Supply Chain 2030: Forge a New Path

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The Supply Chain Insights Global Summit is over, but we hope the energy to define Supply Chain 2030 is just beginning. Today only 12% of supply chain teams are driving improvement, performing better than their competitors and driving value (as determined by Price to Tangible Book Value). As companies prepare for Supply Chain 2030, we think that it is time to rethink the basics. 2030 is 14 years in the future.

3 Predictions for the Future of Supply Chain by 2030


by Tom Gregorchik I was recently asked a simple question during an interview: “Where do you see supply chain in 2030?”. It seems like just yesterday I graduated from Penn State armed with a degree in Industrial Engineering and started a consulting job implementing demand planning and supply planning modules for a large CPG company. Last month, I attended the Supply Chain Insights conference in Scottsdale, AZ. Data sharing will drive the supply chain.

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Imagine 2030: Supply Chain Talent


This year’s Supply Chain Insights’ annual global conference (Live Stream: [link] ) moves to our hometown of Atlanta, a town deep in supply chain history from the crossroads of the early train routes to the hub of many of today’s leading brands, and supply chain services and technology providers. While 2030 may seem like a long way off, it will be here before we know it. In that time, the supply chain will look quite different.

Supply Chains in 2030: Connected, Intelligent, and Autonomous


Some developments will take longer; others will be here much sooner because that’s … The post Supply Chains in 2030: Connected, Intelligent, and Autonomous appeared first on Chainalytics. Editor’s Note: When this blog post first came to be, no one could have foreseen what the world is enduring with the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Yet as we look towards the decade ahead, we believe that the observations below remain valid.

Apple Carbon Neutral by 2030

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Apple says its supply chain and products will be 100% carbon neutral by 2030. Apple announced Tuesday it aims to become entirely carbon neutral by 2030. Apple’s global corporate operations are already carbon neutral, so the announcement means that it will extend that goal to its manufacturing supply chain and product life cycle. Apple announced Tuesday it aims to become entirely carbon neutral by 2030.

To Move Forward, We Need to be Clear on What We Are Automating

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For the past six years, I have spent my labor day weekend preparing for the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. The event is designed to Imagine Supply Chain 2030. For the event, I also invite the Supply Chains to Admire award winners to present their story and give the winners awards. Traditional supply chain processes are not equal to the challenge. Supply Chain Excellence data scientist supply chain 2030 supply chain talent

Announcing the Supply Chains to Admire for 2019

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I feel that topic of supply chain management is analogous to the downward cycle of the news channels. What Drives Supply Chain Excellence? I analyze supply chain management. The broader the definition of end-to-end strategy and the alignment of supply chain processes drives value. Over the last month, I have been working on the 2019 Supply Chains to Admire analysis. They want to know, “What drives supply chain improvement?

Supply Chain Diagnostic: A Four-Step Process

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Time For A Supply Chain Check-Up? When a company contacts me to help them with their supply chain, the pain is usually a gap in customer service. They tend to have many pretty PowerPoint slide decks–full of acronyms, pretty pictures and E2E commitments–but they lack a common definition of supply chain excellence. To complete a supply chain diagnostic, I take these four steps: Step One. Supply chains are not the same.

2016 Supply Chain Insights Summit: Imagining Supply Chain in 2030 as The Engine of Growth


The first day of the keynote speech at the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit from Lora Cecere – CEO and Founder Supply Chain Insights ended with the famous quote from Rumi, instigating the need for a disruption in the traditional way of thinking about supply chain processes. Before discussing the future of supply chain, however, there was the need to look at some of the main supply chain challenges that companies are facing.

3 Supply Chain Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2020


What’s on the horizon for supply chain professionals? Pepsi announced that they are aiming to cut 20% of their emissions by 2030 and their U.S. Microsoft also announced they plan to be carbon-negative by 2030. . Many are relying on advanced analytics to optimize their supply chain for sustainability. Many are relying on advanced analytics to optimize their supply chain for sustainability – Tweet this.

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Key takeaways from our CogX panel on how to shape the circular economy for 2030


How can we build resilience into our current supply chains? and sustainable supply chains” focus, we were joined by: Fiona Place, Director at Anthesis Group. We also need to see who all sits in the supply chain. The post Key takeaways from our CogX panel on how to shape the circular economy for 2030 appeared first on Provenance News. What can we do to eliminate waste from product production?

