Tailoring the Apparel Supply Chain


A successful supply chain strategy has become an essential key to success for apparel companies as they continue to build their brand. Supply Chain Retail Transportation WarehousingTo provide the latest styles to their customers, supply chain partners should be an extension of the company’s business and service, with the ability to contribute to a good customer experience. Today’s consumers. Read More.

Provoking the Industry to Move Past Incrementalism

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There are many forms of decision support—price optimization, revenue management, transportation planning, spend management, network design. To make the argument, let’s look at industry orbit charts in aggregate for the period of 2006-2017 for the apparel and chemical companies. For apparel, it was the transition to cheaper labor in the Asian market. (In In the apparel industry 30-40% of the cost of goods is labor.) Definitions: Provocateur.

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Sourcing – What You Need To Know About Coronavirus Supply Chain Disruption

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Sourcing: Mitigate risk during periods of supply chain disruption, such as those caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, by using digital technology. . The post Sourcing – What You Need To Know About Coronavirus Supply Chain Disruption appeared first on Gravity Supply Chain.

American Fox Head relocates logistics hub in Europe

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Californian based Fox Head, owner of the action sports apparel and clothing brand Fox, is rapidly expanding its reach in the European market. With multi-channel retail distribution demands the Fox brand features fast-moving product lines that include protective gear and apparel for activity pursuits such as motocross, surfing, BMX and mountain-biking. The Fox brand is the most recognized and best-selling brand of motocross apparel in the world today.

From Transactional to Transformational: Successfully Adding Managed Transportation Services

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As part of a natural evolution of their existing offerings, many carriers and brokers are looking to managed transportation services (MTS) to provide greater value for their customers and growth for their organization. For instance, most transportation management system (TMS) users experience 5-10 percent reductions in freight cost, and adoption is growing among small to mid-sized companies. Shippers buying MTS don’t just buy transportation – they buy simplicity.

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A Model for Transporting Goods in Brazil

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Distributing product in Brazil involves endless transportation choices. When shipping product into a country as large and complex as Brazil, the choice of transportation routes has a critical impact on supply chain costs. A new decision support system developed for a luxury goods company* helps enterprises to make optimal transportation decisions in these markets. However, the volume of product should be carried in each transportation mode wasn’t obvious. “We

Adding Up the Benefits of Omni-Modal TMS

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The global and domestic transportation landscape is becoming increasingly complex. To compete effectively, both shippers and logistics service providers (LSPs) need a transportation management system (TMS) that can deftly handle international, multi-leg shipments across a variety of modes (i.e., On the shipper side, orchestrating the end-to-end transportation process hasn’t gotten any easier over the last decade.

Supply Chain Leaders Rearranging Deck Chairs? Yes, I Think So.

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Conversely, the value of a firm will never be created by improving the functional metrics of Purchase Price Variance, Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), lowest cost of transportation, or cash-to-cash efficiency. Shown in Figure 1 are the aggregate sector results for apparel retail. Aggregate Results for Apparel Manufacturers for the Period of 2010-2019. Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change. Tom Peters.

This Week in Logistics News (January 7-11, 2019)

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Hunt Transport acquires home delivery firm for $100M (CCJ) Key By Amazon adds garage and business delivery, new locks and Ring compatibility (TechCrunch) Walmart taps Udelv for latest driverless car tests to deliver groceries (CNBC) Autonomous trucking startup TuSimple is taking 3 to 5 commercial trips a day (TechCrunch) Why Your Ice Cream Will Ride in a Self-Driving Car Before You Do (WSJ – sub. New in Transportation Management Systems (TMS).

Ready For the Next Port Crisis?

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This dispute has left a damaging effect on our industry—causing extreme delays and millions in lost sales,” the American Apparel & Footwear Association said, as reported in the WSJ. “If ports, whether it be for the purchase of super-post Panamax cranes, rebuilding of berth understructure or expansion of gates and inland transportation connectors is that they must be prepared to spend money — lots of it,” states the JOC report.

Amazon supply chain management pushes retail to the limit


Amazon is even entering the transportation space, signing agreements with the Air Transport Services Group and the Chinese government to enter into the freight cargo business – effectively cutting out the middleman. Failure to innovate in the retail supply chain arena is already having negative financial repercussions for brick and mortar stores, especially when it comes to apparel. by Alexa Cheater How to overcome the Amazon effect.

