Purchasing Manufacturing Network Design Software? Consider These Factors

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Manufacturing network design software focuses on optimizing plant locations, capacity, and product flow paths. Since COVID-19, companies need more flexibility and agility in scenario analysis, so they can ensure their networks are resilient to continued disruption.

Trends 2022: Manufacturing

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The manufacturing sector covers such a broad spectrum of products and processes that any discussion about industry trends must take place at a very high level. One of the megatrends that has been driving manufacturing for over a decade is digitization. Manufacturing Trends.

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Technology Improves Manufacturing Disaster Preparedness

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Disaster preparedness is imperative everywhere, but that goes double for the manufacturing industry. Thankfully, technology provides ways to ensure business continuity and peace of mind. This branch of technology helps manufacturers on two fronts: backup and disaster recovery.

Building Value Networks. Stopping the Backward Slide.

Supply Chain Shaman

The telephone could not interconnect with other networks. Then, I felt I was on an island talking to others that were on my network. Similarly, with the break-up of “The Bells” in the United States in 1982, personal networks grew more open.

Supply Chain Network Design: The Ultimate Use Cases eBook

Explore the most common use cases for network design and optimization software. This eBook shares how supply chain leaders leverage their supply chain design software to tackle a variety of challenges and questions.

How Cloud ERP can assist manufacturers with their procurement function


As supply chain disruptions continue the procurement function should adapt to improve transparency, build collaborative relationships, and ensure sustainable sourcing practices, resulting in a stronger, more resilient supply chain with Cloud ERP for manufacturing.

How manufacturers can use ERP to improve the procurement process


Disruptions like the pandemic, supply shortages, global trade barriers, high customer expectations and inflation all add tremendous pressure on the procurement process. Despite this, only 33% of businesses invested in procurement and sourcing technologies.

Empower Better Sourcing Decisions with a Digital Supply Chain Platform  


Here’s how a digital supply chain platform can help. Smart company leaders know the risks of poor decisions, that a strategic investment in a digital supply chain platform keeps them on the sustainability track, and that ESG is essential to business value today.

Building the Network of Networks

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The dream is the building of Network of Networks. In attendance are manufacturing representatives from BASF, BerryGlobal, Corning, Covestro, Grace, Evonik, Intel, Monsanto, and Smith’s Detection. Technologists and manufacturers working together to try to define multi-tier processes to redefine B2B. We are attempting to separate hype from reality; and to test new technologies to try to redefine B2B processes. Managing Demand Across Value Network.

Philip Morris Drives Manufacturing Insights Using A Digital Twin

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In our pandemic research, we interviewed thirty manufacturers. To gain insights, we interviewed Alexandros Skandalakis, Director of Manufacturing Capacity, reporting to operations/manufacturing globally within Philip Morris. For which product platforms?

Logility to Acquire Network Optimization Provider Starboard Solutions


With Starboard’s Digital Twin Technology, Logility Clients Can Better Answer “What if” Scenarios and Optimize Supply Chain Networks to Overcome Disruptions and Drive Growth. a Traverse City, Michigan based innovator of supply chain network design software.

Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Tips for Success!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Most manufacturers still rely on traditional methods to promote their business. Word-of-mouth referrals, networking events, and trade shows are still preferred by those in the manufacturing industry for a good reason they still work. The perks of smart manufacturing ?

ERP for Medical Device Manufacturers Part 2


In Part 1, we covered the business and technology challenges that the medical device industry is experiencing. Those manufacturers who are still using legacy or customized computer systems will find it difficult to make the necessary changes. Data platform.

Reflections: Building the Network of Networks

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Working for a large manufacturer, she was trying hard; but failing, to integrate Ariba, Elemica, and GT Nexus. These are three different Supply Chain Operating Networks.) To help, I set up a series of dinner meetings for Maddy to speak to other manufacturers working on similar problems. Answering the question was the genesis of the network of networks share group. Building the network of networks is no longer her priority. Ethical Sourcing.

