Sustainable Supply Chains: A Country Comparison

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The global not-for-profit organization CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) has published a report: Supply Chain Sustainability Revealed: A Country Comparison. The report was written by Accenture Strategy. “While climate and water risks are apparent, the implications for businesses and economies reliant on complex supply chain models are less understood”, says Paul Simpson, CEO, CDP.

Comparison of Improvement Programs

The Lean Supply Chain

Comparison of Improvement Programs.

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Supply Chain News on Inventory Performance 2015 and Some Interesting Comparisons

Supply Chain Digest

Last in a Series, we Look at Different Inventory Turns in 2014 by Dfferent Companies within a Sector

The Holidays and The Logistics Crunch: It’s all about the Planning & a Fun Comparison of Logistics & A Successful Turkey Day!


Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The post The Holidays and The Logistics Crunch: It’s all about the Planning & a Fun Comparison of Logistics & A Successful Turkey Day! Have you started planning your Thanksgiving meal yet?

Chasing Amazon? Learn About Dynamic Warehousing Strategies

comparison. 1www.flexe.comResearch & Analysis by FLEXE, Inc. Published May 2016 CHASING AMAZON: BUILDING A DYNAMIC. WAREHOUSE NETWORK The application of on-demand warehousing for distribution network capacity or.

Making the Case for a Different Kind of TMS


With case studies, ROI comparisons and real-world examples, you’ll understand why a different type of TMS is needed to meet the modern-day needs of shippers, brokers and 3PLs.

Five Reflections From Supply Chain Planning Benchmarking

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While every company will agree that this data is VERY important, the lack of standard definition precludes comparison. For me, this was disappointing to see.This comparison is a good way to measure the effectiveness of forecasting processes.

What’s Your Forecast Accuracy Target for 2017?


Answering this question requires (1) a data set which can provide the correct basis of comparison (like the MLS in the housing market) and (2) employing an approach that controls for key differences between data points in the data set (like house size, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, in his analogy).

Infographic: Typhoon Dujuan's impacts


Take a look at our comparison chart—if your supply chain was affected by Soudelor, it's likely to be affected by Dujuan. As Typhoon Dujuan batters Taiwan on its way to China's Southeast coast, transportation faces some disruptions. Learn from Soudelor to understand how you should act.

[e-Book] The Ultimate Guide to Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, & Freight Metrics & KPIs


Furthermore, some data may be of minimal use without comparison to and identification of trends and collaborations between data from other transactions within a given warehouse or transportation system. Business practices have become synonymous with the application and collection of data for continuous improvement. However, most of today’s data goes unused and represents a lost opportunity to the company. Unfortunately, data lacks value if not properly cleansed, transformed, and applied.

Common Sense Warehouse Performance Metrics for Supply Chain Benchmarking

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These KPIs will help you evaluate performance , choose an appropriate benchmarking comparison group, set targets, and stay on course to attain them. In addition to perfect order metrics, warehouse performance benchmarking should ideally include a comparison of warehouse running costs.

Don’t Perpetuate the Hoax of the Gartner Top 25

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Growth 10% (Year-over-Year comparison of 2013 versus 2014). Opinion makes up 50% of the rating; and in the ranking system, company comparisons are against each other with little consideration of industry drivers. A year-over-year comparison is not sufficient.

What are your wants and needs in supply chain?

Supply Chain Movement

Comparisons between the US and Europe. The research is an extension of the Supply Chain Technology User Wants and Needs survey that Gartner has run in North America for the past eight years and we are hoping to draw comparisons between the US and Europe.

Building a Supply Chain Masterpiece with Concurrent Planning

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Alexa Cheater There’s something to be said about the resiliency of a really good supply chain. One that’s able to quickly respond to those unexpected problems, easily adapt to changing industry conditions and make waves with its innovative, yet still efficient, processes.

Introducing the Freightos Marketplace


Introducing the Freightos Marketplace. In 1900, gross world production was $175 billion dollars. By 2014, it reached $77 trillion dollars.

Kinaxis Positioned in the Leaders Quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Sales and Operations Planning Systems of Differentiation

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Lori Smith. This graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research document and should be evaluated in the context of the entire document. The Gartner document is available here.

Is Your Logistics Chain Leaking? The IoT May Be the Answer

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When both your receiving inventory data and your vendor invoices live in the same digital system, it’s a simple matter to ask a computer to make comparisons, triggering an alert for both parties if something doesn’t match up.

Crowdsourcing and Collaborative Logistics: Insights from the Annual WERC Conference


Comparison of Traditional and Crowdsourced Logistics Systems. I’ll wrap up by sharing this side-by-side comparison presented at the conference. Last week I had the pleasure of attending the annual WERC (Warehouse Education Research Council) conference in Providence, Rhode Island.

Tell Me Why

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They do not have a peer group for comparison. We do not include them in the analysis because there is no peer group comparison. This year-over-year comparison, enables visualization of performance on two metrics. As a blogger, you can get feedback real time. Pretty cool. Right?

7 Factors of Solid Supply Chain Network Design

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Since an optimization software usually runs the proprietary algorithm, it''s quite difficult to make a real comparison excepts for other product features, user interfaces and computational time.

2017 Outlook: The Freight Recession is Over

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Freight volume and rates finally began to revive in May 2016, and year-over-year volume comparisons turned positive in August. The freight recession is over. An 18-month malaise was triggered by the worldwide collapse of oil prices at the end of 2014.

