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Supply Chain Matters

The company’s software provides an autonomous driving capability for Hyster Yale Group’s material handling or other popular material handling vehicles. JDA Software and InContext Solutions partner in Retail Merchandising and Category Management Platform. Magnitude Software, Inc.,

April 12 2018 Edition of Thsi Week in Supply Chain Tech

Supply Chain Matters

The technology provider provides a SaaS based freight matching marketplace across North America, connecting carriers with freight brokers to tender shipments.

Is Powerloop Good for the Freight Business with Andrew Kelley

The Logistics of Logistics

Andrew Kelley is a global technology executive focused on logistics and supply chain software. Andrew has an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MSME from MIT, and a BSME from North Carolina State University. [1:15] download the audio file. [0:43]

LifeWay Christian Stores selects RELEX supply chain software for forecasting, replenishment & allocation

RELEX Solutions

LifeWay , one of the world’s largest providers of Christian resources, is implementing RELEX Solutions’ supply chain software for its retail division to improve its inventory forecasting, replenishment and allocation processes. Michael Falck, President North America, RELEX Solutions adds: “We are delighted to welcome LifeWay as a RELEX customer. Read PDF.

Lionel Racing: An Omni-Channel Case Study

Talking Logistics

Prior to the merger, order fulfillment for the train side of the business was managed by a third-party logistics provider (3PL), while the NASCAR collectibles side of the business managed its own fulfillment from a 75,000 square foot warehouse in North Carolina.

Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2018

Material Handling & Logistics

Flexe connects companies that need warehousing space and services to companies that can provide them using software and a network of warehouses. Content Summary: Trucks Platoon Across North Carolina Turnpike.

Cultivating Teachable Moments

JDA software

I grew up in North Carolina but was born in Guam as my dad was in the Air Force at the time. From healthcare to pharma to education to software. Kathy Stanley is vice president of education services at JDA.

In Times of Trade War, Companies Get Creative to Avoid Tariffs

Material Handling & Logistics

Katz manages a plant at United Chemi-Con in Lansing, North Carolina, a village of about 150 people with no traffic signal. In the case of United Chemi-Con, altering the activated area of the trade zone in North Carolina cost the firm about $20,000, Katz said.

Apply Yourself to Everything You Do

Supply Chain Nation

DW: I have been with JDA Software for five and a half years, and I am an enterprise solution architect. I am from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. After spending some time with Donna Williams, it’s clear that once she puts her mind to something, she succeeds.

Enabling Business Growth Via Optimized Operations


Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, Core Technology Molding Corporation is a manufacturing solutions provider that focuses on delivering cost-effective, integrated and innovative solutions to the world’s leading companies. However, as the company began to manufacture more complex bills of materials, and its shipping footprint grew, the business had to use outside systems to supplement its software.

Ripped from the Headlines: Supply Chain Trends in the News

Talking Logistics

In recent weeks, I’ve come across several news articles highlighting a few supply chain and logistics trends that I’ve written about over the past couple of years — namely, companies bringing logistics operations back in-house; suppliers getting “bullied” by large customers; and why learning to perform tasks manually, without software or technology, is an important learning exercise.

Trends 111

Patrick Hopkins at Coupa: Coca Cola’s four truths of procurement to pay in action

Supply Chain View from the Field

At the Coupa INSPIRE procurement conference in San Francisco this week, the Chief Procurement Officer of Coca Cola Consolidated, Patrick Hopkins, shared his views on the “4 Truths of Procurement”, and how he has operationalized his views through the deployment of Coupa procure to pay software. This led to the development of Coca Cola Consolidated, located in Greensboro North Carolina, which later moved its headquarters to Charlotte, NC.

Industry 4.0: Will Your Business Survive?

Murano Corporation

In addition, related knowledge-worker industries such as software development, architecture, and network engineering are also seeing growth. Glocal” Enterprise Software Model is a non-invasive and non-disruptive approach for Multinationals to handle this existential threat.