Supply Chain 2030: Forge a New Path

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The Supply Chain Insights Global Summit is over, but we hope the energy to define Supply Chain 2030 is just beginning. As companies prepare for Supply Chain 2030, we think that it is time to rethink the basics. 2030 is 14 years in the future. Seven Predictions for Supply Chain 2030. It is hard to predict the future; and when you do, you know that you will be wrong, but please lean in with me and Imagine Supply Chain 2030.

Imagine 2030: Supply Chain Talent


As we welcome the industry thought leaders, practitioners, educators and more, I started to think about the conference’s theme, Imagine 2030, and a topic on the minds of many supply chain executives: talent. While 2030 may seem like a long way off, it will be here before we know it. In this different world, who will run the supply chains of 2030? By 2030 that number will have grown exponentially and the volume of jobs available will likely grow equally as much.


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3 Predictions for the Future of Supply Chain by 2030


by Tom Gregorchik I was recently asked a simple question during an interview: “Where do you see supply chain in 2030?”. And when I thought of the future of supply chain, I thought to myself that the year 2030 is 14 years from now—the same 14-year span of when I started in supply chain. There were many different stories that were shared on their successes in all industries, and the theme of the conference always came back to where supply chain will be in 2030.

Apple Carbon Neutral by 2030

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Apple says its supply chain and products will be 100% carbon neutral by 2030. Apple announced Tuesday it aims to become entirely carbon neutral by 2030. Apple announced Tuesday it aims to become entirely carbon neutral by 2030. Microsoft says it will be carbon negative by 2030 , for example, and Amazon has committed to being carbon neutral by 2040. PUBLISHED TUE, JUL 21 20208:48 AM EDT. Jessica Bursztynsky @JBURSZ.

Supply Chains in 2030: Connected, Intelligent, and Autonomous


Some developments will take longer; others will be here much sooner because that’s … The post Supply Chains in 2030: Connected, Intelligent, and Autonomous appeared first on Chainalytics. Editor’s Note: When this blog post first came to be, no one could have foreseen what the world is enduring with the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Yet as we look towards the decade ahead, we believe that the observations below remain valid.

2030: The Next Ten Years


The post 2030: The Next Ten Years appeared first on Ivalua


Role of Prescriptive Analytics in Supply Chain Vision 2030

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Figure 1. Role of Prescriptive Analytics in Next Generation Decision Support. There is a new technology revolution in the making with the explosion of Internet of Everything, Machine Learning, self-driving cars, etc. This conjures an image of large scale automation of decisions based on real-time information. This is a vision that is applicable to the supply chain world as well.

To Move Forward, We Need to be Clear on What We Are Automating

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The event is designed to Imagine Supply Chain 2030. I look forward to sharing the images the groups will develop on the Future of Supply Chain 2030 with our visual artist next week. Supply Chain Excellence data scientist supply chain 2030 supply chain talentFor the past six years, I have spent my labor day weekend preparing for the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. Next week, I will welcome over 100 participants to the annual event.

Automotive industry unanimous that electric will dominate by 2030 and the industry will need to innovate manufacturing to handle potential costs


Ninety-one percent of survey respondents in automotive companies of at least 1,000 employees think that all new cars will either be fully electric or hybrid in 2030. This all comes at a price, however, with 56% believing 2030 cars will be at least 50% more expensive than today’s cars.

2016 Supply Chain Insights Summit: Imagining Supply Chain in 2030 as The Engine of Growth


It was clear that the stage was set for subsequent discussions on supply chain innovation topics, the direction of the industry in the near future of 2030; and what companies today have to do to stay ahead of the curve. For this post, however, I will like the concentration to be on the common strategies employed by leading supply chain companies and the future of supply chain in 2030 as conferred by the well-orchestrated group of supply chain thinkers at the conference.

Wal-Mart Wants Suppliers to Eliminate a Gigaton of Greenhouse Gases by 2030

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Bloomberg. Wal-Mart has identified six areas where suppliers can focus their clean energy efforts: agriculture, waste, packaging, deforestation, and product use and design. read more. Global Supply Chain News

Supply Chain Scope: New Study Shows Rise in US Inventories; California Estimated to Improve Freight Efficiency by 25% in 2030


Sustainable Freight Action Plan for California is estimated to Improve Freight Efficiency by 25% in 2030. Targets for 2030 Include: Improve freight system efficiency 25 percent by 2030. The post Supply Chain Scope: New Study Shows Rise in US Inventories; California Estimated to Improve Freight Efficiency by 25% in 2030 appeared first on Arkieva Blog.

51st Symposium Purchasing and Logistics

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Agenda 2030: Agile and Networked. This is why the 51 st Symposium will cover issues on the following topics: Purchasing 2030: thinking out of the box. Download the brochure >> Register now >> Events 2030 51st Symposium Purchasing & Logistics agile benchmarking Berlin BME event Intercontinental logistics networking purchasing supply chain Symposium51st Symposium Purchasing and Logistics. Date: 9 – 11 November 2016.

