Malaysia a Key Link in Asia’s Disaster Resilience Plan

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This was one of the main talking points at the 2013 Health & Humanitarian Logistics Conference, hosted by the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) in Malaysia this June. Building the right logistics capacity at each level is critical, which is why we featured this topic at the conference in Malaysia,” said Dr. Jarrod Goentzel, Director, MIT Humanitarian Response Lab , co-sponsor and co-organizer of the MISI conference. Brussels: CRED; 2012.

ModusLink takes EICC leadership role

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To date, the EICC Facility Recognition Program has recognized 10 global sites including facilities in the US, Mexico, the UK, Thailand, the Philippines, Hungary and Malaysia. I’ve written before on our company’s work with the EICC.

Multiple Constraints of Route Planning in ASEAN


per annum from 2012 to 2023. Apart from the 2 leading nations – Singapore and Malaysia, other nations like Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam are also rapidly upgrading their road, rail, maritime and air cargo infrastructure in line with ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) frameworks.

This Week in Logistics News (November 17-21, 2014)

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When Amazon acquired Kiva in March 2012, the big question was, Why? I’m guessing it’s summer. My father stands barechested in front of me, but he’s still wearing his work pants, and he looks a bit sweaty, his hair (what’s left of it) is slicked back, and he’s all animated about something. “I

Why Can’t The Supply Chain Get Rid of Abuse?

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And in 2012 conditions at the plant were still such that workers threatened to commit suicide by leaping from their factory roof in protest of their working conditions. Let’s stop buying products where labor abuse exists in the supply chain.

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Needed: A New Way to Manage Risk in Low Cost Countries


By deploying the “fast fashion” business model, the apparel industry began to outsource garment manufacture to suppliers and subcontractors in low-cost countries, such as China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. In some cases it was shown that wages and working conditions in sweatshops are superior to the workers’ prior employment wages (Clark and Powell, 2012).

China Flexes Its Global Logistics Muscle

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This is truly a brilliant plan on China’s part,” explains David Gonsalvez, CEO of the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation, which is part of the MIT Global Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence Network. For example, China is Malaysia’s top trading partner.

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Các ràng bu?c ??c thù trong l? trình giao hàng ? ASEAN


2012 ??n u là Singapore và Malaysia, các qu?c a Indonesia và Malaysia, c? i các qu?c c gia ?ông ông Nam Á (ASEAN) là m?t t trong nh?ng ng trung tâm s?n t, th??ng i có t?c phát tri?n n nhanh nh?t n 600 tri?u u ng??i i tiêu dùng, l?c ng lao ??ng i dào và ngành công nghi?p p th??ng

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