The Biggest Manufacturing Industry Trends in 2022


As 2022 kicks in, the manufacturing sector is being shaped by technological change and the Covid-19 pandemic. So what are the main trends in manufacturing you need to know for 2022? Here we give you examples of the technologies being adopted in Industry 4.0.

Disruption in Supply Networks – How intelligent network platforms optimize for variability and uncertainty

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

As we know, technology really isn’t what it’s all about. We’re looking for business value, and that ultimately comes from solving endemic business problems in your supply network. They were designed to be enterprise-centric hub and spoke systems.

Four Key Strategic Sourcing Benefits


Recent business turbulence has increased the awareness among manufacturers for improved communication and collaboration with suppliers. This is certainly true in the area of strategic sourcing where procurement teams rely heavily on manually intensive efforts to identify and select suppliers.

Building the Network of Networks: Some Insights

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Technology vendors have conflicting definitions. At the time, I was working with two large manufacturing companies that were not clear on the definition of supply chain visibility. Each had invested in multiple forms of Supply Chain Operating Networks (Many-to-many business networks are often termed Supply Chain Operating Networks.) As shown in Figure 2, few orders and purchase orders flow hands-free. We named the working group the Network of Networks.

Sustainable Manufacturing: The ultimate guide for SMEs


Sustainable manufacturing is at the forefront of good manufacturers’ plans. This article will take a look at what is sustainable manufacturing, some examples across various industries, and how SMEs can plan for sustainable manufacturing.

Are Disparate Systems Hurting Your Manufacturing Business Growth?


You may start with spreadsheets and accounting software. But once the organization grows, it is hard to coordinate different functions such as accounting, purchasing, sales, HR, customer relations, and the supply chain on multiple systems.

Five Advanced Technologies That Are Revolutionizing Logistics

Logistics Viewpoints

If there’s a bright spot anywhere it’s the fact that, as logistics challenges have grown, so has the availability of advanced technologies to manage these challenges. This allows all transportation resources to be leveraged in creating a response, including the extended carrier network.

Is It Safe to Share 2022 Predictions for Manufacturing?


After the last two years, it’s no surprise that some might be hesitant to make predictions about the state of manufacturing, supply chains and digital transformation for the new year. Supplier network visibility is an area requiring much greater attention.

How the World Wide Web Disrupted Manufacturing


Disruptive technologies have become the standard in manufacturing, so much so that it’s easy to forget the unprecedented rate of change we’ve all become accustomed to, and that it all began with a single piece of software that changed life as we know it: the World Wide Web (WWW).

From Siloed to Interconnected: Bring Planning, Sourcing and Procurement Together with a Common Platform 


Manufacturing capacity is severely diminished. Now more than ever, the conventional silos of planning, sourcing, and procurement teams must be connected into one cohesive network. This is where a digital supply chain platform can help.

Procurement Technology – What it can and can’t replace in a Manufacturer’s Journey Towards Supply Chain Resilience and Agility


A review of the key elements in supplier management for manufacturers and how Source-to-Pay procurement technology can support the journey towards supply chain resilience and agility in times of crisis. Managing a complex network of direct material suppliers.

4 Tips For Better Process Manufacturing Planning and Forecasting


With the right technology, process manufacturing strategy, planning, and management can be simplified. Manufacturers have been through a trial by fire with supply chain disruptions and changes in demand during the past two years. Therefore, your digital platform should include:

Trends 2019: Manufacturing

Enterra Insights

Over half-a-dozen years ago, Brookings Institution analysts, Susan Helper, Timothy Krueger, and Howard Wial, asserted, “Manufacturing matters to the United States because it provides high-wage jobs, commercial innovation (the nation’s largest source), a key to trade deficit reduction, and a disproportionately large contribution to environmental sustainability.”[1] Manufacturing trends. The changing manufacturing environment is often described as Industry 4.0

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6 Manufacturing Trends to Watch Out for in 2016


As we close the year of 2015, we want to take a look at some manufacturing trends for 2016. We look at 6 core areas that manufacturing companies will take a long look at as they gear up for a successful 2016. E-Commerce for Manufacturing. The Internet’s large-scale global penetration has spawned an increasingly large number of technology and web-savvy consumers, creating a huge opportunity for both industrial manufacturers and their end customers.

