The Data Behind Amazon’s Logistics and Fulfillment Play


In other words, if your shipping your own goods, you’re competition. Let’s Talk About Boats, Ships, and Trucks. That’s not surprising, given that Amazon’s shipping costs grew from $11.5 Air freight figures prominently in job descriptions with 105 mentioning air shipping.

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Coronavirus Highlights Fragility of Global Supply Networks


Eight people tested positive for coronavirus in the UK, while five British nationals tested positive in France following the businessman’s trip to a French ski resort, and an NHS clinic he attended had to be temporarily closed.

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For What It’s Worth: My Take on Last Week’s Supply Chain & Logistics News (May 30, 2018)

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Just like there is no such thing as free shipping, there is no such thing as free returns. And just last week, the Blockchain in Supply Chain Alliance (BiSCA) was announced , with a focus on procurement, planning, warehousing, and transportation processes. However, Maersk’s leading competitors, German Hapag-Lloyd and France’s CMA CGM, aren’t jumping on the Maersk-IBM bandwagon. This is self-contradictory,” said Jansen at the [Global Liner Shipping Conference].

France 100 Optimizes Inventory and Improves Competitiveness with ToolsGroup


Products are stored at an 84,000 sqm space in France which manages the distribution of tires across the whole of France and some neighboring countries. NEWS RELEASE.

How The Coronavirus Epidemic is Throttling Global Supply Chains

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Containers are piling up in ports, international shipping has been hammered, Western companies are battling to source products from traditional suppliers, and disruptions are being experienced throughout the global supply chain. COVID-19 Impact on Shipping.

Limiting e-waste through ethical supply chain practices


Countries with few environmental regulations face the brunt of the damage, with international companies shipping e-waste across oceans to remain compliant with reduction laws in their home country. Alcatel-Lucent Sustainable Procurement Case Study

InSight, InControl: Real-time position and quality monitoring for production material transports


But generally speaking, not even the shipping agent transporting the production material to the nearest port has this information. Here’s an example: an adhesive arrives by ship at the port of Marseilles in the south of France. This significantly optimizes the procurement process.

Warehousing, the Rise of IT, Automation, and Now… Robotics

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Affected by changes in production, procurement and distribution methods, warehousing has continually been pushed and pulled in different directions. In addition, Liège is equidistant from the major cities of Amsterdam (Netherlands), Frankfurt (Germany), and Paris (France). This in turn allowed Wal-Mart to replicate sales successes between outlets; creating and managing peaks in demand via its systems for buying, shipping, and of course, warehousing.

Forced Labor in Seafood Supply Chains


This paper explores why forced labor in seafood industry supply chains continues to grab headlines, tarnish brand images, and challenge procurement teams – and what they can do about it. France is now following the lead of the U.K. Introduction. Shrimp tacos. Blackened catfish.

Better Spare Parts and Supply Chain Management via 3D Printing

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The operation is more streamlined and life for procurement team becomes easier. One forward looking building company in France built a small house using only 3D printed components. From a spares point of view, supply chain operations can reduce or eliminate warehousing and shipping. It can also turn traditional warehousing and shipping on their heads. Supply chain management is a constant juggling act.

Nursing Hospital and Healthcare Supply Into a New Age

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Centralisation then, is all about taking procurement and logistics out of the hands of medical professionals and placing it under its own governance structure. Different material types are then consolidated and shipped to the organisation’s hospitals and other medical facilities.