Shifting Electronics Priorities Call for Supply Chain Adjustments


New components are defining electronics demand. The electronics market has spent the past few decades as a valuable and essential field, producing and delivering the parts that have kept other industries growing. Despite the constant demand, however, life hasn't been easy for electronics manufacturers. These companies' efforts to keep up with shifting demand represent a unique challenge, as the rapid pace of innovation has called for frequent changes in focus.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Manufacturing Innovation Hubs Revitalize American Manufacturing


We have an employment skills gap , an uncoordinated approach to nurturing innovation, and an export imbalance. government is following suit by establishing a network of manufacturing innovation hubs throughout the country. The NNMI is the infrastructure for the innovation network.

Labeling at the Speed of Innovation


Few industries are as vast, global, complex, and competitively-intense as the electronics industry. Products are becoming more and more intricate, and more and more products not generally thought of as electronic now contain electronic components.

New Q&A: Why Barcode Labeling Matters in Electronics


How can you leverage innovations in enterprise barcode labeling to help your electronics company succeed in a highly competitive global marketplace?

Used Electronics: Recycling the Lessons Learned in Mature Markets

Supply Chain @ MIT

As the number of consumer electronic devices continues to proliferate, look for more innovative approaches to end-of-life (EOL) strategies for these products.

3 Reasons Continuous Innovation is Vital for Manufacturers, Shippers, and Businesses Alike


Throughout the course of business, business owners, who may be in the manufacturing, retail, or in another industry, find themselves focusing on innovation. In fact, the annual ChainLink Research Study found innovation to be the top focus for those involved in the manufacturing community.

9th Hi-Tech & Electronics Supply Chain Summit – Europe

Supply Chain Movement

9th Hi-Tech & Electronics Supply Chain Summit – Europe. Hi-Tech Supply Chain 2.0 – Your Guide to Scaling Up Supply Chain Innovation for 2015 & Beyond. The 9th Annual Hi-Tech & Electronics Supply Chain Summit brings together the biggest players and brightest minds in the industry to establish best practices and discuss future trends that will be impacting your business. Date: 20-21 May 2015. Venue: Park Plaza, Amsterdam Airport, (NL).

Supplier Ecosystems as a Source of Innovation

Supply Chain @ MIT

These challenges were discussed by senior supply chain executives from a wide range of industries at MIT CTL’s Supply Chain Innovation Roundtable, San Jose, CA, December 3rd, 2015.

Insights from Ryder Innovate 2014

Talking Logistics

Source: “Sustainability and Green Initiatives in Transportation & Logistics,” Jason Mathers, EDF, Ryder Innovate 2014. Source: “Advances & Best Practices in Supply Chain Design,” Toby Brzoznowski, LLamasoft, Ryder Innovate 2014.

Today, What is Innovation?


Steve Brady starts another great series, this time focusing on innovation as it becomes ever so challenging in today’s technology-centric world. Innovation. Perhaps even a bit of bewilderment, asking yourself “just what is innovation anyway?” People drive innovation.

An Innovator’s Journey to a Segmented Supply Chain

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High Tech & Electronics Industry Supply Chain Planning JDA SanDisk segmentationKehat Shahar, the Vice President of Supply Chain Planning at SanDisk, spoke on the journey that SanDisk has taken to improve their supply chain operations at the eft conference on June 18th in Chicago. While most of the content for this article came from the speech at eft, some information came from the company’s 10-K, […].

How Can Labeling Combat Electronics Counterfeiting?


Some reports estimate that up to 8% of total market revenue for electronics components are diverted through the gray market. How can you leverage innovations in Enterprise Labeling to help fight this growing epidemic of electronics counterfeiting?

Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2018

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In that spirit, we’ve combed the MH&L archives for the most innovative supply chain developments of the past year, as reported in our print magazine, on our website, in our e-newsletters, or our various social media channels.

Eyes on Innovation: 3 Supply Chain Innovation Themes to Watch


We’re sharing his original post here because supply chain innovation is a relevant topic. Innovation is all about thinking creatively and developing new solutions to universal challenges. That’s why it’s so important—and interesting—to stay on top of supply chain innovation.

7th Hi-Tech & Electronics Supply Chain Summit

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7th Hi-Tech & Electronics Supply Chain Summit. Results Proven Supply Chain Innovation To Put You and Your Business At The Forefront Of The Hi-Tech Industry. Join the only niche Hi-Tech & Electronics Supply Chain Summit in Europe to hear from world class speakers, get involved in crucial industry debate and network with your senior supply chain peers. Date: 16-17 May 2013. Venue: Novotel Hotel, Amsterdam. Organisation: Eyefortransport. URL: [link].

Top 10 Talking Logistics Videos and Posts in 2017

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5 Key Trends Driving Supply Chain Innovation. The Impact of Electronic Logging Devices: Separating Hype from Reality. As 2017 comes to an end, a quick thank you to all of our readers, followers, and sponsors for another great year of learning and conversation on Talking Logistics.

Video 190

International Consumer Electronics Show 2016

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For techies, January not only ushers in a new year it introduces them to the latest electronic gadgets during the annual … Continued. The post International Consumer Electronics Show 2016 appeared first on Enterra Solutions.

API Technology Leads to Logistics Innovations

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In a world of fast-paced change, customer demands are forcing supply chains to adapt and use innovation to drive performance improvements, or else risk competitive threats. The post API Technology Leads to Logistics Innovations appeared first on Transportfolio.