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Downtime in Manufacturing – 7 Ways to Get it Under Control


Here we examine manufacturing downtime in detail, including what it is, what causes it, and what it can cost your business. What is downtime in manufacturing? Alternatively, downtime can be planned – for instance, manufacturing equipment can be halted for preventive maintenance.

How manufacturers optimize their inventories


Editor’s Note: Microsoft’s Colin Masson, Global Industry Director of Manufacturing Solutions (that's him on the left), sat down with me to discuss how manufacturers optimize their inventories. But that’s not the only shift in manufacturing. Data availability and advanced analytics are also shaping the industry by providing new insights into efficient manufacturing processes. So, the biggest piece of an implementation can be cleaning up the source data.

Top 10 Manufacturing Trends For 2019


Bottom Line: The top 10 manufacturing trends reflect how manufacturers are planning to achieve their goals of revenue growth, operational improvements, digital transformation, and launching new products and services in 2019. Manufacturers who excel at orchestrating analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), quality management and real-time monitoring to improve manufacturing strategies are growing 10% faster than their peers. to manufacturing value added in 2020.

How manufacturers optimize their inventories


Editor’s Note: Microsoft’s Colin Masson, Global Industry Director of Manufacturing Solutions (that's him on the left), sat down with me to discuss how manufacturers optimize their inventories. But that’s not the only shift in manufacturing. Data availability and advanced analytics are also shaping the industry by providing new insights into efficient manufacturing processes. So, the biggest piece of an implementation can be cleaning up the source data.

How Technology Trends Are Transforming Manufacturing

Arena Solutions

Advanced technologies like the Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) , and artificial intelligence (AI) are creating new opportunities for how consumers interact with these smart, connected products and how businesses operate. How Manufacturers Can Achieve Top Quartile Performance.

KPIs to assist manufacturers and distributors with supply chain challenges


Manufacturers and distributors experienced huge supply chain disruptions due to the pandemic which exposed many vulnerabilities and tested the resilience of supply chain leaders globally. Manufacturing KPIs. It is best captured in an ERP system and analyzed digitally.

10 Ways Machine Learning Can Improve Manufacturing Today


to $2T in supply-chain management and manufacturing. By 2021, 20% of leading manufacturers will rely on embedded intelligence, using AI, IoT, and blockchain applications to automate processes and increase execution times by up to 25% according to IDC. Machine learning improves product quality up to 35% in discrete manufacturing industries, according to Deloitte. to $2 in supply-chain management and manufacturing. 7T value to manufacturers.

Mid-Year Assessment of 2022 Supply Chain Sourcing Predictions- Part Two

Supply Chain Matters

Restoring More Direct Control in Materials Sourcing. Previous global materials sourcing and just-in-time driven inventory management policies were laid bear with the realization that supply risk was a more problematic and business critical dimension.

Halal Cluster Network: Connecting regional halal clusters

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

In their time lean manufacturing and just-in-time were game-changing concepts. Supply chain execution is required to distinguish between the high runner purchases and the slower-moving products customers are willing to wait for.

The Industrial Internet of Things, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics: Where Are We & Where Are We Going?


The era of paper-based systems and physically monitoring the supply chain is ending. The definition of the IoT sums it up; it is “a network of dedicated physical objects that contain embedded technology to sense or interact with their internal state or external environment.”. This may include software systems, advanced machinery and use of cloud-computing software. These systems, such as the Cerasis Rater, are becoming more common in the industry.

Logility Introduces Capabilities for Deeper Visibility into Manufacturing, Supply Chain Planning?


includes new supply network maps and PLM dashboards designed to help businesses optimize processes and accelerate time-to-market. Learn more about the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform. Logility is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Software, Inc. Logility 21.03

Can Manufacturers be Both Lean and Resilient?

Logistics Viewpoints

Since then, manufacturers around the world have embraced lean. It does mean that manufacturers need to understand where inventory needs to be buffered (“fat”) and where it can remain lean. In terms of single sourcing, a useful metric is called “revenue at risk.”

Lean 89