IoT Inspired Smart Warehouses Are Reinventing Inventory Management


The internet allows for unlimited scalability and boosted efficiency in warehouse inventory management. The so-called “smart warehouse” takes advantage of these defining factors by connecting systems to streamline inventory management and overall productivity. Download white paper. Integrate all supply chain systems, increasing savings in transportation management, procurement and everywhere in between.

Digitized Procurement: Your Setting-off Point to Autonomy


In five to ten years, procurement in many of the world’s leading companies will be “truly digital”. They will have succeeded in transforming their procurement organizations to leverage artificial intelligence-based technologies to achieve autonomous procurement. Autonomous Procurement: The Reality versus the Hype. Over the coming months, we will identify and describe the four levels of development stages on the road to autonomous procurement.

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Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing, and Procurement 2016

Supply Chain Movement

Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing, and Procurement 2016. URL: Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing, and Procurement 2016, sponsored by SAP, is the most important educational event of the year for organizations using SCM, PLM, manufacturing, and procurement solutions to fortify their business operations and infrastructure with proven methodologies and measurable, value-driven results.

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WMS and Cycle Counting: How to Reach Inventory Management KPIs

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Greater control and efficiency in modern warehouse management rests on the reliability and accuracy of your inventory management processes. Warehouse Managers need to understand the challenges of cycle counting, how the right KPIs can help, and how to leverage WMS and cycle counting best practices to develop the best inventory management KPIs. Failure to track replenishment and procurement activities. Download WhitePaper. Which Inventory Management KPIs Are the Best?

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Five Steps to Launch a Supplier Scorecard


Featured Download. Download. Short Registration - Multi Part - BLOG FEATURED DOWNLOAD. Phone * Company * Job Title * Zip Code * Source Asset Source Download ID. Building a new supplier scorecard program can have a major impact on the costs and value of your procurement and purchasing functions. Check out this white paper, Leveraging Inventory for Profitable Growth. Demand Planning Inventory Optimization Supply Planning

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Procurement Technology: An Update from Spend Matters in Baltimore


Today I travelled to Baltimore to attend the ISM/Spend matters Global Procurement Tech Summit. I will be speaking on procurement analytics tomorrow, but got to attend a set of great sessions over the first half of the day. The first speaker was Anne Rung, Administrator from the Office of Federal Procurement Policy. Next up was Dan Carrell, Vice President of Global Procurement at IBM.

Innovative Approaches to Supply Chain Risk


A few hours later, your procurement head walks in the office. “We Efficiency programs like lean drove us to reduce suppliers and cut inventory. Supply chain risk management practice advises us to source additional suppliers and plan additional strategic inventories as mitigation strategies. Mitigating Risk – inventory tracking and dual sourcing are considered to be the most effective risk mitigation strategies.

Why Real-Time Visibility Should be Core to Your Supply Chain Strategy

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Navisphere Vision gives our customers visibility to all inventory at rest at their facilities or supplier facilities and in motion throughout LSP (Logistic Service Providers) networks. Business case for visibility: Some of the common business cases and ROI for real-time visibility tools include improving inventory management, optimizing decision modeling, and revealing valuable business insights.

European Supply Chain & Logistics Summit 2015

Supply Chain Movement

Bringing together leaders from multiple industries, the programme provides best practice guidance on how to implement effective supply chain strategies and improve supply chain planning and optimisation in order to achieve a world-class logistics network and attain procurement excellence. How to get the right balance between customer service and cost-effective product inventory levels. >> Download brochure. >>For

3D Printing Set to Streamline the Retail Supply Chain Through Reduced Lead Times and Inventory

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The attractiveness of 3D printing for manufacturers and retailers/distributors centers around reducing both lead times and the risks involved in holding inventory. Anyone involved in retail procurement is acutely aware of the importance of correctly predicting consumer/end-user requirements and ordering the right goods at the right time, in the right quantities. Download our eBook - Omni-Channel Retail – Top 3 Logistics Challenges.

Airbus harmonizes its global procurement processes with AirSupply


Airbus harmonized its global procurement processes with a innovative, highly comprehensive initiative featuring AirSupply, earning a well-deserved nomination for the German Logistics Award The construction of an aircraft is preceded by a highly complex, sophisticated procurement process. “We have now significantly streamlined our operational procurement as part of a digital transformation.”

