Another U.S. Train Derailment Involving Crude Oil Transport with Far Broader Implications

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This week’s West Virginia train derailment involving a CSX train hauling a 109-car oil tanker train of crude oil from the Bakken North Dakota fields has significant repercussions. This CSX train was enroute to an oil depot facility located in Yorktown Virginia. The train derailment that occurred near Mount Carbon West Virginia, a small town 33 miles southeast of that state’s capital of Charleston, caused fiery explosions that engulfed a reported 25 tank cars.

This Week in Logistics News (February 14 – February 20)

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In particular, there were two large and destructive oil train derailments, one in West Virginia and another in Ontario, Canada. Thankfully, no serious injuries were reported from the CSX derailment in West Virginia or the Canadian National accident […].

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A Kitty Hawk Moment in Drone Delivery?

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The first drone delivery approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was conducted last Friday in rural Virginia. A drone operated by Australian drone startup Flirtey delivered 24 packages of medicines to a remote health clinic in Wise County, Virginia.

FAA Grants Drones Permission to Take Off


Last Friday, a drone delivered medicine to a remote clinic in a coal mining region of southwest Virginia. The Virginia drones flew over largely uninhabited land, causing no disruptions and making it easy for lawmakers to condone the flight.

Bring Out the Best in Your Supply Chain

The 21st Century Supply Chain

A few examples of how all these people helped each other: The small port in Norfolk, Virginia, took on 57 vessels and 10,000 containers that were diverted from New York (and Norfolk was not used to that kind of volume).

3 Ways to Spot Supplier Risk in Communication


Ben is a graduate of the University of Virginia.

Amazon Acquiring Whole Foods: A Wakeup Call for the Grocery Industry?

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in 1994 helped upend that country’s grocery sector, says it will open 20 stores in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina by summer, with some arriving in the next few weeks. There’s certainly been a lot of buzz and discussions since Amazon announced its planed acquisition of Whole Foods.

The 5 Largest LTL Carriers

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UPS Freight is based in Richmond, Virginia. The 5 largest LTL carriers together have $16.2 billion in annual revenues and 46.4% market share. Each of the top five companies has a national footprint with tons of resources and top notch teams. There is a brief profile of each of the carriers below. The 5 Largest LTL Carriers. Largest LTL Carrier: FedEx Freight. FedEx Freight is the largest less than truckload (LTL) carrier with approximately $5.3B in sales (estimated 2012).

Supply Chain New on Is Truck Platooning Almost Right Around the Corner

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Another Succesful Test in Virginia have Some Thinking Platooning May be Ready for Prime Time Soon

Supply Chain Matters Impressions from Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014

Supply Chain Matters

In early March, IBM’s CEO, Virginia Rometty, outlined in her open letter to stockholders and customers, a crisper set of strategic priorities that now include a heavy emphasis on cloud and services based solution offerings. Supply Chain Matters was invited to attend the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit this week which was held in Tampa Florida.

Tampa 30

Willow Run Foods: A Fresh Take on How CNG Cut Costs, Curbed Emissions & Improved Efficiency

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Every week, Willow Run Foods makes 2,500 deliveries of fresh foods and other products to restaurants in 14 states from Virginia to Maine. Their drivers log over 8.5 million miles per year, much of that in the New York metropolitan area – a region beset by congestion and high emissions.

Pull Your Own Upset

Creating Supply Chain Excellence

In 2011 Virginia Commonwealth shocked Kansas. Virginia unleashed a full court press to take an early 18 point lead, and then kept pouring it on. By Jim Tompkins. CEO, Tompkins International.

Royal Building enhances Operation with Dedicated Transportation

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By implementing a dedicated transportation solution, which included a fleet of 27 drivers, 26 tractors and 46 trailers for Royal’s Marion, Virginia as well as Bristol, Tennessee locations, Ryder helped the company significantly reduce costs and shorten lead times.

Can Twitter Help You Make Smarter Supply Chain Decisions?

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For example, according to an October 2011 Wall Street Journal article , “When Virginia’s magnitude 5.8 For years, I’ve been telling supply chain executives to think beyond Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter when thinking about the role of social networking in supply chain management.

When it Comes to Direct-to-Consumer Shipping, Warehouse Size Matters

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According to Hayley Peterson’s Business Insider article, A Trader Joe’s competitor is opening 100 stores in the US — see if it’s coming to your hometown, Lidl will open its first 20 stores this summer in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, with plans to open 100 stores over the next year. Friday in 5 – interesting news bits from around the supply chain horn, served up in one spot to keep you up to date.

Supplier Risk Management: 4 Things To Look Out for During On-Site Evaluations


Ben is a graduate of the University of Virginia. Editor’s Note: We continue our collaborative blog series with Ben Goldwasser of Spendrix, a company who helps shippers determine which carriers operate best in certain regions, and conditions, allowing you to be more thorough.

3 Cheers for the Spring Freight Season!

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Other TriHaul routes take you from Atlanta to Chicago via Iowa or West Virginia. Spring has sprung, bringing a long-awaited upward trend in freight volume.and RATES!! For all trailer types!!!

“Collaboration” is becoming a bad word…in some circles


The cost of collaboration is also estimated to be severe, with researchers from the University of Virginia estimating that knowledge workers spend 70-85% of their time attending meetings, dealing with e-mail, talking on the phone, or dealing with an avalanche of requests for input or advice. The concept of “Collaboration” has been getting a lot of grief lately.

