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2018 Impact Factors of SCM Journals

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With an impact factor larger than 5, International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management (5.212; +1.0) Other SCM-related journals with high impact factors are: Supply Chain Management: An International Journal (4.296; +0.5), Management Science (4.219; +0.7), International Journal of Operations & Production Management (4.111; +1.2), Journal of Business Logistics (3.171; +0.3) Research SCM Journal Ranking Supply Chain Management

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Adelante SCM and PINC Launch the First Annual State of Yard Management Report


Union City, CA – October 7 th , 2020 – Researched and prepared by Adelante SCM’s analyst Adrian Gonzalez and presented by PINC, the publication’s 2020 theme is The Impact Of Digital Yard Management on Enterprise Transportation Costs and Capacity.

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Three Types of SCM Definitions

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Journal of Business Logistics , 22 (2), 1–25. Today, I present Mentzer et al.’s ’s (2001) must-read article, Defining Supply Chain Management.

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Ranking SCM Journals: VHB-JOURQUAL 3

SCM Research

A-graded SCM journals are: Production and Operations Management and Journal of Operations Management. Finally, International Journal of Logistics: Research and Applications , International Journal of Logistics Management and Logistics Research received the grade C. No SCM journal received the best (A+) or the worst grade (D).

Business Success through Sustainable SCM

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Practice Logistics Report Supply Chain Management Supply Chain SustainabilityAre business success and sustainability contradictory? A new whitepaper by Schmidpeter & Bungard, sponsored by DHL, is rather optimistic and argues that both goals can instead be mutually beneficial. The paper is titled Unlock the True Value of Your Supply Chain: Business Success through Sustainable Supply Chain Management.

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How To Be An Anti-Racist in SCM

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In a recent interview , Terry Esper, a logistics scholar from The Ohio State University, shares his experience with racism and gives us excellent advice. The world is currently watching the shocking cases of police violence in the United States. But racism also exists on a smaller, more subtle level. Practice Supply Chain Management

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Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing, and Procurement 2016

Supply Chain Movement

Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing, and Procurement 2016. URL: Logistics & SCM, PLM, Manufacturing, and Procurement 2016, sponsored by SAP, is the most important educational event of the year for organizations using SCM, PLM, manufacturing, and procurement solutions to fortify their business operations and infrastructure with proven methodologies and measurable, value-driven results.

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10 Outstanding Books for SCM Professionals

Supply Chain Opz

This article will show you 10 amazing SCM books that provide the information you can really use. The reason for this was to provide a list of "classic" scm books that people can study by themselves while working full-time. Are you a supply chain management professional who are looking for inspiring ideas to improve the operations of your supply chain? Background Early this year, I published one article named " 10 Greatest Supply Chain Management Books of All Time ".

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Trends & Strategies in Logistics and SCM

Supply Chain Movement

2013 Trends and Strategies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Embracing Global Logistics Complexity to Drive Market Advantage. The key results of this study by BVL International on trends and strategies in logistics and supply chain management are summarized, as follows. They are based on 1757 responses collected in an international survey from supply chain executives (including logistics service providers (LSPs), retailers, and manufacturing companies).

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What is Supply Chain Management (SCM)? (Video)

Supply Chain Game Changer

The term was coined over 35 years ago but still to this day there are a large number of different definitions of SCM. To someone who is starting out their career, or who is new to the field of Supply Chain, it is understandable that there may be confusion as to the definition of SCM. Are they really that different or are there just subtle nuances in what some people consider SCM that others do not? What Exactly Is Reverse Logistics? Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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Matt McLelland discusses drones at SCM World Live Americas


Matt is an expert in the subject and presented a session titled " Drones in the Supply Chain – Everything you Need to Know " to over 350 C-level executives during the SCM World Live Americas Conference last week. SCM World is a cross-industry learning community, powered by the world’s most influential supply chain practitioners. supply chain logistics innovation digital supply chain

SCM Best Paper Award Winners 2014

SCM Research

La Londe Best Paper Award, Journal of Business Logistics), Spillan, McGinnis, Kara & Yi (International Journal of Logistics Management), Winter & Knemeyer (International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management), Corsi, Grimm, Cantor & Wright (Transportation Journal), Nyaga, Lynch, Marshall & Ambrose (Harold E. Journal of Business Logistics, 34 (4), 301-318 DOI: 10.1111/jbl.12028.

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o9 Solutions and Samsung SDS enter a partnership to Expand SCM Business

o9 Solutions

This article has also been published on Business Wire Services including SCM consulting, SaaS solution implementation, and industry solutions will be offered to Korean market as well as the wider market worldwide.

