Traceability In Food & Beverage Manufacturing is The Cornerstone of Quality


Compliance and quality are the foundations all great food & beverage manufacturers rely on to create and strengthen trust with their distribution networks and customers. Traceability Is Key To Excelling At Compliance And Quality for Food & Beverage Manufacturing Companies. Traceability for food & beverage manufacturers isn’t optional anymore.

Metrics and Issues to Consider in SQM (Supplier Quality Management) By 5 Big Industries


In the first post our long tme guest blogger, Chuck Intrieri of The Lean Supply Chai n, gave us 5 core metrics to evaluate supplier performance using supplier quality management and a 4 step process to execute. In today’s post, Chuck will take it a step further and break down metrics and issues to look out for by 5 main industries: Pharmaceuticals. Review of SQM Metrics and Issues Across 5 Core Industries. #1: Trend Metrics Collected per Site.

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Vendor-managed inventory and distribution planning in the food and beverage industry – here’s something to chew on


by Jeswin Philip The Food Packaging Trends and Advances report from PMMI forecasts that the US Food and Beverage industry will experience a 2.9 % CAGR through 2022. As with any industry, food and beverage faces its own unique set of supply chain challenges, including: Expiring ingredients, manufactured product and packaged goods. craft going global in the alcoholic beverages industry). In closing… some words about VMI and the food and beverage supply chain.

Supplier Quality Management: What it is, 5 Key Metrics to Know & a 4 Step Supplier Evaluation Process


The next posts in the series will break down metrics and issues to consider in SQM by industry and conclude with a case study on the application of SQM. 5 Key Metrics to Use for Scoring Supplier Quality Management (From LNS Research ). The definition of this metric is similar to the way it sounds. Quality affects many different parts of the business, so it is critical to establish a comprehensive metric that provides visibility into the most important areas of operations.

Announcing the Supply Chains to Admire for 2019

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Smaller, more agile companies outperform the larger and well-known brands in the retail, beverages, food, and pharmaceutical industry sectors. We selected these metrics based on correlation work with Arizona State University in 2012. The winners drove long-term value (measured by market capitalization) while outperforming on the portfolio of metrics shown in Figure 1 and driving improvement faster than their peer groups. I watch the news channels on mute. The reason?

Which Metrics Matter? Interview with Philippe Lambotte

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My journey to understand supply chain Metrics That Matter started three years ago. Balance: The ability to balance a portfolio of metrics to maximize market capitalization and free cash flow. The early results from the ASU study will be featured in the book Metrics that Matter and it will be the core of the upcoming Supply Chain Global Summit on September 10-11, 2014 in Scottsdale AZ at the Phoenician. (We How do you balance metrics ? .

Metrics that Matter: Quality Management


Using Metrics to Measure Quality. Training is a key component of most compliance frameworks, so in a highly regulated industry such as automotive or life sciences, these metrics can help ensure compliance with requirements. Food and beverage, automotive or medical device recalls can be astronomically expensive. Choosing Metrics. Edwards Deming stated the most important aspect of quality as a metric: “ Quality starts in the boardroom.”

Quality Audits Are The Future Of Food & Beverage Manufacturing


Bottom Line: Food & beverage manufacturing’s future is being defined by the over 60 customer quality audit requests a typical manufacturer receives every year, combined with the need to excel at FDA audits and compliance to stay competitive. Food and beverage manufacturers need to find new ways to scale auditing if they’re going to keep growing and attracting new customers. Quality Audits Need To Become Routine For Food & Beverage Manufacturers.

Don’t Perpetuate the Hoax of the Gartner Top 25

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Supply chain leaders manage a complex system of non-linear, but very inter-connected metrics. Leaders need to balance a portfolio of metrics. Year-over-year Improvement at the Intersections of the Metrics. It is for this reason, that we are hard at work on the analysis of the Supply Chain Metrics That Matter series of reports. It is a study of performance patterns at the intersection of the metrics.

New Bookends: The Tale of Supply Chain Global Leaders in Consumer Products

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Overall Results on the Supply Chain Metrics That Matter. In the last five years, consumer products and food/beverage leaders faced different challenges. Overall, in the industry, there is more forward momentum in consumer products sector than the food/beverage peer groups. Consumer products companies experienced slow growth while the food and beverage leaders faced declining–often sharp–market trends. Definition.

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Why I No Longer Believe in the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25

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The AMR Top 25 was the first methodology that tried to connect financial metrics with supply chain excellence. It elevated the discussion on supply chain excellence and drove more discipline and rigor in the use of financial metrics. See how different the progress is on this metric by industry? The retail sector formula has far different metrics than the chemical industry. Capital Markets reward balance in a Portfolio of Metrics.