This Week in Logistics News (February 16-20, 2015)

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Derailed CSX train in West Virginia hauled newer-model tank cars ( Reuters ). This was a busy week for supply chain and logistics news, so let’s go straight to it. Kintetsu to Buy Neptune’s APL Logistics for $1.2 Billion ( BloombergBusiness ). Pressure mounts on shippers, union to settle U.S.

Q&A: “Made In USA” Documentary Filmmaker Stresses More Americans Gain Awareness of Manufacturing Ahead of UCan Zippers Visit


However, leading up to 2020 I will research and explore two positions granted I’m still living in West Virginia. As we know, over the last two decades, manufacturing has largely been pushed overseas.

Procurement Analytics Hot Topic at Procurement Leaders West Coast Forum and ISM Carolinas


I had the opportunity to attend the Procurement Leaders in San Francisco forum two weeks ago, followed by attending the ISM Carolinas-Virginia meeting in Winston Salem last week. Procurement analytics was discussed at length at both sessions. Several key takeaways emerged from the discussion with executives, which represented a wide array of companies including AARP, Roche-Genentech, Silex, RJR, Flex, Google, Northrupp Grummon, GE, and others.

5 New Regulations that Could Change Trucking

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Those provisions were suspended, and a study by the FMCSA and Virginia Tech University on the rules' safety impact will determine whether or not that suspension is permanent.

This Week in Logistics News (April 28 – May 2, 2014)

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CSX oil train derails in Virginia, leaks into river (Reuters).

This Week in Logistics News (October 27-31, 2014)

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According to a Wall Street Journal article (“Decoding Our Chatter,” Robert Lee Hotz, October 1, 2011), “When Virginia’s magnitude 5.8 Ralph and Me (right) as Blue Men.

Another Tragic Air Cargo Plane Crash in the U.S.

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Tragically, there has been another fatal air cargo accident in the United States as a twin-engine turbo prop aircraft, operated by a subcontracter to UPS crashed while landing at the Charleston West Virginia Airport. Transportation and Logistics independent blog featuring analysis and insights on supply chain management Supply chain Matters blog

The Growth of E-Commerce and What It Means for Retail Jobs

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The massive Pickup Towers, located near store entrances, debuted last year in Bentonville, Arkansas, and are now being rolled out to more than a dozen stores in cities across Arizona, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia and Virginia. Friday in 5 – interesting news bits from around the supply chain horn, served up in one spot to keep you up to date.

A Quick Glance Into The Logistics Market - January 2016


Railroad News Clips: Norfolk Southern announced that it is consolidating two of its divisions (Virginia and Pocahontas) and shutting down portions of one secondary line (West Virginia Secondary) as part of the company’s ongoing drive to enhance operating efficiencies and support long term growth.

2013 HOS Rules Appear Doomed

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Since that time, the FMCSA and Virginia Tech has studied the effect on two groups of drivers: those following the 2013 rules and those following the old rules.

Freight Surge Expected for Q2 and July 4

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Here's the math: There are lots of choices when you leave Buffalo, including several destinations in Virginia and Maryland. Van freight was a little quiet last week, but a rebound should be underway now, to close the second quarter on a high note.

4 Key Takeaways from the Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo

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The wide spread success of natural gas fueling in California, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, West Virginia and Texas demonstrates how state-led strategies and coalitions work. Transportation as we know it is changing with unprecedented momentum.

Vans and Reefers Have a Friend in California

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If you're in the area, there's a shortage of trucks all over the Southeast, from the Gulf Coast up to Virginia. Shippers and freight brokers are singing a Merle Haggard classic this week, to their van and reefer BFFs: "L.A.

[INFOGRAPHICS] How Manufacturing Data Will Transform The American Manufacturing Industry


Ben is a graduate of the University of Virginia. Like our two previous infographics (we’ve reposted those below this article & if you click each one it will go to the respective article), this article continues to examine the American manufacturing industry.

Feature on Stage Stores and its TMS Implementation

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These stores are supported by three highly automated distribution centers, located in Texas, Ohio and Virginia.

Ohio 17

XX and XY: A Different World in Supply Chain

Supply Chain Shaman

It is such a very different landscape than the green mountains of my farm in West Virginia or my city streets in Philadelphia. The deserts of the southwest sprawl below me as the plane ascends from San Diego.

Hurricane Irma Updates


Preparations remain underway for Hurricane Irma’s potentially catastrophic arrival in the continental United States as the strongest hurricane in the Atlantic makes its way through the Caribbean.

Air Cargo Got It Wright: 9 Incredible Air Cargo Facts


Amazon’s been running tests out of a field in Washington but in July 2015, Flirtey , an Australian UAC (unmanned aerial vehicle) delivery startup, delivered supplies from an airfield to a medical clinic in Virginia. The Wright Brothers were the startup entrepreneurs of 1900.

Cargo 67

4 Companies Driving Transportation Technology Innovation


Ben is a graduate of the University of Virginia. Historically, new technologies have been slow to come to, and be adopted by, the transportation industry. However, several innovative companies are challenging this norm.

4 Possible Supplier & Carrier Risk Areas to Check During Pickups & Deliveries


Ben is a graduate of the University of Virginia.

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New Employee Perk – Superhuman Strength!

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An exoskeleton suit that gives store workers superhuman strength is just one of the inventions coming out of Lowe’s Innovation Labs, in partnership with Virginia Tech university. Friday in 5 – interesting news bits from around the supply chain horn, served up in one spot to keep you up to date.

Step Out of Line America: A Need for Action & Middle Class Paradigm Changes in the New American Economy


With that said, I’m prepared to jump out of line and make a move on the chess board in 2015 and decide whether I’ll make a run for Congress in the next election cycle in my home state of West Virginia. My option is the 2nd Congressional District of West Virginia.