Navigating inventory through the eye of the COVID storm


According to several executives on the roundtable, failing to have inventory in the right place at the right time can have a massive impact on company performance, as sales are not realised when product cannot meet local demand.

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Port Logistics Group acquires e-commerce tech firm Whiplash


Port Logistics Group , an omnichannel logistics services provider, has acquired Whiplash Merchandising, Inc. The move comes just over a year after Port Logistics Group took an ownership interest in Whiplash: since February 2018, Port Logistics Group has fulfilled more than 1.5 This brings Port Logistics Group’s warehouse space up to 6.3 Port Logistics Group is investing in the technology and software to further drive innovation.

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5 Future Applications of the Industrial Internet of Things in Manufacturing & Logistics


Additionally, overall maintenance costs have dropped by 30 percent, and predictive maintenance has reduced machine-specific failures by 70 percent, reports Louis Columbus of Forbes magazine. 27 percent of those expect the most significant changes from the Industrial Internet of Things will revolve around shipping, logistics, and transportation processes.

It’s Turkey Time!


They can be held in inventory until the second biggest holiday for these big birds – Christmas, which is only a couple of months away. Assuming production demands have been accurately met, transportation has been properly scheduled, and stores have done their part in making space for this delicious new inventory, picking up Tom the turkey should be a breeze. Forget Columbus Day this year and come celebrate Thanksgiving with us instead!

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Study Shows Two-Thirds of Companies Yet to Execute Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Planning


Our customers overcome demand volatility and supply chain complexity for outstanding service levels with reduced inventory. ToolsGroup solutions include Demand Planning & Sensing, Inventory Optimization, Allocation & Replenishment, Demand & Supply Collaboration, Promotions Planning and S&OP. Founded in 2002, Spinnaker has offices in Boston, Columbus, Denver, Houston, Memphis, Pittsburgh, London, and Singapore. PRESS RELEASE.

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What to Do Now Before the Panama Canal Expands

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logistics? Shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers will need to make decisions, given the likely scenarios, about how to best serve their customers in a changing business environment. Shippers in Columbus, OH, will be in the battleground region of the United States, with ports on the East and West Coasts vying for their business. First, more inventory would be in transit at any given time. The Panama Canal expands in 2016. What will it mean for U.S.

Predictive Analytics: Supply Chain’s Cloudy Crystal Ball

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By forecasting future supply chain and logistical events, companies can gain a competitive advantage and prevent monetary loss due to inaccurate stocking, and mismanagement of goods, deliveries, and time.”[2] Through intelligent application of these predictive analytics models, companies can prevent unnecessary expenses and errors related to their supply chain and logistics processes.” How often have you wished you could glance into a crystal ball and see the future?

People, Processes, and Technology All Required for Supply Chain Transformation

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Felecia Stratton, editor of Inbound Logistics , notes, “The fashion supply chain is moving toward a human-centered model, which shifts from a sequenced approach of siloed operations to a flexible network of participants and partnerships that will enable agile and adaptable supply chain operations.”[2] Louis Columbus ( @LouisColumbus ) goes so far as to insist, “Analytics will revolutionize supply chains in 2018.”[7]

New Panama Canal Options: Running the Numbers with a TMS


The preferred amount of inventory held on ships and trucks depends on constraints such as the value of the cargo. If high-value items are being shipped, it’s important to minimize inventory levels. An example of how these factors come together when moving product to battleground destinations can be found in the white paper, Wide Open: How the Panama Canal Expansion Is Redrawing the Logistics Map. New Panama Canal Options: Running the Numbers with a TMS.Connect by TMC.

Supply Chain Optimization 101: How to Best Harness the Power of Big Data


Writing for Forbes, big data expert Louis Columbus notes that more than 60% of supply chain executives view big data as “a disruptive and important technology, setting the foundation for long-term change management in their organizations.” Big data looks to be an especially powerful game-changer in terms of scheduling logistics, allowing SCO managers to engage end-to-end visibility all along the chain, which, in turn, empowers better decision-making when seconds count.

Planning and managing the critical aspects of a full merchandising season

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Automated replenishment can then handle ongoing inventory transfers to stores and, eventually, ramp-downs. Partner, Columbus Consulting. Author: Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski, Partner at Columbus Consulting. The Pareto principle informs a lot of our work at Columbus Consulting International (CCI). Moving Supply chain, logistics and allocation. Partner, Columbus Consulting. Planning and managing the critical aspects of a full merchandising season.

6 Recent Trends in Manufacturing Technology to Increase Agile Responsiveness, Continuous Improvement & Customization


Furthermore, the growing need to enhance cybersecurity and maintain new system implies more companies will outsource IT services to third-party entities, including third-party logistics providers (3PLs), who provide additional, value-added services. Customization Will Replace Traditional Inventory Management. According to the Global Dispatch, traditional inventory management operations will change in 2017. reports Louis Columbus of Supply Chain 24/7.

Want to Help With FEMA Loads? It's Complicated.

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Trucks, warehouse space, and logistics services are needed in Florida, Georgia and even Texas, and they may be required soon in Massachusetts or New Jersey. After the storm has passed, there will be a lot of stores and warehouses that need re-stocking, because inventory was either sold out or ruined by the floods. Brokers and carriers can learn about immediate needs at American Logistics Aid Network ( ALAN ) which provides a handy map and list of aid requests.