Mind Map for medtech supply chains 2014

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>>Please click on the red button and fill in the fields to activate the green download button. Please fill in the following fields to activate the download button. A strategic focus on managing inventory and gaining supply chain insight will enable working capital to be minimised while maintaining the required service level. Improving hospital logistics processes, outsourcing logistics and improving procurement activities can deliver impressive results.

Effective Warehouse Management in an Omnichannel World


Knowing the available inventory and assets only in distribution centers is inefficient and lacks value, but when applied across an entire supply chain network, inventory visibility propagates effective warehouse management. Although the main issue lies in the lack of visibility into assets and inventory in warehouses, distribution centers, and stores, an important part of the problem can also be found in transportation management. Download white paper.

Case Hankkija: Full-service Agricultural Store Chain Transforms Its Procurement Process

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Case Hankkija: Full-service Agricultural Store Chain Transforms Its Procurement Process. Under its new owner, Hankkija overhauled its entire procurement process, set up a new DC and built its purchasing organization around it. The manual AS / 400 ordering system that Hankkija had been using didn’t offer automatic replenishment, or support seasonal-product procurement. Hankkija also wanted to cut capital tied up in inventory while increasing sales.

Integrated Planning: Is It Rubbish? Be Careful What You Ask For….

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Few implementations of planning connect to procurement and transportation. Download the Straight Talk with Supply Chain Insights app on your iPhone to listen to the testimonials of this year’s Supply Chain to Admire winners on your phone as you travel. On Sunday, I spent the day at the Barnes Foundation with an old friend Karen. I love art museums, and connections with old friends are great for the soul.

2017 Warehouse Capacity Economics and Trends Report


In mid-2015, FLEXE conducted a survey of supply chain professionals across multiple industries to identify and understand what key industry trends affect inventory and capacity fluctuations. The key findings of the 2017 survey revealed: Inventory continues to fluctuate and remains a challenge for supply chain professionals. More businesses are faced with inventory exceeding capacity than they are with excess space. Inventory fluctuation lives on.

So You’re The New Guy – Advice For A New Planner


You must speak the language of the finance department when discussing inventory levels but at the same time, you can talk to the warehouse manager when discussing the same topic from a different angle. Plant managers are very focused on optimizing throughput and utilization while the sales force is focused on satisfied customers with a tendency to prefer available inventory. Is there political unrest in the area where we produce, procure or sell? Planning is an art.

Collaboration in the Automotive Industry: Enabling Intelligent IT-Managed Supply Chains

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It’s about creating a common cross-company basis that integrates all participants on a procurement or distribution level. Inventory and transportation costs are reduced significantly, while production processes are accelerated and delivery times are decreased. It also enables cross-company workflows and allows for a complete view of the procurement process; bilateral business relations are replaced by collaboration, which expedites information and management processes.

Supply Chain Innovation: How to Build an Award-Winning Supply Chain


Lennox almost tripled the percentage of orders that can be delivered the next morning, yet reduced inventory by almost 20%, even with a 250% increase in physical locations. They also reduced distribution costs as a percentage of sales by over 15%, increased inventory turnover by more than 20%, and reduced response time. Click below to download Lennox's CSCMP award-winning presentation: Supply Chain PlanningSource: Supply Chain Digest.

The Top 10 Supply Chain Blog Posts from 2017


This year, most were interesting in supply chain optimization - from distribution to inventory management - and Key Performance Indicators. We want to make sure that supply chain practitioners, as well as manufacturers, understand how all of these technologies are affecting the entire supply chain, including the supply chain & procurement side of a manufacturing operation. The Many Types of Inventory Management Technology.

E-Commerce Shipping: Why Shippers Are Mastering E-Commerce to Go Omnichannel


In addition, shippers may lack the resources necessary to push operations beyond availability and reliability of procurement. Download White Paper. Regionalize inventory. Although e-commerce makes up 10 percent of overall retail sales, its value in the modern economy must not be underestimated. There has been much discussion about the retail apocalypse, and retailers a crown the globe are clamoring about how they can achieve success and avoid this imminent doom.

[e-Book] How To Shift From Tactical To Strategic Logistics and Transportation Management To Create A Competitive Advantage


You can download our first e-Book, "The Future Of Supply Chain, Logistics & Manufacturing: How Technology Is Transforming Industries" here. Strategic Logistics: 8 Steps to Controlling Inventory Flow & Driving Warehouse Efficiency. We release our second e-book today by focusing on strategic logistics and transportation management creates a competitive business advantage for shippers.

