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As part of the panel, four ex-AMR analysts –Roddy Martin, Mickey North Rizza, Lora Cecere and CJ Wehlage– will share insights on the results and the trends.

Trade Wars Put U.S. Small Business on the Front Line

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SC Analysis & Consulting Regulation and Compliance Global Trade & Economics Global Supply Chain Management All Technology Global Trade Management SC Planning & Optimization SC Finance & Revenue Mgmt. North AmericaThe U.S.-China China trade war is escalating by the day and the U.S. relationship with NAFTA countries Canada and Mexico is increasingly tense. trade is heating up with imminent E.U. tariffs on the horizon.

Frost & Sullivan: Freightera Among Key Automated Freight Solutions in North America


Frost & Sullivan places Freightera among ‘Key Automated On-Demand Brokerage Solutions in North America’ along with Uber Freight and Convoy. The exception may be North America, where Frost & Sullivan predicts that it will be shared by several leading solutions.

The U.S. Retail Industry Is Hemorrhaging Jobs — and It's Hitting Women Hardest

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Between November 2016 and November 2017, the sector fired 129,000 women (the largest loss for any industrial sector for either sex) while men gained 109,000 positions, according to an analysis by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR). Global Supply Chain Management HR & Labor Management Retail Home Page Latest News Home Page Slider News North AmericaThe retail sector has been the biggest loser of jobs for the last two years in a row in the U.S.,

Supply Chain Management:Importance of Proactive Master Data.

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In my current project about a year ago, North America region Supply Chain Planners were having major concerns related with flawed planning resulting from incorrect or no Source of Supply (SoS) for receipt elements such as Purchase requisitions &/or Planned orders. We conducted a thorough analysis of these concerns & compared results in different geographies. About Us. Contact Us. Newsroom Investors Careers. Infosys Labs. Industries. Industries. Aerospace and Defense.

Manufacturing Nearshoring Will Have an Impact on Supply Chain Automation

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AlixPartners 2016 annual survey of manufacturing and distribution companies serving North America and western Europe found that 69% say they consider near shoring a possible opportunity to meet US and European demand, this up from just 40% in last year’s analysis

Tackling Item Complexity

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World Kitchen’s supply chain– with significant manufacturing and distribution operations throughout North America and Asia– was complex. The SEVA analysis is a derivative of Economic Value Add (EVA) methodology. Personalization. Market microsegmentation.

Demand-Driven Transformation at Shell

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Shell’s current shift to the global supply chain is impacting North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Russia, and China. Product Portfolio Analysis. To prove the concept, Nick decided to run a simulation and tested the North America market.

Improved Packaging Strategy Greatly Reduced Product Damage for Leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer


Each year, millions of people across North America are admitted into temporary and long-term medical care facilities for a variety of … The post Improved Packaging Strategy Greatly Reduced Product Damage for Leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer appeared first on Chainalytics.

[Infographic] 21st Third Party Logistics Study Shows Increased Use of 3PLs & Shippers


So, more shippers are satisfied with 3PL-offered IT services, which now includes the collection, analysis and application of Big Data and predictive analytics. Global Growth and Use of 3PLs Outpaces Partnerships in North America.

Things Have Changed: What Do We Do NOW?

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The average MAPE for North America was 36% while the European average MAPE was 45%. The average bias of European forecasts versus North America had 2% more bias. Forecast Value Add (FVA) analysis has increased in popularity.

The 7 Best Events For Freight Shipping in 2015


The 3PL Summit is North America’s largest and most high-level gathering of logistics executives and their manufacturer and retailer supply chain counterparts. This fall, you may want to head north for the annual Surface Transportation Summit, to be held just outside of Toronto.

Design, Operating and Situational Inventory Trade-Offs


These are good questions, Lord says, but getting to the next level of analysis requires categorizing inventory so that both the company’s goals and the drivers impacting inventory can be better understood and addressed. North America, Europe, …).

New Bookends: The Tale of Supply Chain Global Leaders in Consumer Products

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This analysis helps us to see the trends It is a study of year-over-year progress. The race for excellence will be won on other continents than North America and mainland Europe. Before beginning this analysis, I must admit, that I was a P&G bigot. Definition.

Global 322

Digital Path to Purchase: An Outside-in Opportunity

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At least this is the story for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies in North America. Text mining and sentiment analysis can be used to build listening posts to help companies listen to the voice of supply chain. dig·it·al ?dijitl/ dijitl/ adjective.

My Take: The Role of Anaplan in Defining the Art of the Possible in Supply Chain Planning

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There are two groups: one in North America and one in Europe. What-if Analysis and Collaborative Workflow. Only 1/3 of companies have what-if analysis. The Anaplan platform can stretch across multiple technologies to enable what-if analysis.

A Hierarchy of Needs for Supply Chain Planning


About the author: Jayant Sharma works as a Business Analyst with ToolsGroup’s North America office. He holds a Masters in Science in Engineering Management with focus on Supply Chain & Business Analysis from Northeastern University.

Three Tough Headlines: What Can We Learn?

