Why Our Goal Should Not Be an Integrated Supply Chain

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This week I spoke at an SAS Global Analytics Summit on the connected supply chain. In my view, the connected supply chain is very, very different from the integrated supply chain. In 2002 I worked for Gartner Group in the business applications practice.

Three Reasons Why SAP Supply Chain Planning Is a Risk to Your Business

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High-tech manufacturers in the Silicon Valley of the United States are some of the best at supply chain planning. With changing product profiles, short life cycles, constraints with downstream suppliers, and changing markets, being good at supply chain planning matters.

VTech: A Story of a Supply Chain Leader

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Financial balance sheet improvements cannot be driven by traditional supply chain processes. In the words of a supply chain leader yesterday, “Lora, please give me stories of success. About the Supply Chains to Admire Research.

Three Reasons Why SAP Supply Chain Planning Is a Risk to Your Business

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High-tech manufacturers in the Silicon Valley of the United States are some of the best at supply chain planning. With changing product profiles, short life cycles, constraints with downstream suppliers, and changing markets, being good at supply chain planning matters.

Five Things You Need to Know About Machine Learning for Supply Chain Planning


First a confession: I borrowed this blog’s title directly from Gartner Analyst Noha Tohamy and her recent research note Five Things Supply Chain Strategists Need to Know About Machine Learning. Machine learning is only part of the total supply chain planning solution.

Fisher’s Supply Chain–Product Match/Mismatch Framework

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I have used Fisher’s (1997) supply chain–product match/mismatch framework ( What Is the Right Supply Chain for Your Product? ) Herein, the author argues that functional products require a physically efficient supply chain strategy, whereas innovative products require a market-responsive supply chain strategy. 2016) helps to “capture, evaluate and re-formulate the supply chain strategy of a business unit” Fisher, M.L.

Finally – A breakthrough alternative to spreadsheets for managing your Supply Chain


However, many are finding that it is not the optimal technology for Supply Chain Planning and Optimization. Why ERP is Not the Best Technology for Supply Chain Planning and Optimization. SAP Is Discontinuing Support of the Current Supply Chain Planning Technologies.

Laboratory Experiments in Supply Chain Research

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Nobel laureates rarely publish articles in journals within the supply chain arena. In their article, Deck and Smith highlight “several examples where experiments have been used to study issues relevant to logistics and supply chain management” and identify “several additional areas where laboratory experiments could be informative” Deck, C. & Using Laboratory Experiments in Logistics and Supply Chain Research.

Looking at the sustainable supply chains behind some classic Valentine’s Day favorites


In a recent infographic, How to get your supply chain ready for the future, we highlighted three factors driving the need for supply chain change. Consumers’ growing expectations for companies to do the right thing , are making organizations rethink the supply chain.

Autonomous Supply Chain: Desirable Vision or Silly Daydream?

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” Occasionally, I read articles about autonomous or no-touch supply chains and I find myself wondering whether the autonomous supply chain is a vision or so far-fetched it’s only a silly daydream. Ravi Prakash Mathur ( @rpmathur ), Senior Director of Supply Chain Management and Head of Logistics and Central Planning at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd., ” The case for the autonomous supply chain.

Tackling Item Complexity

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Discontinuing products is a struggle with tension between supply chain and marketing functions. The lack of product rationalization results in the long tail of the supply chain with increasing complexity. Personalization. Market microsegmentation. New product launch.

What does increasing regulatory oversight mean for the pharma supply chain?

The Network Effect

Due to more complex supply chains, policy makers worldwide are enforcing stricter regulations for manufacturing and logistics. Market changes and decentralized supply chains will require new and modified transportation routes.

Supply Chain Redesign: A Conversation with Lennox International’s Keith Nash

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Last month on Talking Logistics , Adrian Gonzalez, Keith Nash (VP Supply Chain Logistics at Lennox International ) and I discussed “Lennox International’s Complete Supply Chain Redesign.” What are some of the key supply chain trends and challenges you are facing today? With Manhattan as our core logistics solution provider for TMS, WM, Labor and Slotting, we’ve been able to transform our supply chain despite the complexity of redesign project.

Clouds: A Beautiful Thing for Sure!

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Two years at Gartner Group , six years at AMR Research (now Gartner), two years at Altimeter Group and three years as the founder of Supply Chain Insights. Over this period, I have watched the acceptance of cloud-based supply chain solutions evolve.

Building the Network of Networks. Call for Action. Want to Help?

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Supply chains respond. Supply chain business networks need an overhaul. Supply chain transactions remain dependent on EDI messaging standards that are now over 45 years old. Today’s supply chain is more dependent on supplier and customer relationships.

7 Supply Chain Cost Saving Ideas from SpaceX

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In June 2002, Space Exploration Technologies Corporation or SpaceX was established with the goal to make the space launch service way cheaper. During the period of slow economic growth, many manufacturers have to deal with the cost pressure.

Omni-Channel’s Ripple Effect on Transportation

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Indeed, by 2002, Best Buy was saying more than half of its customers were checking its website before coming to the store. Guest Commentary Omni-channel logistics Supply Chain Convergence Transportation Management Systems omni-channel logistics supply chain conversion TMS TransportationWhen Transportation Optimization and New Shopping Behaviors Collide One needs to go back to the early 2000s to see green shoots of modern omni-channel retail.

Seven Misconceptions on Managing Inventory in a Market-Driven World

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When it comes to the management of inventory in value chains, frustration abounds. ” I have been studying the evolution of inventory technologies as an industry analyst since 2002. The supply chain is a complex system with increasing complexity.