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Responding to Supply Chain Disruption Amid COVID-19


T he apparel industry, for instance, is bracing for a prolonged period of low activity. As transportation lanes become unavailable, the availability of suppliers and components will decrease. Just like you, we’re taking the news day by day and continuously brainstorming ways to serve our community. The COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on our lives, the kind we have not seen in centuries.

This Week in Logistics News (August 17-21, 2015)

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For example, although Infor has acquired various transportation management system applications over the years (CAPS Logistics, Arzoon, ShipLogix), GT Nexus offers a more modern, network-based solution for clients, and as I discussed earlier this week in my takeaways from the GT Nexus Bridges 2015 conference , GT Nexus is making significant investments in expanding and enhancing its TMS capabilities and footprint. I didn’t do it.

This Week in Logistics News (May 4-8, 2015)

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Its customers include retailers, department stores, apparel brands, and lifestyle brands that sell a range of physical goods online. That last point gets to the heart of this solution’s value proposition: getting more timely and accurate visibility to transportation activities. Ever get a song stuck in your head? According to a study published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, the best way to get it out of your head is to…[answer at the end of the post].

‘Try Before You Buy’: A Huge Logistics Challenge for E-Tailers

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What it amounts to is enabling a type of customer behavior that has caused apparel sellers headaches for years. More common, however, are allowances being made by traditional apparel merchandisers that are attempting to convert a necessary evil into a selling point. Apparel E-Commerce/Omni-Channel Retail All Logistics Express/Small Shipments Logistics Outsourcing Reverse Logistics Transportation & Distribution All Warehouse Services Order Fulfillment

This Week in Logistics News (November 4-8, 2013)

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JDA is targeting Grocery, Hardline, and Fashion/Apparel retailers with this solution, which will be generally available December 26, 2013. In North America, average truckload rate per mile charged to customers increased about two percent while truckload transportation costs increased about four percent, excluding the estimated impacts of the change in fuel. Forget cloud, social, and mobile. Forget WMS and TMS. Forget BI and analytics.

The World’s Largest Brands Are Using Inventory Accuracy and Yard Automation to Fight COVID-19 Chaos


What we don’t know is how long this health crisis will last,” the American Trucking Association’s Bob Costello told Transport Topics. ” According to the Institute for Supply Management, 75% of companies report supply chain disruptions in some capacity due to coronavirus-related transportation restrictions, and more than 80% believe that their organization will experience some impact because of COVID-19 disruptions.

Share Your View! Take the Distributed Logistics Survey and Learn More!

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Interested in learning about and sharing your views on how Distributed Logistics can assist you in driving increased sales, reducing last mile transportation costs, improving sustainability AND dramatically improving Customer Experience? lastmile #logistics #business #sustainability #innovation #delivery #ecommerce #retail #stores #shopping #apparel #future. Definitions Emerging Trends Environment Freight & Transportation New Ideas Retail Retail E-Commerce

E-commerce Shipping: 3 Tips Every Subscription Box Company Needs to Know


Boxes for socks, wine, food, razors, clothing, feminine products, coffee, workout apparel, cocktails and more. TransportationIf you're a subscription box company, you know there's no shortage of competition. BirchBox, BarkBox, Stitchfix, FabFitFun, Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Dollar Shave Club. There’s no shortage of these companies.

Omni-Channel Supply Chains Are Changing Everything You Ever Learned in School…

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Some of the issues impacted include manufacturing, catalog management, BI and analytics, pricing, order management, customer service, fulfillment and transportation, and many, many others. Catalog management – Apparel manufacturers sell to department stores, sporting goods and specialty shops, Macy’s, Dillard’s, Penny’s, Herrods, and many other chains. This works well in the Apple store, but can be complicated for apparel.

No chicken, no gravy, no customers – KFC’s planning woes are entirely preventable


Chicken is prone to contamination by salmonella and other diseases, so transport is strictly regulated and must be done by refrigerated trucks. It doesn’t matter if you are selling food, apparel or other consumer goods, it is critical to have the Right inventory at the Right place at the Right time and sell it at the Right price. KFC, a fast food favorite, made headlines last month for suffering a chicken shortage that brought 900 restaurants in the UK to a halt.

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6 Answers for Your Top TPP Agreement Questions

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While we’re still sorting through the full text, we wanted to provide you with some background, answer some questions, and offer some insight about what the TPP agreement means for the transportation and logistics industry. However, the American Apparel & Footwear Association estimates that in the first year after implementation of the TPP agreement that the footwear industry alone will realize $450 million in savings.

Trade Acronyms as a Second Language

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Department of Agriculture; Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA), part of the U.S. Global Forwarding Global Trade Resources Transportation Policy UncategorizedTrade Acronyms as a Second Language | Transportfolio.