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Three weeks is substantial and may tip the hand to reshore more manufacturing into North America. Today is a rainy day in Philadelphia. I am recovering from bronchitis. I am reflective as the rain sheets down my window. My travels this week took me to California and Boston.

Supply Chain Innovation: How to Build an Award-Winning Supply Chain


Last month, Lennox Residential was runner-up in the 2015 Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Supply Chain Innovation competition, arguably the top supply chain award in North America. Source: Supply Chain Digest.

Why Financial Reengineering Does Not Equal Supply Chain Improvement

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Financial reengineering focuses on the optimization of short-term results that are usually based on a functional analysis of source, make, or deliver. We will publish the results from our fourth year of the analysis in June.

Digital Transformation: Why It’s Not an “Easy Button”

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Ciarleglio, SVP Sales, North America at Elemica , in a recent episode of Talking Logistics. Don’t let the enormity of the ultimate goal stymie you in “analysis paralysis.” Roger points out that an important step is for companies to ignore the common ROI analysis requirement and instead do trial and error to see what works best for their company. There is a lot of discussion today about digital transformation, including why it’s important and what the benefits can be.

L’Oreal: A Beautiful Supply Chain

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Emmanuel has been working in Supply Chain for L’Oreal for over 20 years, starting in France followed by 10 years in New York where he led the Supply Chain for L’Oreal North America. Only 1% of companies have successfully implemented cost-to-serve analysis.

What Is The Mission?

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This analysis is a study in pattern recognition. Performance is a comparison against the mean (minus the outliers) while improvement is a vector analysis of the orbit chart plots for the period of 2010-2018.). Annette Clayton’s vision as a newly minted SVP of Supply Chain (now COO for North America) is coming to fruition. The lack of modeling capabilities for “what-if analysis” and “model development.” Daily I see one. You probably also have them in your mail.

International Sales Will Continue to Grow Say SMEs

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When asked which region offered the greatest opportunity over the next five years, a quarter (25%) of exporters said North America (Canada/Mexico), down from 34% in 2017 and 2016.

U.S. E-tailer Thrive Market Building World-Class Supply Chain with RELEX Solutions

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We are most excited about the opportunity to shift our resources from non-value add activities, like building spreadsheets, to true value-add activities like decision-making and analysis of demand and inventory management,” said Thrive Market’s Director of Supply and Demand Planning, Nicolas Yepez.

Real-Time Monitoring Fuels IoT Growth In Manufacturing


This month IQMS interviewed 151 manufacturers in North America to understand the current and plans for analytics and manufacturing intelligence, mobility, quality and real-time monitoring.

Do You Have a Proactive Supply Chain Design or a Reactive One?

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While civil unrest could slow down production or shipments in a foreign country, natural disasters can accomplish just as much shipping disruption in North America. He has four years of project management experience with time study analysis and organizational planning background. Every supply chain has a central purpose, regardless of size or industry: getting materials from their point of origin to the place they’re needed as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Gaining Clarity on Inventory Effectiveness

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As shown in Table 1, companies that rate themselves as more effective meeting their inventory goals are more likely to be located in North America than Europe. I remember the plane ride well. My career was in transition.

Coming of Age: The Digital Consumer Chain

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The Consumer Chain is the end-to-end business process loop that begins with the identification of the consumer and carries through the entire process of marketing, trade channel promotion, retail execution, analysis of everything that happened and back again to better understanding the consumer.

Teknowlogi Solutions Address “Back to Basics” Areas for Logistics Industry


The Tai Shipping Marketplace is an online, self-service tool delivered through the Teknowlogi platform that connects buyers of shipping rates who are looking to save money with sellers of shipping rates who are looking to make money across North America. .

Different Strokes for Different Folks (to Yield Better Results?)?

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The focus is on the use of market/channel data and push the “what-if” analysis through to supply. There will be European, Asian, and North American cohorts of 30-40 people. This week I spent time in Silicon Valley talking to technology innovators.

RELEX Solutions’ Mikko Kärkkäinen Named a 2018 SDCE “Pro to Know”

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In 2005, he co-founded RELEX Solutions which quickly became one of the fastest growing retail planning companies in Europe and North America and now has over 200 customers across six continents. Read PDF.

Reflections on Hard Hats and Safety Shoes…

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When the added costs of transportation and inventory working capital impacts are added, there is a solid logic to bringing manufacturing back to North America. Mexico has become more attractive, and many companies are looking at alternative sourcing in Latin and South America. Manufacturing teams used to manage the supply chain group. Today, in most organizations, the supply chain team manages manufacturing.

Wages rising strongly among US warehouse workers


As much of the logistics and supply chain struggles with very low unemployment, wages are now rising quickly across the entire sector, with warehouse workers seeing consistent raises, particularly in 2017 and 2018.

Logistics Services Providers Shift Investment Focus Outside BRIC Markets

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In particular China and India, with annual economic growth rates many multiples ahead of North America and Europe. They have good transport and trade links not only with the BRIC countries, but with North America and the EU.