Navigating inventory through the eye of the COVID storm


According to several executives on the roundtable, failing to have inventory in the right place at the right time can have a massive impact on company performance, as sales are not realised when product cannot meet local demand.

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Digital Transformation Helps with Corporate Alignment

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For example, manufacturing may be tasked to fill all orders which requires having inventory on-hand in distribution centers. However, distribution centers may be given the conflicting task of minimizing excess inventory space and cost. Louis Columbus ( @LouisColumbus ) suggest ten way cognitive technologies can help companies achieve successful digital transformations.[4]

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Machine Learning and the Business of Tomorrow

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Louis Columbus ( @LouisColumbus ) explains, “Enterprises are striving to find greater meaning in the massive amounts of data they generate and save every day. Columbus asserts, “Machine learning makes it possible to discover patterns in supply chain data by relying on algorithms that quickly pinpoint the most influential factors to a supply networks’ success, while constantly learning in the process.”[5]

Manufacturers, Technology, and the Digital Age

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Louis Columbus ( @LouisColumbus ), a Principal at IQMS, explains, “Going into 2020, manufacturers are at an inflection point in their adoption of analytics and business intelligence (BI). Columbus writes, “Cycle Time quantifies the amount of elapsed time from when an order is placed until the product is manufactured and entered into finished goods inventory. ” Columbus makes an important point about improving performance over time.

Study Shows Two-Thirds of Companies Yet to Execute Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Planning


Our customers overcome demand volatility and supply chain complexity for outstanding service levels with reduced inventory. ToolsGroup solutions include Demand Planning & Sensing, Inventory Optimization, Allocation & Replenishment, Demand & Supply Collaboration, Promotions Planning and S&OP. Founded in 2002, Spinnaker has offices in Boston, Columbus, Denver, Houston, Memphis, Pittsburgh, London, and Singapore. PRESS RELEASE.

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LifeWay Christian Stores selects RELEX supply chain software for forecasting, replenishment & allocation

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RELEX Solutions, in collaboration with Columbus Consulting International , to support LifeWay Christian Stores with upgrading its supply chain management in order to reduce inventory and increase availability. LifeWay , one of the world’s largest providers of Christian resources, is implementing RELEX Solutions’ supply chain software for its retail division to improve its inventory forecasting, replenishment and allocation processes. Read PDF.

Conquering the Explosion of Supply Chain Planning Data


and up to date transaction data (order status, inventory positions, shipment tracking, etc.) 1 Louis Columbus. Companies across all industries and sizes struggle to make sense of and value from the available mountains of data. Structured and unstructured data including that from social media, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain sources continue to stream in but much is left untouched. Organizations are simply overwhelmed.

Retail Industry Leaders Discuss the Value of Assortment Planning – Part I

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Jon Beck, CEO, Columbus Consulting. But you can’t afford to carry a lot of inventory in the stores. So we have to assort to the local customer and look at how we leverage inventory across the enterprise. To learn more about DSW’s assortment planning process, view this video interview of Linda Canada by Retail TouchPoint’s Alicia Fiorletta: Category Management Inventory Retail assortment inventory retail

The Internet of Things and the Supply Chain: Serious or Just Flirting?

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” Louis Columbus ( @LouisColumbus ), a Principal at IQMS, believes another technology, blockchain, will make the IoT/supply chain even stronger. Blockchain shows potential for increasing the speed, scale, and visibility of supply chains, eliminating counterfeit-goods transactions while also improving batching, routing and inventory control. 4] Louis Columbus, “ Top 10 Ways Internet Of Things And Blockchain Strengthen Supply Chains ,” Forbes , 13 January 2019. [5]

It’s Turkey Time!


They can be held in inventory until the second biggest holiday for these big birds – Christmas, which is only a couple of months away. Assuming production demands have been accurately met, transportation has been properly scheduled, and stores have done their part in making space for this delicious new inventory, picking up Tom the turkey should be a breeze. Forget Columbus Day this year and come celebrate Thanksgiving with us instead!

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California Freight Heats Up, Spurred By Hanjin Collapse

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Even if they didn’t have cargo on Hanjin ships, big retailers are starting to shift inventory from West Coast distribution centers to other DCs farther east. On the down side, there were fewer loads moving out of Columbus and Chicago last week, but outbound rates remain strong in the Midwest. Spot market activity often ramps up in the West during the fall season, but there's added pressure this month.

