supply chain research study from Accenture focused on Big Data and supply chain risk management, most organizations have high hopes for using big data analytics in their supply chain but many have had challenges in deploying it. Thanks to changes in technology and digital storage capabilities, companies are now able to collect and amass a huge amount of data from many disparate sources.

Supply Chain’s New World Order: How Companies can go from From Good To Great

The Network Effect

Yet despite these advances it is still difficult to normalize and compare performance metrics given the geo-demographic, product, financial, political, and socio-economic differences they face in each increasingly competitive national, multi-national or global market.

Supply Chain Management Services


When sourcing supply chain management services, think about the provider’s approach to people and processes. Focus on total logistics cost reduction (transportation, warehousing, and inventory). Because businesses have unique logistics needs, an easy solution is not a solution at all.

3PL 223

SCRC Student Project Lineup Off to a Great Start…

Supply Chain View from the Field

Students will learn core processes around initial exploration and assessment of supply chain relationships, establishing metrics/expectations for the relationship, crafting and managing contracts, and sustaining continuous performance improvement in sourcing, logistics and operations. We will have speakers from John Deere, Excel Logistics, GSK, NSA,, and others coming in this semester.

Global Luxury Management “Lifestyle” brands require push supply chain design customization

Supply Chain View from the Field

In this environment, the supply chain and logistics task becomes even more complex, as it involves delivering and fulfilling product and service support to deliver a lifestyle “vision” around the world. This is a challenging sourcing base, and global luxury brands must also pay attention to general labor and supply chain compliance policies. The entire apparel supply chain is driven by these financial metrics.

Recasting the Retail Supply Chain

Supply Chain Nation

The constituents— suppliers, manufacturers, logistics providers, and retailers— generally execute their individual roles well.

26 logistics professionals reveal the biggest trends in logistics technology

6 River Systems

Logistics can be traced all the way back to the Greek and Roman empires , but it’s undergone several major transformations as new technologies provide opportunities to more efficiently manage the movement and storage of goods. ” Meet Our Panel of Logistics Pros: Brian Jessup.

Sorry, I’m Not Sure: Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2018

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Source: Evan, Flikr. “I I will be wrong again,” I stated last year before making my supply chain and logistics predictions for 2017 , and I was right. UPS Joins Top Alliance To Create Blockchain Standards For Logistics. SophiaTX Open Source Platform to Integrate SAP, Blockchain.

How Many Slaves Are in Your Supply Chain?

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The company is also stopping production in Ecuador, Venezuela, Belarus and Pakistan by April 2014 (these countries scored low in a World Bank report that assessed countries on accountability, corruption, violence, and other metrics).

Made in “I Really Don’t Know”

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As first reported by Fairfax Media , a factory in North Korea has been making high-priced surf and snow gear for Australian surfwear company Rip Curl since at least 2014, with the garments labeled “Made in China.” As reported in USA Today : [In a sourcing practice nicknamed “China plus one”], big brands like Rip Curl send their specifications — what they want made and how much they’re willing to pay for it — to sourcing agents, who find factories that agree to fulfill them.

Logistics Services Providers Make Progress against Green Targets

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Reducing the environmental impact of sea freight will arguably have the greatest effect, given that it is estimated that shipping carries 90% of globally traded goods and its contribution of CO2 to the atmosphere is 3-4% of the global annual total (source: Multimodal ).

A Quick Glance Into The Logistics Market - January 2016


Source: US BEA). . Source: US DOC & Census Bureau) Consumer Confidence The Consumer Confidence Index increased to 96.5 Source: The Conference Board) (The consumer confidence index is based on a monthly survey of 5,000 U.S. Source: US DOL) . . above December 2014.

A “Swiss Army Knife” of Supply Chain Talent Requirements: Views from a Former Wolfpack Student


By 2014 and 2016 revenue was back up to almost its previous high point. Relationship management, data modeling, problem solving, sourcing analysis, negotiation, data-driven decision-making, metrics development, forecasting, process flow, BOM understanding, MRP/production schedule, Pareto analysis, and information presentations are all key skills that he applies in his CPO role. We have a secondary source but can’t turn in less than 5 days –and we will run out before then!

This Week in Logistics News (May 22-26, 2017)

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The Supply Chain and Logistics Hall of Fame. Moving on, here’s the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week: MercuryGate Launches ezVision. Cloud Logistics’ Second Zero Downtime Release of 2017 Marks Continued Rapid Pace of Innovation.

Supply Chain: The True Game of Risk

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The rising complexity of items sold decreases the organization’s ability to forecast, and the longer lead times across multiple tiers of sourcing and supply, increases the bullwhip impact (distortion of the demand signal across multiple tiers of the value network).

Top Supply Chain Articles of 2015


As we head into 2016, we are featuring our most read articles of 2015 in our five main categories: Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation Management, and Freight. The new year will then bring series on trends and on the state of some of the business functions and technology used in proper transportation and logistics management. Strategic Logistics: 8 Steps to Controlling Inventory Flow & Driving Warehouse Efficiency.