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New download: SCM Map Europe 2014-2015

Supply Chain Movement

But the world of logistics has not changed radically compared with last year,” says Patrick Haex from Buck Consultants. Logistically speaking the location of this manufacturing facility, which produces the Peugeot 508 and the Citroën C5, makes little sense.” Fashion has a much higher relative value than many other products and can therefore support higher logistics costs.” SCM Map Europe 2014-2015. Slight shift in European networks.

An Introduction to Logistics and SCM Principles and Concepts

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Richard Wilding, Professor of Supply Chain Strategy at the Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Cranfield School of Management, has provided the iTunes U course Supply Chain Management & Logistics: An Introduction to Principles and Concepts. “This course is a collection of enhanced podcasts and videos which provide an introduction to the principles and concepts of logistics and supply chain management.

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SCM Best Paper Award Winners 2013 (1/2)

SCM Research

The best paper published in the International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management is The Impact of Individual Debiasing Efforts on Financial Decision Effectiveness in the Supplier Selection Process by Lutz Kaufmann, Craig R. LaLonde Best Paper Award (best paper published in the Journal of Business Logistics) goes to The Roles of Procedural and Distributive Justice in Logistics Outsourcing Relationships by Adriana Rossiter Hofer, A.

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Is There a Third Option for SCM Executives Looking to Revamp their Supply Chain Management Operations?


A new alternative is now possible for companies, especially those looking to gain a competitive advantage with their SCM operations. While many supply chain executives have never seriously considered managed services as an SCM option due to liability, performance or security risk concerns, this is indeed an economical, efficient and strategically viable solution that supply chain leaders should consider to deliver operational performance. Is SCM a Core Competency?

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The Downside of SCM Journal Rankings

SCM Research

When analyzing the statistics of this blog, I found that SCM researchers appear to be very interested in posts concerning journal rankings, namely about the ABS Academic Journal Quality Guide and VHB-JOURQUAL. Starry-eyed: Journal rankings and the future of logistics research. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, 43 (1).

SCM Best Paper Award Winners 2012 (1/2)

SCM Research

LaLonde Best Paper Award (best paper published in the Journal of Business Logistics) goes to Top-down versus bottom-up demand forecasts: The value of shared point-of-sale data in the retail supply chain by Williams and Waller. I have attended the CSCMP’s Supply Chain Management Educators’ Conference (SCMEC) in Atlanta. The conference offers a unique opportunity to meet many researchers, whose faces are obscured behind references for the rest of the year.

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Blockchain SCM Transformation Explained in Layman’s Terms


While this comparison is most commonly associated with benchmarking, it is also part of the reason why more people in the shipping industry are turning to blockchain for supply chain management (SCM). Blockchain SCM is poised to create links between all existing supply chains, even competitors, which allows supply chain networks to function more efficiently and with greater transparency. Why Do Shippers Underestimate Blockchain SCM ?

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COVID-19 & SCM – Importance of Operations Management to Overcome the Limitations of Data-Driven


An often-heard theme in supply chain management (SCM) and COVID-19 is “data-driven” – being data-driven is the path to success. For SCM demand or customer-driven replaces “science”. COVID-19 & SCM – Importance of Operations Management to Overcome the Limitations of Data-Driven was first posted on May 20, 2020 at 8:47 am. ©2017 For COVID-19 “science-driven” is often said in the same sentence.

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Download: SCM Map Europe 2012

Supply Chain Movement

New logistics hubs are emerging in Central Europe and more goods flows from Asia will travel via the Black Sea or, as land freight, via the Trans-Siberian rail route. SCM Map Europe 2012. The supply chains in Europe are set to change considerably in the years ahead. The strongest economic growth can be found in the eastern part of Europe.

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Blockchain: The Technology Reshaping SCM!

Supply Chain Game Changer

especially procurement and logistics?—?in If SCM tech were a summer reading list, Blockchain would be the Twilight trilogy. For this reason, blockchain technology has been viewed as the perfect match for business application within procurement and logistics. Blockchain technology won’t just enhance the way procurement and logistics professionals work today; it poses the ability to reshape the functions entirely. Blockchain in Logistics. Subscribe Here!

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Download: SCM Consulting Subway Map Europe 2015

Supply Chain Movement

Following on from its highly popular subway maps showing supply chain software vendors and logistics service providers, the European quarterly magazine Supply Chain Movement has now published the second edition about the supply chain consultancy sector. >>Please SCM Consulting Subway Map Europe 2015. In the rapidly changing economy, countless companies need advice on strategy and especially supply chain management.