Eyes on Innovation: 3 Supply Chain Innovation Themes to Watch

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Innovation is all about thinking creatively and developing new solutions to universal challenges. Innovations in technology and processes can impact your supply chain in many ways, like gaining visibility into your in-transit network or the reducing supply chain spend.

Innovation has Never Been More Complex; or Rewarding

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In the past, innovative businesses had it easy. Globalization and technology innovation is, by and large, commoditizing consumer products. Brands are reacting to this change by innovating in a different way; namely: through business model and service innovation.

A Decision-Making Tool for Designing Reverse Logistics Networks

Supply Chain @ MIT

The Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) has initiated a research project to help enterprises design networks for reverse logistics operations that meet their organizational objectives.

Is Google the most innovative supply chain company in the world?


The secret behind the innovation is Google X , a lab whose boss has the job title “Captain of Moonshot”, focused on looking at what everyone thinks is impossible and flipping it on its head. The post Is Google the most innovative supply chain company in the world?

4 Companies Driving Transportation Technology Innovation


However, several innovative companies are challenging this norm. Overall, Peloton provides an awesome example of challenging the status quo in the trucking industry with innovative transportation technology. KeepTruckin – Electronic Logbook App.

Transformational Tech in Retail, Part 2: Innovation That’s Changing How We Shop

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In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the details of innovative shopping technologies you might have heard of, but might not fully understand, so you can grasp the benefits these technologies could bring you in terms of new shopping and buying experiences. “Wearables” refers to any electronic technologies that are worn on the body, either incorporated into clothing or as an accessory, such as activity trackers.

VTech: A Story of a Supply Chain Leader

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To understand the results, follow the year-over-year pattern in the orbit chart in Figure 1 and then look at the results of the consumer electronics industry in Table 1. Table 1: Results of the Consumer Electronics Industry for Performance, Improvement and Value.

It’s about time to embrace AI in your supply chain organization. If too late, you might be obsolete already…

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Best Practices Consumer Electronics & Durables Consumer Goods High Tech Industries o9 P&L Management Product Innovation Retail Solutions Supply ChainTim Cook, CEO of Apple stated the following in Apple’s financial press release on January 2nd, 2019: “We knew we […]. The post It’s about time to embrace AI in your supply chain organization. If too late, you might be obsolete already… appeared first on o9 Solutions.

Investing in Manufacturing Innovation & Competitiveness: Will the next Silicon Valley be located in the United States?


Editor's Note : In this guest blog post from Adams Nager, of ITIF (Information Technology & Innovation Foundation) , he stresses the importance of fostering innovation and spurring competitiveness of American Manufacturing by focusing on more R&D from both the public and private sectors. The area experienced explosive growth after the invention of the silicon semiconductor sparked waves of manufacturing innovation. Innovation Driven By Concentrated Industry Clusters.

Navigating the Supply Chain Management Fault Line

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Innovative startups. Artificial Intelligence innovators. Here is what I hear on calls: Having the digital innovation team in the IT organization is like drilling a hole in bedrock. Innovation will never come from application consolidation. Tremors. Seismic shifts.

How Using ERP can Help Fund New Innovations for Your Business


The post How Using ERP can Help Fund New Innovations for Your Business appeared first on SYSPRO US. Automotive Parts and Accessories Distribution Electronics Food and Beverage Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Specialized

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Supply Chain Innovation: The Next 15 Years

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At the same time, technology is advancing apace and offering opportunities for innovation which supply chain organisations are seizing upon to remain competitive and meet the challenges they face. Three Key Areas of Innovation. Smart RFID is just one example of how supply chain visibility may benefit from innovation. The innovations themselves will be enabled by the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) which connects “dumb” objects, via sensors to monitoring software.

Direct Material Woes: Seven Steps to Take to Improve Value

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Examples include control of maverick spend, qualified vendors, electronic bidding and price comparisons. Few manufacturers have taken ownership of their demand signal, built effective visibility networks or driven incentives for sharing innovation. It is fall.

Dragon Innovation Presents: The Halloween Candy Robot

Dragon Innovation

Much of my day job at Dragon Innovation is focused on helping other companies build complex, high volume consumer electronics products. Dragon Innovation Electrical Engineering Hardware Idea Phase Mechanical Design SoftwareI love to build things, especially robots.

This Week in Logistics News (February 19-23, 2018)

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Just when you though the Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) mandate was a settled matter, legislators in South Dakota, Missouri, Tennessee and Idaho are still fighting the battle. For related commentary, see The Impact of Electronic Logging Devices: Separating Hype from Reality.

The Counterfeit Economy


Pharmaceuticals, electronics, and consumer goods are just a few of the industries affected by counterfeiting. Electronics. Electronics and electrical equipment represent 63 percent of counterfeited goods. Pharmaceutical Supply Chain retail electronics supply chain technology

ON Semiconductor’s Supply Chain Risk Management Program is a Competitive Weopon

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ON Semiconductor is a premier supplier of energy efficient innovations in the semiconductor industry. High Tech & Electronics Industry Supply Chain Risk Management ON Semiconductor Risk supply chainI talked to Brent Wilson, SVP of Global Supply Chain Operations at ON Semiconductor, about their supply chain risk management program. The public company, headquartered in Phoenix, has a truly global supply chain with over 90 locations globally. Brent believes their […].