Advanced Reverse Logistics Strategies Workshop & Conference

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RLCON 2013: Advanced Reverse Logistics Strategies Workshop & Conference. WORKSHOP AND CONFERENCE FOCUS. This Quadference will be a unique opportunity to compare warranty, inventory management, and aftermarket services and support performance with industry peers and experts.

Katana launches Smart Workshop Software

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Katana, the smart workshop software company, has launched what it describes as the first-ever Smart Workshop Software, providing small manufacturers with affordable and easy to use inventory and production management

What is Inventory Management?


What is Inventory Management? Inventory management, in a nutshell, describes your efforts to manage, assess and report on the flow of your stock of goods. You might be using pencil-and-paper, spreadsheets or sophisticated inventory management software to do this.

Jewelry Makers and EMERGE App Inventory Management


And the best way to manage your production of jewelry prices is with inventory management software. In fact, Orbis Research recently rated EMERGE App the number one solution for jewelry inventory software. Inventory Management for Jewelry Designers. Introduction.

My Biggest Mistake: Inventory Levels are the Thermometer for the Management of the Company


As a Phd in inventory optimization, I’ve started my supply chain career in adjusting inventory parameters with surgical precision. Calculating inventory parameters, using Linear Programming to optimize planning. Take out any of these steps, and inventory performance will drop.

Conflicts That Cause Companies to Stockpile SKUs

Supply Chain @ MIT

At MIT CTL’s Supply Chain Finance Workshop on October 27 to 28, 2015, attendees discussed how their companies tackle the problem, and particularly the role of finance […].

Supply Chain Predictions for 2018: Real-Time, Innovation, Cognitive, Blockchain, Industry-Academic Partnerships, and Taking a Stand!


Linton] co-authored The Living Supply Chain , which argues that “Speeding up the supply chain is at the root of everything that is good: improved revenue, reduced working capital, higher profitability, and less obsolete inventory.

Executives see AI, Cognitive Analytics and Cloud as the Path to Innovation and Speed to Market

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For example, both retail and manufacturing executives plan to pilot AI to optimize inventory levels, an area where results are easy to tabulate. They want immediate, measurable results and are launching pilots and visioning workshops to make this happen.

Supply Chain Management Case Study


Inventory Cover and Costs (Including Overflow and External Warehouses). Continue minimizing total delivered costs (production, inventory, freight). Reduce lead times and inventories. Inventory Cover and Costs (Including Overflow and External Warehouses).

Optimizing Liberty Global’s Supply Chain: An Interview with Willem Vesters


Our inventory levels on this side of the business tend to be quite high, with a rotation going to 1 year. I guess in the CPE side of the business, we proved that we could bring down inventory levels and generate value. What did this POC Workshop look like?

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Kinaxis on the road: 12th American Supply Chain & Logistics Summit


Join Benji Green , Director of Global Sales, Operations, Supply and Inventory Planning at Avaya for the Kinaxis supply chain optimization workshop on December 9th. by Melissa Clow.

3 companies tell you their success with Quintiq


The average delivery time of four to six days is now down to two to three days by moving inventory closer to the end consumer with multiple fulfillment locations. The organization manages a global network of 650 warehouses, 900 WFP-owned trucks and 35 fleet workshops.

Customer-Centric Supply Chains: Adding Clarity to the Muddle

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On this fall day, at this strategy workshop, this was the case. The top three gaps are visibility of channel inventories and orders, management of complexity and the alignment between commercial and operations teams. It was November. I was speaking at a client site.

My Busy day at the Richmond Supply Chain Forum


For this event we also took the opportunity to run a 1 hour workshop which everyone had the option to attend. These are typically doing well in terms of revenue growth but they are starting to struggle to continue to meet the growth and have either very high inventory, capacity issues or both.

Reducing Working Capital in Supply Chains

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Current assets include inventory and accounts receivable, i.e. payments you are waiting to receive, notably from your customers. A ratio of more than 2 may be a sign that inventory is increasing too much or that the company is slow in collecting payments.

Brexit: 5 Things Supply Chain Leaders Should Consider to Prepare for its Impact


Do you need to set up new inventory locations? Perhaps it makes sense to build up additional inventory in the UK or on the continent. Click here to read more about Prescriptive Analytics or find out how you can build a prototype application quickly by joining a POC workshop.

The Most Reliable Supply Chain…Without Technology?


Do you carry too much inventory? I facilitate the “Productivity 101” introductory workshops as well as assist in the facilitation of the Productivity Improvement Network. Editor’s Note: This is a blog post about remembering the fundamentals in order to achieve success.

7 Strategic Performance Business Practices with 3PL KPIs and 4 KPI Problems to Solve


Sales, Inventory, and Production Planning (SIOP) should be used for business planning and strategy in the shipper, 3PL relationship. Solution 2 : Helping managers and employees to understand the meaning of their KPIs is conducted through workshops run by a logistics service provider. The workshops are consistently rated highly by all participants and helps them to understand why the KPI's should matter to them.

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European Supply Chain Directors Forum 2016

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The event is comprised of an agenda of original case studies, inspirational keynote sessions, interactive workshops and specialist working groups. Learn from the best case studies, workshops and examples in the industry on how we must collaborate to orchestrate.