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SCM Map Europe: European location decisions remain complex

Supply Chain Movement

For the fourth consecutive year, Supply Chain Media has produced the SCM Map of Europe providing an overview of the most relevant data for value chains. Europe remains the world’s most complex continent from a supply chain perspective, which is why Supply Chain Media has developed the SCM Map of Europe for the fourth consecutive year. A second important feature to have been added in this version of the SCM Map of Europe is the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index (LPI).

Ranking SCM Journals: ABS Academic Journal Guide 2015

SCM Research

Some other “well regarded” journals (grade 2) are: International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management , Journal of Business Logistics and Journal of Purchasing & Supply Management. The UK-based Association of Business Schools (ABS) has published its Academic Journal Guide. It is the successor of the often criticized Academic Journal Quality Guide.

What is SCM and Why is it Important?

Oracle SCM

The acronym SCM stands for supply chain management. It refers to the systems, processes and software packages used by organizations to manage day-to-day operating activities such as, new product development , demand, supply and sales & operations planning , procurement , logistics , order management , manufacturing and asset maintenance. SCM systems provide a strategic advantage and business insight to companies and their operations. SCM Fundamentals.

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Publication of the 2nd SCM 3PL Subway Map Europe

Supply Chain Movement

For the second time Supply Chain Movement will publish an overview of the European market of Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies. This overview will be represented in the 3PL Subway Map Europe with all the major established logistics service providers and their proven track record in Europe. European logistics service providers can request a form by sending a mail to

Seasoned Leadership in Action™! An Interview with Brad Jackson, EVP SCM at Rakuten Kobo!

Supply Chain Game Changer

At Rakuten Kobo, a lot has been done over the last number of years to optimize product, manufacturing and forward logistics supply chains for global markets. We are now turning our attention to the reverse logistics supply chain to improve the customer experience for both in-warranty and out-of-warranty returns. SCM #SupplyChain #Business #Leadership #HumanResources #Technology. An Interview with Brad Jackson, EVP SCM at Rakuten Kobo! Subscribe Here!

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SCM publishes groundbreaking list of supply chain leaders

Supply Chain Movement

European logistics magazine Supply Chain Movement has collaborated with executive search firm Inspired-Search to compile a list of Europe’s top supply chain executives. VP Logistics and Supply Chain Europe. Global Logistics VP. Head of Competence Center SCM & Manufacturing. Unilever’s Pier Luigi Sigismondi named as Europe’s top Supply Chain Executive. Who are the most influential supply chain executives in Europe?

SCM 95

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is Becoming Younger, More Educated, More Diverse!

Supply Chain Game Changer

When we speak with SCM professionals from the baby boomer and Gen X generations, it’s really common for us to hear, “I didn’t plan on going into Supply Chain, but I fell into it.” Planning and Procurement are taking on a bigger role in the field: 22% of millennials surveyed are working in Planning and 21% in Procurement , compared to 15% in Logistics , 11% in Inventory Management, and 9% in Manufacturing. Jobs #HumanResources #SCM #SupplyChain #Millennials. Subscribe Here!

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Seasoned Leadership in Action! An Interview with Paul Kretz, Head of SCM at Church & Dwight!

Supply Chain Game Changer

That is how I got into logistics management and gained deep warehousing and transportation experience. I moved into the third-party logistics industry just as that was taking off and gained a ton of experience in logistics costing, WMS installation, selling services and technology skills. Toss in a dash of time as a retail logistics leader, sometime consulting and I have seen many aspects of Supply Chain and Operations. They used to call it seagull logistics.

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SCM Best Paper Award Winners 2011

SCM Research

The Journal of Business Logistics has just announced that the paper Exploring a governance theory of supply chain management: Barriers and facilitators to integration by Richey et al. Measuring the importance of attributes in logistics research by Garver et al., Best paper award winners can serve as a blueprint for one’s own research projects. Some of the leading supply chain management journals have now announced their winners.

SCM 110

Supply Chain Technology Roundup: 3 Ways Augmented Reality Can Transform SCM


3) Logistics Support. When delivery trucks started to be equipped with GPS systems, it was a game-changer in how efficient logistics workers could be. AR systems almost seem like a natural next step in the continuing evolution of logistics. Logistics technology supply chain technologySupply chain is finally finding its way into the 21st century, with help from a constantly evolving landscape of technologies and digital opportunities.

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