2021 Logistics Outlook: Truckload Freight Market Forecast


To help shippers prepare, we will examine contributing factors that will play a significant role in the 2021 truckload freight market. Consumer Spending Shifts Will Continue To Impact The Truckload Freight Market. Tips for Controlling Truckload Freight Costs in 2021.

What Is an Automated Freight Settlement?


Unfortunately, there remain opportunities to recapture freight spend within the freight settlement process that automated freight settlement could solve. According to Inbound Logistics, the costs of failure to consider automation in logistics and freight settlement is.read More.


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Automation in Logistics: Using RPA to Handle More Freight Quotes in Anticipation of Peak Season


The post Automation in Logistics: Using RPA to Handle More Freight Quotes in Anticipation of Peak Season appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Automation Logistics Peak Season automation in logistics

E-Commerce Freight Shipping in 2020: Is This the Year Heavier Freight in E-Commerce Proliferates?


The trend has been evident in recent years, but heavier freight remained on the fringe of e-commerce shipping. The post E-Commerce Freight Shipping in 2020: Is This the Year Heavier Freight in E-Commerce Proliferates?

9 of the Most Useful Tips on How to Negotiate Freight Rates


Editor’s Note: This is a guest article from Laura Jelen with negotiations.com who discusses some useful tips on how companies can negotiate freight rates a bit better. Freight Logistics Negotiate Freight Rates

Why Strategic Partnerships Enable OTR Freight Management


OTR freight represents a long-standing aspect of supply chain operations and transportation management. Th is blog post covers the critical ways strategic partnerships can help supply chain managers achieve optimal OTR management for their freight. Carrier Vetting for OTR Freight .

Are Ocean Freight Prices Absolutely Broken?


And the lack of demand visibility is a big contributor to China-US ocean freight rates doubling to the West Coast since June, and passing $4,000/FEU to the East Coast – which was surprising as most analysts thought that rates and profits would freefall. Is ocean freight pricing broken?

A Guide to Ocean Freight

3PL Insights

Even we have discussed the challenges logistics providers must overcome in recent articles like “ The State of U.S. Amidst all of these stories of shortages and bottlenecks, we thought it would be helpful to explain the basics of shipping ocean freight. What is Ocean Freight?

Container Freight Costs and Forecasting: Intrinsically Linked & Frustratingly Challenging

Logistics Bureau

Does your supply chain depend on container freight shipping? At Logistics Bureau, we have supply chain consultants available to help you improve volume forecasting and attain the most favourable container freight rates possible, even during this period of pandemic-induced turmoil.

[PODCAST] Case Study: How Freight Tech Innovation Provided Efficiency & Reduced Freight Costs


Listen to “Case Study_How Freight Tech Innovation Provided Efficiency & Reduced Freight Costs” on Spreaker. Case Study Freight Technology Podcast Freight Tech Innovation

FedEx and Freightos – Improving Digital Freight Together


Enter FedEx… Recognizing the myriad complexities of the supply chain, FedEx, the express delivery giant founded in the 1970s, continuously added key pieces of the logistics puzzle to the services it provides its customers. Freight Insights Logistics Technology

The Challenge of Freight Container Utilisation and Why it Matters

Logistics Bureau

Shipping air inside expensive freight containers has never been a cost-effective approach to transportation. Today though, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s even more critical to try and improve capacity utilisation , given the skyrocketing costs of container freight shipping.

Top Supply Chain, Logistics, & Freight Videos of 2019 So Far


Today we continue our annual series during the first week of July, coinciding with Independence Day on July 4th to highlight the top supply chain, logistics, & freight videos of 2019 so far as featured on the Cerasis YouTube Channel. The top supply chain, logistics, & freight videos of 2019 were measured by views of.read More. Videos logistics videos

Video 132

Hot Freight Opinions: Reaction to Uber Freight acquiring Transplace

The Supply Chain Journal

On Thursday, Uber Freight announced the acquisition of Transplace for $2.25 billion, a deal the companies say will “create one of the leading logistics technology platforms, with one of the largest and most comprehensive managed transportation and logistics networks in the world.”.

What Is Tactical Freight Management and it’s Role in Logistics Planning?


The post What Is Tactical Freight Management and it’s Role in Logistics Planning? Freight LogisticsWith advancing demands of consumers and the steady growth of e-commerce, shippers and carriers are working to build better relationships and optimize operations. Unfortunately, the modern supply chain remains brittle, subject to the slightest of changes that could spell its doom.

Freight-Tech Meets Fin-Tech with Victor Ofstein

The Logistics of Logistics

Freight-Tech Meets Fin-Tech with Victor Ofstein. Joe Lynch and Victor Ofstein discuss freight-tech meets fin-tech. Victor is the Head of Strategic Partnerships at Melio where he brings Melio’s seamless online payments to the logistics and transportation industry.

Using Freight Data to Increase Negotiating Power


The application of freight data holds immense potential. Logistics data is valuable to shippers, freight forwarders, logistics brokers, supply chain partners, third-party logistics providers, customers, and everyone else in the supply chain. Data Freight

Data 157

Rethinking the Freight RFP Process

The Logistics of Logistics

Rethinking the Freight RFP Process. Once a year, shippers and carriers begin the arduous freight RFP process, when shippers send out request for pricing (or proposal) for contract rates to their list of trucking companies. It is why many companies are rethinking the freight RFP process.