Carter’s: A Story of Supply Chain Leadership

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Apparel Performance and Improvement Comparison. To drive global scale, companies need to design the supply chain to buy globally and execute locally. Not many companies have cracked this code. The design of the supply chain is fundamental to making this happen. Managing complexity is key.

BASF: A Story of a Supply Chain Leader

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Comparison of Performance and Improvement of Companies in the Chemical Industry for 2009-2015. BASF creates chemistry. Over the last two decades the company successfully leveraged global scale to define supply chain leadership.

Common Sales and Operations Myths Part 4 – Spreadsheets are King


Perform fast simulations, comparisons and What-if scenarios. This is the fourth in a series of posts that investigates some of the myths or mistruths I have heard over the last 20+ years concerning Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP).

Forecast Accuracy: Keep Your Demand Management Process Honest

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Forecast Comparison. Having a tool to show comparisons quickly is effective for determining where the forecast information should be coming from. by Alexa Cheater Our partner Celestica recently published the following article, ‘ Are you keeping your demand management process honest? ’

The problem with renewable energy resources isn’t the technology, but the quantity of supply

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Unfortunately, even wind power still pales in comparison. For comparison, to set off a Hydrogen reaction, scientists initially used a nuclear (fission) bomb to start the process).

10 Controversial Freight Predictions for 2016


There’s online rate comparison sites , CargoSmart’s Big Schedules (live ocean schedules) and rate information like the Cass Freight Index and the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index. 10 Controversial Freight Predictions For 2016.

Seeing the Bigger Picture: How a Global Trade Network Can Create More Accurate KPIs

Talking Logistics

These network comparisons can also help analysts identify if a change is just part the natural ebb and flow of the supply chain, or points to a unique issue within their business. Your supply chain’s key performance indicators support tactical, day-to-day business decisions, so ensuring you are reading them correctly is imperative. The question becomes, “how are you comparing your transportation metrics to what’s happening around you?”

Treading Water

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Post-recession versus pre-recession labor inputs declined by 45% while the more recent comparison is only a 19% labor improvement. I spent my summers as a lifeguard. To certify, I had to tread water for what seemed like an incessant period of time.

SCM Best Paper Award Winners 2014

SCM Research

A Comparison of the Effect of Logistic Strategy and Logistics Integration on Firm Competitiveness in the USA and China. This year, the CSCMP’s Annual Global Conference 2014 was held in San Antonio, Texas. The Educators’ Conference, which provides academics and students a forum to hear the latest in our research field, has become an integral part of it.

World’s Largest 3PLs Off to a Weak Start in Fiscal Year 2015

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Below is the list of y-o-y comparison of various currencies in which the 3PLs report their revenues Reporting Currency Y-O-Y Decline % Euro -17.6% The 3PL market has shown negative growth in the first quarter of 2015 mainly because of the declining reporting currency of the 3PLs. Danish Krone -17.4% South Korean Won -2.6% […]. Logistics Service Providers 3PL Revenues

Direct Material Woes: Seven Steps to Take to Improve Value

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Examples include control of maverick spend, qualified vendors, electronic bidding and price comparisons. It is fall. The hot and humid days are giving way to cool and crisp weather. Today, as I type this blog post, the rain is softly falling on my window sill.

What is S&OP? By Accenture Strategy Guest Blogger

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Here is a simple comparison spectrum that I often use to clarify what S&OP entails. by Steven J. Puricelli A few weeks ago, I launched a new blog series on sales and operations planning (S&OP ).

S&OP 82

How Can Supply Chain Leaders Use Big Data as a Tool to Continuously Improve?


This comparison is much more than a metaphor; it is the real issues being faced by supply chain entities and their leaders. Supply chain leaders are enthralled with the idea of using big data, but they tend to fail to understand how to disseminate big data in their organization properly.

Three Reasons Why SAP Supply Chain Planning Is a Risk to Your Business

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Relative Comparison of Best-of-Breed Providers versus ERP Expansionists like SAP/Oracle. I am writing this blog post in the air, sitting in seat 4c, somewhere over the Midwest en route to Philadelphia. As I look below, I see field after field of United States farmland.


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Meaningless Comparison. I just don’t think the comparison of very different industries in a spreadsheet based on growth, inventory values, and Return on Assets (ROA) is meaningful. Mush is a thick cornmeal pudding boiled in water or milk.

Skillfully Managing Manufacturing Reshoring Projects


than simple cost comparisons. companies focuses on cost comparisons and does not consider other aspects of extracting your manufacturing from a foreign country. There’s more involved in successfully reshoring a foreign manufacturing operation back to the U.S.

Inventory Metrics: From Insight to Action

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I’d consider graphing this as a % variance from target as the first thing most people would do is a comparison between the actual and target lines anyways.

3 Core Metrics & 10 Soft Metrics for Measuring Supply Chain Performance


In comparison, the poorest-performing companies in the lowest quartile had a range of working capital between 23% and 39% as a percentage of revenues. The average Supply Chain management professional measures their Supply Chain by reviewing cost reduction.

Uniquely Unqualified: Why ignoring your customers can be a good thing

The Network Effect

As a comparison, one of LG’s more popular models has 33 buttons. Think back to the first microwave that your parents had and what are you likely to see? A rectangular box with three buttons (High, Medium, Low) and a timer dial. Now fast forward to today and what will you find?