Retailers, Shippers, Manufacturers to Reduce Fashion Supply Chain Emissions

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Target; leading membership organizations, including Business for Social Responsibility, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, China National Textile and Apparel Council, Outdoor Industry Association and Textile Exchange; global logistics company Maersk; and global NGO WWF International have committed to implementing or supporting the 16 principles and targets that underpin the Fashion Climate Charter.

Columbia Sportswear: Peeling Back the Onion on Your Supply Chain Processes

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Like the multi-billion dollar chemical manufacturer that had been paying market rates for ocean transportation for eight years because nobody realized that their contract, filed away in a drawer by a transportation manager who had left the company, had expired. Columbia Sportswear is a 77-year old, profitable, multi-billion dollar company and a leading brand in the global outdoor and active lifestyle apparel, footwear, accessories and equipment industry.

Tips for Retailers (And All Shippers) to Overcome the Amazon Effect


retailers conducted by NRF and Forrester Research surveyed the key metrics of 195 apparel, footwear, general merchandise, home furnishings and personal care retailers, and determined that the average cost to fulfill an order is $10 (shipping + fulfillment costs). Author information Bob Malley CEO at pierbridge For over 25 years Bob has helped thousands of businesses reduce costs and streamline logistics with transportation software solutions.

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Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Scope 3 Targets

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With apparel brands, for example, up to 90% of emissions come from the value chain, and while multi-tenure landlords are making efforts to cut emissions from their offices and fleet, this is dwarfed by their oft-reported +99% Scope 3 emissions.

Reimagine Supply Chain of the Future – agile, resilient, and balanced – LogiSYM July 2020

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Zara has become Europe’s most profitable apparel brands by building agility end to end in their supply chains. Develop methodologies to measure risk for each supply chain node, warehouse, factory, supplier, geography, or transportation node. Let me start with a quote from a great leader!!

How Ecommerce Brands Are Helping Fight COVID-19 (Coronavirus) + Resources for Those in Need


As the world’s largest fashion apparel retailer, Zara will donate masks to Spanish healthcare workers and patients. With COVID-19 (Coronavirus) evolving at such a rapid pace, the ShipBob team wants to help those in need.

Omni-channel: Not A One-Size-Fits-All Approach

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So, if you think about the complexities and the approach to omni-channel for fashion and apparel companies, for example, they’re very different than for consumer electronics companies. So, if you’re a local apparel retailer you’re going to have a very different set of challenges than, for example, a big-box home improvement retailer. Omni-channel continues to generate a lot of buzz in the industry, but what is the current state of omni-channel? What’s real and what’s still hype? “We

2020 Requires Big Wings and Feet

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Most can only measure functional costs—transportation, manufacturing, and procurement. Apparel is an example. Results of Financial Reengineering Fails the Apparel Manufacturing Industry. . #8 It has been awhile. After the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit , I took the time to recharge and took a month off from writing. The presentations from the Summit are posted now on the Supply Chain Insights You Tube Channel.

Reflections on Hard Hats and Safety Shoes…

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Apparel. With the rising costs of labor in China, many apparel manufacturers share that there is only a 6% differential between sewing a garment in China or manufacturing in the United States. When the added costs of transportation and inventory working capital impacts are added, there is a solid logic to bringing manufacturing back to North America. Manufacturing teams used to manage the supply chain group.

7 Innovative Warehouse Management Technologies to Adopt


The technology is ideal for retail warehouses that deal with apparel, sporting goods, personal care items, convenience foods, groceries and general merchandise. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The post 7 Innovative Warehouse Management Technologies to Adopt appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. When it comes to warehouse management, constant evaluation and adoption of crucial technologies is critical so as to improve profitability and stay competitive.

Air Cargo Basics

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Air transportation is used to transport air cargo by plane and is a crucial component of international logistics networks. Air cargo is usually transported using dedicated cargo aircraft (freighters) or passenger aircraft. Plane is often the fastest way to transport goods, especially in an international context. live animals, medications, high-fashion apparel). Modes of Transportation. Air Cargo Overview.

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Doing Business in China


Key industries include mining, iron, steel, aluminum, coal, machinery, arms, textiles and apparel, oil, cement, chemicals, consumer products, footwear, toys, electronics, food, transportation equipment, automobiles, railcars, ships, aircraft, telecommunications equipment, satellites and commercial space launch vehicles. Key services include transportation, wholesale and retail trade, hotels, catering and food service, financial services and real estate.

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