What to Do Now Before the Panama Canal Expands

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Shippers in Columbus, OH, will be in the battleground region of the United States, with ports on the East and West Coasts vying for their business. If costs were all that mattered, these shippers would route their products through the expanded Panama Canal to reach Columbus via rail from the New York-New Jersey port. First, more inventory would be in transit at any given time. The Panama Canal expands in 2016. What will it mean for U.S. logistics?

Agile retailing: new ways to manage uncertainty, disruption and innovation

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We are delighted to welcome Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski from Columbus Consulting (CCI) as our guest blogger. CCI is renowned for its expertise in retail business processes and systems delivering practical solutions to optimize sales, margin and inventory across all channels of operation. At Columbus Consulting we believe it is the combination of mindset, principles, process, methods, and tools that enhance a retailer’s ability to lead change and adapt to it.

Retail Industry Leaders Discuss the Value of Assortment Planning – Part II

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Jon Beck, CEO, Columbus Consulting. Linda Canada: Mike McAbee: All-Channel retail Inventory Omni-Channel Retail Supply Chain Planning assortment customers merchandising social media During a Super-Session at JDA’s FOCUS 2014 in Las Vegas, five leading retail executives discussed how assortment planning is critical to addressing the challenges posed by today’s empowered consumers.

5 Future Applications of the Industrial Internet of Things in Manufacturing & Logistics


Additionally, overall maintenance costs have dropped by 30 percent, and predictive maintenance has reduced machine-specific failures by 70 percent, reports Louis Columbus of Forbes magazine. The IIoT will enable retailers to better manage inventory levels and adjust orders to meet the demands of customers from real-time data from POS transactions.

Port Logistics Group acquires e-commerce tech firm Whiplash


The acquisition comes on the heels of the company's recent expansion into new facilities and markets, including its opening of a 305,000-square-foot facility in Columbus, Ohio, strategically located for D2C fulfillment to much of the US population. The ecommerce platform provides full visibility and control of fulfillment operations, including products, customers, inventory and orders and features integrated, discounted parcel shipping.

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Predictive Analytics: Supply Chain’s Cloudy Crystal Ball

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”[4] Some of the benefits provided by predictive analytics include: Inventory management : Griffith notes predictive analytics provide store owners “a sixth sense” when it comes to ensuring shelves are stocks, prices are updated, and when products may have to be ordered in bulk from vendors. Myers adds, “Retailers and distributors can prepare months in advance to help their suppliers plan to inventory and shipments based on customer demand and buying behavior.”

Omni-channel in 6 steps: how to build a practical, effective plan of action

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We are delighted to welcome Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski from Columbus Consulting (CCI) as our guest blogger. CCI is renowned for its expertise in retail business processes and systems delivering practical solutions to optimize sales, margin and inventory across all channels of operation. At Columbus Consulting International we believe that there are 6 key steps to build a practical and effective plan of action: 1. Partner, Columbus Consulting.

Trends Shaping Industry 4.0

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Louis Columbus ( @LouisColumbus ), a Principal at IQMS, asserts, “Machine learning algorithms, applications, and platforms are helping manufacturers find new business models, fine-tune product quality, and optimize manufacturing operations to the shop floor level.”[2] 2] Louis Columbus, “ 10 Ways Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing In 2018 ,” Forbes , 11 March 2018. [3] Industry 4.0

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People, Processes, and Technology All Required for Supply Chain Transformation

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Louis Columbus ( @LouisColumbus ) goes so far as to insist, “Analytics will revolutionize supply chains in 2018.”[7] For example, some companies are exploring how drones using machine learning can perform real-time inventory counts in warehouses, and others are considering how self-driving vehicles can be used for deliveries.” 7] Louis Columbus, “ Analytics Will Revolutionize Supply Chains In 2018 ,” Forbes , 15 January 2018. [8]

Executing on time, all the time: apparel executive’s guide to competitive advantage

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We are delighted to welcome Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski from Columbus Consulting (CCI) as our guest blogger. CCI is renowned for its expertise in retail business processes and systems delivering practical solutions to optimize sales, margin and inventory across all channels of operation. Partner, Columbus Consulting. Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski is a Partner with Columbus Consulting, a retail boutique consulting practice.

