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Mitigating Geopolitical Risks in the Supply Chain, Part One

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” • Notorious North Korea. Interestingly, Kupchan and Bremmer didn’t include North Korea as one of their trouble-spots for this coming year. Journalist Jean Mackenzie reports, “[North Korea] fired more missiles than ever before in a single year.

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Procurement Can Prepare for  Supply Chain Risk


Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) after their suppliers used third party vendors in North Korea, falling foul of North Korea Sanctions Regulations. In January 2019, e.l.f. cosmetics had to pay a $1 million fine to the U.S.


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Made in “I Really Don’t Know”

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As first reported by Fairfax Media , a factory in North Korea has been making high-priced surf and snow gear for Australian surfwear company Rip Curl since at least 2014, with the garments labeled “Made in China.” We do not approve or authorise any production of Rip Curl products out of North Korea.”

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The Global Trade Compliance Market is Crazy!

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In April of 2022, British American Tobacco, headquartered in the UK, agreed to pay $508 million in fines for selling their products to North Korea. There can be big fines for noncompliance with trade regulations. This action was brought by the Office of Foreign Assets Control which is an enforcement agency of the U.S.

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Doing Business in South Korea


South Korea is in eastern Asia in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. It is bordered by North Korea, the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea. Although it has been an independent kingdom for much of its history, the 20 th and 21 st centuries were tumultuous for South Korea. Manufacturing in South Korea.

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Over 400,000 People Living in 'Modern Slavery' in U.S., Report Finds

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North Korea has the highest prevalence of modern slavery globally, with one in 10 of the population, or 2.6 “This is a truly staggering statistic and demonstrates just how substantial this issue is globally. This is only possible through a tolerance of exploitation,” Forrest added. million people, victims of modern slavery.

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Profiles in Leadership: Volodymyr Zelensky

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141 countries condemned the invasion; only North Korea, Syria, Eritrea, and Belarus — dictatorships all — voted with Moscow. At the U.N., Major companies pulled out of Russia en masse, erasing billions in revenues. Financial, material, humanitarian, and military support came pouring in.