Top 5 features to look for in a Transportation Management System (TMS)


Whether employed by the manufacturer or a third-party logistics providers (3PL) such as DHL or Kuehne + Nagel, a TMS can decrease transportation costs, enhance performance and upsurge customer satisfaction. Logistics Management System: 3PL, WMS, TMS, OMS. 2014).

5 Crucial Software Every 3PL Company Needs To Have


Introduction Third-party logistics provider (3PL) is a company that provides outsourced logistics services to other organizations. In the past years, activities of logistics have increased and particularly outsourcing services to 3PL providers. 2014).

3PL 60

Procurement Fact File


source: (1 page infographic) AccentureOperations , High Performance Procurement (2015). source: (p2) Deloitte – The Deloitte Global CPO Survey 2016. source: (p15) Deloitte – The Deloitte Global CPO Survey 2016. TOP CPO CHALLENGES IN 2014.

Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2018

Material Handling & Logistics

Thanks to omni-channel distribution, 3-D printing, self-service logistics and other avenues of disintermediation, traditional supply chain roles are rapidly being transformed into all-new opportunities. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID.

Using Modeling and Analytics to Design a Resilient Supply Chain

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You can use network design models, company KPIs and other metrics to get a holistic look at your supply chain. This provides high-level metrics for evaluating risk in the supply chain. Michael Rockett has been a Supply Chain Design Consultant with LLamasoft since May of 2014.

Technology and the Supply Chain: What Does the Future Hold?


Big business are jumping on the bandwagon too – utilizing collaborative distribution, reverse logistics and cooperative sourcing to lower costs, improve efficiency and better optimize their supply chain. by Alexa Cheater Meet the Jetsons!

13 Reasons Why You Need a Global Transportation Management System (TMS)


In 2014, a Supply Chain Council survey found that managing global supply chain complexity was among the top 5 major issues. Logistics Status Monitoring and Alerting – the ability to monitor shipments in real time and “see” the status of the shipment as it is executed.

13 Reasons Why You Need a Global Transportation Management System (TMS)


In 2014, a Supply Chain Council survey found that managing global supply chain complexity was among the top 5 major issues. With sourcing spread over multiple geographies requiring logistics moves that involve multiple entities and numerous handoffs between 3rd party providers, and customs and regulatory agencies at both ports of export and import; the ability to effectively manage the global supply chain is challenging under the best of circumstances.

Cargo Flight Launches a Vital Link in the Ebola Response Effort

Supply Chain @ MIT

The delivery was organized by the Academic Consortium to Combat Ebola in Liberia (ACCEL), a network of academic centers with technical expertise in emergency medicine and logistics systems. The Lab is part of the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics.

Takeaways from Descartes Evolution 2019

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I got started just as the dotcom craze was taking off, with new logistics startups coming to market every day (all of them announcing they were “The world’s leading provider of X” even though they were just a few months old). Source: Google.

Supply Chain Management:Instance Consolidation Strategy

Infosys Supply Chain Management

Logistics and Distribution. Sourcing & Procurement. Sourcing & Procurement. ProcureEdge – Sourcing & Procurement. Benefits: Avoid multiple sources of truth - With single / reduced number of instances the number of databases will be less. About Us.

Walmart Says It Can Reduce Emissions in China by 50 Million Tons

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Last week the company announced that it will take out 50 million metric tons (MMT) by 2030 which is equivalent to the emissions associated with the average annual electricity consumption of 40 million Chinese households.

Supply Chain Management:Rapid Innovation will Differentiate the.

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Logistics and Distribution. Sourcing & Procurement. Sourcing & Procurement. ProcureEdge – Sourcing & Procurement. Insuring that each function, including online marketing, store operations and supply chain have common objectives, metrics and aligned rewards for the coming year. Posted by: Ronna | January 3, 2014 10:40 AM. Posted by: Jordan | January 5, 2014 1:11 PM. Sourcing,Procurement,Contract & Spend Management (38).

Supply Chain Management:Demand Planning in CPG industry.

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Logistics and Distribution. Sourcing & Procurement. Sourcing & Procurement. ProcureEdge – Sourcing & Procurement. In this step, the actuals are compared with the planned metrics (MAPE, forecast accuracy, bias etc.) Sourcing,Procurement,Contract & Spend Management (38). January 2014. Copyright © 2014 Infosys Limited. About Us. Contact Us. Newsroom Investors Careers. Infosys Labs. Industries. Industries.

Supply Chain Management:Supply Chain Visibility: The need.

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Logistics and Distribution. Sourcing & Procurement. Sourcing & Procurement. ProcureEdge – Sourcing & Procurement. Hence there arises a need to implement a system/process that can collaborate and obtain information from various sources, analyze and help formulate strategies for a more visible supply chain. Sourcing,Procurement,Contract & Spend Management (38). January 2014. Copyright © 2014 Infosys Limited. About Us.