Novo Nordisk: A Story of a Supply Chain Leader

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We are not as mature as CPG or Food/Beverage. Supply chain excellence Supply Chain Talent Supply Chains to Admire cold chain healthcare Metrics That Matter Novo NordiskWith more than 90 years of innovation in diabetes care, Novo Nordisk is a global pharmaceutical leader. The logo to the left showcases the evolution of the brand over time.) The Company’s goal is to defeat diabetes and drive better patient outcomes.

IBM Will Marry Its New Verifier to the Blockchain, Transforming Diamonds, Olive Oil and Insurance

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High-Tech/Electronics Food & Beverage Quality & Metrics All Logistics Global Logistics Transportation & DistributionCalled a crypto anchor verifier, the technology, which is part artificial-intelligence software, part insanely sophisticated, internally developed lens, can see the cells of animals and distinguish between them.

Jeff Bezos v the World: Why All Companies Fear 'Death by Amazon'

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Business Strategy Alignment Global Supply Chain Management Quality & Metrics SC Analysis & Consulting Supply Chain Security & Risk Mgmt. Apparel Consumer Packaged Goods E-Commerce/Omni-Channel Food & Beverage High-Tech/ElectronicsAt $19.99 a pop, the laptop stand combines everything customers love about Amazon: utility, price and convenience.

Cleanroom Manufacturing Strategies That Pay


Manufacturers combining their expertise in a specific area of plastics manufacturing, for example, aerospace, automotive, food & beverage, medical, or surgical products while complying with industry and regulatory requirements are more likely to be in the Premium Price zone. for Food & Beverage Containers.

Introducing a Cryptocurrency for the Food Supply Chain

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Consumer Packaged Goods Food & Beverage Global Supply Chain Management Global Trade & Economics Supply Chain Security & Risk Mgmt. Quality & Metrics All Technology Supply Chain Visibility SC Finance & Revenue Mgmt. This time, it’s designed for the food supply chain, with an emphasis on achieving transparency and security between partners. The creator of the “token” is OriginTrail , a Slovenian I.T. company specializing in traceability and quality-control systems.

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QAD Explore 2019: Vertical Market Round-up


All operator, production order and equipment transactions are recorded via data lake technology to provide for advanced traceability and operational metrics. Consumer Products and Food & Beverage. Stephen Dombroski – Director, Consumer Products and Food & Beverage. What occurred for our Consumer Products and Food & Beverage attendees was the flow of information in both directions; QAD to customer and customer back to QAD.

How Can We Increase Trade Coverage Through Our Distributors in Africa?

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Trade coverage, brand distribution, distribution coverage, brand or SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) availability, or whatever terminology you use, is one of the most important Route to Market (RtM) , trade marketing and/or sales operations metrics out there. This is a challenging question and one that we need to break down.

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Retail Outlet Classification in RtM Strategy, an Essential Element or a Complete Waste of Time?

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This will then allow you to target specific activities, resources, brands, SKU’s, promotions, metrics, etc., 20 Steps to RtM Excellence RtM Strategy Ross Marie RTM retail RTM Assessment Tool Traditional Trade Route to Market FMCG Brewing & Beverages SKU promotionsFirstly, what is Outlet Classification ?

What Is the True Cost of Eating Meat?

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In 2016, the world’s meat production was estimated at 317m metric tons, and that is expected to continue to grow. Global Supply Chain Management Global Trade & Economics Sustainability SC Analysis & Consulting Food & Beverage Supply Chain Security & Risk Mgmt. What are the economics of meat? Food and farming is one of the biggest economic sectors in the world.

Who Should Be In The Winner’s Circle?

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The first step was to charter a research project with the Arizona State University statistics department to analyze which combination of metrics drives the highest market capitalization. From interviews, I believe that it was a combination of leadership and metrics alignment.

Supply Chains to Admire: 2016 Results

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Unfortunately, we find most companies are moving backwards on the Supply Chain Metrics That Matter™ or making progress on singular metrics versus driving performance improvement on a balanced portfolio of supply chain metrics that correlate to market capitalization. (If Check out their performance by plotting year-over-year metrics at the intersection of two ratios and look at the patterns. Five months of analysis. Lots of heated debates. It is now over.

[PODCAST] Why Shippers Looking for Capacity & High Service Levels Need the Right Carrier Mix & Logistics Fundamentals Focus


On today’s episode we welcome Andrew Lynch, Co-Founder & President of Zipline Logistics, an award-winning logistics service provider that specializes exclusively in the transportation of retail consumer goods and food and beverage products. Capacity & Carrier Metrics Resources to Download. Transportation Metrics that Matter the Most for Shippers to Track to Improve Performance. Hello and welcome back to another episode of “The Freight Project Podcast!”

