This Week in Logistics News (March 4-8, 2019)

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More stringent customer delivery requirements is certainly one factor, with On-Time In-Full (OTIF) becoming a more critical metric. The post This Week in Logistics News (March 4-8, 2019) appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

Control Towers: If Only There Was A Clear Definition

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The focus is on functional metrics, but are unable to get to overall supply chain metrics. For example, only 29% of manufacturing companies can access total cost data and 31% struggle to see the impact of business decisions on inventory. We finished dinner.

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Excess Inventory? No Problem. You Have Trailers In the Yard.­­

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With the national warehouse vacancy rate hovering at record lows and warehouses bloated with inventory pulled in from China during 2018 to get ahead of impending tariffs, companies can combine flexible storage options with advanced technology to create an end-to-end supply chain solution that works. But even as developers have flooded the market with new inventory, some retailers are still having trouble finding adequate, flexible space. The post Excess Inventory?

Trends 2019: Retail

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Omnichannel operations only succeed when inventory amounts and locations are known. Cognitive computing platforms, like the Enterra Enterprise Cognitive System (AILA ), can help companies with inventory management as well as myriad other challenges facing today’s retailers. Though this can be done in-store, it is much easier to track customer behavior on the internet because we can analyze more customers and more metrics.

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Your Supply Chain Probably Has a Data Problem - Start There

Supply chain visibility gives a clear view of inventory and the. activities involved in the transport of that inventory. next challenge is determining the right metrics to focus on. this process as determining what technologies will help get those metrics.

Where Would We Be Without All of the BullS&%T?

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Progress on the key performance metrics of cost, customer service, inventory, and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) are going backward; not forwards, for most companies. This would include rules like inventory matching, customer policy, Available-To-Promise (ATP) or allocation.

The 3 Types of Supply Chain Analytics

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Each plays a different role in helping you manage your inventory. Modern supply chain software lets you exploit all three helping you to reduce inventory costs, improve on time delivery and service levels, while running a more efficient supply chain.

Thrifty Inventory Management to Save Money and Increase Profits


This is all very well, however to achieve this goal, inventory management needs to be a focus. If inventory management is not considered carefully as a business improvement metric, then it can insidiously become a money trap which of course will simply erode any profits to be made. This is where efficient, lean and thrifty inventory management comes in. So, try to seek out the root cause of the problem as usually, that will fix any inventory management issues.

Amazon and Alibaba Report Financial Performance for Respective Holiday Quarters

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Acknowledged was that over half of units sold in the holiday quarter (52 percent) were from independent merchants, which Amazon can charge for inventory stocking and fulfillment costs. Perspective Heading Into 2019.

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Understanding Your Safety Stock Calculations

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At this point, you may be saying to yourself, "but carrying excess inventory is expensive!" If your business is one of them, what is the basis for your "rule of thumb" metric?

Drivers of Modern-Day Warehouse Management System Adoption

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Inventory Visibility and Optimization, Including Reslotting and Order Streaming. Staying competitive with Amazon , Walmart, Target and other Big Box retailers requires an unmitigated level of inventory visibility and optimization.

Top 5 features to look for in a Transportation Management System (TMS)


By incorporating TMS information with other inner sources of data, such as ERP and WMS or OMS, the businesses can attain approximately real-time visibility into products from purchase through inventory and transportation. Retrieved 2019, from [link] 2. Retrieved 2019, from [link] 3.

What’s Your Forecast Accuracy Target for 2019?


Many companies have already started their 2019 planning and budgeting cycles, so if you are in charge of demand forecasting for your company, it’s about time to thinking about your organization's 2019 goals. Inventory and CapEx required to support desired service levels. Editor’s Note: Two years ago we posted a blog about how to set an annual forecast accuracy target and it was one of our most popular topics.

Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain

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This technology is helping to lower costs, increase productivity, and improve key performance metrics. Drones are even playing a part in inventory management. Inventory management is a time consuming and error-prone process.

How to Maximize WMS to Increase E-Commerce ROI

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Lack of visibility in data and inventory. Understanding the data behind the action, including employee performance, cycle times, metrics, and other key performance indicators will enhance ROI.

25 supply chain experts reveal the best tactics to optimize a supply chain

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“Hire an experienced supply chain manager…” Technology, metrics and systems are crucial, but the importance of experienced leadership and a clarified expectation for operational excellence cannot be overstated.

Procurement Interview Questions & Answers

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Which are the key Procurement metrics? Therefore, the optimal procurement metrics for one organization may not be the optimal procurement metrics for another organization. Subscribe Here! Email Address. The Negotiation Before the Negotiation!