What Logistics Managers Can Learn from Santa’s Automated Supply Chain

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The resulting online activity can be a key indicator for retailers, to gage what products to stock and efficiently manage inventory levels. With an army of elves manufacturing enough toys for all the children of the world, it’s no wonder that Santa’s workshop only shuts down one day a year.

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Top Warehouses in North America 2013

The Logistics of Logistics

auto manufacturing market melted down, I was conducting value stream mapping workshops at tier one suppliers (Magna, TRW, Yazaki, Johnson Controls, etc.). In lean consulting, you would often find excess inventory, rework, over processing and other wasteful practices inside a warehouse. “The line between disorder and order lies in logistics…” Sun Tzu. The top warehouses in North America were recently profiled in a great article by the fine folks at Modern Material Handling.

Why It Matters

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A company that is effectively working a supply chain strategy will have a nice, neat pattern at the intersection of operating margin and inventory turns. While Sonoco Products is losing margin (in large part due to a tough market), they are making improvements in inventory turns.

6 Important Tips For Effective Logistics Management


Regular training workshops keep the employees updated with the latest trends in the logistics industry. The logistics firm should aim at developing the warehouse inventory so that there is minimum wastage of goods.

European Supply Chain & Logistics Summit 2015

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How to get the right balance between customer service and cost-effective product inventory levels. Keynotes, case studies and workshops from 70+ speakers. European Supply Chain & Logistics Summit 2015. Venue: Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I, Barcelona. Date: 15-17 June 2015. Organizer: WTG Events. URL: RESHAPING THE SUPPLY CHAIN OF TOMORROW. The European Supply Chain and Logistics Summit is Europe’s most established supply chain and logistics summit.

Your supply chain is costing you money – Reason #10 Failure to adequately train your supply chain planning staff


Reason #6 Not effectively managing inventory. A bad decision can result in missed orders, significant inventory, or scrapped materials. By doing this, they could potentially save the company millions of dollars in excess inventory.

Clorox Successfully Implements a Program for Value Chain Segmentation

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Value Chain segmentation—designing a fit for purpose supply chain—was the focus of the strategy day workshop. In this period, Clorox was acquiring products with significantly higher margins and lower inventory turns. At the time, 40% of inventory of the Clorox company were these wipes.

Third Party Logistics


The impact of lean on the supply chain is significant, as the goal of lean is to eliminate waste (overproduction and inventory), which will decrease work in process inventories. Gemba is a Japanese word that simply means “workshop,” and in a Lean environment it means the place where the work is done and the value is added. Part of our “waste is bad” mantra is reflected in our commitment to reduce inventory for our customers. What Makes a Provider Truly Lean?

How to Coach in Support of World Class S&OP #2

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Trust workshops : In one business I worked for, I facilitated trust workshops with the top 40 leaders. Find below the framework I developed to gather feedback during those workshops. An S&OP implementation requires many changes, not the least behavioural change.

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S&OP in Las Vegas! Let’s Learn, Laugh, and Be Entertained at the S&OP Innovation Summit


The contract manufacturer, Celestica, already manages manufacturing and inventory. The benefit is directly in the inventory, as seen in Kathleen’s slide. The Kinaxis Workshop – Learn and Laugh. For the Kinaxis Workshop, my theme was “Laugh & Learn”.

Five Trends That Excite Me!

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I am facilitating a workshop between supply chain business visionaries and technology innovators. Most companies failed to select capabilities based on industry-specific capabilities, and there is a struggle to deliver on the promises made in the areas of plant scheduling and inventory.

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Changing Mental Models

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I also had the opportunity to speak at the GHX conference and facilitate a leadership workshop on the required changes for implantable devices. Be sure to not overlook the inventory carrying costs and the impact of demand latency.

Where Is Your Company on the S&OP Maturity Curve?

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We’ve worked with many companies over the years to enhance their S&OP processes and have seen benefits such as greater enterprise-wide visibility of demand and supply, improved inventory management, increased promotional planning, increased accuracy in budget forecasting, and an improved product lifecycle management process. The workshop will cover how to: Manage the “gap” between the current plan and the annual operating plan.

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Integrated Supply Chain Planning – The Number 1 Opportunity

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

So we held a workshop. The benefits for the producer will be finished goods inventory reductions and a reduction in month-end sales peaking. Enchange has been working with many FMCG and Pharmaceuticals multinationals for years on projects to improve their primary supply chains. We have also been working with many of the same companies on Route to Market (RTM) projects. For the sake of clarity, by “primary supply chain” we mean all processes (e.g.

Lessons Learned from the Beer Game

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At JDA, one of the vehicles we’ve been using to demonstrate the benefits of effective supply planning and collaboration across the supply chain is the Collaborative Flow Planning workshop — AKA, The Beer Game. As part of the Collaborative Flow Planning workshop, we also use the beer game to demonstrate ways in which participants can solve these common and well-known supply chain problems. In the workshop, we play the game twice.

S&OP & behaviours: we got a long way to go

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One of them is Life Styles Inventory , the other one Mental Toughness. I now coach individuals and run team workshops to help people become more effective in their thinking and behaving. It is Saturday morning 8.18

S&OP 101