The Top 2019 Logistics Trends Shippers Should Know


The state of the logistics industry is evolving. 2019 is shaping up to be a year in which warehouses and distribution centers continue the development and implementation of technology-based processes. The Top Logistics Trends that Will Impact Logistics Management in 2018?.

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Which Industries Will Demand Greater Logistics Capabilities in 2019


economy, regardless of the slight shakeup at the end of 2018, alludes to a year in which logistics capabilities will expand. Consider these industries and areas of the economy where logistics capabilities will expand throughout 2019. Strong growth in the U.S.

This Week in Logistics News (March 25-29, 2019)

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Speaking of learning, here’s the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week: Will Truckers Trade Futures? The Volkswagen Industrial Cloud: A Manufacturing-Centric Supply Chain Operating Network.

Trucking & Freight Management Trends to Know in 2019


Shippers that wish to succeed in 2019 need to know the top trucking and freight management trends for 2019 and how they will affect shipping practices, global trade, last-mile , and even drivers. Strategy Redevelopment to Meet Global Trade Challenges Will Be Among Top Supply Chain 2019 Trends According to Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez , companies are looking for ways to redefine strategies to address global trade challenges.

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Trends 2019: Manufacturing

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Over half-a-dozen years ago, Brookings Institution analysts, Susan Helper, Timothy Krueger, and Howard Wial, asserted, “Manufacturing matters to the United States because it provides high-wage jobs, commercial innovation (the nation’s largest source), a key to trade deficit reduction, and a disproportionately large contribution to environmental sustainability.”[1] Manufacturing trends. The changing manufacturing environment is often described as Industry 4.0

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This Week in Logistics News (March 4-8, 2019)

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And with that, here’s the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week: Walmart Toughens Delivery Demands for Suppliers (WSJ – sub. P&G and Wayfair: More Shippers Taking Direct Control of Logistics Operations.

This Week in Logistics News (February 4-8, 2019)

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Here’s the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week. req’d) Walmart taking over operations at Inland distribution centers [operated by Schneider Logistics] (The Press-Enterprise). Stating the Obvious: Amazon Competes in Transportation and Logistics Services.

Logistics Consolidation: Trends Arising From Consolidation of the Logistics Industry


Logistics consolidation will have a resounding effect on the industry in 2019. Logistics consolidation is a fancy way of describing the transition of shipping modes to accommodate available capacity. As a result of logistics consolidation.

Which Industries will Demand Greater Logistics Capabilities in 2019

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This post was originally posted on and written by Adam Robinson, Marketing Manager at Cerasis.

What challenges must today’s automotive manufacturers overcome?


Some of the most innovative developments currently being delivered by automotive manufacturers include new drive technologies, autonomous driving and connected cars. The assembly line sets the pace in automotive manufacturing. Automotive Manufacturing

2019 Transportation Industry Trends

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6 Transportation Industry Trends to Look for in 2019. 2018 has ended and 2019 is here! Below are the notable trends for 2019. Allowing the analytics to drive making decisions about the risks and costs of tariffs, suppliers, manufacturing and logistics.

The Inventory Accuracy “Confidence Gap”

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As highlighted in our previous Omni-Channel Logistics Leaders report, many companies are still not performing to their full potential when it comes to omni-channel fulfillment, and they continue to experience challenges related to inventory visibility and optimization.

Trends 2019: Supply Chain

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”[2] Below are some of the trends subject matter experts suggest will impact supply chain operations in 2019. Janie Ryan ( @janiemryan ) writes, “As sanctions on Iran go into effect and Iranian oil exports decline, global oil prices could rise, putting even more pressure on logistics providers. A recent Financial Times article stresses that now is the time for manufacturers to diversify their product portfolios to reduce risk.”[3] We live in hectic times.

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8 Things to Not Miss at ProMat 2019

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ProMat 2019 is set to take place April 8-11, 2019 at McCormick Place, Chicago. The four-day conference brings together 950 exhibitors and the thousands of supply chain and manufacturing software vendors. Four Keynote Presentations at ProMat 2019.

Could 2019 be the year of the blockchain in logistics?


Blockchain was the clear winner when more than 750 transport industry professionals were asked to identify what what they thought would be the major trends to watch in 2019. Amongst retailers, brands and manufacturers, the majority are only just getting acquainted or probing the technology.

Transportation in 2019 and Beyond: Key Factors Impacting Supply and Demand

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As we begin 2019, what are the key lessons learned from last year, and what trends and factors should shippers keep an eye on to make sure they’re able to respond effectively to whatever happens in the transportation market in the weeks and months ahead? Robinson , in a recent episode of Talking Logistics. But what also came out of the session was a feeling that with new capacity now coming on-line, we should see better balance in 2019. What to watch for in 2019.

Automation in the Warehouse: It’s All About Capacity


Average warehouse capacity utilization among manufacturers sits at 68 percent, reports Roberto Michel of Logistics Management. Getting The Most Out of Shipping In 2019.

Shipping Tech Integration Trends for 2019


This will allow shippers to reduce freight spend, gain control over logistics, and offer better customer service. The post Shipping Tech Integration Trends for 2019 appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Shipping tech integration is the future.

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Takeaways from Descartes Evolution 2019

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I got started just as the dotcom craze was taking off, with new logistics startups coming to market every day (all of them announcing they were “The world’s leading provider of X” even though they were just a few months old). Takeaways from Evolution 2019.

