Transportation Innovation 2018


A lively discussion followed regarding how the technologies will affect the transportation and warehousing industries. Autonomous technology has been used in manufacturing and distribution centers for years where AGV are used for moving product throughout a warehouse.

The Future Is Now for Logistics

Material Handling & Logistics

But many people are not aware that last-mile deliveries are also handled by thousands of small local and regional package delivery firms. Package delivery companies are prime targets as well. These measures further reduce warehouse capacity, driving rates even higher," the report says.

The Future of Retail Supply Chain: What’s in Store?

Logistics Bureau

Perhaps stores will become more like showrooms with shopping floor space turned into mini-warehouses, from which online orders will be locally fulfilled. While robotics and automated warehouse systems assist supply chains to move faster, cloud computing will help retailers, suppliers, customers and partners to play nicely together. While talking technology, retail companies will need plenty of it to meet the challenge of last mile distribution in 2026 and beyond.