Why Blockchain Within The Supply Chain Makes Perfect Sense


Download white paper. This newfound visibility allows participants in a supply chain to proactively optimize components of their processes (like inventory management, staffing decisions, and a thousand more) to support an efficient and agile product path. Outcomes: improved inventory management; More accurate determination of re-order points; Better on-shelf availability.

The IoT Reality Check

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Download for later. Nobody wants to be the guinea pig," Intel's global logistics procurement director Greg Christensen told the authors of the 2019 State of Logistics Report. That's the bottom line, regardless of how you get the inventory data you need to fulfill orders.

Use of Blockchain in Supply Chain & Logistics: Looking to Examples Across Industries for Better Understanding


DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER. Blockchain is entering a phase of development that will affect every aspect of supply chain and logistics management, ranging from procurement to forward logistics and beyond. The technology is an incorruptible ledger, which can be applied to virtually all supply chain processes , ranging from inventory management to shareholder proceedings. The days of managing supply chains through databases and changing information are over.

What Makes a Supplier “Strategic”? Not Spend Volume.


Supplier management has become increasingly cross-functional – various stakeholders outside of procurement will have a say for many more categories, requiring collaboration, knowledge sharing and complex approval processes; and. In fact, in future, such suppliers will be managed in many cases by means of automated procurement. The recent disruptions to supply chains caused by the coronavirus epidemic in China have given supply managers the world over pause for thought.

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97% of supply chains disrupted as a result of COVID-19


In response, the majority (73%) of organizations are now planning major shifts in supply chain and procurement strategy post-pandemic, including supply base expansion (38%), reductions in supply chain globalization (34%) and increases to inventory levels (21%). As a result of the chaos, supply chain and procurement are moving towards the centre of their organisations and the supply chain is being recognised as a competitive advantage. According to the How Now?

The Invaluable Role of a TMS in Managing Full Truckload Shipments


Download White Paper. A TMS is like a procurement expert, allowing for the continuous benchmarking of shipping activities and giving shippers insights into freight spend. Shippers face more challenges than ever before when it comes to managing freight spend and allocation. What is going where, and if it is going to location A, what is the best way to send it?

ThankX Delivery Services!

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Next, Leto connected Colon to an app developer (Divine Digital Agency), which created an effective, engaging, and interactive app – now available on the itunes, Apple, and Google stores (“ThankX”) for download! Visit for additional information and app download link!

Dr. Muddassir Ahmed on Innovation in Supply Chain Education


If I want to know what are the top strategies to reduce my inventory, there should be a blog about that. CIPS talks about AI in procurement, but not about what key skills you need to be a user of AI in procurement. Anyone working in procurement will tell you that 90% of their time is spent managing people and business relationships. I’m seeing good growth, especially in the digital downloads.

Getting to Work: Where AI Can Make a Difference

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In this article, experts identify which steps in the procurement process are most likely to benefit from the AI revolution. One of the main uses for artificial intelligence in procurement is to meld internal and external data to provide enhanced supplier risk management. “Advanced data analysis algorithms can be used to spot the risk of bid-rigging in response to a procurement tender,” Mr Shrimpling adds.

The end of just-in-time?


Toyoda cut down on excess inventory, with components and spares only ordered when needed and kept in low numbers within the factories. Keep upstream suppliers on short notice to produce inventory as needed and watch the profits grow. Those upstream suppliers had to be as flawless as the just-in-time production facility, providing inventory or raw materials on time, every time.

A Don’t Touch Supply Chain Strategy Must Now Dominate The Future!

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You reduce cost, you eliminate opportunities for error, you reduce time, you reduce inventories, and you strengthen your Supply Chain’s ability to operate in the face of any disastrous situation. You download their app, take the goods off the shelf as you need and as you leave the store your purchases are automatically billed to you. Imagine automated oversight of Strategic National Stockpiles with respect to market demand, inventory aging, and replenishment lead times.

Top 15 Logistics Blog Posts of 2014


Below you can download the LTL Freight Management presentation with notes and also view the webinar in its entirety. Download the Webinar Replay. We continue our top blog posts of 2014 from our main categories today by focusing on something at Cerasis we are experts in : Logistics. We’ve already listed the top 10 manufacturing blog posts and the top 10 supply chain blog posts last week.

21 logistics experts share the most important ingredients in developing an effective logistics strategy

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Inventory requirements for all raw, WIP and finished goods. This latest smart manufacturing wave sees an encompassing integration of GPS technology that allows for the fluid and accurate reportage (or tracking) of employees, assets, inventory and vehicles.