8 Ways to Make Your Fulfillment Center Run More Efficiently


Accurate inventory is foundational to success. Many of the biggest hurdles to fulfillment center efficiency start with inventory control issues. If you can’t keep an accurate count of inbound, outbound, and in-stock inventory, it’s hard to keep everything else together.

How a WMS Helps Retailers Execute Click & Collect Capabilities

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Also, retailers must have full inventory visibility to know when product specs can be fulfilled through the storefront, as well as communicate with consumers regarding when their purchases will be ready for pickup. Although this may not seem like a metric to track, knowing the amount of time necessary to pick a click and collect order is essential to making it profitable. Click and collect is not a new concept. It refers to the ability to buy online and pick up in store.

How a WMS Helps Retailers Execute Click & Collect Capabilities

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Also, retailers must have full inventory visibility to know when product specs can be fulfilled through the storefront, as well as communicate with consumers regarding when their purchases will be ready for pickup. A Guide to the Warehouse Metrics Supply Chain Execs Should Track. Although this may not seem like a metric to track, knowing the amount of time necessary to pick a click and collect order is essential to making it profitable. Click and collect is not a new concept.

What Digital Native, Traditional Brands Can Teach Each Other


Lesson Two: Focus on the End-Consumer When you’re used to selling in bulk orders to retailers, it’s easy to become fixated on wholesale metrics, like sell-in and OTIF. Digital native mattress company Casper made headlines this summer by announcing plans to open 200 stores across the U.S.

Solving the ‘Wicked Problems’ of S&OP with AI

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Large multinationals can easily increase inventory turns, preserve working capital, align sales forecasts with sourcing and production and better meet service-level metrics for on-time and in-full delivery.

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Enterprise Ethanol Takes Control of Their Operating Processes Using Unleashed


For a business to run efficiently, visibility over inventory stock is a prerequisite. By implementing inventory management software, companies can have one source of information at the heart of their business which enables them to make well-informed business decisions.

Nine E-commerce Tips for the New Year


Are you overselling your inventory? SalesWarp allows you to view all of your inventory, order, and customer data across any sales channel. With accurate data, it’s time to put those metrics to the test and create new marketing and sales strategies for your business.

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7 Key Order Fulfilment Tips to Handle Peak Season Sales


Data about past sales, such as which inventory stock were best sellers, average order size, origin/channel of maximum orders (e.g. Were there any bottlenecks in inventory management and logistics? Respectively, verify that there is enough equipment readily available to accommodate the volumes of inventory stock, for example, source extra forklifts, handhelds, and so forth. Data-tracking metrics are also vital for identifying issues and addressing them quickly.

Service Foods Set for Global Expansion with Scalable Analytics


inventory balances as orders ebbed. Key sales metrics consolidated in a single, comprehensive view. Service Foods Set for Global Expansion with Scalable Analytics. With Halo, Service Foods is set to expand globally with the support of a modern, scalable analytics platform. Business Situation. Needed better sales reporting. to sustain revenue and margin growth. Critical business data inaccessible to. most employees. Limited ability to see and manage.

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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Wholesalers in 2019: Drop Those Bad Habits from 2018


Here’s our checklist of what your wholesale or distribution business should do in 2019. If you’re still not convinced about using inventory management software , then perhaps the benefits might sway you over. Value Your Inventory. Introduction.

Top Talking Logistics Videos and Posts in 2018

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We have many exciting new things planned for 2019, so stay tuned! Happy Holidays and I wish you all continued health, happiness, and success in 2019. With Tariffs In Flux, Digital Inventory Technology Might Be The Solution To Holiday Bloated Inventory Levels.

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Demand-Driven Transformation at Shell

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Completed in 2012, the ERP project forced the company to standardize organizational design, roles, and metrics. They saw a steady drop in inventory and reduced working capital by about 50% over the period of 2011-2015. Impact of Demand Sensing on Inventory Levels.

The Top 10 Logistics Blog Posts from 2017


Last mile e-commerce, last mile technology, last mile metrics and white glove services make standard shipping conversations seem like child’s play, and the new focus on the last mile is anything but. As each year comes to a close, we all look back on the year that was in reflection.

The top 25 supply chains and Survivor


In 2019, it’s likely both Unilever and McDonald’s will also be voted off the island and move into the Masters category, as well. McDonald’s has an inventory turn of 174.5. In this area, Gartner should push the metrics benchmark.

Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2018

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We hope you enjoy this salute to the best of 2018, and we look forward to even more innovations in 2019. Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2014 : hybrid DCs, 3-D prototypes, location-based inventory system, and more.