Supply Chain Quality: A Driver for Digital Transformation

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The cost of poor quality is so closely related to supplier quality and compliance that manufacturers must give the proper attention and resources to the optimization of their upstream partnerships. Companies that embark on a digital transformation use a Digital Supply Network to automate business processes and connect a constant flow of information between suppliers, buyers, shippers, and logistics service providers.

Examining LogiPharma 2019 – Top 3 symptoms you caught the life sciences supply chain bug


With LogiPharma 2019 in the books, a big congratulations goes out to all the organizers, speakers, vendors and attendees for a successful event. LogiPharma 2019 featured a strong lineup of speakers and life sciences supply chain industry experts who delivered valuable and relevant content, spurring attendees to participate with passion while host (and former Premiership Rugby match official) David Kurk injected a good dose of energy and humor to keep things moving. by Bill DuBois.

Bristlecone Flash – January 2019


This greatly improves visibility across the supply chain, while accelerating logistics and financial reporting. – Medical Equipment Manufacturer. The post Bristlecone Flash – January 2019 appeared first on Bristlecone. GLOBAL PREMIUM JEWELRY BRAND SELECTS BRISTLECONE.

The Digital Transformation in Logistics: Technologies, Barriers and Predictions!

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The path to increased operational efficiency and customer satisfaction lies in the digitalization of logistics workflows. Emerging Technologies in Logistics & Their Potential Impact. trillion on logistics and supply chain within the next five years. Subscribe Here!

Selecting an E-commerce Fulfillment Partner with AJ Khanijow

The Logistics of Logistics

Working in automotive exposed AJ to supply chain best practices and 3rd party logistics providers. [02:15] Early on, the company was a manufacturer of packaging for the United States military. 7:30] Third-Party Logistics: Will they be able to accommodate all of your SKUs? [9:15]

Executives see AI, Cognitive Analytics and Cloud as the Path to Innovation and Speed to Market

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In fact, end-to-end visibility and traceability was the top investment objective of surveyed retail, manufacturing and third-party logistics CXOs for the second year in a row. This preference held true across the retail, manufacturing and 3PL segments studied.

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What factor would be the overriding reason you would bring an outsourced logistics operation back in-house? When evaluating potential third-party logistics providers, how important are each of the following factors in the selection process?

Tata Steel Makes Strides Towards an Autonomous Supply Chain Powered by Optimization Technology


Today, the steel manufacturing leader has an ambitious digital transformation agenda and is leveraging AIMMS technology to optimize operations in its home country. Before joining Tata, I worked with other steel manufacturing companies, like Jindal Steel.

The Most Important Aspects of Supply Chain Label Design


Labeling Loftware Logistics Supply Chain ManufacturingWhat makes a great enterprise labeling solution?

How GST (Goods and Services Tax) Has Affected Logistics in India!

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Over time it was understood that this was much needed and it actually helped in organizing and setting up different logistics and transport sectors to speed up their overall processes. From the movement of trucks to managing a good economic supply chain, GST affected logistics in a great way.

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The Top 10 Supply Chain Blogs of 2018


That then allows us to create more of that kind of content for our award-winning blog This year we will feature the top blog posts by page views in the following categories: Manufacturing , Logistics , Freight , and the Supply Chain.

For Cummins, PINC Yard Management System is a Game Changer


Bridget McCrea, editor at Logistics Management Magazine, brings to life an very interesting story about how trailer yards have become a vey important part of inventory visibility across the supply chain.

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Unleashing Agility in Late-Stage Customization

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How prepared are contract packagers/manufacturers to meet these new challenges and customer requirements? What are some of the key capabilities companies should look for in a solution to enable enhanced collaboration between CPG brands and their contract manufacturing partners.

2019 Logistics & Supply Chain Events to Attend in the US


EazyStock has complied a new list of the top 2019 Supply Chain events that you can’t afford to miss. Live Americas 2019 by SCM World. Feb 3-7, 2019. 2019 IWLA Convention & Expo. Mar 10-12, 2019. PROMAT 2019. April 8-11, 2019. Apr 7-10, 2019.

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A Holistic Approach to Freight Savings with Mike Eberl

The Logistics of Logistics

02:44] What was your first job in logistics? My first logistics job was at an airport. The holistic view of shipping compelled us to engage with every stakeholder touched by the logistics function. [11:44] [00:21] Opening / Introduction. [00:42]

How Logistics, Manufacturing, and Production Operations are solving the same Supply Chain problems


ThroughPut spent most of Q4 working with production, logistics, and manufacturing operations. Hitting your targets is everything in operations, manufacturing, drilling, production, logistics, and hands-on blue-collar work.

From supply chain survival to leader: How you can follow Lenovo’s lead and find success during an acquisition


Alexa Cheater (@Alexa_Cheater) May 13, 2019. That was how Ben Massie, Vice President of E2E Supply Chain Execution at Lenovo , kicked off his presentation at the 2019 Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in Phoenix, AZ. Our logistics was a mess,” said Massie. “We

The Truth About Supply Chain Costs From a Logistics Perspective

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Let's assume you have a successful product, a well-developed brand and a seamless manufacturing process. Now, you’re ready to take your product to the international stage