What is Reverse Logistics?


What is reverse Logistics? Before we dive in the nuances of reverse logistics, otherwise known as return logistics, integration, let's briefly recap what reverse logistics is. Reverse logistics refers to all operations related to the reuse of products and materials.

Is your freight invoice accurate? A new study claims it might not be.

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Shipping freight across the world is a complex matter. But what is even more complicated is freight billing and handling freight payments: what a cargo owner is initially quoted is often different from what he later is asked to pay. Is your freight invoice accurate?

Study 194

Current State of the Logistics and Freight Economy


From cloud-based systems to transportation management, the state of the logistics industry is evolving to expand an increasing number of services. Meanwhile, the overall capacity of shipments is climbing higher, reports Jeff Berman of Logistics Management, and the driver shortage is becoming more essential as full truckload shipments decrease. So, the conversation needs to turn toward another aspect of how 3PLs influence the state of the logistics and freight economy, digitization.

Freight Forwarders: The Important Link of a Supply Chain Logistics

20Cube Logistics

Supply chain logistics is writing a new story, as companies have started taking a holistic approach by introducing new features to its process by understanding and taking the requirements of its customers. Freight forwarders hold the right certifications.

Freight Mode Optimization

Supply Chain Game Changer

What’s the Difference Between Freight Management and Logistics Management? Freight mode optimization article and permission to publish here provided by Adam Robinson at FreightWaves.com. LEADING MISCONCEPTIONS AND CHALLENGES OF FREIGHT OPTIMIZATION. Subscribe Here!

Freight Pricing 2020 Trends: What Should Shippers Know?


Freight pricing continues to change across the globe. According to Darren Dodson of Material Handling & Logistics, the state of e-commerce will drive the majority of freight rate changes as more than 8.6 The post Freight Pricing 2020 Trends: What Should Shippers Know?

Trends 157

Will high freight rates cause hyperinflation?

The Supply Chain Journal

Domestic logistics represented about 8% of GDP in 2019. This includes all logistics costs, including trucking, shipping, rail, ocean, warehousing and distribution. So if you are worried about inflation, ignore the freight rates and focus on the shelves.

Consider freight consolidation for food service needs

The Supply Chain Journal

This summer is shaping up to be one of the hottest — for food logistics that is. Freight consolidation is a specialty of temperature-controlled food logistics leader Trademark Transportation.

Food 82

TMS and Digital Freight: The Experts Speak

Logistics Viewpoints

When it comes to TMS and digital freight, there is a lot of interest. The post TMS and Digital Freight: The Experts Speak appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Transportation Transportation Management Systems digital brokerage Digital Freight Matching TMS

What is Reverse Logistics and How Is It Different than Traditional Logistics?


Many people associate reverse logistics to simply cover returns, but it is much more broad than that. Meanwhile, reverse logistics is growing more complex. Regardless and most importantly, reverse logistics will always form a vital function of any supply chain.

Top Transportation & Logistics Influencers

The Logistics of Logistics

Original article: Warner’s Top Transportation & Logistics Influencers. In light of the global environment in the past year and a half, we listed the top transportation & logistics influencers. The road hasn’t been easy for the transportation and logistics industries.

E-Commerce Freight Consolidation & Desconsolidation: Understanding the Role of Intermodal Freight Shipping for Successful E-Commerce Logistics


For shippers, the best way to handle the e-commerce logistics surge lies in e-commerce freight consolidation and deconsolidation. E-Commerce Growth Is Incompatible With Stagnate Freight Shipping Strategies E-commerce growth can boggle the mind. Unfortunately, shippers using traditional freight shipping strategies, including limited use of Intermodal freight shipping, will result in added expenses and delays in moving e-commerce freight.

6 Detention Time Prevention Strategies for Inbound Freight

C3 Solutions

driver shortage All Articles mobile technology optimization Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Becoming a Shipper/Supplier of Choice Supply Chain VisibilityFor carriers, losing money is a substantial upset. Detention time (greater than two hours wait time) costs drivers between $1.1 to $1.3

Inbound Freight Trends for 2020: A Commitment to Improving Vendor Relations


The leading inbound freight trends for 2020 reveal a stronger push to improve inbound logistics efficiency and lower barriers to inventory management stress. Inbound Freight Trends Inbound Freight Trends

Trends 182

De-Carbonising Road Freight Operations: Bridging the Know-Do Gap

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

While many sectors can already report decreasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, logistics continues to be seen as a hard-to-abate sector given its current growth rates and its persistent dependence on fossil fuels. De-Carbonising Road Freight Operations: Bridging the Know-Do Gap.

Freight Rates News October 2015


Since we live and breath freight, we constantly come across information that’s critical for our customers – logistic providers, shippers and carriers. And as freight innovators ourselves, we love seeing more innovation. This is our personal take on logistics news trends. Check out our Top Logistics Providers. Freight Rates News that rates for freight and logistics trends – October 2015. Freight index jitters.

High Ocean Freight Rates Might Spoil Holiday Season Shopping This Year


During the holiday shopping season, sky-high ocean freight rates are major contributors that will strain the industry and shoppers alike. Other intermittent bottlenecks such as port shutdowns and freight policy changes will add to the shipping industry’s woes.