The Self-Correcting Supply Chain


One of the reoccurring themes at the IMAGINE Supply Chain Global Summit , hosted by Supply Chain Insights Founder and CEO Lora Cecere, was the concept of “self-guided” or autonomous applications. The concept came up in several times, including something called the “self-correcting supply chain”, which is about self-correcting data in the supply chain. The Pain of Supply Chain Data Errors.

How Can We Heal the Global Supply Chain?

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In the last six months, in my travels, I have presented to supply chain teams in China, Belgium, France, Germany, Peru, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. I strongly feel that if I am going to cover the global supply chain that I need to experience it. Connectivity enabled the growth of the global supply chain opening up markets driving opportunity. Supply chain process development is slower.

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Supply Chain Scope: New Study Shows Rise in US Inventories; California Estimated to Improve Freight Efficiency by 25% in 2030


This and much more, in your Monday supply chain briefing from Arkieva. Supply Chain News. Sustainable Freight Action Plan for California is estimated to Improve Freight Efficiency by 25% in 2030. Targets for 2030 Include: Improve freight system efficiency 25 percent by 2030. Supply Chain Strategy. Is Integrated Supply Chain Planning Rubbish? Source: Supply Chain Shaman. Source: Arkieva Supply Chain Blog.

The Future of Supply Chain Management


Fresh out of Supply Chain Talent. There’s no time like the present to talk about the future of supply chain management. That was the perfect lead-in for a great Supply Chain Insights webinar I attended recently – Journey to Supply Chain 2030. Admittedly, 2030 is a few years out. Technology, digitization and automation are dramatically changing the supply chain. What does this mean for the supply chain?

Supply Chain Complexity and the Need for Disruptive Technology


The keynote address at the always enlightening Supply Chain Insights Global Summit was given by Lora Cecere, and she used it to focus on the problem of growing supply chain planning complexity and how to fix it. Cecere says the companies that do supply chains well—at a 90% confidence level—have much more supply chain visibility. These better supply chains know how to use data. Supply Chain Planning

Coming soon to a supply chain near you: 8 big digital disruptors


In reality, all this emerging tech, whether it’s turning your world upside down or not, is having a very real impact on how businesses manage their supply chains. Phillips, SVP of Customer Supply Chain & Global Go-To-Market for PepsiCo shared during his keynote presentation at the Gartner Executive Supply Chain Conference, this digital revolution presents enormous challenges and opportunities across the end-to-end consumer value chain.

When Supply Chains and Blockchains Become Pervasive

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Supply chains are fluid and always changing with customer expectations, new product introductions and delivery mode updates. Visions of what supply chains will look like in 2030 are as clear. Read more When Supply Chains and Blockchains Become Pervasive. The post When Supply Chains and Blockchains Become Pervasive appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

Sustainability: How do Food & Grocery Supply Chains Stack Up?

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trillion by 2030 if nothing is done to stop it. 1] Now, if we tell you that this waste is largely avoidable, and as a supply chain operations manager in the food industry you can have a significant impact, would you be interested to learn how? Nearly 900 million people around the world are malnourished. Yet every year we waste 1.6 billion tons of food – fully a third of all the food produced globally. It's estimated to be worth US$1.2 trillion now and may grow to $1.5

51st Symposium Purchasing and Logistics

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Agenda 2030: Agile and Networked. This is why the 51 st Symposium will cover issues on the following topics: Purchasing 2030: thinking out of the box. International supply chains: reshaping cooperation. Global supply chains: mitigating risks. Europe’s biggest congress for procurement, logistics and supply chain professionals awaits you. 51st Symposium Purchasing and Logistics. Date: 9 – 11 November 2016.

Examining LogiPharma 2019 – Top 3 symptoms you caught the life sciences supply chain bug


LogiPharma 2019 featured a strong lineup of speakers and life sciences supply chain industry experts who delivered valuable and relevant content, spurring attendees to participate with passion while host (and former Premiership Rugby match official) David Kurk injected a good dose of energy and humor to keep things moving. Which brings me to my first observation of LogiPharma 2019: the people running life sciences supply chains care deeply about their patients.

The Vital Role Played by Transport in Supply Chain

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Truck Drivers are a Vital Part of the Supply Chain! What are some of the most important roles played by transport, and why should it be given top priority for all businesses relying on this important stage of supply?

Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2018

Material Handling and Logistics

We salute the year’s top advancements in supply chain technology and processes. Thanks to omni-channel distribution, 3-D printing, self-service logistics and other avenues of disintermediation, traditional supply chain roles are rapidly being transformed into all-new opportunities. Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2016 : robot pickers, bridge-inspecting drones, autonomous freight shuttles, and more.

Ericsson joins net-zero supply chain


C Supply Chain Leaders initiative which aims to drive exponential climate action across global supply chains by curbing emissions, has been joined by Ericsson. Ikea, meanwhile, is aiming to become ‘climate positive’ by 2030. The 1.5°C

Key learnings from Supply Chain Insights’ Global Summit


It was a pleasure to attend this month’s Supply Chain Insights Summit in Philadelphia. The conference, organized by Supply Chain Shaman Lora Cecere and her team, was structured around a compelling theme: “imagine the supply chain of 2030.” In this blog post, I’ll summarize some key learnings I drew from the event and share some insights on Demand Driven supply chains and the industry’s technology landscape. .

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Wal-Mart Wants Suppliers to Eliminate a Gigaton of Greenhouse Gases by 2030

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Global Supply Chain NewsBloomberg. Wal-Mart has identified six areas where suppliers can focus their clean energy efforts: agriculture, waste, packaging, deforestation, and product use and design. read more.

Supply Chain Weekly Wrap-Up: 07/17/20 – 07/23/20

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Apple targets a net zero carbon footprint for its entire supply chain by 2030 According to Apple, it is already fully carbon neutral where its corporate operations are concerned.

Tackling the Unknown: Trying to Figure Out New Forms of Analytics

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The new world of supply chain analytics is my current research project. The possibilities of data variety and velocity to improve supply chain management excite me. There is a great need for improved supply chain analytics. The pace of solution evolution is moving quickly, and it is hard for supply chain leaders to keep up. There are new capabilities, but how do they fit into supply chain architectures?

Key learnings from Supply Chain Insights’ Global Summit


It was a pleasure to attend this month’s Supply Chain Insights Summit in Philadelphia. The conference, organized by Supply Chain Shaman Lora Cecere and her team, was structured around a compelling theme: “imagine the supply chain of 2030.” In this blog post, I’ll summarize some key learnings I drew from the event and share some insights on Demand Driven supply chains and the industry’s technology landscape. .

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Supply Chain News Makers Video Series on Will Few People Own Cars by 2030

Supply Chain Digest

New Researh Report Says Near Future is Autonomous Cars Summoned in Uber Like Fashion

How the Internet of Things enables agile supply chains


This year, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and services are expected to reach an adoption rate of 18 to 20%, and this number is predicted to reach nearly 100% by 2030. More so, the supply chain is moving toward a place more foundationally dependent on technology to thrive. Organizations are looking for fast-paced, streamlined, and real-time solutions to optimize supply chain performance and minimize supply chain risk to better meet customer’s needs.

Go Horizontal!

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Functional silos define today’s supply chain organization. I cut my teeth on early forms of supply chain planning. Like me, the traditio nal supply chain leader, grew-up believing in functional excellence and inside-out processes. Inside-out processes assume that the order represents demand, and that the supply chain’s role ends with a perfect shipment. This is also true of many of the organizations within supply chain.

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Citi & Etihad Airways sign supply chain finance deal

Logistics Middle East

s 2030 Vision to improve access to finance for suppliers and strengthen the supply chain Programme supports Abu Dhabi Government?s

Late Night Thoughts on Productivity, Efficiency and Global Supply Chain Effectivness

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So many thoughts in my mind… Yesterday, I signed a contract for Robert Gordon, author of the book, Rise and Fall of American Growth to speak at the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit on September 5th-8th in Lake Oconee, Georgia (north of Atlanta). At Supply Chain Insights , I have reluctantly built events into my business model. In my opinion, the world has too many Supply Chain events; and sadly the majority, based on my experience, are of poor quality.

Top 25 Supply Chains of 2018

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Our look at the Top 25 (plus 4) Supply Chains of 2018 examines how the best companies in the world excel at managing their global supply chains. One of the most popular articles we’ve ever done is our look at analyst group Gartner’s annual ranking of the Top 25 Supply Chains. billion over the next five years to overhaul its supply chain. Intel sees its supply chain as a crucial component of its strategy to enter new markets.