Updates to Abu Dhabi Plan Maritime 2030 to be revealed

Logistics Middle East

Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) to present updates and highlights of Plan Maritime 2030 at Fujairah conference

Supply Chain News Makers Video Series on Will Few People Own Cars by 2030

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New Researh Report Says Near Future is Autonomous Cars Summoned in Uber Like Fashion

Supply Chain News on Walmart to Pressure Suppliers to Reduce CO2 Emissions by a Gigaton by 2030

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Latest Move in Effort that Started with Sustainability Index for Suppliers in 2009

One fatal crash a week by 2030, says aviation expert

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Regional airlines recently suspended flights to Baghdad following the shooting at a flydubai airplane in Iraq and amid conflict in the wider region

Iraq 58

Unilever Will Spend $1 Billion to Rid Cleaning Products of Fossil Fuels by 2030

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When a company sets a goal to reach zero emissions within decades, it has to start cutting carbon on every possible front

Supply Chain News on As Many as 70 Percent of Drivers Could Lose Jobs by 2030 Due to Autonomous Trucks, Report Finds

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Should Driverless Trucks Roll Out be Metered to Reduce Short Term Impact on Unemployment and Society

Citi & Etihad Airways sign supply chain finance deal

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s 2030 Vision to improve access to finance for suppliers and strengthen the supply chain Programme supports Abu Dhabi Government?s

Walmart Cut 230 Million Tons of Emissions, With Supplier Help

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has cut 230 million metric tons of greenhouse gases out of its supply chain in the past three years, putting the world’s largest retailer on track to achieve its 2030 emissions goal Walmart Inc.

Supply Chain Graphic of the Week on When will Peak Oil Demand be Reached

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New OPEC Report Says Consumption will Peak in Either 2040 or 2030, Depending on Electric Car Adoption

When Supply Chains and Blockchains Become Pervasive

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Visions of what supply chains will look like in 2030 are as clear. Supply chains are fluid and always changing with customer expectations, new product introductions and delivery mode updates. With these dynamic business models taking place across every industry, can the evolution of blockchain applications and the underlying technology evolve to support new paradigms? Read more When Supply Chains and Blockchains Become Pervasive.

Sugar Cane Lego Blocks? No More Plastic Fantastic as Toymaker Goes Green

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Lego has a team of 100 people dedicated to developing its green toys, and they need to make sure the company has an environmentally friendly product it can put on store shelves by 2030

Update on the Automotive Industry

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The PwC predicts that more than 55% of all new car sales could be fully electrified by 2030, and over 95% of new car sales will be partially electrified. Based on mileage, the study also claims that Europe’s share of autonomous driving in overall traffic may rise to as much as 40% by 2030.

Boeing Eyes Jetliners Fueled by Waste in Race to Zero Emissions

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set a target of designing and certifying its jetliners to fly on 100% sustainable fuels by 2030 amid rising pressure on planemakers to get serious about climate change Boeing Co.

3 Supply Chain Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2020


Pepsi announced that they are aiming to cut 20% of their emissions by 2030 and their U.S. Microsoft also announced they plan to be carbon-negative by 2030. . 2020 seemed a world away just a few years ago and yet, here we are. This promises to be a very eventful year.

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Supply Chain Performance Declined In the Last Decade. The Question is Why?

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The goal of the conference is to Imagine the Supply Chain of 2030. When a person suddenly hits or jams their toe, it hurts. It is one of those howling, bent over, moments of pain. A stubbed toe is often accompanied by words that you hope your children don’t hear.

The State of Sustainable Supply Chains

Supply Chain 24/7

The Sustainable Development Goals not only identify where we have to be in 2030 to create a sustainable world that leaves no one behind; they also outline new markets and opportunities to innovate for companies everywhere

Sustainability: How do Food & Grocery Supply Chains Stack Up?

C3 Solutions

trillion by 2030 if nothing is done to stop it. Nearly 900 million people around the world are malnourished. Yet every year we waste 1.6 billion tons of food – fully a third of all the food produced globally. It's estimated to be worth US$1.2 trillion now and may grow to $1.5 And if that's not scary enough, food waste is deemed responsible for eight percent of global greenhouse gases – the ones that cause global warming. [1]

Are Batteries the Trade War China’s Already Won?

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The global battery market will be worth about $116 billion a year by 2030 — up from around $28 billion now. But the U.S. is on course to capture only a small piece of that

Will the next 15 years be a logistics golden age?


Their vision and imagination continually solve daunting challenges of time and space, yet forecast trends for the years 2016–2030 reveal a wave of change, which will test those talents. Logistics professionals help keep the world running in ordered motion. Think Supply Chain

Supply Chain by the Numbers for Week of Sept. 10, 2015

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Industry Insider Says Trucks Killing People, How Big will Container Ships by by 2030, Is Carbon Fraud Widespread in Cap and Trade Markets, Google Express Now Handling Fresh Produce

Head Scratcher

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Imagine Supply Chain 2030. The focus is on Imagining Supply Chain 2030. At the event, technologists and business leaders work shoulder-to-shoulder to Imagine Supply Chain 2030. In this session, we will invite the most innovative demand planning technologists to share their vision and then work with a visual artist to draw/image demand planning for supply chain 2030. Sweat ran uncomfortably down my back on a hot day in Dallas.

Public transport popularity soars in Dubai

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The RTA wants 30% of Dubai residents using public transport by 2030