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The Case for Real-Time Perpetual Inventory Signals in Manufacturing


Once upon a time, the world of manufacturing was a relatively stable place. So how does a manufacturer navigate this rollercoaster? The Challenge: Siloed Inventory Data and Lack of Visibility One of the primary obstacles in inventory management is the prevalence of siloed data across multiple execution systems.

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Purchasing Manufacturing Network Design Software? Consider These Factors

River Logic

Manufacturing network design software focuses on optimizing plant locations, capacity, and product flow paths. Since COVID-19, companies need more flexibility and agility in scenario analysis, so they can ensure their networks are resilient to continued disruption.


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Transforming Manufacturing Operations with Supply Chain Technology: 3 Key Areas to Invest In


As a manufacturing leader, you’re faced with constant disruptions, labor shortages, and the threat of job loss — time is of the essence. The time is now to take action and invest in technology to optimize your operations, streamline your workflows, and enhance supply chain efficiency across the board. If you’re one of the 67.4%

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The One Key Shift in Your Supply Chain and Procurement Strategies that can Drive Better Business Continuity and Resilience

Logistics Viewpoints

Procurement and Supply Chain Management are essential functions that can help companies navigate these challenges, but they are often siloed and operate in separate departments. Their metrics are often misaligned as well – supply chain focuses on service and procurement focuses on the cost of acquiring materials and services.

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Supply Chain Network Design: The Ultimate Use Cases eBook

Explore the most common use cases for network design and optimization software. This eBook shares how supply chain leaders leverage their supply chain design software to tackle a variety of challenges and questions. Creating a strategic digital twin (digital representation) of your supply chain network. What's inside?

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The Power of the Network: ERP vs. Spend Management

Logistics Viewpoints

GEP and the North Carolina State University (NCSU) Supply Chain Resource Cooperative surveyed supply chain, procurement and IT professionals across a range of industries to gain insight into their priorities and strategies regarding supply chain resilience and optimization. Business Spend Management Solutions are Networked .

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Technology Improves Manufacturing Disaster Preparedness

DELMIA Quintiq

Disaster preparedness is imperative everywhere, but that goes double for the manufacturing industry. Thankfully, technology provides ways to ensure business continuity and peace of mind. There are many technologies companies can use to better understand, gather data from and visualize their entire supply chains.