End of Quarter Adds 11% to Van Demand

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Outbound rates edged up in Los Angeles, Dallas, Philadelphia and other major freight markets, however, as shippers rushed to move inventory before the quarter ended on Wednesday. TriHaul: Columbus - Philadelphia - Pittsburgh. If you can complete the roundtrip between Columbus and Philadelphia in two days, including load and unload times, you can make almost $1,000/day, or $2.09 From there, take a re-positioning load for less than 200 miles back to Columbus.

New Panama Canal Options: Running the Numbers with a TMS


The preferred amount of inventory held on ships and trucks depends on constraints such as the value of the cargo. If high-value items are being shipped, it’s important to minimize inventory levels. East Coast to Columbus, Ohio—as opposed to the traditional option of using West Coast facilities—are negligible. New Panama Canal Options: Running the Numbers with a TMS.Connect by TMC.

Supply Chain Optimization 101: How to Best Harness the Power of Big Data


Writing for Forbes, big data expert Louis Columbus notes that more than 60% of supply chain executives view big data as “a disruptive and important technology, setting the foundation for long-term change management in their organizations.” In addition to improvements in supply inventory and replenishment techniques, big data gives managers a crystal ball with predictive models and data-driven demands statistics.

RELEX to bring innovation and 100% customer referenceability to NRF 2017

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Working with RELEX, Marimekko has been able to better manage inventory management and assortment planning, resulting in a 22% reduction in DC inventory and a 22% increase in company-level turnover. In collaboration with Columbus Consulting International , RELEX has helped LifeWay with its long-term business strategy to manage a single inventory across all departments. Read PDF. Retail’s BIG Show | January 15-17 2017 | Booth 830.

7-Week Streak of Higher Rates Ends – For Now

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While inbound rates were generally up in Buffalo, the lane from Columbus to Buffalo dropped 33¢ to $3.09/mile. It could be a case of Columbus being out of inventory, given the extra activity that happened out of there following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, which meant freight going into Buffalo had to be sourced elsewhere. Van spot market rates moderated last week, especially on the backhaul lanes where rates spiked two weeks ago.

Planning and managing the critical aspects of a full merchandising season

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Automated replenishment can then handle ongoing inventory transfers to stores and, eventually, ramp-downs. Partner, Columbus Consulting. Author: Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski, Partner at Columbus Consulting. The Pareto principle informs a lot of our work at Columbus Consulting International (CCI). Partner, Columbus Consulting. Planning and managing the critical aspects of a full merchandising season. Insights » Whitepapers. Read PDF version. Foreword.

Retail Shipments Keep Truckload Capacity Tight

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The Memphis to Columbus lane paid 14¢ better at $2.19/mile, with shippers adjusting warehouse inventories. Volumes for the top van markets rebounded 5% last week, as shippers moved freight out the door before month’s end. Van rates remain elevated, despite a drop of a few cents per week since an early October peak. Rates may rebound before Thanksgiving, as retail sales are projected to grow by 6% this holiday season.

6 Recent Trends in Manufacturing Technology to Increase Agile Responsiveness, Continuous Improvement & Customization


Customization Will Replace Traditional Inventory Management. According to the Global Dispatch, traditional inventory management operations will change in 2017. Inventory management will become more reliant on advanced computer analytics systems to manage inventory in real time. reports Louis Columbus of Supply Chain 24/7. A Quick Recap of Recent Trends in Manufacturing Technology to Think About 2017.

Want to Help With FEMA Loads? It's Complicated.

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After the storm has passed, there will be a lot of stores and warehouses that need re-stocking, because inventory was either sold out or ruined by the floods. If you helped move those loads from Columbus to Atlanta, and those items eventually ended up on the shelf in that Publix store in Miami, you helped to restore hope and a sense of normalcy for my cousin and her neighbors. First there was Harvey, then Irma.

Cargo Ship Woes Still Affecting Spot Market Rates

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The bankruptcy of the world's 7th largest container carrier, Hanjin Shipping , has led to shippers re-adjusting inventories in the past couple of weeks in order to avoid stock-outs as we head into retail season. Columbus is a hub for retail distribution centers, and lane rates last week for L.A. to Columbus were also the highest they’ve been in a year, at $1.59/mile.