Infor’s Acquistion of GT Nexus: If I Had a Magic Wand

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Founded in 2002 under the name of Agilisys, Infor rebranded in 2004. The most significant for the supply chain market are assets from Baan, Formation Systems, Fygir, Intentia, Lawson, MAPICS, Mercia, and SSA Global. Life is busy at Supply Chain Insights.

Amazon Takes On the Fashion Supply Chain


It has been selling apparel since 2002, and has slowly been making further in-roads to the fashion industry. First, Amazon is aware of the challenges with supply chain operations; for more than a decade now, the company was able to handle quick warehousing and delivery for its brands with its well-developed delivery network and regional fulfillment centers that has allowed the company to cut shipping costs.

Viral Reaction: Zika and the Supply Chain


The global supply chain is more connected than ever, demanding the movement of commodities be faster, more efficient and farther-reaching. Ebola Cuts Off Supply Lines. Businesses invest in supply chains that can bring in this assurance.

Why Learning Technologies will Fundamentally Transform Retail and Supply Chain

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Applications in supply chain and retail are only now beginning to be explored. In 2002, the University of Michigan gave Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin an estimate of 1,000 years for scanning the library’s seven million volumes. Featured Supply Chain

Big Data Analytics are Better than Intuition

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According to Daniel Kahneman, winner of the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics, “Intuition works less often than we think.”[1] ”[1] He … Continued. The post Big Data Analytics are Better than Intuition appeared first on Enterra Solutions.

Distribution Outlook: 2018

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Warehouses today have doubled in size compared to 2002; however, even with larger distribution centers (DCs), the distribution market. Distribution Supply ChainIn the third quarter of 2017, Prologis reported that consumer activity reached its highest level since 2014 1.

Seeing Beyond the Firewall

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Supply Chain Operating Networks: The building of supply chain applications using many-to-many architectures to connect multiple parties to multiple trading partners to improve multi-tier supply chain visibility, planning and execution to improve relationships in extended value chains. .

Insights from Kenco Customer Summit 2015

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I attend and speak at many supply chain and logistics conferences throughout the year, but among my favorites are those that bring a relatively small group of executives together to discuss timely and important industry topics. Engage your supply chain partners.

How Supply Chain Strategy Misalignment is Killing Kmart USA

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At the next Logistics Bureau Free Executive Breakfast (which will take place in August), I’ll be discussing the alignment of supply chain and business strategy along with eight other important levers for supply chain performance improvement. Supply Chain Technology.

5 Tactics for Transforming Your Supply Chain into a Lean, Mean, Green Machine


Supply chain management traditionally focuses on coordinating the flow of goods and services from suppliers to manufacturers, to wholesalers to retailers, and retailers to consumers. However, the 21 st century supply chain comes with a few added layers of complexity.

Lean and Green Supply Chain Initiatives Can Be Complimentary

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I would like to reflect on some observations related to sustainability strategy deployment across the supply chain, namely important considerations in alignment of so-termed green supply chain strategies with contributing benefit to overall business strategies. Previous commentaries on Value Unchained noted a recent University of Tennessee research study, “Green, Lean and Global Supply Chain Strategies.” A guest post by Bob Ferrari.

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This Week in Logistics News (June 23-27, 2014)

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In other news… Supply Chain Risk Management Now a Priority for Most Businesses ( Accenture ). Several reports have been published in recent years underscoring the growing importance of supply chain risk management. Song of the Week: “Life on a Chain” by Pete Yorn.

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Building the Network of Networks. Call for Action. Want to Help?

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Supply chains respond. Supply chain business networks need an overhaul. Supply chain transactions remain dependent on EDI messaging standards which are now over 45-years old. Today’s supply chain is more dependent on supplier and customer relationships.

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Still Think Dangerous Goods is Just Paperwork and Labels?

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The prosecution was brought by [the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority] under the air navigation (dangerous goods) regulations 2002. According to the Outlook report, “88 percent of DG/hazmat professionals believe that keeping DG secure across the entire supply chain is more important than ever.”

Can You Trust the Information Your Supply Chain System Tells You?


Can people really trust information produced from a system under high stress, high risk, supply chain disruption situations? These researchers asked the following question: what happens when humans have to trust real-time data under the types of high-stress, high-pressure environments that are typical of major supply chain disruption events? For example, a Russian passenger jet and cargo plane in 2002 crashed in a mid-air collision.

WMS Selection: What Drives an Investment in a Warehouse Management System? 5 Considerations


The demand for seamlessness in omni-channel supply chains increases more as time progresses. In other words, the WMS should provide full functionality and access across your enterprise and peripheral activities, reports Commonwealth Supply Chain Advisers , giving you the ability to position your company among the industry’s leading omnichannel retailers. WHITE PAPER] The Top Supply Chain Trends that Will Impact Supply Chain Management in 2018.

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IT gap in logistics

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In 2002, only 27 percent of shippers (clients who outsource their logistics activities) were satisfied with their logistics suppliers’ IT expertise, even though IT was an essential element of 89 percent of those logistics activities.

Throwback Thursday

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This was WBR’s first event in the United States targeted for the Medical Device Supply Chain Leader. Today, managing a medical device supply chain is tougher. This is why I think that the industry needs to get serious about supply chain management.

Seasoned Leadership in Action™! An Interview with Michael Massetti, VP at Gartner!

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At Supply Chain Game Changer we believe in sharing experiences and expertise from people in every industry and from across the globe. As such we have introduced our “Seasoned Leadership in Action ” Interview series at Supply Chain Game Changer. Subscribe Here!