Is Your Supply Chain Ready for Social Media-Fueled Demand Volatility?


Examples are: customer experience metrics, feedback on new product features and pricing, customer satisfaction and loyalty, and competitive intelligence. Have you noticed how the clock speed of just about everything has sped up considerably in just a few years?

Data-driven decision making in beer manufacturing [expert Q&A]


Because if you have a brewpub you’re going to expect revenues and financial metrics that are really akin to a restaurant. EBITDA is Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization and it’s a common metric that’s used to measure the value of business by lots of investors. Business Tips beer beverage manufacturing Beverages BI breweries brewery inventory management business of brewing Manufacturing productivity

Supply Chains to Admire – 2016 Results

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Unfortunately, we find most companies are moving backwards on the Supply Chain Metrics That Matter™ or making progress on singular metrics versus driving performance improvement on a balanced portfolio of supply chain metrics that correlate to market capitalization. (If Check out their performance by plotting year-over-year metrics at the intersection of two ratios and look at the patterns. Five months of analysis. Lots of heated debates. It is now over.

The Fight of the Titans

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Figure 1: Supply Chain Metrics Are a Balancing Act. The metrics shown in Figure 1 are difficult to improve together. Most companies improve singular metrics but are not able to drive portfolio. An orbit chart is the linking of data across years at the intersection of two metrics. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo pioneered the global distributor model for carbonated beverages. Still beverages are threatening the carbonated market.


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As a result, the metrics have to be viewed together as a pattern over time. In the journey, the supply chain leader needs to improve the potential of a portfolio of metrics. The metrics of growth, Return on Invested Capital, Inventory Turns and Operating Margin have the highest correlation to market capitalization. I find value in looking at these metrics together. These metrics are inter-related and the relationships are not linear.

Managing the Long Tail of the Supply Chain Part 4: Five Takeaways


In industries such as e-commerce, consumer goods, food and beverage, electronics, aftermarket, and industrial distribution, companies are seeing 50% and more of their revenue coming from long tail demand items. Traditional “single number” forecasts and forecast accuracy metrics are nearly meaningless in the long tail environment.

How Supply Chain Will be Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Material Handling & Logistics

The Institute for Supply Management conducted a special survey that asked members to assess how Harvey might impact six key business metrics and whether they may be impacted by shortages of input materials due to Harvey. "Our The manufacturing PMI and non-manufacturing NMI summarize supply managers’ reports as to how their organizations fared in the past month with regard to a set of key business metrics. Employment was the only metric in the third group of least impacted metrics.

Addressing the Most Pressing Needs of the Warehouse

Inbound Logistics

Sectors such as food and beverage, industrial, and cold storage emphasize using data and metrics to improve efficiency, and loading dock control systems such as Serco Digital Master Control Panels can play a crucial role in that pursuit

Stories of Supply Chain Leadership: An Interview with Joan Motsinger of Seagate

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We then rated companies on their ability to manage and improve a portfolio of metrics: operating margin, inventory turns and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC). To make the Supply Chains to Admire list, a company had to score above average of their peer group for supply chain improvement as measured by the Index, and drive performance above average in the portfolio of metrics for operating margin, inventory turns and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC).

Study Shows Two-Thirds of Companies Yet to Execute Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Planning


A North American-based survey of nearly 200 supply chain professionals from top CPG, distribution/wholesale, food and beverage, manufacturing, and retail companies found that 58% of respondents are still in the exploring or evaluating phases of digital transformation. PRESS RELEASE. New survey finds that most companies are still formulating and gaining support for a digital strategy, with fear of change and data challenges as leading roadblocks. . BOSTON, Mass. and HOUSTON, Tex.

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Let the Qs Begin

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The script will be distributed to CFOs of apparel, consumer packaged goods, and food/beverage companies next week. Aligned Metrics. To ensure the management of the complex system, the metrics of operating margin, inventory turns, ROIC, customer service, revenue, and forecast accuracy need to be managed together as a non-linear system. Last week was the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. It was great to see old faces at the kick-off. 110 supply chain leaders attended.

Things Aren’t Always as They Appear in Today’s Supply Chain: The Direct Correlation Between the Accuracy of Your Mobile Data Inputs and Your Factory’s Outputs


That is why it’s fair to say that what you see is not always what you get in today’s high-tech manufacturing plants and warehouses (once the final performance metrics are tallied days or months later). No, they’re not a high-tech manufacturer, but they are a high-volume food and beverage manufacturer with a high-tempo supply chain.

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